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Team: Manchester United

Where from: Northen Ireland, county Derry/Londonderry

Favourite player: Cristiano Ronaldo

Best team moment: Going to the stadium of light to see united vs Sunderland and witness the debut of adnan.

Interests: Rugby, Football, Tennis, Formula 1 and school work.


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11 Mar 2020 09:58:39
Now reports emerging that pogba wants to stay and extend his contract. maybe the interest isn't really there for him?


1.) 11 Mar 2020 10:32:55
Be interesting if he does want to stay.

2.) 11 Mar 2020 10:47:40
I'm not sure what all these reports are about. Pogba has actively sought to leave for 2 years, He wanted to move to Real Madrid last summer, and Barcelona the summer before. It has also been said that if he can't get his move this summer that he intendeds to run down his contract and leave on a free.

Pure speculation here, but maybe he doesn't feel he can get the move he wants this summer, so would rather run his contract down and leave on a free. But is aware United won't want to do this so has changed tact slightly suggesting he would be willing to negotiate a new deal to stop the club forcing him out this summer. If he can keep the club believing he'll sign a new deal until after the window closes then he will be able to see out his final year, then move to the club he wants to AND receive a huge signing on bonus as well.

Personally I think the club need to sell him and stop this ridiculous farce.

3.) 11 Mar 2020 11:26:27
Utd have an option of another year. If the Club can't find a buyer that will meet his valuation this summer then he might just stay another season or longer. No need to panic the Club remains in a strong position especially with the emergence of Fernandes and the form of Fred, Matic and Mctominay. Pogba has a real fight for his place now or risk sitting on the bench for two seasons and wasting the best years of his career.

Theoretically Utd are a much better team with a motivated and in form Pogba. If nobody will meet his valuation Pogba will stay but unlike previous seasons we no longer rely on him and he'll have to fight for his place. He's spent this season predominantly injured, he won't want to spend next season on the bench so he'll have to buck his ideas up and with Utd having an option of another year things could be about to get very difficult for him. Ultimately footballers just want to play and maybe Pogba might have to just fall in line, cut out the nonsense and prove he's the superstar he thinks he is!

{Ed002's Note - The club cannot do that. If the club intend to force him not to play he will be able to cancel his contract and walk away.}

4.) 11 Mar 2020 11:33:37
I'd rather play Lingard in midfield than give Pogba a new contract, especially with a wage increase, club cannot be that stupid to do so either. Pogba has to go, can count on one hand how much 'world class' performances he's had since he signed 4 seasons ago. Massive circus surrounding him aswell, awful attitude, all talent no application.

5.) 11 Mar 2020 11:55:10
Ed002 - I never ever said anything about deliberately not selecting him that would be completely wrong and unnecessary. Pogba will have to fight for his place just like every other player at the Club. The form of other players means that his place in the team in no longer guaranteed and is now under threat. Rather than agitating to move he now needs to prove he's good enough to stay.

Any sensible person would advise Pogba to get fit and let his football do the talking. Whilst he's been out injured others have taken their opportunity and the Club have signed a very good player in Fernandes to replicate and hopefully complement his creativity. If his valuation is not met he will not move and he's no longer in such a strong position to negatively disrupt the squad.

I predict we'll either get a good fee for Pogba in the summer or a more determined and effective player next season if he stays.

{Ed002's Note - The amateurs should let him leave.}

6.) 11 Mar 2020 12:25:56
He has maybe changed his mind.

7.) 11 Mar 2020 13:50:51
just sell him and get rid of him and his virus agent, take lingard as well and be gone.

8.) 11 Mar 2020 14:00:20
My guess is that other clubs have seen his attitude and now have doubts about wanting him.
The club should not even consider extending, get rid ASAP, he's a virus.

9.) 11 Mar 2020 14:32:42
I agree shappy. Time to end the circus surrounding him.

10.) 11 Mar 2020 14:52:08
we have spent more time over the last 2 years, talking about non footballing issues rather than pogba actually playing on the pitch. i'm tired of it, so are most people so can we just sell him and move on please.

11.) 11 Mar 2020 15:31:25
I think you're right Tim. He has been here for nearly 4 years, he has made 150 appearances for the club. How many of those games can you remember a great performance from him? 10, maybe 15 games where you are left thinking wow, Pogba is a great player. Less than 10% of the time he puts in a great performance.

Maybe if he was living up to his potential then the whole circus that surrounds him might be worth enduring. Like how in the final couple of years with Ronaldo we had the whole Real Madrid saga. But Ronaldo was making the difference every game more or less so you deal with it.

Pogba makes the difference once a month at best. Hugely talented player, potentially one of the best in the world. But he just can't turn that talent into performances consistently enough to be worth the hassle.

Time to move on.

12.) 12 Mar 2020 07:44:47
Do you think Pogcrap knows how much contempt the fans have for him?

Do you think he is aware how lazy and ineffective he is on the pitch?

Does anyone tell him?

13.) 12 Mar 2020 11:26:23
Some naive peoples on here. It's so he doesn't get any crap from the fans when he uses us as a fitness boost for the Euros.



09 Mar 2020 16:59:39
Few reports flying around that Jude Bellingham was shown around the training ground with his parents today.


1.) 09 Mar 2020 18:54:50
Wouldn't be surprised, we are pushing for him apparently.

2.) 09 Mar 2020 19:15:54
Must say shappy I thought he was for Dortmund last week after the outbreak of reports. Would be a good signing if he fulfils the potential. Ed001 have you seen much or head much about Bellingham? Apologies if you’ve been asked before.

{Ed001's Note - not seen much other than highlights, but heard so much about him. He is the most sought-after teenager in European football right now for a reason. Every single report raves about him.}

3.) 09 Mar 2020 19:33:22
Phil Jones rocking up in his yellow Lambo behind Bellingham. Maybe he was part of the tour group.

4.) 09 Mar 2020 19:42:38
Grim, either that or just highlighting that you don't need to fullfil your potential to drive a Lambo at United 😂.

5.) 09 Mar 2020 21:01:03
It's a done deal. Fee agreed,12.5m rising to 28m. He will join in the summer.

6.) 09 Mar 2020 21:25:06
why would they sell or 12.5 mill when h is the most sought after youngster in europe.

7.) 09 Mar 2020 21:44:15
Pretty sure I read somewhere that they rejected a deal of 25m in January.

8.) 10 Mar 2020 04:40:17
It's 12.5m. It's not fifa 20 or footy manager. The value will increase with add ons that are easy to obtain.
The kid, is a kid. He will not be a starter in the premier league, hence the price.

9.) 10 Mar 2020 08:28:18
Pabawan what is your source for this?

He's currently one of the most sought after young players in Europe, he is also English which normally bumps the price up as he fulfils the homegrown criteria.

16 years ago we paid 26m for an 18 year old kid from Everton who had just over a year's worth of first team experience.

Admittedly that was EPL experience, and he was a year older than Bellingham will be in the summer.

But prices for players have skyrocketed in the past 16 years. If Gomes leaves on a free transfer, we will only get a compensation fee, which is likely to be somewhere between 5-10m. So to sign a player for an initial fee which is only 2.5m more than a club might expect for a compensation fee seems ludicrous.

10.) 10 Mar 2020 10:31:22
what as fifa or footy manager got to do with it. he is one of the most sought after youngsters in europe. as shappy said they turned down more before. you probably do not want to read twitter to mutch.

11.) 10 Mar 2020 16:51:46
Did BCFC turn down more than that previously? Where was it reported that we actually bid. on twitter? Ha.

Fifa and FM make transfers simple. It certainly doesn't work like that.
Obviously, we all lack knowledge on transfer dealings and i'm not saying i am privy to any of the workings that go into a transfer.

I can't disagree with what you're saying shappy, i agree it seems mad considering what's been done (deal wise) previously.

I'm just sharing what i know. It will more than likely be reported as more in the 'Press'. But it's 12.5 going to 27.5m in (Easy) add ons.

12.) 10 Mar 2020 21:41:31
i would rather wait for edo2 to say its happening.

{Ed002's Note - The family has been shown around and the kid has been to the club shop no doubt.}



15 Nov 2019 19:19:09
Hi Ed,

I was just wondering if you've heard about our interest in Erling Haaland and whether or not it's concrete, or is it just lazy speculation in the media due to the Norwegian connection with OGS.




{Ed002's Note - Erling Haaland (S) There is significant interest in the player from a number of sides and there have been discussions with one interested side already (last Monday) and one other side that could be offered him regardless of a lack of interest right now. Manchester United are interested and OGS knows him, but it would be a big step up with no guarantee of a starting place.. The kid needs to consider any move carefully and not end up on the bench.}

1.) 15 Nov 2019 19:54:42
I've not seen much of Haaland at all. Can anyone give a bit of a breakdown of his style of play?

2.) 15 Nov 2019 21:25:16
RJ, I can’t say I’ve seen much of him. But I’ve watched him in a few European games and you can see the guy just lives and breathes scoring goals. Physically he is very impressive for one so young. He seems a penalty box striker a bit like ruud.

{Ed002's Note - "Physically he is very impressive....". Tight buns? Each to their own.}

3.) 15 Nov 2019 21:25:33
Thank you ed 😂😂.

4.) 16 Nov 2019 09:45:50
An impressive physical specimen eh Caolan.

5.) 17 Nov 2019 16:14:58
The consensus seems to be that Rashford is too young to be the main striker for a club of United’s size to depend on. So why does Haaland help? He’s even younger and has been playing at a lower level. We need an experienced player in, if only on loan or for the short term.

6.) 19 Nov 2019 14:11:23
Rashford is not a central striker according to football experts 😁😁. Its not about age.



20 Oct 2019 10:23:31
More chat today in the media of a Saudi bid, could we see the 2020 sale ed alluded to years ago? My guess is that's it's more than likely rubbish reporting.


1.) 20 Oct 2019 11:09:48
When someone has that much money, I don't think you'd be hearing of a bid from the rag news papers. It would just be done if the interest was proper, you wouldn't hear about it until the day it was completed.

{Ed004's Note - I say a deal thats happening for over 3 billion will take months of drawn out conversations to happen. Therell be a tonne of finer details to iron out}

2.) 20 Oct 2019 12:22:32
There appears to be interest from the Saudi royal family, whether that come to anything is anyone's guess.

I am no fan of the Glazer's, yet I do feel the phrase "better the devil you know" might have some baring on this.

The Debt the Glazer's have place don the club is clearly a bad thing, yet we still have one of the highest spends on both transfer fees and wages world wide, which suggests the real issues with our club is on how we are spending the money rather than whether we have it to spend. There will be times when the debt might impact our ability to bring in a player or two. Yet overall that impact appears to be quite limited.

Any takeover bid should be viewed with a level of suspicion by fans. Rather than jumping to the conclusion of "good riddance to the Glazers". We should be considering WHY? someone want's to buy our club and what is in it for them? No one spends 3-4bn for the benefit of others, and certainly not to make football fans happy.

That's not to say that we wouldn't benefit from any potential takeover. It's likely we would. Or we could end up in the hands of asset strippers. Naming rights to the stadium could be sold or the stadium itself.

Ultimately we can do very little if the Glazers decide to sell the club, and probably even less when it comes to who might buy it. They will have their own motives and that may or may not benefit us fans in either the short or long term.

What we should probably avoid though is falling into the belief that someone will come waltzing in buy our club and solve all our problems in one fell swoop.

Often takeovers can be a poisoned chalice.

3.) 20 Oct 2019 13:25:30
I agree wholeheartedly with you Ed but I think that this has been recycled in the press too many times at this stage. If the Saudi's interest in United is real, then I don't think it would take them this long to stick or twist.

{Ed004's Note - Last time they appeared interested that scandal broke out regarding the murdered journalist. Its plausible they would have delayed any discussions until their public image improved. I think since then, Joshua and Ruiz jr has been announced etc}

4.) 20 Oct 2019 15:04:13
Its a smoke screen along with all the transfer rubbish that has come out the past few days.
They are getting all the excuses and fan appeasement as possible in, before Liverpool wipe the floor with us at our home patch today.

Do people not seriously see that whenever there is a bad result or something like today coming up the PR is out in force to calm the fans and delude them into thinking better times are coming.

Like why would it be revealed that Utd are buying 5 players next summer? And how many times before have we heard that we are having a clear out in the summer and nothing ever gets done. Wake up people!

5.) 20 Oct 2019 13:58:29
And let's not forget the multi year WWE deal.

6.) 20 Oct 2019 15:22:29
Dan, or alternatively the press focus more on United stories around the big games?

Plus with how the fans have reacted previously to managers getting bad results can you blame the club for attempting to put as much good PR out there as possible in the build up to such a game?

Why have a public relations team if they aren't going to attempt to appease the fans and keep public image up?

That is there job and it would be the same regardless of who owned the club or who was managing the side.

7.) 20 Oct 2019 15:46:31
When its all lies Shappy its a different story. If it was true I would agree with you.

8.) 20 Oct 2019 16:19:21
But Dan, without in depth actual working knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes at Old Trafford you can't actually know if it's lies or not?

9.) 20 Oct 2019 21:12:50
No smoke without fire. I think they are planning on selling.

10.) 20 Oct 2019 22:42:31
My take is that after the Ashoggi affair they dialed back any potential moves. It's clear the Glaziers after the father's death want to start looking at an exit and it's equally clear the club/ business needs investment both in players and stadia. Commercial growth has slowed so there's not much left for the Glaziers but ball ache with fans and spending cash.

I guess they need to weigh up the benefits of hanging around until the next TV/ streaming rights windfall and how much that will cost in terms of investment Vs cashing out.

Not sure if anyone saw but MBS (Saudi Prince) did a very polished interview about the murder of Ashoggi which has got to be about improving global PR.

We then have one of the Glazers selling up the other week.

Joshua Ruiz will be the next step in 'rebranding' Saudi Arabia plus all the other recent concerts and events. The washing process has worked very well for UAE and Qatar.

So there's a few indicators already but it will be a long drawn out process and the numbers are going eye wateringly high circa £3.8-4.2B

Personally I think football is a merky world and many good and bad owners have been from questionable backgrounds from Ken Bates to Roman Abramovic, Shinawartra, Abu Dhabi.

As we have seen with the Glaziers we have no input or say in who owns the club so I'm not even going to bother worrying.

I actually think an owner who will invest and develop the stadia will be a good thing and I'm not particularly fussed where they are from and how they got their money and would hope going global with a club of our stature would ultimately benefit the people of RSA and improve human rights.

Multi Billionaire's tend not to get so rich painting rainbows and fluffing kittens' pillows.

11.) 21 Oct 2019 09:18:42
Comparing Ken Bates to Mohammed Bin Salman is a bit of a stretch to put it mildly.

12.) 21 Oct 2019 14:53:40
Nikko you are certainly correct in terms of levels but without dropping and liable bombs all I will say is i know of Ken Bates from the inside via my Dad and it could be said he is lucky (or smart) not to be wearing her majesty's special PJ's.

A quick perusal of his biography leaves in enough smoking guns for you to join the dots.

Imo not a nice fella.

13.) 23 Oct 2019 16:34:53
Utd is all ready in the process of being sold . Its been going on for months . The glazers will not have the club in 2020 either a Middle Eastern set up or a Chinese mega deal will be running it. Heard it from a city trader in July . I saw it as bs but now i'm begining to believe everything might come true😀😀.



31 May 2019 11:10:23
Currently out in Portugal folks, and from what I've heard from a few sporting fans is that they reckon Bruno Fernandes is coming to united. Obviously no strong source or anything, but thought I'd pass that on anyway.

There are also a few newspapers reporting it out here as well ( saw that online) .



1.) 31 May 2019 11:50:32
Thanks for the info Caolan, looking at Ed002,s last update it did seem like he could be one of the likely signings this summer so fingers crossed.

2.) 31 May 2019 11:53:38
If United were to sign him, I believe he will play behind the striker as a no 10.
Or as the most advanced midfielder in a 4-3-3 system.
Perhaps a Pogba replacement?

The major challenge if we sign him will be his adaptation to English football.
He may probably need time to settle in as we saw in the case with Bernardo at City.

3.) 31 May 2019 13:28:35
Did bernardo need time to settle in to england? Or could he just not get in ahead of sterling, sane, kdb and david silva who were all playing amazingly well.

If bruno fernandes comes in as a pogba replacement he will have to hit the ground running as our team isn't good enough to afford him the luxury of time bernardo had at city.

4.) 31 May 2019 13:45:46
I believe Bruno played the most games for city last season, but has really become one of their most consistent players this year.

5.) 31 May 2019 13:47:12
Also Bernardo came from Monaco not the Portuguese league.

6.) 31 May 2019 18:53:59
Caolan where abouts in portugal are you? I've been living in lisbon for the past few months, and whilst i agree a lot of people say that. It seems to be there's nothing concrete yet. The majority of lisbon here are benfica and they seem to think atletico will get Joao felix.

7.) 01 Jun 2019 01:19:19
Would be a fantastic signing. Would take some of the creative burden off Pogba. Imagine both of them in free 8 roles in front of a Partey let's say. Now that's a Partey.

8.) 01 Jun 2019 06:38:19
RW we’ve been on a family break near albuferia and got chatting to a few folks staying near us. Unfortunately heading back this morning.




Caolan_2's banter posts with other poster's replies to Caolan_2's banter posts


10 Apr 2020 20:18:29
Question for everyone, but if fun I guess.

You can bring back either a prime vidic or Ferdinand to our side? Who do you bring in and why?

For me it has to be Rio. Class on the ball, read the game brilliantly and showed some great leadership especially around 2007-2010. I still think he's one of the best to play in the premier league and he'd suit the modern era perfectly.


1.) 11 Apr 2020 00:15:55
Is it even a debate?

As much as I love vidic, he was a complete liability against any kind of direct runner. We tend to gloss over it a lot because of the special moments and rightly so imo, but he wasn't a patch on Rio for me.

2.) 11 Apr 2020 01:30:29
Stam or Rio and you might bring some debate. Rio over both for me.

3.) 11 Apr 2020 05:47:55
Vidic all day for me.
Absolute BEAST.

4.) 11 Apr 2020 08:50:26
Stam is our best ever centre half. Absolute beast.

5.) 11 Apr 2020 11:56:34
I tend to agree with most of the posts here. When you pick your centre backs you want to find players who work well together, whose talents work blend with those around them.

Maguire's weaknesses are poor positioning and a lack of recovery pace.

Although Vidic had excellent sense of where to be. His weakness was a lack of recovery pace.

Having two centre backs who lack pace would be a nightmare. Therefore the only sensible option is Rio Ferdinand.

6.) 11 Apr 2020 12:28:34
Vidic would be a liability in the age of VAR. his physicality would be completely nullified. Rio was a phenomenal defender, and would excel in the modern game, as would Stam.

7.) 11 Apr 2020 12:53:15
With out question Rio I don't even think it's a difficult decision.

8.) 11 Apr 2020 20:49:44
Find myself agreeing with Shappy and Jred. Been fortunate to see from and including Bill Foulkes. On to Jim Holton, Martin Buchan, Japan Stam, yet the Rolls Royce was Rio. Utterly World class.

9.) 11 Apr 2020 21:57:07
Funny you mention bill foulkes red man. My grandfather often mentions him to me. Says that Rio is the only one he’s seen that’s better. He often says the only way to define a great players is by looking at how good they could have been in other eras. He believes Rio could play in any era he was that good.

Red man, did you get to see Duncan Edwards play? Unfortunately there’s so little footage about on him these days. I just have stories from my grandad, who maintains he’s the greatest player he’s ever seen.

10.) 11 Apr 2020 22:47:10
Paul McGrath for me lads over them all 😊.

11.) 11 Apr 2020 13:20:51
Paul McGrath was our best Centre Back but unfortunately our best drunk. i'm pretty sure Redman will agree on both fronts😷😷.

12.) 12 Apr 2020 13:13:46

I am not old enough to have seen Edwards, my brothers told me about him though.

Bill Foulkes was a lovely man, I knew the family, wonderful people. Met him a number of times. He lived near to my mum for a number of years as did many United players, before Alderley, Prestbury and Wilmslow became the thing. One sunny day my mum and I went with him (when he was still playing) and his family as a guest to Mere Golf club where he was a member. I seem to remember they had an outdoor swimming pool. I have a lot of time for the late Bill and family. He was a rock of a player that I saw towards the end of his career. Unheralded in all the glory. The pitches were awful back then, but Bill was a very good defender.

I would mention Buchan, a Rolls Royce of a footballer and Stam as two great centre backs. Interesting centre backs are often better in pairs when they find the right one and it felt like neither Buchan or Stam found the right partner. Bruce and Pallister were really good together but individually I was not as convinced as when together.

Paul McGrath, really good player, powerful and able to adapt and recover positions. Not as good as Rio who had it all. Rio could command on his own and found a partner in Vidic that also worked. I have told the story before but a very drunk McGrath once collapsed across the bar in a pub I was in and had to be carried out. It was a Thursday night before a game at the weekend, we all know who his drinking partner was, he managed, just, to stay upright. McGrath could have been better if he had focussed but I just think Rio was better as a footballer.

It flags to me we need to find the right partner for Maguire.



03 Apr 2020 13:20:49
Not sure if it's been mentioned but hats off to Marcus Rashford for the excellent charity work he's been doing. He's seems a really down to earth guy, and a decent human being.


1.) 03 Apr 2020 13:43:07
Great getting all the plaudits from raising money from poorer people when the amount he raised was a fraction of his wages.

2.) 03 Apr 2020 13:49:25
May as well not bother them eh mate? Can’t please everyone I guess. You must hate the common goal donations of 1% as well.

3.) 03 Apr 2020 14:34:49
EPL footballers are in zero financial difficulty and could pay the wages of every person employed by the club with a tiny fraction of their wages. Their greed should not be forgotten by paltry acts of charity. They have shown themselves to be moral vacuums during this crisis.

4.) 03 Apr 2020 15:04:58
The players have all just agreed donated 30% of their wages to nhs/ charities. The club are continuing to pay their staff.

I agree that the clubs taking advantage of the furlough scheme are a disgrace.

5.) 03 Apr 2020 16:17:21
I know they earn ridiculous amounts but they can’t do right from wrong. What about these billionaire leeches like Branson Phillip Green and Ashley who have sucked the country dry for years and also these mega corporations who dodge tax.

6.) 03 Apr 2020 16:32:49
I think the 30% straight to the NHS is a great idea. Better going there than taking a pay cut and it going straight to the owners.

7.) 03 Apr 2020 16:58:28
Noucamp, it depends if the donations are tax deductible. It would look good on paper, but it would amount to nothing more than what would be public money going into the public sector, which is the primary goal of taxes anyway, and the footballers wouldn't be much worse off.

8.) 04 Apr 2020 16:24:09
Is there a way to deduct it 100% from your tax?
There certainly isn’t here in germany.
And why is it not better then a pay cut which mostly serves the owners?

Thanks in advance for explaining

Have a nice weekend and stay safe everyone.

{Ed002's Note - You can claim tax relief if donations are to charities.}

9.) 05 Apr 2020 07:24:13
Germany does gets tax relief too: "If you are German, then donations of up to 20% of your annual income can be claimed as tax-exempt (donations of over 20% can be carried into the next fiscal year) . The money that can be claimed from a tax deductible donation may enable you to be more generous than you initially thought. "

It's never a very straight forward administrative claim but my guess is footballers likely have accountants who'll automatically lodge the claims for them.



16 Mar 2020 20:15:22
Stay safe everyone. I hope everyone suffers as little disruption as possible.




08 Mar 2020 21:09:08
Going into the game today I was very worried- city on a high from the cup win last week and an extra day to prepare too.

But I must say I'm incredibly proud of the effort of the players today. We can't go toe to toe with city, but I'd say for all the possession they had, we had the clearer chances and on another day with better decisions in the final third we score 3/ 4 today.

All of Ole's signings were excellent today, if he is staying, then let's back him. All the players he's signed have improved us.

Finally, I absolutely love Bruno Fernandes. He oozes class, works hard, leads from the front and demands more from everyone. He's already a cult hero and is only going to get better. Another couple of players with his quality and character and we are going places.


1.) 09 Mar 2020 04:18:11
Rashford and pogba.

2.) 09 Mar 2020 07:53:57

Pogba needs to go. He doesn't want to be here. Hopefully he can give it his all for the remainder of the season, if he actually plays again.

3.) 09 Mar 2020 09:10:07
I'm not sure we can rely on Pogba too much. The lad wants to leave and I'm not sure how you fit him in our line up without sacrificing our defensive solidity.

I think if we can bring in a top level creative player, and a striker who can play with his back to goal then we would have a very good first 11. Beyond that we need to improve depth. We need a couple more midfielders one who can offer some creativity on the occasions that Bruno is out, and someone to replace Matic as a holding midfielder who can shield the back four. While another option in central defence, particularly someone who can play on the left of a back three would be very useful if we are going to play a back three system at times.

4.) 09 Mar 2020 09:37:06
Pogba out and Niguez in will be a perfect.



29 Jan 2020 22:04:17
Positive performance tonight, if only we had some quality in the number 10 role we could have really hurt them. Lingard got the ball in great areas and did absolutely nothing.

Hopefully Fernandes brings the quality we need. Another win away to city for ole. I don't think he's necessarily the man for the job as I've made clear, but credit where it's due tonight.


1.) 30 Jan 2020 06:11:20
Good result if it was a league game. Bad result in the context of last nights requirements.
We applied a bit if pressure in 2nd half but couldn't quite get there.
Lingard and martial so ineffective again. Defence and ddg played well and matic.

{Ed025's Note - martial is a waste of space ken, he has not got a chip on his shoulder, he has got a full portion and a battered fish cake as well mate.. :)

2.) 30 Jan 2020 10:16:41
Martial 8 goals and 3 assists in 17 league games

Quite an effective ineffective player.

3.) 30 Jan 2020 07:12:34
LOL @ Ed025.




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25 May 2020 21:40:41
Not that I’ve seen Damon but a lot of chat on twitter so I’d take it with a pinch of salt at the moment. If it’s true and he has signed then hopefully he kicks on. Not developed as we’ve expected when he made his debut. Maybe a loan spell would be good for him.




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20 May 2020 00:09:48
Thanks Ed.




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19 May 2020 21:11:32
Ed if you don’t mind me asking which players juventus are looking to potentially use in a deal? I’ve seen the reports of pjanic being available for a swap, and like you said Costa. I was just wondering who else? And if you were in uniteds positions would you take any of them?



{Ed002's Note - Something like this:
Matteo De Sciglio (RB/LB) seen as surplus and could be used as part of a trade for Icardi.
Alex Sandro (LB) Juventus want PSG to take up their option on Icardi and Juventus will exchange Alex Sandro and Miralem Pjanic plus the taxes and fees incured for the player. Alternatively Juventus would offer Alex Sandro as part of an exchange for Emerson.
Daniele Rugani (CB) not playing regularly and would provide funds

Blaise Matuidi (CM) is available for sale or trade
Nicolussi Caviglia (CM) available to be exchanged
Emre Can (CM) turned down a move to MU and heading to Borussia Dortmund in the summer.
Adrien Rabiot (CM/DM) sick of the whining already - but could potentially be offered as part of an exchange could be offered as part of a deal for Pogba or another.
Sami Khedira (CM)
Miralem Pjanic (CM) €70M asking price way too high - could be offered as part of a deal for Pogba or Icardi - or perhaps as part of a deal for Arthur.
Federico Bernardeschi (CM/AM,RW) A Barcelona move was rejected in January but he will be available in the summer. Bernardeschi's opportunities have been in decline on the RW and he has had to play out of position which has not worked out. Milan have dropped prior interest whilst both Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan are not interested in any exchange deals involving him. Player wants to stay in Turin.
Paulo Dybala (AM/F) is possibly available to sell or trade unless an issue can be overcome. The player is open to a new contract and getting on well with Sarri, but wants a break clause when coaches change. If that can be dropped a new contract becomes a more likely solution.
Douglas Costa (RW/LW) available for sale or trade - could be offered as part of a deal for Pogba or Icardi with plans to replace him with Federico Chiesa

Gonzalo Higuain (S) available but Juventus have offered a compromise where they would extend another year but he must cost no more than is budgetted for next year (so halve his package)



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13 May 2020 11:00:04
Gomes is very talented, but if anyone has watched him in the u23s especially this season, he’s not warranted a promotion to the first team on those performances. If he goes to Chelsea, good luck to him.

Also you have to ask where he fits in the team? Better player than Andreas and lingard potentially but he’s not really shown much yet. Bruno is top quality so he doesn’t get in there either. I don’t think he’s in the same class as Greenwood either.

A talent, but not sure if he’s going to be as big of a loss as many say.




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22 Apr 2020 12:57:35
I reckon laird will be second choice right back going into the season if he can stay fit. Think there’s a cracking player in him.





Caolan_2's banter replies


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26 May 2020 21:23:59
Can’t say I’ve actually watched any of Torres, but a guy I really like and I know Ed has said he should maybe be someone we look too and that is Chiesa.




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05 May 2020 00:24:28
Hi Ed,

Had a look on the site, was wondering if you could do a review on Mason Greenwood?


{Ed001's Note - added him to the list mate.}



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30 Apr 2020 12:32:24
No chance of Saul, Sancho and Koulibaly in one window. That’s close to £300m. It would be nice but no chance. I’d take anyone of those mind you.

Not sold on Calvert Lewin. He works very hard, but not sure he’s going to be the type of centre forward to hit 25/ 30 goals a season. I’d be happy with ighalo as our plan B as it gives greenwood more chance of regular game time too.




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23 Apr 2020 18:36:31
Pogba ain’t been great, but It could be that teams tried to mark him out of games as we never really had many other threats. Now, with Bruno, Marcus, martial, greenwood and maybe Sancho (I hope) then that can only bring better performances you’d hope.

But so far he has not delivered.




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23 Apr 2020 15:02:10
Potential is the key word shappy. Bar ighalo, that’s still a very young set of players likely to go through ups and downs in form.

A great attacking line up on paper, but I don’t think it’ll be pulling those kinds of numbers out for a few seasons. I hope I’m wrong off course!