1.) 05 Jan 2018
05 Jan 2018 23:36:35
Jose showing a bit of class by killing the conversation.

2.) 05 Jan 2018
05 Jan 2018 23:51:33
spoke too early. should have shut up one sentence early jose. why.

3.) 06 Jan 2018
05 Jan 2018 23:58:32

Jose and class should not be put in the same sentence.

CHELSEA (under AC) have 3 wins against Jose's Tripe Decker Bus. let's wait for Jose to comeback to that!

Also AC doesn't complain about spending too little when spending 300 million. Pogba/ Lukaku worth more than half of Man City's team. Also i am proud to say under AC we play a brand of football which is alien to Jose. He understands none other than bus tactics.

4.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 00:03:37
Neither man showing any class imo. Just a way to deflect from the fact they are 15 points behind the leaders.
Gives them both of them a battle to the end of the season. Both are unhappy unless they are street fighting with somebody.
It's good copy for the tabloids but shows neither in a good light really imo.

5.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 00:35:49
If your a good boy CFCShak, Mourinho will lift you up so you can have a look in the bus.

6.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 01:10:13
Now now shak if it wasn’t for mourinho putting you on the map you would another milwall right now.

7.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 06:06:41
Given how far City are ahead it feels like 2 bald men arguing over a comb. Jose’s initial comments were childish, Conte’s response was infantile and then Mourinho has to get down into the gutter. Pathetic all round, and sadly, typical Jose.

8.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 08:14:20
What were Jose's initial comments AJH?

9.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 09:47:06
CFCShark - not bitter at all!

And another very ungreatful cfc fan. Laughable.

10.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 10:00:05
Angel, that he di sntmact lke, amc, own on the touch line, obvs aimed at Conte and Klopp.

11.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 10:07:59
Jose Just dropped a pipe bomb and destroyed Conte, good night Antonio.

12.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 10:12:13
That's what makes me laugh about the Chelsea fans. Without Mourinho, they will be another small club doing nothing. Mourinho has gone in there and brought them incredible success, then they sacked and re-hired him and brought more success. And yet these ungrateful lot keep calling Mourinho all sorts.
They are all plastic fans and don't deserve any success.

13.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 10:38:23
I didn't see anything wrong with the initial comment. A lot if the press and fans including a few on here have criticized Jose on his demeanor on the touchline. And Jose said he doesn't jump around like an idiot. We all know who he meant. And again that's been pointed out by a lot of fans. Conte and especially Klopp at times make themselves look silly.

14.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 11:05:52
Lets see how long this love triangle lasts with you and Jose. His 3 years are almost up. let's see at what professional state he leaves Man Utd and the damage he causes. We Chelsea fans have been there and seen it all. No point discussing Mourinho with you guys. Soon you will realise yourself. I'm glad the bus stigma has moved on from Chelsea. Thankfully we have a new bus in town in Utd. As for Chelsea, AC has proved you can play football the right way and win. Breath of fresh air.

15.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 11:10:09
Just read the comments from both and i don't feel there is anything worth conplaining about.

They are rivals who don't like eachother and therfore sometimes things will be said that aren't nice.

Id rather see them both slug it out in a boxing ring bit i will have to settle for the occasional jibe.

16.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 11:37:47
"Barcelona's vision has been a problem for José Mourinho ever since he took the Real Madrid job, so gouging the eye of a Barça coach in the latest melee between the two clubs was a Shakespearian act of desperation by a manager now working outside the laws and spirit of the game.

In the chaos that followed Marcelo's scissor-chop on Barcelona's prodigal son, Cesc Fábregas, Mourinho hunted around the fringes of the rumpus before advancing on one of Pep Guardiola's assistants, Tito Vilanova, and hooking a finger in his eye from behind: an offence that even rugby front-row forwards consider beyond the pale. The potential to cause blindness is obvious even to the most cauliflower-eared prop".

I am glad no other manager in world football does this. More importantly i'm happy Conte has never done this and will ever do this as a manager.

17.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 12:31:21
Very very bitter cfc.

And he's 18 months in to 3 years, not near the end.

18.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 12:53:49
Yeah but he's never been accused of match fixing though shak 😂.

19.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 13:02:36
🤣🤣 deano!

20.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 13:07:06
Conte is so touchy and easy to wind up. It’s embarrassing he nibbles so easily at what Jose says. I’m not condoning jose’s Comments but everyone knows that there is a double meaning to the majority of what he says. Conte should know this by now yet he still bites every time. It is amusing really. And as for Chelsea fans, I expect nothing else than for them to slag off their most successful manager. Bitter much?

21.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 13:13:55
AJH when I say the conference I'm pretty sure he was talking about his own actions and that he doesn't do that anymore so I think a lot of the blame lies with the journalists in this instance and unfortunately the majority of the English press are absolute scumbags looking for the next headline. It was portrayed in a certain way to conte who bit on this occasion. Least we forget Fergie was did these sort of things and he was hailed a genius.

22.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 13:37:43
You are right angel, fergie was the master of wind ups, mind games and sometimes just simply sniping at other teams players and their managers.

23.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 13:54:58
Rooney is our top scorer and what songs were sang by us at goddison my point is when your playing or managing somewhere else a lot of fans forget what you done.

24.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 13:57:42

Sitting there all high and mighty, glad Conte doesn’t do this and that. No, but your hero LB Ashley Cole took a rifle into training and shot an apprentice, you CB hero John Terry was guilty of racial abuse to another professional, yet they’re still hero’s?

25.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 14:04:20
O please. We used to sing you scouse b*****d at Rooney when he played for us. It was banter and in appreciation of what he did for us.

26.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 14:32:50
Tore u have taken thos e chants completely wrong.

We also sing "who the f*** are man utd".

Bang on mort, when rooney scored a winner or a goal against a top 6 rival the chants were about rooneys weight and being scouse. Its an ironic chant to a guy who had just beaten 3 defenders and scored a worldie.

27.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 15:34:49
Angel, I know, the press were stirring. But after Conte bit, Jose was placatory saying he understood why Conte reacted that way, but then he sinks into the gutter with the fixing comments.

28.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 16:19:58
Bottom line, Conte doesn't get violent. He is passionate about his job but he doesn't take things personally. He is not unsporting.

He doesn not poke another persons eye. Conte doesn't rage at a female doctor and treat her like filth for treating an injured player. This is nothing to do with management but simply shows how narrow and sore of a human he can be. Hebhas no limits. The man is 'below the belt'.

Anyway good luck. Hope you achieve more than the Carabao Cup and Europa leauge this year. Actually forgot Jose always takes pride in that charity shield. What a treble. Good luck guys. Nothing personal to any of you fans.

29.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 16:37:33
pogba and lukaku more than whole man city team? 90+75 = 165 - Debruyne 50m sterling 50m bernado silva 50m kyle walker 50m selfie loving left back 50m ederson 50m bravo 30m danilo 30m stones 50m otamendi 40m sane 50m
ok then.

30.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 17:04:20
Hope conte does a better job at Chelsea than you have done at leaving the discussion and not biting on this page 😉.

31.) 06 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 17:41:29
U are a special kind of chelsea fan cfcshak.

I have enjoyed your humerous posts 😂😂.