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07 Oct 2013 13:19:29

I've had a few discussions with you from time to time about Cleverley and you'll know I don't rate him, I don't see him in a Utd team or an England team.

My problem which I think quite a few of you have too is simply that he was hyped up to be something a lot more than a squad player so now it's difficult to accept him as just that, a squad player.

Quite possibly he would flourish and actually benefit from a move to a lesser team as it's almost hampering his career at Utd.

Also with Moyes I can see where a lot of you are coming from, he makes me think of the times that England have employed the likes of Graham Taylor and Steve McClaren.

Neither did anything to justify the position in a huge job, in playing style or experience of winning stuff, both failed miserably.

Not to say Moyes will but the more I see him with you the more it looks a crazy decision. I think any other top six team fans would be gutted if he was appointed our clubs manager. That's not to say it won't work but I actually thought you may have persuaded someone like the guy at Bayern Munich to take the helm until you got the right man.

He had that team playing some special football and winning too.

Good luck for the season guys.


1.) I dnt think your far wrong stoner

2.) Makes a change to get a sensible post from a supporter of another club. But, although cleverley for me isn't good enough to be a regular starter, I am more than happy to have him and his attitude in our squad. Also, I hope Moyes works out and he'll have my 100% backing, but only time will tell. Was it the best idea to let SAF pick his successor rather than decide as a club? Who knows, it didn't work with Sir Matt but I hope it does this time. I just hope he settles on a better system than 442 and finds a way of bringing the joy back to watching United again.



09 Apr 2013 13:18:08
Well I guess last night settled the argument once and for all in Sydneys! favour.

I mean come on, what other Utd squad could of brought on the in form, free scoring game changer that is Antonio Valencia in their hour of need.

Your still the best in my eyes Syd.


1.) Stoner You seem to be stoned all the time. Mate share the love.


2.) Stoner, look where United is and then look where Arsenal is. Two teams in transition, one team coasting the league.


3.) He has to be stoned to watch that dross every week, we play bad and get a league title, arsenal play bad and content them self with being the 4th/5th best team in a league that according to him is poor. God next season i'm guessing his name might change to H!
Chris the REDman



26 Feb 2013 15:10:28

I really thought you more than most would have grasped it by now. I'm not 100% but it's possible AJH is the only one who has.


1.) I get IT. I got IT a long time ago. All I can say is IT's not big and IT's not clever.

2.) Lol, not sure I get it!

3.) 26 Feb 2013 19:34:45

For minute there I thought I'd lost you.

4.) I very rarely get IT now : (



22 Feb 2013 21:08:20
Sydney! And Chris

Talking of winning mentalities and your new found love RVP, He would be RVP the bottler, you know the same one who missed that sitter in the game against Milan, the same one who bottled it against Birmingham in the final and got subbed off for Bendtner and who the media have said about him this week, will Utd regret his missed chance against Madrid. Like in the euro's with Holland.

Imagine that, your new star with no winning mentality and that fear factor that he ain't quite got it in the big games. It's a big thing to step over that line when he's gone all those years with us winning nothing.

At least he'll be consoled with the money hey. Lol.

Hell I may be wrong. Worrying though isn't it. Stay cool though Syd, 12 points clear and as you said last week you'll beat us Citeh and Chelsea no sweat. {Ed004's Note - This the same bottler that stood in front of the kop to score the winning penalty against Liverpool earlier in the season? I'm sure there are many more but don't have time to find them}


1.) And man city ed.

2.) 22 Feb 2013 21:37:58
Not the same Liverpool that you guys have spent all season saying are utter dross, surely that must of been a piece of cake, hardly an Important match for you guys, just a little walk in the park. He never had snags doing the easy stuff.

It's those big games where his little Dutch knees knock and he can't quite hack it.


3.) Desperate Stoner, you been at the wacky Backy again ;)

Arsenal are seriously struggling in the UCL. And that is the end of your season. Although, if Wenger gets his way you'll get a cup if you come forth in the EPL. If your really lucky it'll have Tetley's in it!

4.) The winning mentality at United will rub off onto RVP, with his first title looming he will prove he's done the right thing and moved to a club who are mind set on winning and challenging for trophies instead of being happy with 4th place.

5.) Stoner I know Arsenal are the pits at the minute but you really are clutching at straws mate. Interesting that you say Van Persie bottled it in the final against Birmingham considering he scored your only goal that game. Perhaps it was the rest of the team that bottled it and let HIM down and that's why he decided to join a club with a backbone.


6.) If RVP is a bottler, what would that make, euhh, Arsenal fc?

7.) If RVP did bottle it then its because he was the only capable player of the Arsenal team and had the pressure of carrying you. He is now surrounded by class players who are champions. Good luck Arsenal.


8.) 22 Feb 2013 23:04:56
Are you guys teasing me, Arsenal aren't really out of the Champions League already are they, it is only 3-1, not like its a mountain to climb or anything.

Dodgy that is why you have the perfect name. Keep going though and you'll be able to bang it up a few notches, something like say better or not so bad, you'll think of something.

9.) "Our attacking players as a whole I think are equal to the other top teams, minus simply a Cavani, Falcoa or RVP. "

This is a quote from a Stoner post on the Arseanl page less than a month ago, where he states at length that Arseanl need a striker of RVP's quality.

What's changed in 3 weeks Stoner?

10.) 23 Feb 2013 08:23:42

Gav, nothing has changed at all we do need one, I'm obviously taking the mick mate as is banter, but I do try and put some kind of thought process into and he has missed big chances, he sulked like a complete tool after he missed the one against AC Milan and then went off the boil for a few games.

People also assume I'm bitter about him. Total bollox, he left, our club sold him, he didn't want to be here and exactly like you guys would say, jog on then mate. What he does for you is for your benefit, I truly couldn't give a flying one.

11.) Stoner, we will beat you with ease, the Emirates is like our home ground. We will get at least two points from the City and Chelsea games. I think United are good enough to beat all three teams. Unless we need to rest one or two for a UCL game of course, then I expect our second string to get five points from them games, three points from you.


12.) Fair enough Stoner, just seemed frivolous picking out 2 or 3 specific misses in particular games whilst ignoring the rest of his career so far.

In his last season at Arsenal he singlehandedly dragged you through the season, seemingly scoring 'big' winning goals almost every week (those 2 volleys from long balls spring to mind). Then in his first season at United he's scored many winning goals, including those against Liverpool and City and that goal to tie at West Ham.

I know it's just banter but you might have more success choosing a topic with more truth to it. This one is too easy to disprove ;)

13.) 23 Feb 2013 12:11:04

I'm not discounting the goals he's scored, I'm pointing out the crunch games when he's fluffed it, those games are all on the horizon, not early season. It's a totally different pressure from now on in, he is desperate to prove a lot of things and that heaps more on his shoulders. On that front he's been a let down. I'm not putting up an easy point to argue against mate.

He may prove me wrong, we don't have to long to wait on that front. It's a pretty relevant point.

14.) I just don't see it - I think you are looking for something bad in him (surprisingly!). That goal to keep us in the FA Cup against West Ham wasn't under pressure? Or those other late winners I mentioned? I seem to remember a goal for Holland at the Euros when they were desperate for an equaliser, pressure?

The term 'totally different pressure' is very subjective but I can honestly say I don't see RVP as a 'bottler'. He misses chances in easier games as well as big games but luckily he puts away his chances 9 times out of 10. I'm confident RVP will get a few important goals between now and the summer, so perhaps we should carry on this debate then!

15.) 23 Feb 2013 14:15:13
It's natural to think I would pick out the bad but I genuinely have nothing against him.

At the time of the Milan game when he failed to capitilise on the Ox's hard work and then went on this petty little sulk as he'd missed the chance, I was hacked with him then.

This is pressure time though Gav and the press picked up on his miss at Madrid as much as I'm sure you did and it's stuff like that that plays on players minds.

Like I said he desperately wants to win something and you could without him having even to do much more but there's a pressure their, way above the norm.

Lastly players leave clubs all the time to better themselves or win stuff etc, what grips the Arsenal boys was his whole manner and things he said. If you've got anything about you as a decent bloke you don't do that 5h1t as you look an a55.




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24 Dec 2018 12:48:54

It wasn’t me that gave you the disagree. Have a great one. 👍🏼.




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24 Dec 2018 12:13:47
No Shappy, the first rule of losing an argument is to pretend you’ve won it. Nice try fella and I would have De Gea and Rashford from your squad and that’s it.

Park I say it how I see it, I don’t butter up any shizzle, including how good or bad Arsenal may be.

See you next year fella, looking forward to it as always.




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24 Dec 2018 06:03:17

I’m the one kidding myself, hilarious. So this is the very first great result or performance or shall I say false dawn you’ve had in 5 whole years? Yeah right of course it is.

Like I said I’m literally kacking myself at how fabulous you’ve become, that as per usual Smalling, Jones, Valencia, Mata, Young, Darmian, Shaw, Fellaini, Herrera, Fred, Rojo, Lukaku, Lingard, Martial and the show pony are going to be winning titles and Champions league finals within the week.

Beasts comment was just to funny to simply pass by. So have a word with yourself fella. 😂😂😂.




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23 Dec 2018 21:12:26

Seriously mate, try and get a grip, you have had 5 years of misery, it doesn’t matter if it’s an Arsenal, Liverpool, City, Chelsea, Spurs, Everton or a fan of any other team telling you.

You can cite what you like about who won what and when but because you were collectively such odious people when you were winning everyone is revelling in your failing.

How you treat others on the way up is how you get treated on the way down, suck it up mate and get over yourself. 🙄.




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23 Dec 2018 19:57:22
Noucamp, what can I say mate, it’s not my fault, if even as a cop, you don’t get it.

Your team is utter pants, it has been 5 long years in the making to get it that bad and thus you have become the gift that just keeps giving.

The added bonus is that if you finally try to turn the corner next season you will be taking the Spuds manager. 😂.