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28 May 2020 10:05:55
Article in the BBC website today where troy deeney has said he's got abuse online because he hasn't gone back to training. People saying they want his child to get corona etc. Vile and dispicable but not surprising with the idiots on certain platforms. The situation does though highlight that we should all remember footballers are humans, they have families too and its up to them to do what's best for their loved ones. We should respect that and not vilify them for it.

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28 May 2020 10:55:06
Keyboard warriors at their finest. I'd love to see any of them actually say that to Deeney's face. Unfortunately the vale of obscurity the internet provides gives confidence to certain uneducated people with low self-esteem which results in these kind of comments.

Troy Deeney has a child at high risk, he might be a footballer, but that is his job so that he can provide for his family. If playing football risks his child's life then he absolutely has the right as a parent to choose not to endanger his child.

We all want football back, we all miss it, and given the current circumstances watching football would be a welcome distraction from everything at the moment.

That said football is only a form of entertainment and is not a vital part of life or society. Therefore, no one's life should be put at risk for it to happen.

My wife works at a University and they have said they will not enforce anyone to return to work in the offices. They will allow people to work remotely for as long as they need to feel safe to return to working in the office.

This situation will massively change the working landscape for many many people, jobs that can be done remotely will likely change to do so and are unlikely to ever go back. That will impact things such as the commuter belt house prices, transport to places of work etc. 90% of the office jobs based in London can be done remotely. If even half of them never return to the office what will that do to distribution of the population of our country? London could be anywhere between 15-50% less busy. People who can work remotely will no longer have to base where they live on where they work. House prices in rural locations could increase in value at a higher rate than those in urban areas, the complete opposite to previous. While the high street has been dying for the past 20 years with more and more shoppers moving to online shopping. It's likely that many many shops will not open up again after this situation has passed, due to a lack of demand. While there could be massive growth in entertainment/ social industries.

This is likely to massively change how our society works and lives. When considering all of that is it really acceptable to be upset/ angry at a footballer not wanting to endanger his child's life so that the masses can see some football?

25 May 2020 23:13:24
Got a question for people regarding this year's transfers. Which two players would you prefer, Raul Jimenez and Jadon Sancho, or Timo Werner and Kai Havertz?

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26 May 2020 15:21:30
It would have to be Jimenez and Sancho.

I think Greenwood is 18 months to two years away from truly breaking into the first team as first choice CF. Therefore, a striker who is 29/ 30 at least is a better option than a 23 year old who'll only block the path for longer. So in that instance Jimenez makes more sense than Werner.

Plus Jimenez is settled in England, has proven himself in the EPL and is less likely to want to up sticks and move to one of Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich.

As for Sancho Vs Havertz, I think they are very close in terms of ability and potential. I think Havertz will eventually find his role more centrally, in the No.10 or second striker area, before dropping back into central midfield later in his career. Very similar to the career path that Scholes took.
While Sancho seems to work better from wider areas where he can use his pace, so I think he will spent most of his career starting from a wider position.

I think what we need is a wider player, we have Gomes and Mejbri coming through who'll be more central players. So Sancho makes more sense. He is also English so won't have any trouble settling in.

27 May 2020 00:12:48
Interesting question. Sancho and jimenez for me mainly because of the way we play i think they would be more effective.
We don't play with a traditional no 10 and that's where havertz plays. Werner is better than jimenez imo.
I think havertz is destined for bayern and to become one of the best in the world over the next few years. Probably end up in Madrid in a few years.

27 May 2020 03:33:02
I'm inclined to agree Shappy regarding Werner blocking Greenwood, though I'd hate to see Werner go to Liverpool and make them even more dangerous. I also think we need a left footed player in our front three. Man City have Mahrez or Sane, Liverpool have Salah, Arsenal have Pepe, and Chelsea now have Ziyech. I think Havertz would potentially be perfect for that role on our right wing, though he does seem destined to go to Bayern or Madrid. Although perhaps we could look to sign Sancho and Jimenez for example, and maybe look at David Brooks from Bournemouth as a cheaper option for a left footed player on the right.

27 May 2020 08:51:50
Warner will be sitting on their bench most likely.
Signing Ighalo makes most sense to allow Greenwood to grow and become what we all feel he will.
Having said that I'd love Jiminez and I think Sancho fits our philosophy atm.

27 May 2020 09:45:06
Gilly you want a left footed player, well how about Greenwood who is natural left footed, although so good with his right it's hard to tell.

I don't think you necessarily need both right footed and left footed players in your forward line. With being right or left footed being very situational for it to be either an advantage or a disadvantage. The only truly benefit is being ambidextrous, otherwise there will always be times you'll need to check in onto your weaker foot or vice versa.

I don't much care who Liverpool sign or don't sign. Maybe Werner would strengthen them, maybe he wouldn't. Just like with transfers to our own team you can never tell whether they will work out.

Personally I don't see how Werner is an upgrade on any of their front three. So unless they change formation/ tactics or unless they sit him on the bench then I don't see how he would make their first 11 stronger. While changing a winning side to accommodate a new player has a very iffy success rate.

27 May 2020 14:57:48
Snappy I’m a huge fan of Greenwood, but he’s not ready yet, he needs a couple of seasons before he’s a first choice for me.

27 May 2020 15:30:34
Gilly, I think you might be right. But then many top players have been first choice players at 18. Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney, Owen, etc.

So I wouldn't rule it out. We are chasing Sancho who left City to go to Dortmund and has been first choice for the last year having recently turned 20. So he was first choice at Dortmund at around the same age Greenwood will be within a month or two of the start of next season.

I think Greenwood is a more naturally gifted player than Rashford who was in the first team regularly from the same age Greenwood is now.

I would not be surprised to see Greenwood as first choice by the end of next season.

18 May 2020 15:02:21
Souness' comments about how he would hide if he had cronavirus to play is absolutely disgusting.

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18 May 2020 16:23:37
That's why the testing has to be continuous and accurate otherwise you will get players who adopt the same approach.

18 May 2020 17:44:04
If one player adopted this approach, you could theoretically infect two squads, each going home to their own family's.

18 May 2020 18:43:24
Would it surprise you though. players are being put in a difficult position. Yes I know they are multi millionaires etc etc but all the decisions about them are being made without their input. I know people are saying it will be good for morale if we get the footie back but let's be honest that's not why they are in such a rush. It's a monetary decision and that's it, also what will it do for morale if for instance a player or his family get seriously ill as a result. It could easily happen.

18 May 2020 19:42:08
Damn, he should probably go back to his personal vendetta against paul pogba if that is what he is going to be spewing instead.

19 May 2020 08:40:21
Souness is a dinosaur too far removed from modern football to be relevant anymore. He retired in 1991 TWENTY NINE years ago. Most of the footballers he is commentating on weren't even born when he was playing. He last managed a team in 2006, FOURTEEN years ago. A whole 14 years since he was last regularly in a football dressing room, having day to day contact with modern footballers.

He is nothing more than an angry old man spouting irrelevant "In my day" rants.

19 May 2020 19:01:49
You say he’s bitter of United and pogba etc but let’s be fair he’s earned a right to an opinion whether it is in line with ours or not. He sounds sour but that’s why he’s always their in the gantry, controversial opinion, to rile our fans and why not? Football is about competition.

19 May 2020 20:48:11
Souness' comments just show the pressure he believes players are under to get the games on.

The fact that people think this might happen due to pressure from the league/ clubs just shows we are going the wrong way about it.

16 May 2020 00:07:28
dsg pardon me if i do not give a f ck if football never starts again until it is safe. after just watching two of my closest friends die of this. one leaving a 12 year boy now a orphan. hopefully because we have had other kids before he will be able to stay with us. but i do not see you saying you are out there on the font line.

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16 May 2020 09:40:23
So sorry to hear that mate. Thoughts are with you and the family of the deceased. I hope the young lad gets the support he will need at this time and going forward.

This just highlights that there are more important things than a game of football.

Sadly your story will be one repeated many times around the world before this is all said and done. There will be orphaned children, there will be mourning parents.

Football really isn't a priority at the moment.

16 May 2020 16:38:42
Daz. I hope that all works out for the best mate. Awful situation for that kid.

17 May 2020 00:54:47
shappy ken when people take it so lightly over a game of football it makes me want to turn into a nasty ba ard i was years ago. my mates in question were dave greenfield of the stranglers. my other mate carl was 52 his lad is 12 and his mother was a evil cow. i have had a couple of foster kids who have gone on to make you proud like your own kids. i have already been in toutch with aurthorities to have the lad and make his dad proud. thanks for the replys.

17 May 2020 01:10:03
ment to say as regards the nasty ba tard part my 4 year old grandaughter and 7 week old grandson stop me.

18 May 2020 14:32:03
Daz, very sorry to hear that mate. I hope you can help the lad out and I hope he gets the support he needs. Goes to show that there's serious issues going on here and things could get worse still if reintegration of schools, work etc isn't managed correctly. There seems to be a very blaise attitude by some (as shown by the anti lockdown protests) to this virus and I'm not sure why. Life will start going back towards normality at some point, however for some their lives will never be the same again and I think we should all remember that and be respectful to them.

19 May 2020 00:44:43
tim when you have one of the health ministers saying 3 and 4 year olds understand social distancing. i honestly do not now what planet he lives on.

19 May 2020 09:13:26
I hear you. my son is 4 and there's no way he could social distance correctly. He misses his friends and I know the first thing he would do is run and hug them. Some of the stuff that comes out of the 'experts' mouths is frighteningly incompetent.

25 May 2020 19:42:57
First of alll, i am sorry for your loss, my condolences.

But i don't know why this post is directed at me, all i have said is i think football should return as that is the opinion i hold.

I have never suggested or stated that people have to hold this opinion that i do and have never claimed to be on the front line fighting this virus although anyone who is has my utmost admiration.

15 May 2020 08:09:53
Time to watch Bundesliga tomorrow!
At least we can see if Sancho is as good as what people say.

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09 May 2020 11:12:30
Red man has asked me a question about whether I will admit that the club will need to replace Ole. It's on the second banter page, but I thought it might be better to post my reply separately.

So here goes.

At some point Ole will need to go, unless he develops into a top manager in the mean time (sadly something I don't think will happen) .

The club has refused to transition into a modern club, attempting to keep things together in the same manner they always have. Unfortunately there isn't a manager out there who can replace what Sir Alex did for us. This has been complicated as time has passed with a power vacuum opening up when Sir Alex stepped aside. With no clear boundaries about what task was who's job. It seems like some people have been getting involved in things that should not be part of their remit.

There is no going back, and there is no manager out there who could manage the club in the way Sir Alex did. He commanded respect due to his long successful history with the club. Other managers won't have that and will not be able to command such respect.

We need to move forward, create a structure that fits the current football landscape. The job that Sir Alex did needs to be broken down into many separate jobs.

Head coach managing the first team. Head of youth development helping bring young players from the academy into the first team. Head of recruitment managing the scouting network. Head of finance making sure the money is where it needs to be and keeping an eye on the finances. Then a Director of Football who coordinates everyone and makes sure the club is moving in the right direction in line with the overall vision of the club.

We might have people in some of those roles but not all. While it can be questioned whether we have the right people already in place.

Ole is not the right long term candidate for our club. He isn't tactically clever enough, he could mitigate that by having tactically astute coaches in a way that Sir Alex used to.

However, Ole might be the right man to act as a place holder until the correct structure is in place for the right man. He understands the club's history so can aid a transition from the old to the new more easily as he fully understands the old way. He understands the core beliefs of the club which should not change. He has moved on players with the wrong attitude/ mentality, aiding the bringing in of players with the right mentality. He has created a more unified dressing room, got players giving their all. He has got results and was on his way to gaining top four this season.

Injuries have to an extent derailled the club at times, while a lack of quality in depth has also made it difficult to get results at times.

Ole will need to be replaced, I just don't think now is the right time.

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09 May 2020 14:01:34
He like any other manager at the club needs a DOF.
Perhaps C.V. -19 will wake up Woodward from the dream he is stuck in. Pogba will likely leave for a free when his contract ends. It would b every hard to justify turning down a mega bid a year or teo ago for Pogba, whom had said he wanted to leave, for the club to deny him the opportunity to leave and consequently leaves for free.

10 May 2020 19:03:31
It's not really as simple as Ole in or Ole out. We sat through 5 1/ 2 years of terrible football and people moaning that the club has lost its identity and the football was boring. We had a squad assembled by 3 different managers with 3 different styles. It was tough watching, no doubt.

I don't understand what people actually want. We tried the top coaches and people posted on here that the soul is being stripped away. Ole is undoubtedly out of his depth tactically but as shappy has posted, he has started getting rid of the players who did not have the mentality of a United player. He is trying to get that United ethos into them. Keane, Robbo etc have all been speaking to the squad about what it means to wear the shirt. Ole is trying to get the pride back into Manchester United. Make the players feel they are at a big club and make them feel that they belong there. I look at Rashford and the way he conducts himself. Maguire is looking like a fine captain. Bruno Fernandes still signed for us. He must beleive in the vision Ole sold him.

Let's not forget that we had Allegri in the bag but us fans messed that up. Who is to say Allegri would have been a success? He may have taken the further away from what we want from our team.

Ole is not the long term answer. But at least you can see the pride he has in the job. The love of the club he has. He is a strong character and will put the club and morale first. Have we moved forwards? I'd say Yes. Is it where we want to be? No. It's not where Ole wants to be either. I think Ole has done enough this season to warrant another season. Injuries were tough this season and if he has another year, I beleive the club as a whole will be in a better place for whoever the next manager is.

10 May 2020 22:53:17
I have to agree. Ole although not the long term answer is doing what we all wanted from other managers. Clearing the deadwood, trying to install an ethos and pride of being involved with United. He has a lot to answer for tactics wise but on that note has he not 3 times over the mastermind pep this season? He is limited and he is sometimes naive but he’s done very well against the top sides this season.

I see strides forward in both the team and ole coaching wise. What I would point out as a negative is the need for progressive coaches, phelan is a dinosaur. Plus I dislike the kid in the candy shop look ole always has, nothing detrimental to the team just makes him look as if even he can’t believe he’s in the managers seat.

But I’d give him another season, see what happens. All up in the air atm but I can’t see him leaving. Rather back him than back to square one with a new manager, let him settle the club clear the deadwood and lay some proper foundations instead of misfits and aging superstars being brought in.

04 May 2020 14:36:45
So the discussion about how to get football restarted rumbles on.

The most recent developments appears to be the need to play at neutral venues versus the clubs fighting relegation who feel that the loss of home advantage in key games will effect their ability to avoid relegation.

One potential solution being put forward is to not have relegation this year, only promote two clubs then have four clubs relegated for the next two years.

However, I see two clear problems with this idea. Firstly, will clubs not currently threatened with relegation be happy that prize and TV money will be spilt between 22 clubs next season and 21 clubs the season after. While parachute payments for 4 clubs over the next two years could complicate things.

Secondly, and in my opinion most importantly is that the idea of removing relegation for me takes away from the sporting integrity of the league. Teams at the top of the table compete for the title, teams in the middle of the table compete for European places, while teams in the bottom half compete against relegation. Those key fights across the whole league is what makes the league so compelling.

What would those relegation threatened teams have to play for over the last 9 games if the threat of relegation is removed?

The remit from UEFA was to conclude the league season in a manner that maintains sporting integrity. I feel that removing the threat of relegation removes some of the sporting integrity of the competition.

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05 May 2020 17:50:28
Shappy the idea to have no relegation is if the league can't be completed.
If we can find a way to play the last games teams will be relegated.

{Ed002's Note - You are all getting things in the wrong order. Firstly there is a plan to play behind closed doors at "approved" venues - it has been discussed (last Friday) but not voted on (because there are enough sides against it that it would likely fail at the voting stage). It will be discussed again this Friday with details of how safety will be maintained - but again there will likely not be a vote now. The matter of "no relegation" is not on the table at this time and would need to be requested to add to the agenda for the next meeting this Friday.}

03 May 2020 08:28:04
Hi fellow reds, I hope you all are doing fine in those difficult times. What do you guys think about Ruben Neves and Donny Van De Beek as our midfield signings, I think they will completely transform our midfield, as those two are the type of players we need. Ruben Neves is one of the Deep Playmaker/ DM in PL, he's the type of midfielder who can dictate the tempo of game, on the other hand Van De Beek is more of a goal scoring midfielder who can share the load of goalscoring.

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03 May 2020 09:25:52
Would love van de beek. He has been a player than has been improving every year with his stats for goals and assists being in double digits. Although he’s quite an attacking midfielder, he can also play deeper extremely well and it’s that versatility that works so well. We could probably get him for an excellent price aswell. Personally feel Ajax get hard done by from transfers. If they were in a top league, they would have sold their players at a much higher price.

03 May 2020 12:11:20
I think van De Beek is an ideal candidate to replace Pogba if he leaves. He is a creative midfielder capable of scoring and creating goals, while tactically astute enough to play as a No.6, No.8 or No.10 as he has done at Ajax.

Like with Pogba though I would be interested to see how you fit both Bruno and either Pogba or VDB in the same line up while maintaining the right balance between defence and attack. But then it is a squad game and different teams pose different problems. I certainly think a midfield that included BOTH Bruno and either Pogba or VDB wouldn't have any problems breaking down sides that just sit deep and in numbers.

04 May 2020 16:37:28
Personally i would rather have vdb than grealish. A midfield of Bruno, vdb ans saul would be brilliant, but unlikely. Unless we have a Dm with legs behind a midfield 2 of bruno and vdb, we will be too open at the back as our CBs or full backs are not great positionally.






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