07 Oct 2017 20:52:36
Fellaini just got injured not good news for Liverpools game but it would giv3 Herrera a chance to start.

1.) 08 Oct 2017
08 Oct 2017 08:49:46
Rumoured ligament damage could be out for a while.

2.) 08 Oct 2017
08 Oct 2017 11:16:38
Hate these stupid international breaks. We always limp back into the league with them. Herrera will struggle against liverpool's bigger midfielders. I have us now losing the game especially if they have their full squad available for selection.

3.) 08 Oct 2017
08 Oct 2017 12:02:02
Really xfiles, have you not been watching Liverpool of late?

4.) 08 Oct 2017
08 Oct 2017 14:48:59
Fellaini out for 2 week.

5.) 08 Oct 2017
08 Oct 2017 14:55:54

I have watched them all year. They are very capable of running a score at you at home if you are not playing with a full compliment of your team. They need the points, its a huge rivalry and catching us at a time where we are limping into the game. hope i am wrong. let's see.

6.) 08 Oct 2017
08 Oct 2017 14:57:55
Blessing in disguise for the Liverpool game with their fast interplay imo. Herrera will suit it more.

I fancy us to win by at least 2 goals.

{Ed025's Note - big call that beast..

7.) 08 Oct 2017
08 Oct 2017 15:18:36
I'd have started with Herrera, but would have wanted Fellaini as an option. Still a loss. It depends how we start the game. We can score several goals if we commit and don't park the bus.

I suspect Jose will park the bus somewhat. Knowing it does frustrate Liverpool, but if they get first goal then it may be hard changing our game. If we score first then we could pick them off.

For me first goal really could be important in this one.

8.) 08 Oct 2017
08 Oct 2017 15:53:35
Sorry, yeah they are in great form, back 4 looks formidable, scoring goals at will.

Liverpool definite favourites against us especially because we have been so poor of late.

{Ed025's Note - you know as well as i do angel that form goes out of the window for this type of fixture, and as much as i would like to see a utd win i feel that a draw will be a hell of a result against them mate..

9.) 08 Oct 2017
08 Oct 2017 16:23:45
Ed025, no matter how the form is between ourselves and Liverpool, I still get nervous for this fixture. Yes we are a better side, have better XI, better squad, better form, but like you said it means nothing in this fixture. Plus Liverpool always raise their game against the bigger sides. Anyway, let's hope there is no controversial decision and it's a good game.

{Ed025's Note - very much so sydney, i think there will be goals in it but my concern is that uniteds defence has not really been tested yet this season, and with the likes of couts, mane and salah they will pose a real threat mate..

10.) 08 Oct 2017
08 Oct 2017 16:24:07
I think the pressure will be on them to attack, which is precisely what we need. The reason we have smashed teams despite playing poor (compared to what we are capable of), is because our opponent has to try and get a goal back and we capitalise. As the home team and being much better going forward they will over commit and we will mop up against their woeful defence.

I am assuming Jose plays to this and I see no reason why he would change anything.

11.) 08 Oct 2017
08 Oct 2017 16:33:18
Tactically both managers will feel they need to do something.

Klipperty will be desperate to fit in an extremely attacking front five, but will be worried about being caught at the back.

Jose will want to stick to his tried and tested team. But left back is a concern, and Rashford will end up playing as an extra left back.

With the likely Liverpool line up I could almost see us going 352, which sounds overly cautious. but could be a good way of keeping Rashford or Martial further forward. We could bring in Young wide left for Mata to retain some width.

12.) 08 Oct 2017
08 Oct 2017 16:34:14
Herrera isn't a small lad X. I wouldn't say Henderson has a physical advantage over him. Fellaini is a loss but Herrera is a much better footballer than him.

13.) 08 Oct 2017
08 Oct 2017 18:31:00
Matic will be key. Sitting in the space Coutinho will look to attack. Our Center backs should handle Firminho and Tony V and I assume it will be Young will need to keep showing Mane and Salah to the byline. Our attack should cause so a lot of problems for them. I'm optimistic for three points.

14.) 08 Oct 2017
08 Oct 2017 18:32:42
Fellani is a loss for that game, they are bad at the back and more than bad at set pieces.
If we defend well we should beat them.

15.) 08 Oct 2017
08 Oct 2017 19:24:27
Absolutely ed25 but I can not in my right mind say that Liverpool are favourites for this game.

I feel Liverpool are there for the taking mate. Rashford, lukaku, martial, miki etc against their back 4 has my mouth watering.

I think that they are all over the place at the moment and are as disorganised as I've seen them in recent years.

The fact the international break came when it did might be really good for us. They will have less time to prepare for this game.

{Ed025's Note - it will basically be the same for both teams angel, a lot will depend on how jose wants to approach it for me, will he set up defensively and try to hit on the counter or go for it from the start?, i think it may be the former actually but if you let liverpool get the lead and are then chasing the game they will seriously hurt you on the counter mate..

16.) 08 Oct 2017
08 Oct 2017 19:31:53
Herrera is 6 feet tall. Not exactly small.

17.) 08 Oct 2017
08 Oct 2017 19:59:08
I think it's worse for Liverpool pal as they have been struggling for form where as we seemed to have gelled and are in a bit if purple patch. I don't think the break will have hindered us as much.

I think we will set up with a defensive shape to hit them on the counter. With the hope that we take our early chances and Liverpool open up a bit more as they look to create more. That will lead to us having a bit more space as the game goes on.

I just can't see Liverpool really bringing it to us at the weekend. Our front 4 are just too much especially for that defence.

I honestly see us hitting 3 goals past them. I believe we could really do a number on them this time.

{Ed025's Note - i love your optimism mate even though i dont think it will be as easy as you say..

18.) 08 Oct 2017
08 Oct 2017 20:22:05
It all depends ed025 on if we get a chance earlier and put it away. We do That, we could put a few past them.

Maybe I'm being too optimistic but I really think from Watching Liverpool so far they have not impressed.

{Ed025's Note - it bothers me that united have not really played anyone yet angel, you could of course be right and you smash them and i wont be shedding any tears i can assure you, they have not had the start they wanted but beware the wounded animal is all i can say mate..

19.) 08 Oct 2017
08 Oct 2017 20:39:43
I remember the same fixture last season. Liverpool were on frightening form at the time scoring St will. We had drawn I think 2 games in a row and were playing badly. The most popular phrase on the Liverpool site at the time was we will smash them. The situation is now a parallel but I think a repeat result is likely. I wouldn't be surprised if it's another draw.

20.) 08 Oct 2017
08 Oct 2017 21:42:28
I see it as a draw. We never play well there but somehow we manage to get results. 1 all is my prediction.

21.) 09 Oct 2017
09 Oct 2017 10:14:57
It's Jose, so we will play with a back five and use Rashford and Lukaku to break. Wouldn't be surprised to see a 352, that will at times be more like a 532. We will have Martial to bring on when legs are tired. That may be key. I still think first goal is massive in this game. Fellaini certainly would have started and his aerial threat would have scared the sh! t out of the Liverpool defence. Gomes is very rash and is very lucky to be available to play against us. I can see Rashford targeting him and he could struggle if the ref doesn't bottle it. Rashford will draw many fouls and we'll see if the ref punishes them. Mikhitaryan will occupy space between their midfield and defence and will thread Lukaku through, hope he doesn't have a nervous one like he did against Everton early on. Lukaku needs to punish Liverpool with the chances he gets.

22.) 09 Oct 2017
09 Oct 2017 12:48:57
Ah yes the key player. The ref. I'm expecting a bottle job. A disallowed pen. An incorrect sending off and a controversial pen.

23.) 09 Oct 2017
09 Oct 2017 13:09:04
Syd i suspect martial will start this one he is fesh rash played twice for England. But i agree we might see 3 at the back which could be 5 at times.

24.) 10 Oct 2017
10 Oct 2017 17:24:44
I'd be happy with Martial or Rash, even both instead of Mata. I can see that working better if we are playing counter attack.