13 Mar 2017 21:04:18
Its almost painful watching Pogba cruise round. He doesn't play like he cares at all. Should have closed the kante shot down.

1.) 13 Mar 2017
13 Mar 2017 22:22:37
WAlking off the pitch hugging conte laughing and smiling not a care in the world. Needs to be took aside and talked to!

{Ed025's Note - that looked bad rogie i agree mate..

2.) 13 Mar 2017
13 Mar 2017 22:25:38
Have to be honest I was expecting more from him. he talks the talk but that's it, then again he's still a young lad and not many young lads can dominate a midfield. He does need to roll his sleeves up though and worry less about what colour his hair is going to be.

3.) 13 Mar 2017
13 Mar 2017 22:45:34
waste of time and waste of money.

4.) 13 Mar 2017
13 Mar 2017 22:51:10
I know the price tag isn't his fault but he really could at least look like he's trying. He's about as mobile as Fellaini but with a few flicks and tricks.

{Ed025's Note - he is still very young 2toms and i think he has talent, but i must agree that he needs to show a bit more grit mate..

5.) 14 Mar 2017
14 Mar 2017 01:22:31
He seems like he's jus not motivated at all. Too much ego in him.

6.) 14 Mar 2017
14 Mar 2017 07:21:39
He's more frustrating than a young Ronaldo with only a fraction of the talent.

7.) 14 Mar 2017
14 Mar 2017 07:47:05
From what I can gather regarding Ronaldo there was pressure from within the dressing room for SAF to have a word. Sir Alex duly obliged and the rest is history. Ronaldo wanted to be the best player in the World and put hours on the training pitch honing his craft, Pogba spends hours having his hair done, he needs to knuckle down and get his act together.

8.) 14 Mar 2017
14 Mar 2017 15:51:27
He needs a spell on the bench- it'll teach him a valuable lesson that he is far from irreplaceable and must do more. Lad has potential but always tries to make the simple difficult. Last nite wasnt a surprise as we are still a work in progress but herrera challenge was silly and immature. He has been picking up more and more cards lately for stupid things and another one who needs to watch he doesn't overplay / get caught with the ball.

9.) 14 Mar 2017
14 Mar 2017 09:40:40
Totally agree ed025. He just frustrates the life out of me. I want to see him grab hold of games. Mourinho today saying he was the best player on the pitch?! Good management or blinkered?

{Ed025's Note - im afraid good management and jose mourinho cannot be in the same sentence these days 2toms, if anyone out there has found a plot..please return it to jose as he seems to have lost one mate..