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22 Feb 2018 22:00:30

Imagine the scenes and outcry if we lost to Ostersund 😮.

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21 Feb 2018 23:01:56
Banter please ed

Manchester United fans paid to travel to Spain and watch that.

Simply awful. Optimists will say it’s a draw away in the CL but we must take in to account that this is not a good Sevilla side. Regardless of their home record, we should have at the very least committed more men forward and had more attempts on goal. We looked like the underdogs with a weak mentality out there. It’s scary to watch. If we went for it a bit more we would most definitely have got an away goal. Sevilla have conceded the most goals in the CL group stage this year and we went out and treated them as if they were Barcelona. Our manager will lose the fans if we continue producing this nonsense. It’s better to leave with a 1-1 than a 0-0. We had one shot on target. Unbelievable. Sevilla have nothing to lose when they come to Old Trafford and with the way in which we defend who’s to say we won’t find ourselves needing to score 2 or even 3 in a tense atmosphere under the lights.

Jose must take the blame as well as the experienced players who know what the CL is about. Mainly Pogba, Sanchez and Mata. They offered nothing today.

If Jose wasn’t concerned with controlling the game then why on earth did he play Mata. Play either of Rashford or Martial. Mata is slow and weak and those are not attributes you need if you’re trying to win the ball back and break.

A lot of our key players are not performing at the same time. There’s no cohesion at all. Some could argue that the signing of Sanchez has had a negative effect on the team. We have no identity and it is hard to watch. Today was a big game and it angers me that I had to sit and watch that.

I don’t want to comment on the like of De Gea or Mctominay who has been very mature in his play and done extremely well in making the step up to the first team. Instead I’ve come up with a list of players who either need to do more themselves or the manager needs to get more out of them.

Matic - he has been way off the pace the last couple of months. He needs a rest. His passing has been slack and a lot of it has been in our own half which has allowed teams to intercept and break. A fresh Matic will benefit us in the big games and the run in for the end of the season.

Herrera - unfortunately injured today but criminally underused I feel. Against lesser teams, we should be taking more of a risk to allow Matic to have a rest and Herrera is one player who can come in and replace him.

Mata - as mentioned, he is slow and weak. If we played possession based football he would be ideal. It’s also why he tends to perform better against lesser teams as they concede possession to us which allows him to work his magic. If Jose wants to set out as he did today then it makes zero sense to play Mata. It makes him a scapegoat sometimes which I feel is unfair.

Rashford - you can see his confidence is shot. He’s gone from starting games to playing 10-15 minutes a game. Lukaku has absolutely no-one challenging him for his place. Why not at the very least start Rashford up top now and then to allow Lukaku a rest but also to let him know his place is not a given. He needs to be trusted more I feel.

Martial - simply must be a starter and on the left or up front. Similar to what I’ve said about Rashford. He’s capable of playing up front. If Lukaku is to be rested then either Rashford or Martial can play up front and/ or wide left.

Sanchez - for the better of the team he must play wide right where Jose plays Mata. Pogba also plays from the left and as other posters have mentioned, they are getting in to each other’s spaces. Sanchez is world class and good enough to play on the right of a 3. He can even play up front if Lukaku is injured or in need of a rest. A front 3 of Martial Sanchez Rashford would be really exciting to watch.

Pogba - clearly something has happened although I feel it’s not as big as the media is making it out to be. Jose has probably tried to be smart here and take him out the limelight and give him a kick up the backside. I’m happy enough with him doing that as he hasn’t been on form recently. He needs to be fully committed. Less of the moaning when decisions don’t go his way and more effort to close down spaces and win the ball for the good of the team. He will come good but only if he is played in the advanced midfield role of a 433 or 4231 (closer to the striker) . That is where our manager must find a solution.

Lindelof - will not gain any confidence in playing next to Smalling or Jones unfortunately and missing Baily for so much of the season has not helped at all. He has a nervousness about him and he needs a solid cb next to him. Until that happens we just won’t see the best of him.

Blind - he is not bad at cb and as many have said he’s intelligent and reads the game well which makes up for his lack of pace. I would not mind seeing him play in our defence again but it does look like his time is up. He will never be a starter but I feel he could have done more of a job this season before he’s moved on.

Rojo - when he was fit, he should have had more games at CB. He’s hasn’t played badly when playing there.

Smalling and Jones - I feel it’s better to do these two as a pair. Both make others around them nervous. When the pressure is on, I really do worry when seeing them in the line up. They are completely fine when the team is on a good run of form. Both should either be sold or used as back up.

Lukaku - Has 20 goals but today is a prime example of why he just won’t be a world class striker. We need another one next summer to challenge him if we’re going to play one up top. He must start to show more in the big games. What I will say is the team need to feed more balls to him in dangerous areas for us to see the best of him.

Ibrahimovic - Big mistake to keep him on and I’m sure Jose has pushed for this. We may or may not have bought another striker in the summer if he left but we’ve done okay without him and do look better as a team.

Valencia - I do like how he keeps himself fit but at this level to constantly avoid using your left foot is not good enough (regardless of that goal he scored with his leftie! ) . He restricts us when we are in the attacking third majorly and both full backs are vital for when we attack. With Valencia we tend to slow down and pass the ball back.

Shaw - must play more games consistently. I think he should be starting ahead of Young as he is a genuine left back. If he can’t make the grade then it’s fair enough to sell him but we need to give him a proper run of games before we judge.

Overall I think we could slump if both the players and manager do not react to how badly we have performed recently. Chelsea and Liverpool are massive games in the league. We must do all we can to win those. I just cannot see Jose setting us up to actually go out and win. With the league gone he will be happy to contain both of these teams and try to nick a goal. If he can find a way and quickly to accommodate Sanchez and Pogba, we could have a really strong finish to the season and we could be dangerous in both cup competitions.

In the summer I would like to see cover bought for Matic. This is a must. Who would be happy to play as cover however? Ideally I’d like Savic to come in to play in a midfield 3 with Pogba and Matic. I’d love the addition of Jorginho also. With McTominay, together with Savic and Jorginho, we would have great options in midfield and be able to set up in different ways. I have a feeling Herrera may be sold.
We need another centre back or two depending on how many we sell but who that is I’m unsure of.
TFM, Pereira, Mitchell and Tuanzebe should all be in the squad next season as many have said. They’re ready to be apart of the first team for sure. TFM could really push to start at right back.
Finally, who do we buy to replace Ibrahimovic? Do we go for someone experienced who’s a proven goal scorer at all levels such as Lewandowski or do we try for someone younger. If it is to be someone younger then I would rather Rashford be this person and we sign Bailey of Leverkusen for the right wing. He is an exciting player and is what Manchester United need.

For the rest of the season, we must play 433 and get used to playing it. That is how we will get the best results.

Apologies for the long post and thanks for reading guys.

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22 Feb 2018 09:21:40

You can't say its not a good Sevilla side and then mention their home record which is pretty immense this season. Their away record not so much, maybe Jose knows we will be too strong for them at OT?

22 Feb 2018 11:06:54

My point was more towards us showing them far too much respect. We really should have committed more men forward. The problem with a 0-0 is the nerves it creates if the match isn't going our way. Yes, we should go through but I'm not as confident with a 0-0.

22 Feb 2018 23:31:08
Amz i think that is a great post.
I don't share your opinion on some points but good read.

23 Feb 2018 04:29:30
Agree with Ken. Great post but not necessarily all correct. Only correct in your own opinion but may not represent others.
I am for the view that Sevilla is a difficult place to go to win as their home record is strong. Not impossible but very tough. We did what we could given our current team situation. I don’t necessarily like Jose but I trust him he is doing his best to get us the results and silverware as much as he can. Afterall his reputation is also in the line.
I will still support him as long as he is still the manager of ManUtd.

23 Feb 2018 10:40:37
Thanks guys. Agreed. I just needed to get my thoughts out there.

On the face of it, we can say that the actual result is good. However, it is the manner in which we achieved it. Jose clearly set up to contain Sevilla and nick a goal yet we allowed nearly 30 shots on goal. We were very lucky and if we had showed a bit more ambition we really could have nicked a goal to make the return leg that much easier. On to Sunday now!

21 Feb 2018 22:59:17
This game is painful and the season as a whole has been painful. I’ve been a patient united fan since fergie retired, as I accepted that it would take time and I anticipated around a five year wait for potential success.

I watched with interest as Tottenham and Manchester City grew as genuine English power houses and teams like arsenal and Chelsea begin to decline (in Chelsea’s case very slowly but now more noticeable) . These developments made me think we would not see such dominance that united enjoyed in the 90’s and part of the 00’s for any other team again, which I’m happy with cause I was excited at the prospect of an unpredictable season each year, so long and united could still create such moments that made me fall in love with them. Moments like the 1999 game against Tottenham with Andy Cole scoring the second goal. Moments like Wayne Rooney’s dominance of Roma, moments like macheda scoring the match winner against Aston Villa.

I was prepared to be patient and as we begun to sign players such as pogba and Sanchez, I dared to dream of those moments we all know and love united for, as players such as martial and rashford showed glimpses of skill and guile, similar to that of giggs/ kanchelskis / sharpe, from when I started watching united I began to anticipate the desperation in our play to score and entertain old Trafford, no this did not come. I was preparing to accept that mourinho isn’t the coach to bring that type of football, as he has a certain style to his play and tbh, he had begun to build a formidable team, so I showed some faith.

Watching this game tonight and it is not even over, I am wondering how you can have a team with pogba, lukaku, Sanchez and mata and look crap and not just crap, but so bad that I can’t resist my wife’s wishes to watch the Brit awards as I am showing no enthusiasm for this game. I can live with losing, but this is so dire that it doesn’t inspire hope. I’ve stopped believing we are going to get a big win soon, because I just can’t see it and that should not be what this team is all about. Forget the Manchester United way, it’s about looking like we want to play, it’s about looking proud to wear the shirt and it’s about believing that we should be the best in the country. I don’t care if it’s defensive football, we should still look to go for other teams throats and end games and collect points. Mourinho has managed to make players like pogba and Sanchez, look inept and players like rashford and martial void of any talent. Yes the players should be trying harder, yes the players should be doing better, but surely out of moyes, van gaal and mourinho, the latter should have the know how to make this team work. We look pathetic tonight and knowing my luck we will win now I’ve had my big moan up, but I love united and I want these players to make me believe again.

I hope someone has gotten more enjoyment out of tonight cause I am genuinely struggling lads / ladies. After five years, I couldn’t be silent anymore, it’s becoming painful. Saying that, I like mctominay :) he looks a player, with some more games under his belt.

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21 Feb 2018 23:16:34
I asked the question on here a few weeks back if Madrid offered 150 or 200 mill for pogba would sell, many said no way. After watching again tonight, strolling around chatting to opposition players at corners l had enough, if Roy Keane or Gary Neville were on the pitch they would have abused him. Our current captain Valencia was seen clearly diving looking for free kick when he should be leading by example, it was shocking. I did think Lukaku's worked hard and tried unlike some others.

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21 Feb 2018 23:33:45
One of Jose or pogba will be gone,
Brand pogba won't be happy,
And Jose and his tactics won't change or his ego.
One thing I do know this isn't the Manchester United way.
There's a lot of talk about pep on here lately but last season his back 4 and keeper weren't great but he changed it in 12 months, and now they are cruising.
How long does Jose need or can he even change it.

21 Feb 2018 22:20:58
- [ ] This is what you get with Jose, entertainment comes second to the result. It may be effective but it’s not the United way. It’s boring and dare I say embarrassing, this is not how United play and I’m reaching the point where I don’t want to watch any more. We may win a trophy but at this point I really don’t care. It’s not just tonight, it’s so many games this year.

{Ed025's Note - i cant argue with that AJH..

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22 Feb 2018 02:01:27
I agree 100%. Squeezing out results against inferior opposition will only go so far. Once we play superior teams, we will see even less of the ball, and will surely get punished when they go forward again and again.

21 Feb 2018 22:17:46
Now lads before I calm down I'll write,
That was more than bad, we set up for that boring embarrassing game, pogba came on with a point to prove, he have them back the ball nearly every time he got it. i was all about giving lindloff more time, he isn't up to it,
I could keep going on about the players.
Anyway Jose is a good manager or is he, I'm an now convinced he doesn't fit United.
Now on to the league cause forget about this competition.
Spurs are in 5th but they are coming in to the top 4,I would have said a few days ago Chelsea will drop out but they won't United will. i have no confidence in Jose or United for the rest of this season, oh wait he got another contract great business.
I would employ a female doctor and get her to run in the pitch if I thought it would get rid of him. Jog on Jose .

{Ed025's Note - im with you leahy...i hate to say i told you so...but i did..

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21 Feb 2018 22:22:41
Well said Leahy, if this is how we need to play to be successful then I’m not interested.

21 Feb 2018 21:18:28
I know that this will probably go down like a poo sandwich, but Pogba either needs to realise he is not bigger than the team or move on. He has given away the ball several times since he came on and showed no effort in terms of trying to get back and win the ball back.

I personally also believe the reason he was dropped from the starting line up is Jose is calling BS on him being ill at the weekend.

If you can get decent money for him £15 then let him leave in the summer and replace with SMS and Jorginho. SMS does track back as well as offering plenty going forward.

Its a real shame, but maybe this attitude issue is part of the reason Pogba did not get more opportunities when playing under Fergie.

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21 Feb 2018 21:36:02
Meant £150m.

21 Feb 2018 20:03:37
800 million people got their prayers heard. Here comes Pogba.

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21 Feb 2018 22:24:04
And there he goes.

20 Feb 2018 13:03:34
Jose conte and wenger would get absolutely hammered for last nights incident in the tunnel. let's see what happens to pep, no doubt klopp would escape without any punishment aswell.

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20 Feb 2018 12:30:35
If you had to make a binary choice between mourinho and pogba for next season and beyond.

Who would you pick and why?

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20 Feb 2018 18:19:30
Great question dsg I personally would keep the player.

20 Feb 2018 23:48:20
Pogba 100%.

21 Feb 2018 08:30:58
Normally I would back a manager over a player, and I still think Mourinho is probably the best man for the job at the moment. I just don't see the longevity in him as our manager.

I think he has two more seasons in him at most, whereas Pogba could be a key player for us over the next 5-7 years or more.

So Pogba for me.






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