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Favourite player: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Best team moment: 1999 Champions League final or Semi final at Old Trafford against Barcelona in 2008.

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09 Aug 2018 09:35:19
'From what I read and hear it is difficult to believe we finished 2nd. You are capable of making people who finished 2nd look like the got relegated and people who finished below us look like serial winners'

Hear hear Jose.


1.) 09 Aug 2018 09:42:14
I agree it is difficult to believe but it's mourinho's negativity in public that causes that. He never focuses on anything positive and always has something negative to say so Jose as your say we finished 2nd last year cheer up!

2.) 09 Aug 2018 10:03:57
not entertaining though. i watch football to be entertained.

3.) 09 Aug 2018 10:06:56
New signing - my info is no says Jose.

4.) 09 Aug 2018 10:13:22
His press conference today was pretty positive so you probably won’t see much about it.

5.) 09 Aug 2018 10:29:00
If you want entertainment youshould watch com3dy shows. Football is more of a business then entertainment now a days.

Do you think Real Madrid played entertaining football under Zidane, they just cared about winning and didn't really bother about how entertaining they are.

6.) 09 Aug 2018 10:48:32
sorry singh but i don't agree! i don't pay to go watch business! fans want entertainment, i struggle to watch a full match these days as it's boring simple as that. does it make me less of a fan, i don't think so. i 've never been a fan who needs a shiny new player every ten minutes so i don't really care about signings in all honesty, but i do care what i see on the pitch and it's crap.



06 Aug 2018 13:05:40
Bit of a strange one at the moment with Jose's comments and people seemingly turning against him based on a few dodgy performances with half a team out in pre season.

It seems from listening to Jose that he agrees with most of us on here, we need a centre back, a left back and a right winger, or at least 2 of these, and as it stands the club are failing to provide that. I think we all recognise that with for example Alderweireld and Pulisic in this team we suddenly look a hell of a different prospect, so we actually agree with Jose on my many things.

A lot of people seem to be slagging Jose off for being negative about the exact things they are also negative about, if Jose was writing on here about the squad I think he would be saying the same as the majority of people about where we are short. He is a winner and wants to win the league as do all of us and he recognises along with all of us that this squad is 2 or 3 players shorts of being able to challenge.

Let's hope we get these players in because I think there will be a huge turn on here into positivity and in turn Jose will feel the same way as us, that we then have a chance of challenging.

Over to you Ed.


{Ed025's Note - good post that GDS..

1.) 06 Aug 2018 13:13:46
Fantastic post - fingers crossed we get at least 2 out of 3.

{Ed025's Note - even meatloaf would be happy with that KG.. :)

2.) 06 Aug 2018 13:18:25
Top post and a very sensible one.

3.) 06 Aug 2018 13:37:48
Tbf he got a winger (even though he's looked so much better up front in a two man partnership) in january.

And he got two centre backs in two seasons.

He hasn't come out and said why they aren't sufficient. He just wants the club to spend tonnes of money on older players.

The club are well within their rights to not trust jose considering he hasn't stayed longer at a club than three seasons and it is know he's not happy in manchester.

4.) 06 Aug 2018 13:48:15
Jose is a master at turning football matches into wars of attrition. He prefers warrior's to footballers. When it works he's a genius when it doesn't he's anti football and the enemy of the game.

He's a sticking plaster on an arterial bleed. His tenure was only ever going to be short term and he's not been given the tools to succeed. No point in moaning about it now we all knew what was coming when he was appointed.

In my opinion we should trust in the traditions of the Club and follow the model that has brought us a clear formula for success. We need a young, hungry manager that will promote and encourage youth. Has a philosophy and a commitment to playing entertaining, attractive and attacking football. We as fans also have a responsibility to show patience and restraint once someone delivers this philosophy even if success is not achieved instantaneously. I've heard a lot of posters say they'd rather us play attacking, caviller football even if we don't win but I'm always sceptical of these posts.

In my opinion more pressure must be applied to the board to demonstrate a commitment to ensure that the team challenges for the top honours and does not settle into a world where success on the field is LESS important than its success off it. The money is generated by the Club, its history, its tradition and its fans and not by the Glazers. They haven't invested a penny of their own money and let's not forget the massive debt they have saddled on the Club and the amount of money required to service it. As far as I'm concerned almost all of the money generated by the Club should be invested back into the team. Let's not kid ourselves the teams that spend the most money predominantly enjoy the most success. Of course there are exceptions to every rule but this is an inescapable fact. Liverpool with a stadium and turnover half the size have invested significantly more than us in this window. How can this be allowed to happen when our team is still in need of significant investment ourselves? Yes money can be wasted and often is by ALL Clubs but this a poor excuse for not spending it.

In my opinion the problem lies squarely with the Glazers and not the manager. Ok we might not like his style or his methods but I have absolutely no doubt that he wants us to WIN. I'm not sure the same can be said for our owners and the only place they seemingly want to win is on the stock exchange.

5.) 06 Aug 2018 13:42:57
"I am confident I will get one [new player], but I think two I am not going to get - which is not a drama,  in every pre-season it happens the same with every club which is the manager wants more. It's our nature, you always want more for your team but then club decisions are different and normally you don't get what you want which happened during all my career.

"So if I get one player until the end of the market, that's fine. "

Doesn't seem that bothered to me, this is real life not football manager .
It's the fans who want us to buy 6 first team players every summer for 500mil and then get upset when we don't.

6.) 06 Aug 2018 14:39:02
Dlib. Totally agree.
Gds, good post but you mentioned we need a centre back, a left back and a right winger, then you wrote "or at least two of these". Why? We are Manchester United, the most successful club financially. So why do we have to settle for 2 out 3? At the moment, we haven't got any of them. And that is irresponsible and unacceptable behaviour by our owners and the Woodward plonker.
But i don't think they give a toss. And that's the worrying part. I have had two season tickets since 1969, but i have not renewed them this year, i have passed them on to a friend. I love the club as much as i love my family, but with the present owners, I've lost my respect for the club and i shall not be lining their greedy pockets with any if my hard earned money.

7.) 06 Aug 2018 14:47:43

I said at least 2 because I’m not sure if Jose is going to give Shaw and Young another season, Young never let's us down and this would be Shaw’s last chance. Also, just because we are Man United doesn’t mean teams will just sell to us. You’d be first to moan if we overpaid.

Shame you’ve felt the need to lose your season ticket, I’ll be there on Friday supporting the lads and I can’t wait, maybe I’m a mug but couldn’t dream of giving up my ticket, will be going through thick and thin as always, I hope you regrets you decision and I’m sure you hope you do as well.

8.) 06 Aug 2018 13:38:33
Nice pop culture reference there ed25.

I am, surprisingly, listening to Bat out of Hell as I type.

{Ed025's Note - good choice jonny..

9.) 06 Aug 2018 16:07:06
Did exactly the same AAA. Just had a son and feel my time and money is much better soent in him and not the club.

10.) 06 Aug 2018 11:44:34
Good post GDS2 and it puts matters into a different light.

People are disappointed with Jose for a number of reasons. For me (and most, I think), it's the style of play. It's almost as if he's on strike with the team setup because he isn't getting his way - which we've seen before. I do totally agree with the positions that we need to fill and RW has been a priority for a few years now. Hopefully he gets his way and things change.



01 Aug 2018 01:37:43
Well that first 30 minutes was a breath of fresh air, maybe we won't gef relegated after all 😉.


1.) 01 Aug 2018 02:01:34
We are lucky to be winning but cannot keep posession of the ball and are defending too deep. Oh well nothing new i guess.

2.) 01 Aug 2018 02:05:54
really good performance so far Sanchez and Mata linking really well and fred looks like he will give us that energy in midfield that we have been missing.

3.) 01 Aug 2018 02:12:10

You watching a different game?



30 Jul 2018 17:09:20
Just to add to Mumbles great post down the page which I really agree with it might be worth taking a look at some of the pictures released today from training and look at what seems to be a fun and relaxed atmosphere in the camp.

It is almost as if the players don't spend all day miserable and upset at what Jose said in a 2 minute press conference.


1.) 30 Jul 2018 17:16:20
I think too many fans hang on every last word that jose’s Says in the press and believe he is like that with the players behind closed doors. As the Eds have stated, we should take what he says with a pinch of salt. The atmosphere looks great and the media are just trying to spin things to split the united fan base. I do agree at times Jose’s demeanour can be very difficult to stomach and I would like to see him a bit more positive. But I suppose he is standing up to the owners rather than being a yes man. I expect us to get two signings at least in and a third would be a massive bonus.

2.) 30 Jul 2018 17:44:20
Too many naive people but others just using the current hyberbole to push their agenda on here. Lots of time lots of things will change before the end of the window. Maybe not as many as jose would like or indeed as i would like but hopefully enough to make a difference.

3.) 30 Jul 2018 17:48:10
By all accounts the mood on tour has been really good.

4.) 30 Jul 2018 18:03:19
Its only been good after the prozac pill run and the bullying workshops are complete mort.

5.) 30 Jul 2018 18:09:43
Should we take in to account that ed said Jose isn't happy and hates life in Manchester as well?

Two sides to every argument the Jose one is split between the fans who can't see Jose doing any wrong it's the club it's the players it's the press .

And another camp that every thing is Jose fault win a cup means nothing, 2nd in the league meanas nothing .

Both as bad as each other.

6.) 30 Jul 2018 18:29:25

There is also a middle ground that think there are good and bad on both sides and that judging Jose on this ore season is quite frankly stupid.

7.) 30 Jul 2018 18:49:27
I don't think many are judging him on the pre season pal .
17 players missing for the last match I think many of the issue go back further .

But the whole " people are judging Jose on pre season " is good example how things get twisted .

8.) 30 Jul 2018 18:51:41
For the record 86 points and second in the league playing like we are is par for the course .
Jose doing what he does love him or hate him .
Respect what he has done .
But also stop making silly excuses .

It's just Jose doing what he does and fair play to him.

9.) 30 Jul 2018 18:53:31
Not entirely true or an accurate statement at all jred. I don't know anybody on here that renders jose as blameless on all accounts. I don't know anybody on here happy with the style from last season.
Sure i tend to agree with a lot of what the manager says but not all he says and does i think that's true of all his supporters.
Is there a 3rd camp? If not which of the 2 camps you say exits are you in or are you special and have a camp all of your own.
Your no different to most i guess which is you think the manager could do better in some areas and players could also do better.
Im not making any excuse for him on funds spent. i'm just saying that no matter what has been spent and please be assured the manager does not negotiate fees or agree wages it has nothing to do with him at all there is still glaring difficiences in the squad. He wants to fill those difficiences but the club can't spend all he wants on who he wants so he has to make do with filling what he can and prioritise.
Im sure if we had not blown 30m on a kid after 1 season or over spent on lindelof pogba martial and lukaku. As per ed002 miles more than any other club were prepared to pay we could have had a new rb and lb aswell but we are where we are. So imo jose is getting the best results possible with what he has but the style is awful. i'm quite sure there are any amount of managers out there that would have our squad playing 'better' football to watch but i'm just as sure none of them would have got 86 points with this squad last year. that's my opinion. i'm not a jose 'fanboy' i just believe nobody would get more points with this squad. I also believe that with the right additions he will have us challenge for the title.

10.) 30 Jul 2018 19:46:06
Most people who know football, know pre-season's don't count for sh1t. But if it helps people use it for their particular argument, fair enough.

I think most people's problems with José go further back than that. Like when he wanted to go to Paris. I owe the man no loyalty seeing as he'd have been away like a shot if he could.

I also think his constant whingeing, and blaming everything and everyone, demeans the position he's in. He's managing Man Utd for flip sake.

I do agree with him over this tour. Absolutely pointless exercise, and stupid scheduling after a World Cup.

11.) 30 Jul 2018 19:58:25
Surely Jose earns enough cash to get about and see his family as well as live in such palatial luxury that he might not even know he’s in Manchester. apart from the truly awful weather!

12.) 30 Jul 2018 20:16:21
The tour was a complete shambles Stevie i agree. The odds of all our players or even most of them being available were zero. As it turned out ourselves and spurs were worst hit its only because most of the snr players out their failed to get into squads like herrera mata shaw and smalling that we have any snr players bar sanchez bailly and darmian who didn't qualify.

13.) 30 Jul 2018 20:21:54
Yet tend to agree
Sorry pal but that's is nothing like the way you come across .

86 points well done Jose but then again 86 points with in your words the worse squad in 26 year .
It's hyperbole and rubbish.

14.) 30 Jul 2018 20:59:03
Jred its not rubbish we have not gone 5 years without winning the league for 30 years its our longest stretch for since the epl began.
Over the last 30 years we have had keepers as good as ddg arguably.
Over the last 30 years we have never had such poor choces at full back.
In 30 years we have never had such turmoil and lack of a consistant 1st choice paring at cb.
In 30 years we have never had a squad without a midfielder that dictates play and tempo
In 30 years we have never had as poor a choice on rw.
In 30 years our choices at cf have rarely been poorer for depth.
That's my opinion. Its a really poor SQUAD for last 5 years. Results prove that. We have had our worst run of league finishes for 30 years.
There is obvious quality in most of the starting 11 but beneath them its slim pickings in certain positions.
I can't think of a worse squad even fergies last squad that won the league is better. May not have had big star names but their character was without question. There is a lot more to being a footballer and having talent is only half the story. We have a few with talent that just don't show enough character. that's how i have formed my opinion which you disagree with of course but its not rubbish jred.
Our current squad most agree is devoid of top class full back options.
Most would agree is short of a tempo setting midfield player
Most would agree that its devoid of pace in wide areas
Most would agree we lack a proper winger of any description on either side of the pitch.
Most would agree we don't have a solid cb pairing to rely on.
So which of our squads in the last 26 years in your opinion had all those deficiencies and a worse run of league resuts jred?

15.) 30 Jul 2018 21:35:11
Great post ken. Jred I’m neither firmly in either camp. On numerous occasions I try and look at both sides and give a balanced argument. Sure I support the manager but I also call it how I see it and when he’s not doing something right I always call it. You on the other hand are firmly sitting on the fence never giving an opinion, and often slating those in each camp. Nobody is denying that things aren’t perfect, but the hate for Jose is unbearable and quite frankly embarrassing at times. No other manager is subject to the vitriol he receives both from the press and even his own supposed fans. Sure he doesn’t help himself in his press conferences, but people find a negative in every single word he says. It’s embarrassing quite frankly.

16.) 30 Jul 2018 21:44:35
Very good and accurate post park.

17.) 30 Jul 2018 23:23:06
Again that word, 'hate'. You can hate Hitler, I'll give you him, but I hardly think anyone hates José. Disappointment, yes. Frustration, yes. The desire to give him a bl00dy good shake and remind him how lucky he is to managing United, yes. Hate, very much no. Just another over the top word, used too casually, and only serves to ratchet up the emotion.

18.) 31 Jul 2018 03:48:06
I’m not sure Jose can moan about the tour, didn’t he say after last years tour that he would love to come back this year? I seem to recall he did.

19.) 31 Jul 2018 08:36:02
Don't get mixed up with underperforming and not a good player.
Mata was Chelsea player if the year twice playing right wing .
Some people can't see a decent player unless he is playing in a great team .
Some can't see a average player playing in a great team.
The "hate" for Jose is nothing compared to the "hate " shown to some of our players .

Poor Jose we have no good players.
Fellaini is awful, the same fellaini Jose rates very highly . Maybe just maybe Jose rates players differently to some on the site .
Could that be why the wig is a favourite or smalling starts every week Tony is captain etc etc.

20.) 31 Jul 2018 09:15:57
Amswer yhe question jred which sqiad was worse and performed worse in last 26 years?
Stop waffling. Wig started 5 games last season not much of a favourite.

21.) 31 Jul 2018 09:31:27
Again hyperbole the wig was Injured, played in our biggest game of the season the moment he was fit.
But that doesn't suit your silly argument .
Both squads under lvg were worse than this one .
Moyes squad was
And the last team fergy won the title by 11 points was .
And that's only going back 6 year not 30 .

22.) 31 Jul 2018 09:58:46
I never give an opinion?

23.) 31 Jul 2018 12:28:18
I agree with park.
Thats exactly what i said jred silly billy. Jose took over tbe worst squad and worst performing squad for 26 years. So you agree.
Fergie squad that won the league is miles better jred they won the league.
You are like the proverbial empty bottle just making noise.

24.) 31 Jul 2018 12:29:33
The wig was not injured jred he made the bench 16 times last season without getting a run. You remind me of that famous disney elephant . name escapes me.



18 May 2018 13:51:55
I have just looked down the page and all anyone is talking about is shiny new signings and the World Cup, has everybody forgotten we have an FA cup final tomorrow? Hardly any mention of it on the whole page.

Well anyway, I for one can't wait for tomorrow, it's going to be a long day, setting off early as I think London will be busy with some wedding or something, but hopefully we bring back the trophy, I don't care what time I get home if we win. Anybody else going to Wembley tomorrow?


1.) 18 May 2018 14:58:25
I'm looking forward to it mate, unfortunately I don't have a ticket but I'm still super excited 😁 as for the world cup I honestly couldn't care less.

2.) 18 May 2018 15:45:20
I can’t wait GDS got my ticket the other day. Jose has never lost a final so that bodes well. Win the cup and we can enjoy the summer.

3.) 18 May 2018 16:11:56
Looking forward to it, mainly because this week has been very long already - what would we do without the WC to look forward to?!

FA Cup has lost a lot of luster for me, but cup final day is special. I suppose most people know what type of game to expect, but we can always live in hope - early goal will set it up nicely though.

1-0 to us is my prediction.

4.) 18 May 2018 16:27:01
Not going sadly but heading to cl final next week. I'll be watching from behind my seat really don't want Liverpool to win that. Ugh.

5.) 18 May 2018 16:49:27
I did mention the other day about th day still having a buzz, the sunshine, a trophy etc but I did sprinkle in my wish list for the summer in the same post.

6.) 18 May 2018 17:05:34
Let’s hope Ronaldo has a stormer ken. Can’t deal with the thought of Liverpool winning the champions league.

7.) 18 May 2018 18:10:55
Would be Armageddon park.

8.) 18 May 2018 18:42:43
I'll turn my back in protest😂😂.

9.) 18 May 2018 18:49:56
We will never hear the end of it 😂.

10.) 18 May 2018 19:33:55
As is their right, Park. You can be sure we'd let them hear about it if the roles were reversed. I'm heading for Connemara if it happens.

11.) 18 May 2018 19:54:53
It’s like people have moved on and the final has been forgotten. I love the FA Cup, let’s win it.

12.) 18 May 2018 21:21:47
Yeh you are right nou. Credit where it is due they deserve to be in the final. Will have to disengage from all forms of social media if it happens!

13.) 18 May 2018 21:43:40
Up for to 2am, as i now live in Sydney. Always enjoyed my trips to Wembley, it's a great day out. To all thus who are going have a great day and enjoy.

14.) 19 May 2018 00:49:22
Its got 1-0 written all over it beast.




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11 Aug 2018 00:03:12
You think the people above are ‘supporting the club’?




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10 Aug 2018 22:31:01

Not sure what that has to do with anything above or why it’s relevant at all. If you don’t think some of the posts above aren’t hissy fits and a little pathetic then I don’t know what to say.




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10 Aug 2018 18:18:28

I assure you that you aren’t the only one, once the kids go back to school we should see less tantrums on here during the day and people can have sensible discussions.




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09 Aug 2018 11:20:51
Would be a class signing, especially at the price.


{Ed004's Note - Would be a massive signing}



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09 Aug 2018 11:10:54

I never said one player wouldn't make us better, just that I am still excited for the new season, am I not allowed to be because we might not win the league?





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15 Aug 2018 23:21:46
Two words Tony, person 😉.




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15 Aug 2018 08:47:53

I don't think it's embarrassing that people want us to win the league, I think giving a 2/ 10 for a manager who came 2nd to the best points tally ever when trying to win the league is the laughable thing. The season before he won 2 trophies, we weren't even in the CL when he arrived, how can his performance be a 2/ 10?

It's hard to give just one number out of 10 like it is for a player in a match, there are so many different aspects to his performance and what he has achieved that just putting one number against it is very hard.

To give 2/ 10 you have to have really decided not to like him and obviously decided that winning the league is the only thing that matters and if he finished 2nd or 17th he would get a low score.

I know Ed said he hasn't improved the entertainment but perhaps he didn't watch us often under LVG, I went to 11 consecutive home games were we didn't score in the 1st half, one game we didn't have a shot on target, it is easy to re-write history but we are so much better than that it's unbelievable.

I just don't get the negativity I suppose, ok we could have done with a couple more players but all that has happened so far is that we beat a decent Leicester team 2-1, got 3 points out of 3 possible, why be negative when nothing has gone wrong yet? I'm sure some are hoping we lose a couple of games so they can say 'see I told you Jose is a 2/ 10', it really is ridiculous and as I said, quite frankly embarrassing.




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14 Aug 2018 16:42:02
2/ 10 haha some of you don't know you're born. Hilarious reading though guys well done, let's hope there aren't any scousers on here laughing at us all, it's embarrassing.




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13 Aug 2018 23:19:15
Would a different keeper not have made the saved DDG made? No errors but the saves weren’t anything special on this occasion, you’d expect most keepers to save them.




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13 Aug 2018 23:20:22
Struggle to get top 4 😂😂.