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29 Jun 2015 09:52:11
I've noticed a bit of ADM bashing.

Granted he hasn't set the world alight in his first season and I'll add I was totally against his signing due to his theatrics in Spain but that hasn't been a big issue. One thing I have noticed is his constant mom performances for Argentina in and amongst being benched for us. It's led me to one outcome. He and his style is too fast for the current players set up we have.

His top season for real and Argentina teams are all blessed with players of similar speedy play that he can match up to and play off. I think the Depay signing will help but we need the number 10 role up to that pace aswell. So either Rooney up top and a pacey 10 in there or put one of those guys in there and add young in aswell.

Also have to add creative CM's and that sorts out half the team.

Easy :)

1.) 29 Jun 2015 10:05:02
Depay could have a big impact on Di Maria's performances this season. If he continues his form from PSV, teams will have to decide on weather to stick 2 men on Depay or 2 on Di Maria, either way one or the other is going to get a lot of space, if both are being marked it gives even more space for someone like Mata, Rooney or Herrera!

Di Maria will improve a lot next season and we might start singing his name a little more often!

2.) 29 Jun 2015 10:14:57
Yeah, he's been a regular punching bag here mainly because of his price tag which he had no control over. There's also been news that he doesn't want to be here which could be the problem.
But i think the real problem is simply that he doesn't fit in the possession type play. But then, a lot of our players don't including rooney, jones, smalling, young, falcao(now gone).

3.) 29 Jun 2015 10:24:30
I think and hope you could be right Jono, the amount of time I hear '60 million and you can't even find a red shirt' as if he should be thinking about his price tag while he is playing and scoring 4 goals a game. He wasn't great but maybe he needed time to settle, fingers crossed he proves a lot of people wrong this season.

4.) 29 Jun 2015 10:58:37
What I want is Adm/Deepay/Rooney to play as a fluid 3 like Barca/Dare I say Liverpool 2 season ago.
If Adm is not for Lvg then get him out quick And replace with someone is early. Get pre season playing the same as we will next year.

5.) 29 Jun 2015 14:33:36
The issue with ADM is not that he is a bad player, he isn't. He is an extremely talented player.

My personal issue is that people see him as a goal scoring attacker, something he certainly isn't ( best ever haul 7 league goals in entire career). He has assisted a lot, but it was in a team with Ronaldo, Benzema etc, just because you were the last player to pass Robaldo the ball then he cuts through 5 players and scores you rack up an assist, easy. For Argentina he has Messi, Aguero etc so a very similar set up to what he had in Madrid. For Real and Argentina he got/gets time on the ball due to the attackers ahead of him. He also wasn't expected to chip in defensivly like he is at United. His passing stats are very poor for a player of his calibre, his defensive work is poor and he is very lightweight.

In conclusion ADM is a great player when a team can make up for his deficiencies BUT this isn't a guy who scores 30+ goals a season or a guy who is going to help the team and press he is a passenger who has it in his locker to pick a pass now and again. The EPL is fast and physical so he doesn't get the time on the ball he would normally get, he also gets pushed off the ball very easily due to his lack of strength.

{Ed007's Note - So what makes him 'an extremely talented player' & a 'great player'? The only positive you've mentioned is that he can 'pick a pass now and again' so can Ch****e A**m, does that make him extremely talented?
I've watched plenty of ADM at Madrid, Argentina and now Utd and he is nowhere near being as good as Utd fans expect or say he is. I wasn't surprised at all by his performances for Utd last season, his performance in the 2014 CL final was a one off that anyone who has watched him play regularly will know.}

6.) 29 Jun 2015 15:04:22
Bond, I was trying to soften the blow. Basically he's a luxury player who has no place at United is what I wanted to say but didn't want the hassle of saying it that directly. Hopefully some other team get lumbered with him.

{Ed007's Note - you now, sorry about that.}

7.) 29 Jun 2015 15:31:22
Totally agree with Rewz. I'm not sure why everyone is so confident that ADM will become a world beater this season. His demeanour last season was terrible, people seem to forget every time he played in the latter part of season, his performances were absolutely terrible. So why is he suddenly going to become a sensational player?
As Rewz said, he doesn't score many goals even when he was playing for RM and had ronaldo and co in the team.
His strength is his assists and for that to happen, he needs to get off his arse and start putting in proper shift for the team. He's very fragile and gets shoved off the ball too easily. So unless he bulks up and changes his attitude, I can see more of the same this season.
Of course I would love him to come good but I doubt it. Personally, give him to PSG and ask for verratti or cavani or Bayern ansyask for schweni or Lewandawski.

8.) 29 Jun 2015 15:42:24

Have you watched any of the games mate. He has acres of space to receive a pass and run into as messi and aguero attract a lot of attention. He is shit in a compact style set up, which is what most pl teams do against us.

I hoep we swap him for Cavani TBH or every moment of really good stuff he has 5 terrible ones. No different to Nani for me, frustrating to watch.

9.) 29 Jun 2015 15:44:44
No probs, I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't possess a pair of ADM rose tinted specs.



08 Nov 2014 12:48:28
Hey guys how's it going??!

1.) Disagree ;)

2.) Wow 4 disagree's for been polite, unbelievable Jeff. :-)
Hello Jono.

3.) Haha I think it was DDG and gagus ganging up on me haha it's been nae bad Herb everyone still on here?

4.) Most of the old regulars still about, Sydney is still trying to find himself and lots of crazy horses on a pogo stick.



02 Sep 2014 02:07:24
I know we have signed 6 players this summer but does anyone still think we are missing the key ingredients? A CM enforcer like Vidal is exactly what the team needs but it's likely we are playing Mata (a No10) or Di Maria (a player I've never rated much AND a winger) out of position to cover the main problem that's been there since Blackpool were in the prem and a top quality CB that's going to run things from day one and allow jones, smalls etc to learn from them?

Don't get me wrong I'm happy at us splashing the cash and showing some real intent with the manager and backing him but especially going to the new formation I'm a bit confused as to whether we have just went for who was available rather than who is needed!

Anyway well done eds and here's to a top 4 finish :) x

1.) I think the club will be looking towards buying a CB, CM and RB in the next 2 windows mate.

2.) Any reasoning behind the disagree or just a disagree?x

3.) Ha Jono put your shirt on man.

4.) Jono, the more important question is what is going on with your photo?



31 Jul 2014 18:59:23

I've grown the beard as for the first time I'm allowed to grow one. Swimming and the RAF stopped me but no more! I'm going to keep it going till we sign Vidal and even then I won't shave it off I'll just replace my photo with one stroking the beard in a 'I knew he would come!' Pose

1.) Jono,

I think you mistakenly uploaded your YMCA tribute band - application photo.


2.) Good work, carry on stroking!

3.) Jono

Fair play on the beard mate, good effort. But why no shirt? I getting faintly aroused

4.) Brilliant jono, imagine if we don't sign him, you'll end up looking like Forrest Gump when he went for a run

5.) 31 Jul 2014 20:51:56
Young man! There's no need to feel down :)

6.) AJH, you aren't wearing a shirt either and that cookie looks nice.

7.) Jono that's a great pic :) just wondering could you not fit the rest of the village people in?😉😉

8.) Jono, is that a jim'll fix it medallion around your neck!

9.) Sam

It wasn't a mistake, this was the YMCA audition photo and no top and in the toilet was to add to the George Michael-ness of it all :)


Toplessness see above


I'm more like Rooney with the pot of bean in his caravan, except I'm better at football ;)

10.) Deano

They took the photo


It's actually a drawing of a Jim medal that Rolfy did



05 Jun 2014 01:18:47
Alright lads not posted in a while and not sure if this will get through but I'm doing a charity boxing event on the 27th June in aid of MacMillan nurses and was hoping for any support from you guys through my just giving page.

If anyone (ddg included) fancies chucking even a couple of quid into the fund ill be ever so grateful as they do a great job especially when dealing with cases of terminally ill people who want to stay at home like my dad did.

You'll need to search for my just giving page (mark-johnston7) or look on my fb account (mark Johnston (picture of my 2 kids, daughter holding a ball))

Thank you x

1.) 05 Jun 2014 09:34:28
Post the link up mate and I'll get right on it. A worthy cause.




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11 Jun 2015 15:54:15
Paper talk to hurry DDG into pushing to leave. Maybe utd won't budge from a price and real trying to penny pinch so piling pressure on DDG to help them get a better deal



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11 Jun 2015 15:50:16
Which ed has left and what happened? I've been away for a year so just catching up! Wasn't bond was it??

{Ed001's Note - you aren't that lucky!}



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What was the bid we submitted? The amount will be interesting fuel to the limited funds topic possibly.

Thanks {Ed044's Note - You would need to ask Ed02 to confirm the figure and I doubt he will answer.}



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How is signing Cabaye showing underwhelming ambition?

Top player in a position we need and a safe bet for the price. The reason we have not signed any world class players is because nobody wants to sell them, the reason no other 'big' teams are after him is that no other big team has the problems in CM as they all have their CM sorted and most include top CMers already.

Although I will agree if we could get ANY player in the world I myself wouldn't pick Cabaye as Vidal would be my instant pick but when none else are available as our Fabregas persuit has shown we still need to get bodies in and Cabaye IMO would be top of the next band down and is definitely needed.



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I have to expect none of you have actually watched Newcastle very much. Cabaye was a massive stand out player his first year and last year was injured twice in the first couple of minths and Pardrew has openly admitted he brought him back far too early as he felt he had to as his team were flagging. Its no coincidence that even though they were never in any real danger when Cabaye giot back to playing properly Newcastle pulled clear of danger.

I suppose Blanc with all his money at PSG is stupid for picking out Cabaye as the one he wants with him?

Or maybe he sees what only a few on here can and that is he is a gem of a player and when the Vidals, Fabregas's are unavailable he is right up there with the best about especially for that price!

Nio better than Anderson or Cleverly there is literally no point in arguing against red tinted specs like that.

Cabaye would be an improvement simple as that and add creativity, bite and interceptions all in one, plus knows the league, best years coming up and is used to this country. For 15-20m there is not much more of an instant improvement out there.




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22 Jan 2017 22:16:15
I just can't bring myself to be happy for him.

4 years of rubbish, while raking in the cash, isn't a captain, used the club twice (unlike others where we needed to break the wage structure he did it for himself, granted SAF did it for himself but he was world class) etc etc

I just don't like him. Every other Utd fan can hold him in legendary status if they wish, I never will.



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16 Jul 2015 11:03:56
2nd ones Wayne Rooney 😂



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29 Jun 2015 10:02:50
I can't fathom why we aren't interested in Vidal? Top class player and likely to not cost massive amounts. Should be all over this



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29 Jun 2015 09:54:58

What ever happened to that dude? And Sydney?



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11 Jun 2015 15:33:24
Rooney is rubbish = anyone with eyes

Rooney is a legend = 50% of utd fans who like to follow the 'must be great he is a Utd player' bandwagon.

Messi is hardly going to come forward and say 'Rooney isn't as good as everyone hoped, or he is a good little player etc' is he? Messi also thought ibrahimovic wasn't a good footballer either so hmmmm.

Anyhoo like I've squabbled with many on here about I think this just sums it up well. Last season wazza scores I'm sure it was the third goal in a fist half rout of spurs. Now I was at work and leaching via online commentary and his goal was described as 'majestic and fabulous' on the way home the radio was awash with Rooney showing what he 'does best' and how he had slalomed between defenders and I quote 'left three defenders for dead' I had just finished a debate to which both of my colleagues agreed he is overhyped and rated. So I'm thinking sh*t he has shown me up a kipper here.

So I get home and watch this goal everyone's raving about and what?? I'm thinking of checking what nationalities the radio and commentary guys were as I can guess straight away. As got those who can't mind the goal he received a pass from a spurs player in CM, had to take 2 touches to control it, turned and ran towards the box (nobody near him) and shot before he even went past a single player?? I'm looking thinking is this another one he scored?

When players get lauded for being technically great with exceptional skill I think of ronaldinho, messi ronaldo etc kinking out of very tight spots with skill and precision. If and that's a big if Rooney does that it's with raw power and pushing past folk with the ball bumbling about under zero control or meant skill moves. I would actually love to see Rooney try a step over at full pace! I can see it now tripping up and landing on his chops oh how that would make my day.

Point is he will always be celebrated being English and is only here due to his marketability (god knows how he still has that) he slows the play down and isn't of the top level where faster teams like PSG, bayern, barca real etc could use him as he is NOT technically good enough. We have tried a mix of young, wazza and do Maria as a front 3 cam and it didn't work as di Maria is to pact for them mata worked better as they are all the same pace and level with each other. So we are finally up to date on the formation side going forward now we just need to replace the players with guys that can play that system with pace and that's where Rooney holds everything up.

IMO of course ;)