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05 May 2019 15:55:30
GDS2 I implore you to show me the positives. You wanted me to post positivities. Tell me what. Tell me what Ole has done for me to be convinced that he is the man for the job. That was a relegated team, 20th position.

United Addict

1.) 05 May 2019 15:59:36
That was dross if Jose was ere we would be calling for his head.

{Ed025's Note - your dead right eric..

2.) 05 May 2019 16:03:36
I’m with you, I see no positives. I wouldn’t let OGS rebuild but the club probably will and like it or not the world class players will want Champions League, we will be looking at second rate players, or mercenaries being offloaded by the clubs that are rebuilding.

3.) 05 May 2019 16:07:31
they already are eric, he is going to be on a hiding to nothing next season. If we don't start well he will be gone by next December just like Mourinho. The bigger problem though is who gets rid of the moron who appointed him.

4.) 05 May 2019 16:07:39
I am calling for his head, but I hope it is sold as Ole realising he is totally out of his depth.

5.) 05 May 2019 16:13:27
Yes because these players aren’t to blame it’s the manager. Give it a rest, this is a pathetic bunch of cowards not Manchester United players.

6.) 05 May 2019 16:18:24
How on earth are players like jones still at the club, Sanchez even starting, why do we let rashford still take free kicks, he seems to think he is Ronaldo, stop him please, and I think his attitude has been poor lately, .
If we let Phelan become Technical Director it won’t get fixed, far too many mediocre players at the club.

7.) 05 May 2019 16:18:57
Just watch all the media experts who championed Ole for the job now change their tune and question the logic in appointing him. Redknapps the first to abandon ship. Experts my arse. Lovely man but this is the toughest job in world football at the minute. Don't think it will end well for him but who's the man to change things?

{Ed025's Note - thats the $64000 question porche..

8.) 05 May 2019 16:27:16
Porsche like it or not we had the man for the job till 6 months ago but we backed these players against the manager.

9.) 05 May 2019 16:47:01
Red man, I thought you said we can't keep bowing to the players and we need to get behind the manager?

Two-faced much?

10.) 05 May 2019 16:48:36
Yes because its all his fault that certain players make no effort.

The positive is that with each game maybe just how crap these players are sinks in with Woodward and he realises the scale of the mess he's made.

11.) 05 May 2019 17:00:46
Players are absolutely wqck and thr manager is out of hid depth. It dorsnt matter if he is a legend or not, this is Manchester United and he shouldn't have been appointed on emotions but i still believe he should get the backing just to get rid of the players which are not good enough and then we consider changing him next year.

It doesn't matter what manager comes, we will not win anything with the players we have at our disposal.

Id get rid of the whole team apart from Mata, De Gea and that is how bad the first team is.

12.) 05 May 2019 17:02:55
AAA, well done for prediciting that we won't win today, i actuqlly thought we would won by a few but i guess this is a new low in a must wn we end up drawing against the team that has won only 3 games.

13.) 05 May 2019 17:09:23

The right manager definitely, I never called for Mourinho to go because he had demonstrated in prior roles, he knew what it took to sort it out but OGS has no pedigree whatsoever to give us any confidence he can sort this out. This isn’t just a few players not playing, this is having no obvious method, framework or structure in what we are trying to do on the pitch, not managing during the games and that is the managers responsibility. OGS has tried all different methods according to Neville but is that the work of a tactician or just someone who doesn’t know what is needed at that level, learning on the job. It isn’t good enough to just trust in someone, we need experienced hands who the players, those who are still here next season, trust and know will get it right because they have done it before. We failed to do any process, just appointed him after a few games, didn’t seem to consider anyone else and now we are paying for that decision. We wouldn’t appoint him now, we judged him on a few results and we need to realise the potential damage that is going to be done if he stays.

14.) 05 May 2019 17:18:37
RedMan there wasn't anyone else. The only other contender Woodward had in mind turned the job down. Says it all really.

15.) 05 May 2019 17:27:31
I can't deny I'd take poch now in a heartbeat. But I don't want ole to be sacked, I want him to quit and say he isn't up to the job.

This last few weeks has been so frustrating. We've had so many chances to claim top 4, more than I ever thought we'd get, and we were too pathetic to take it. Change needs to happen, and a lot of it. I don't see how we get top 4 next season. Best bet is europa league win which gives us champions league football the following year. That's huge pressure next season. I don't see the club in its current form succeeding and honestly don't know if this can even be turned around.

16.) 05 May 2019 17:29:26
Red Man, I must have missed it, but as your such a Jose expert could you point out when Mourinho has been a success during his third season at a club?

17.) 05 May 2019 17:32:54
No one would be a success with this team. Jose wanted to get rid of the rotten tomatoes but he didn't get a chance and toxics got thier way again.

18.) 05 May 2019 17:40:25
We took a chance taking ole on a full time basis. He should have got the job if he achieved anything which he hasn’t. Now the most important thing is to get the players out that need to go. Also identify the correct players that aren't just a quick fix. Its going to be difficult and there will be lots more days like today. Its infuriating watching the last few weeks but its were we are. We don’t deserve to be at the top we need to fight our way back. Ole needs to get a system in place that the players buy into. a lot of work to be done but we are united n we need to believe.

19.) 05 May 2019 17:42:39
I understand your annoyance and frustration redman. I also understand your point of view.
For me its just not fair to judge him in these players.
He has been tinkering with formations doing and trying all sorts in order to keep us competitive.
The players and squad he took over cannot play the way he wants then too. In fact just as jose told us they can't play any way . They are extremly poor players in the main. Technically tactically and physically. And mentally to that list also. Add morally to that list also. A poison running through the squad. The worst squad we've seen for 30 years.
Ole has no experience of a job of this magnitude he should not have been appointed until his trial was over.
But he has been.
Can he fix it? only time will tell but i think he should be given the opportunity to implement his ideas with players that he has coached pre season.
I ve been saying for 3 years that inheriting this squad was worse than the squad fergie got in 86.
Its rotten with big time charlies living the celebrity life thinking they are better than they are, when in fact they aren't even half as good as they think they are.
I'm gong to back ole until he rids himself of some of these players.

20.) 05 May 2019 17:46:04

This isn’t about Jose, this is about who should be manager of our club now.

Mort, I seriously do not buy for one minute that there was no one else for the job. That was the same old argument used for Moyes appointment. Are some saying unemployed Antonio Conte would not want the role? He would have been better than the ex manager of Molde and Cardiff. He has less on his cv than Moyes.

The defence of a legend is admirable but he just is not the right man for such a job, he is out of his depth. I hope he walks away, sacking blemishes him but walk away now to let us rebuild from the top down.

21.) 05 May 2019 17:53:44

I agree on the players.

There is nothing to base supporting Ole on, we have no idea if he can turn this around. He hasn’t demonstrated tactical acumen nor leadership, nor has he extracted himself from SAF’s shadow. Do we just blindly carry on with our fingers crossed? Or be decisive now and get a manager who we have seen a piece of work showing they know what they are doing?

22.) 05 May 2019 18:13:43
I agree Redman, what sort of choice was he? It was all about sentiment.

23.) 05 May 2019 18:15:27
We don't do anything redman. Ww support imo. The decision has been made. Imo his job really only starts at 6pm next Sunday. From then on ill be happy with steady and consistent improvement in many aspects.

24.) 05 May 2019 18:19:51
Hes the wrong man shappy, full stop.

25.) 05 May 2019 18:20:53
Red man, but for you the only thing you need to succeed is a good CV. That's probably why you're putting Conte forward as an option.

But Jose had the CV, as did LvG. It didn't help them be a success.

So clearly a good CV doesn't guarantee a success.

I, like you see the problems at our club being a lot higher up than the manager.

Unlike you though I feel the way to solve that is we need to back a manager who has the clubs best interests at heart. At the moment we have allowed the owners and Woodward off the hook each time by turning on the manager. They get to sack him and hang all the club's failures around his neck.

What if we did something different this time? What if we back the manager and turn on the people who are the problem?

Or we could turn on a club legend, drive him out of the club and let the people who are the real problem off the hook again.

26.) 05 May 2019 18:26:19
I don't see what a pre season would do. Ole would obviously be teaching tactics and playing style. What on earth has he been doing for 6-7 months then? Pre season is important when a new manager is appointed after the season ends not when he has been here for half a season.

What is his style? What will he sell in the summer to recruit new players?

27.) 05 May 2019 19:06:20
You're blinded shappy. OGS is in way above his head. For someone who was so critical of Jose, I am very surprised at how you believe OGS might be the answer.

28.) 05 May 2019 19:20:36
Sure appointment another defensive ex Chelsea manager. Great idea. How did Conte do again when the dressing room decided they'd had enough?

29.) 05 May 2019 19:42:11
Shappy you keep calling Jose a failure but you do remember that he won us 3 trophies and a second place and an fa cup final with this hopeless lot. If that isn't success than i am afraid you will not see anything with Ole unless ofcourse good interviews in the press are success for you.

30.) 05 May 2019 20:00:48
United Addict, he won two trophies with us. Let's not drop so low as to actually accept the Charity shield as an actual trophy. It's a glorified friendly to open the season.

Also let's not be Liverpool fans and celebrate losing finals.

Language is the key. Jose had success at our club. But you can't say he was a success. The season we have had is entirely down to Jose. Our season was over by Christmas. He failed. End of, pull your nose out of his backside long enough and you'd see that.

31.) 05 May 2019 22:45:52
The simple fact is that Ole is pulling on the heart strings, the emotional sentimental choice. There can be no other reason for retaining him

In answer to Mort, I didn’t suggest Conte but it destroys the idea there was no one available. The actual point you made was about losing the dressing room yet people are on here saying the players need sorting out. Conte won the league yet the powers that be didn’t stand by him and preferred the players. Get the right manager, stand by him. We don’t have the right manager.

32.) 06 May 2019 03:28:52
Get the right manager, and stand by him. But that's only a manager that you think is right, obviously. Otherwise, no backing. Ok, then.

33.) 06 May 2019 07:32:07
I could counter with the same for you Shappy. Better that you pull out your nose out of Ole's ass to see facts. You are championing a man who took us from a low lying 6th position and took us to the dizzying heights of 6th. His last 5 months have been worse than Jose's. See facts. If you want to say that he took us on the longest winning run then also see facts that he has now been incharge of the worst run in 40 years. Obviously it is all about Jose that we have had this season. We could have finished 3rd but what happened? The messiah failed to motivate the hopeless lot? Failed to teach scoring goals to the boy wonder? Failed to play Pogba in his favored position? Stuck with Young? Kept playing Shaw? Held back Dalot? Played Lindelof out of position? didn't play your only striker who actually knows where the goal is? Called out Martial publicly?



29 Apr 2019 08:49:38
Why do we keep bragging on about the young ones and the academy lads as if they are going to just turn up and undo everything that is wrong with the club? When was the last time one from our youth uprooted any trees anywhere in the world. What makes anyone think that these lads would be any different to any that we have churned up in the last 2 decades? Raving about Greenwood, what of he becomes the next Welbeck or Rashford? Who will be the next Cleverley, Januzaj, the next best thing?

United Addict

1.) 29 Apr 2019 09:18:49
Let's hope he does become the next Rashford, would be great to have them both up top. Search for the video of Greenwood's 30+ goals this season, absolute class and if you can't be excited about academy players coming through at our great club then what's the point? We pride ourselves on it.

2.) 29 Apr 2019 09:22:58
Maybe because a large part of our club is built on the academy.

Maybe because some of us take more pride in seeing an academy player making it into the first time rather than watching £90 million flops waddling around the pitch not giving a rubbish.

Our greatest moments have been built on academy foundations. That's what Manchester United are. We've drifted from our identity over recent seasons. Restoring our identity goes someway towards fixing the problems. That means playing academy graduates. That means backing them. If they fail they fail.

3.) 29 Apr 2019 09:25:05
Pogba? I'd say being the heartbeat of a World Cup winning team nd dominating the Serie A counts?

Rashford, despite being off-form right now, has most certainly impressed.

Lingard has won us trophies with big goals in big games.

4.) 29 Apr 2019 09:34:13
Pogba was brought in from le havre so we can't really use him as a player from our academy.

5.) 29 Apr 2019 10:01:09
For me gomez probably won't make it but would love him to prove me wrong.

Greenwood on the other hand is a completely different level, baring injury I have no doubts he will make at united

Chong can at least get to the level of being our 2nd choice right winger, you could argue we don't currently have a right winger so he is technically 1st choice already.

6.) 29 Apr 2019 13:02:55
The most impressive thing about the Greenwood goals is how good he is with both feet, has anyone ever seen another player who can take a free kick with either foot depending on the side of the goal? If he doesn't get injured Greenwood will be scoring goals in the prem in the next 2 years.

{Ed001's Note - Nedved.}

7.) 29 Apr 2019 14:07:16
Ed002 while you're here, not sure if you've seen much. But have you any opinion on Greenwood?

{Ed002's Note - A lot is expected of him, but he is a kid who has school work to be done still.}

8.) 29 Apr 2019 16:48:35
Let's hope he doesn't become the next Rashford GDS. Rashford's decision making is awful, and he can't dribble or pass.

9.) 29 Apr 2019 17:14:49
Rashford still only 21. he's done incredibly well already. I'd be more than happy if Greenwood follows his lead.

10.) 29 Apr 2019 16:24:01
Thanks ed. I really like the look of him. But as you said, just a kid. Go finish your schooling and keep training. When he's ready, I'm sure he can step up.

{Ed002's Note - There is an enormous step up from playing Youth soccerball to the Premier League.}



23 Apr 2019 10:30:49
Anyone seen or heard from The Beast lately? He has been absent from these pages for quite a few weeks now, months rather. Funny that this time coincides with the downturn in our form under the current regime. Is Beast Scholes or Giggs?

Didnt post anything after the humiliation over the weekend because it would have attracted more sarcastic comments from the "Ole at the wheel" brigade calling me out on the i told u so viewpoint. Hoping the lads turn up in midweek else we are looking at a disastrous scoreline.

United Addict

1.) 23 Apr 2019 10:48:49
Maybe 'Beauty" finally kissed him.

2.) 23 Apr 2019 11:13:52
Hahaha classic that mbd. That was something to smile about in this sombre week.

3.) 23 Apr 2019 13:20:02
Hi mate - still about just not commenting as much at the minute.

I posted a few months ago during our good run that Ole should not be given the job (yet) . The players started well against Cardiff, Huddersfield and Bournemouth - then played pretty much the same as under Jose and LVG since. We got lucky against Spurs and very lucky against PSG. This was ignored and the media with short-sighted fans jumped on the 'SIGN HIM UP' bandwagon.

I'm not anti-Ole, I just thing he needs to earn the job and we should have waited until the summer. Players are getting worse by the week, they are rotten, turn up once a month at best. Is Ole the best man to rebuild and kick out the weeds?

Unfortunately, yet again, the club had a plan and failed to deliver it, bowing to their media overlords and social media sycophants.

We are hard to watch and have had so much luck this season yet still don't look like making CL at this rate. Maybe for the best, so we can attract some players that want to fight and aren't only signing because they get to play in the CL.

Hopefully we sort it out during this long summer.

4.) 23 Apr 2019 14:03:41
Fair assessment Beast, not a lot to disagree with there. Not Ole’s fault, but a symptom of how poorly run the club is. Appointment of Phelan as DOF would be the final nail in the coffin.

5.) 23 Apr 2019 14:11:59
Nice to have you back buddy. Keep posting regularly. I am being a bit selfish in asking for your posts because i echo your views on the performances and Ole.

6.) 23 Apr 2019 16:03:33
we can all agree the performances are a joke but to already turn on ole is a bit embarrassing give the guy a fair crack at it.

let him have his pre season and implement his way of playing with players he wants. (if we get them)

its not going to be a case of boom title contenders next season.

its a long road and we need to get it right and give the management time with the correct resources.

7.) 23 Apr 2019 18:08:26
Beast what a post!

8.) 23 Apr 2019 18:11:04
There is a turn up, I agree with the Beast!

I recommend reading the article today, how misguided emotion left Manchester United stuck in the past.



03 Apr 2019 21:16:42
Ok, so I held on before writing this, so it doesn't come out as "heat of the moment" after last night's game.

First things first, I wasn't on the Ole at the wheel brigade and didn't want him as our permanent manager and I remain unconvinced. Also, I mentioned last week that Woodward confirmed Ole because he was a Yes man and wouldn't hurt them and reading Ed002's input today that he would have no to very little inputs on the transfer, I stand vindicated. Ole is indeed a Yes man. Having said that, i love my club and I would love to be proven wrong and hope that Ole is the man to take us forward.

For me Ole is tactically naïve. He simply doesn't show any style or attacking intent that most here seem to see. Now before you give me stats about more goals scored, stats can be misleading and if you take out first 3 games of Ole's tenure, you will see that the goals scoring isn't as good. His decision making is questionable in pressure situations. We have seen that several times over the past month or so. He brought on Lingard when he was clearly not fit and could have cost the player aggravating his injury. He cannot find the best position to play Pogba to get the best out of him. Keeps playing Young at RB instead of Dalot. Young should be there to cover for Shaw or instead of Shaw (Luke Shaw would be playing Championship level if he weren't English. He has no positional sense at all and needs 20 touches before he can pass a ball, that too sideways mostly) .

Ole always said that we are Manchester United and we focus on our game and yet sits deep with 10 behind the ball against lower ranked teams. Wolves beat us twice in 3 weeks. Last night rather than focusing on how we should play, he tried to copy Wolves and played 3 at the back, with Ashley Young for gods sake. Where was his tactical knowledge? When Young was sent off, he brought on Jones, why? If you wanted 3 at the back, why not play Jones from the start? After Young was sent off, why couldn't he put Dalot (a defender already on the field) in Young's position and get on with it, why take off Fred? Why not Pogba? Or else he could have simply played 4 at the back and make Wolves think, but no, we are copying Wolves and we will continue with 3 at the back. Why bring on Martial for Lukaku. Even after Young was off, we were looking dangerous, lethargic but still a threat, but he had to bring on Martial. Why didn't he bring on Martial and kept Lukaku on, played 2 up top with a 3-4-2 or play Martial on the wing and play a 4-4-1? Something different for Wolves to work on. Just my thought on how I would have managed the game. He cannot change the players, I get that, but he can at least change the style or tactics during the game. And its not just about last night, he has shown this naivety several times in the past 4 months.

Now, given that most on here are backing Ole and blaming the players, let's look at things objectively. We are saying that the current defense isn't good enough to pose a title challenge and should be sold. Where have I heard that before, oh right, our previous manager said that and he wanted a new defender/ leader in but he wasn't allowed to get one. But now everyone can see that. Bailly has hardly featured under Ole and now no one is questioning the manager when he keeps picking Smalling and Bailly can't even make the bench most games. So, either Jose was right in identifying that Bailly wasn't good enough or Ole is simply as stupid as Jose was by not playing the best United defender. Which is it? Secondly, we do not have a right side in attack, so we all wanted a right forward but alas we didn't get one because Ed Woodward didn't back the previous incumbent. Now Ole plays the same players in the same positions but no questions are asked of him?

It was around a month back when the mumblings began to gain that Ole was about to be named permanent manager of Manchester United. Any theories as to why our results took a downturn ever since. There is a certain drop in the level of commitments of the players, more injuries suddenly cropping up and Pogba has simply disappeared. Any conspiracy? I think the players wield too much power here. Did they want someone else and now that Ole has been given charge, they have turned on him. Jose was right in saying that and called them out but lost out to the dressing room.

I noticed this yesterday when Dalot was free and in a very good position to deliver a cross, but the ball wasn't passed to him by Pogba, even when it was a very simple 5 yard pass. This happened multiple times yesterday. Is Pogba being mischievous and pulling the strings and doesn't want the team to perform?

I have no doubts that the way the club has been handled has been a disaster and we have backed player power and very soon history will be repeated with Ole unless we take a stand and cut out the toxics (the players not the fans) .

United Addict

1.) 03 Apr 2019 22:17:14
Admit it, you’re delighted we lost so you could say I find you so.

2.) 04 Apr 2019 00:20:07
to be honest gds a fair bit of what he has said is right the same players that were playing for him look like they can not be a d. a lot of the games he has been lucky we should of seen were we were at the end of the season and then acted.

3.) 03 Apr 2019 23:53:55
We are in danger of losing all objectivity and rational thought after losing a couple of games.

What Ole has achieved so far has been nothing short of miraculous. We must understand that this is still a bang average Utd team. Ken wrote a interesting post last night where he correctly labeled most of our players as mediocre. Players such as Smalling, Jones and Young have been discarded by England. Lingard is far from a guaranteed starter and Rashford has only recently established himself as an international. Herrera and Mata don't make the Spanish squad and haven't done for years. Fred is no longer an international player, nor is Pereira. The list goes on and on!

A number of key injuries have resulted in Ole having to rotate the squad and experiment with new systems and formations. Players are slowly returning but many still don't look fully fit and have struggled for form. As such Ole has been unable to select his preferred 11 and build on his good run of form.

We have some very talented younger players but they lack experience and consistently. We need to be patient and wait for the likes of Rashford, Martial, Lindelof, Shaw, Dalot and even Mctominay to mature and develop. The likes of Pogba, Lukaku and Lingard are all very good players approaching their peak years.

We desperately need a commanding CB and in my opinion a RW in the summer window to really improve our team. Our defensive fragilities are well documented but a RW is just as important. We must be able to attack down both flanks and this will mean we are less reliant on Martial. Lingard has done ok from the right on occasions but when he's injured we are unbalanced and devoid of any natural options. Lingard is not an orthodox wide player and we need somebody capable of traveling with the ball and beating defenders.

Ole is no fool he'll know recent performances haven't been good enough but if we can't show a modicum of patience to a Club legend who has United a mutinous team, eliminated one of the favourites from the Champions League and given us a fighting chance of finishing in the top 4 from what appeared to be an insurmountable position we really have lost our way!

Bring on Barcelona I can't wait!

4.) 04 Apr 2019 04:33:30
Not a couple of games DLIB, yes a couple if you are only talking about Wolves, we lost a couple of times to them in 3 weeks, let that sink in.

Now, you are saying that this is a terrible squad and needs fixing then why was the squad not allowed to fix when Jose was crying out for reinforcements and what makes you think that Ed will get in what the team requires and not what the sponsors want. We have set a very dangerous precedent for ourselves and Ole being the nice guy he is isn't someone who will be able to kick butt of these players to get them right. Understand that two of the most autocratic managers weren't allowed to so why on earth would Ole be. Its not about just 2 games, its about the last 4 months. The performances are third grade in 80% of the games and the results are covering up the cracks, sound similar? I also can't wait to see what Barcelona would do to us when Wolves put us in our place. Fighting for 4th, we might just end up 6th because we have lost steam when we should be gaining it.

5.) 04 Apr 2019 06:05:40
Seriously are you defending Bailly?
This season he has had a shocker. He was shown Red card in the 2nd match of Ole's reign.
He just can't keep himself fit just like Jones. In the PSG match, he was anonymous. (In fact PSG scored from his mistake) .
Currently, only Smalling and Lindelof seem to be fit, therefore Ole has no other choice than pairing them up.

I personally am a big fan of Bailly because of his no nonsense defending but he needs to regain his form and fitness.

We cannot criticize Ole until we give him time and the players he want in his system.
So as a true fan, please back the manager and stop judging him on a game to game basis.
Did anyone even think that we would be fighting for top 4 with the mess Jose created?

6.) 04 Apr 2019 08:40:37
Unbelievable. Give him a chance . It sickens me that a young manager - a club legend - isn’t given complete support across the fan base.

7.) 04 Apr 2019 09:16:27
How does being a club legend have to do anything with being a good manager? Steve Bruce, Bryan Robson, Scholes, Gary Neville, Mark Hughes, Roy Kean, Jaap Stam, all club legends but no where close to being world class managers. The list could go on. So stop going on about him being a legend of the club. Rooney is a legend, make him manager then. Was Moyes supported, was LvG, was Jose?

8.) 04 Apr 2019 09:21:46
He isn’t given the full support of the higher ups never mind the fan base BadRedDevil.
The inmates are running the asylum and the sooner people notice that the better.
The manager may not be 100% but the players aren’t even 30% of what we need or should want. They have no pride just a holding out of a hand for a pay cheque.
Yeh let’s all support that likes of pogba and Herrera and de gea that continually try to hold the club over a barrel.
They all need clearing and starting again with a British core that thinks Man Utd is the pinnacle not Barcelona or Real Madrid.

9.) 04 Apr 2019 10:07:38
Ole hasn't made one signing yet. The Dark One had any number of transfer windows, brought in the players he wanted, before proceeding to dump all over the majority of them.

10.) 04 Apr 2019 10:17:12
United Addict how many players mourniho bought and they've been success?

You're happy to bring ed2 to back your points but then purposely ignore he said from the start mourniho was a disaster.

Anyways I've got nothing to do with it but it's shocking to see how quickly fans turned on OGS despite doing a miracle job.

no manager is going to come and fix United from the go, it's going to take couple of years and fans will need to be patient.

11.) 04 Apr 2019 10:38:54
Well said Kopitef. Unfortunately the toxics do not understand the meaning of patience.

12.) 04 Apr 2019 11:14:46
lingard was PASSED fit to play by the medical staff and the player said he could play.

we were miles the better team until wolves scored then the players bottled it not the manager. he can't control young making 2 stupid tackles from again mistakes losing the ball.

if we were clinical we would have been 3 up b4 they scored by the way from the mistake of fred who was left on an hour to long. fred offers nothing a waste of money yet again and pogba stayed on prob because he is the only player we have who can pass a ball.

lukaku was took off because he had just played after injuring his ankle.

ole set us up to play high and quick. how many times were our centre backs on the half way line?

all wolves did was counter, we make 2 mistakes and we all know when we make mistakes we concede because we are poor at the back.

i love that your passionate addict but at least be realistic when slating, nothing the manager did made us lose that game.

the blame is on the players. poor finishing, poor passing, and not bottle cost us that game.

13.) 04 Apr 2019 12:26:15
I agree with ppsters here. The blame should be aimed at players as most of the them shouldn't be anywhere near the first team.

14.) 04 Apr 2019 14:51:54
Spot on kopite.

15.) 04 Apr 2019 15:22:50
Kopitef, that disaster gave us 3 trophies in 2 years. What did you win? Oh yeah, NOTHING, so why don't you scurry off to your happy place. Just before you go, and this is just because you said the Ed2 said Jose was going to be a disaster, Ed2 also said that Man Utd would appoint Ole as permanent and that would be a mistake. What do you make of that?

16.) 04 Apr 2019 16:58:19
United Addict are you The Beast Re-incarnate?

17.) 04 Apr 2019 23:45:52
I think it was ED001 who said that Phelan was the reason why we play so defensively.

I'm hoping that this, summers we finally get rid of the deadwood.

We've had players at the club who are not up to the standard.



28 Mar 2019 09:28:41
Another stupid decision by Ed Woodward. Why couldn't he just wait till the end of the season. May be has now gotten his "Yes Man".

Not happy with the decision but Ole will have my respect as he holds the position of the Manchester United Manager. Hope he turns us around and gets the team playing as we want and gets the results that we want.

United Addict

1.) 28 Mar 2019 09:39:15
Great and only decision that could be made, the press conferences were becoming a joke with Ole constantly having to fend off questions about the permanent job, I’d imagine that’s why it’s been announced now. Also we will be looking at transfers for the summer, a club in limbo isn’t massively attractive to anyone so now the stability should hopefully help us get the players we need.

Ole says what the majority of us think, he got rid of Fellaini as many wanted, played Rashford through the middle, dropped Valencia, played pogba further forward, got the team attacking and scoring more, there’s no reason to think he doesn’t know the positions and players we would all want to sign, and hopefully he improves the squad in the summer. Exciting time to be a fan that’s for sure, enjoy the ride.

2.) 28 Mar 2019 09:45:06
Sorry disagree. He has done it so the transfers can be sorted out. Apart from Guardiola there are no stand out managers.

3.) 28 Mar 2019 10:07:47
Ole ticks a lot of boxes for me. He knows the club and knows what the fans expect from the players.

My only concern is how much he'll be backed in the summer, hopefully we bring in more hungry young talent which he can help develop.

4.) 28 Mar 2019 10:10:57
Ole Ole Ole!
Has our support, now he can make decisions with the future in mind.

5.) 28 Mar 2019 10:41:57
On the fench with this, great job so far, but there have been a few cracks, hope he grows and becomes a truly great manager for Man Utd. Time will tell, he has surpassed all expectations, I hope he can keep doing it. This first transfer market is massive, with both incoming and possibly more important, out goings.

6.) 28 Mar 2019 12:05:52
united addict has he not already done what you have posted

the football and results have both been what we want.

anyone who says he doesn't deserve the job is as clueless as woodward.

what more did people want for ole to get the job.

7.) 28 Mar 2019 12:34:25
Bolger you and me have been watching different games then. United have hardly been exciting in 2019. We have been playing in second gear most of the times even with Rashford playing where you want, Pogba playing further forward and without Fellaini.

8.) 28 Mar 2019 12:53:08
UA, that's a typical reply of a plastic fan.
Ole has hardly had few months to impose his philosophy.
Everybody knows that the club is in a mess. (Lack of structure, poor transfers, etc, . )
Still he has managed to lift the place and had a start which no manager in the history has made.

Everything will not happen at once. Atleast he is playing the right players in right position for starters. He is conducting himself as a proper Man United manager.
And mainly he has brought back the "Never Give Up" attitude.

9.) 28 Mar 2019 13:32:12
How is this being plastic TrueRedDevil? Care to explain that snide comment please. We surely didn't give up against Wolves. Never mind the result though. I just questioned the decision and the timing of that decision when we have just suffered back to back defeats. Ole might have done enough for a lot of you but he has hardly done enough for me to be given the job midway through his "temporary" role as caretaker manager. I agree that he has lifted the place but after the reign of the last manager, anyone would have had that effect on the squad.

Under Ole, how many games has Martial turned up? how many has Pogba been up for? Brought on Lingard when he was limping in the warm up thereby risking the player. Some rookie mistakes have been made every now and then. Agreed that has had the rub of the green in some games, like Spurs, PSG etc and he has played a few good ones like Chelsea in the cup but there have been quite a few deadly boring games and that isn’t exciting. Under the “toxic one” as some used to call him, most said that the squad was talented, and the only problem was the manager and he wasn’t allowing them to play with freedom. Now that he is gone, you are questioning the players that Ole can't do wonders with them. So what is it, was the manager wrong then or the players?

My arguments on this page won't make any difference to the decision makers and Ole has been made the manager and he will have my respect, whether I like it or not. I just hope that this decision has been made using the brain but I am afraid it has been made using the heart. I also hope that he has the desired effect but I am also afraid, this will end up like Roberto De Matteo’s temporary charge at Chelsea.

10.) 28 Mar 2019 13:57:13
I think United Addict is Paul Ince!

11.) 28 Mar 2019 14:46:50
Haha Ports.

UA, you think anyone could have come in and beat Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal at their home?
That PSG comeback was nuts. Never had I lived such a night since the Fergie era.

On another note, there is no other top class managerial option available right now.

12.) 28 Mar 2019 14:54:33
so addict.

the fact is since ole has been manager we have scored more goals, conceded less. had more attacks, more shots, more sprints most points least losses etc etc - i could go on and on and on and bore you with the rest.

your not telling me you have watched every game and not seen a difference in mentality?

we have lost 1 game in the prem, sit 3 points off 3rd.

pogba 8 goals and how many assists in 12 games under ole?

martial was in form until he got injured.

lingard was passed ready by the medical department not the manager and the player said he wanted to play.

and if it turns out like de matteo then he will add another European trophy to our name.

you clearly have not been watching the games if you think we have not improved.

13.) 28 Mar 2019 14:54:45
United Addict. I really hope it does end like Di Matteo’s reign lifting the champions league.

14.) 28 Mar 2019 14:56:46
It's both. Jose was stale and toxic and some of the players just aren't good enough. And we have an idiot running things. Jose has gone. Ole will hopefully move on those players who's best before date has expired. Indeed this has started with Fellaini gone and no new deal for Valencia. Although some, for now, remain like the last few packets of super noodles unwanted and unloved. If we can get this director in and ship a few more out, clear some wages, sign up the new deals on players and bring in some exciting additions we should go in only one direction. I have concerns but I also have hope.

15.) 28 Mar 2019 15:41:51
Good reply Mort.

16.) 28 Mar 2019 16:34:38
Thanks TRD.

17.) 28 Mar 2019 16:58:44
I could not be happier 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁.

18.) 28 Mar 2019 17:13:14
GDS2, yep he did what most of us would have done, does not make us great managers. If he can persuade our top talent to stay and commit to a future and sell his vision to some new buts and finishes top 4 it will be a dream start.

19.) 28 Mar 2019 17:35:38
UA, you seem to be a Jose Fan. Just like Jose (of the recent times) always finding faults, always looking at the negative aspects instead of appreciating the positives, you always come out here giving a negative vibe.

Everyone knows the squad needs massive improvements with quality signings and time to get us playing that free flowing attacking football that you and all of us would love to see. There are also other issues with our infrastructure, player development, our wage structure among others and all of these need time to sort out.

The fact is Ole deserved the chance with what he has achieved in terms of the results and the uplift of the mood at OT within the fans, the players and everyone at the club. If you can't feel the buzz and excitement that Ole and his staff have brought back to the club after a very long time, and only want to see negatives then there's nothing one can say.

20.) 28 Mar 2019 19:28:17
United addict.
This squad was 2nd last season playing poor football.
He took over the same squad pretty much in 7th playing even worse football.
He turned the mood in the camp around straight away. Has had some outrageous luck in some games that's true but he got results.
The football is not amazing but its much improved. We are scoring goals and creating chances.
We don't have the players to play amazing football.
Our midfield is very very very weak. Only 1 of our starting 3 could command a place in the better teams. And behind that if any of them are injured are fred and mctom.
So i understand you are frustrated by the lack of amazing players but all of pep fergie and clough togrther couldn't make our midfield great.
Martial is massively inconsistent still and our defence is very suspect.
Jose getting 2nd was a huge over achievement with this squad ole winning 14 out of 19 is also over achievement. The squad is very weak in vital areas and the 1st 11 is short 3 or 4 so until that's addressed then you won't get the amazing football you crave.

21.) 29 Mar 2019 05:22:16
Excellently put forth Ken.
You have addressed almost all the shortcomings of the club.
But, some fans just ignore these facts and want miracle to happen in few weeks.
We need to be practical here.

The club needs an overhaul. We have tried 2 top managers.
Now we have given it to one of our own.
Let's hope for the best.




United Addict's rumour replies


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26 Apr 2019 07:42:12
DSG, i don't see the use of a winger of you are playing with Rashford as a striker. He isn't someone who thrives on crosses. Better of if we could get a right forward for a 433 system. Winger would be useful if we play with Lukaku.

United Addict



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25 Apr 2019 15:43:36
Simple answer FZZ. Martial is more talented and a more natural striker with that instinct for goal then the person currently leading the line. For me, Lukaku should lead the line, if not, then Martial. But the problem is that he can't be bothered to play. His head seems elsewhere and it has been since his 9 was given to Zlatan. Never seen such a reaction to a jersey being changed.

United Addict



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25 Apr 2019 07:59:25
The other problem yesterday was that one of them was being selfish. Even the commentators saw it and spoke out when there was a more deadly pass on in the first half but the striker turned towards the right and subsequently killed the move. Should have seen the look in the other ones face, supposedly they are best friends off field. Some need to understand that shooting from a 100 yards out will not get you goals every time, it happens once in a 100 chances.

United Addict



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08 Jan 2019 11:07:46
Not that we are in for him, but if we go in for Coutinho, won't that be because Eds have repeatedly told us that both Pogba and Martial are likely to move on?

United Addict



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20 Dec 2018 15:26:20
Certainly a lot of issues Ed, not just with the manager. It stems from incompetent decision makers. Thanks for all your inputs.

United Addict




United Addict's banter replies


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18 May 2019 19:54:35
"Our best performance this season was away to PSG". Ok Shappy after this line of yours i will stop taking your posts seriously. I always thought, even though we disagree on a lot of things, that you had football knowledge, which now i doubt.

Did you even watch that game? We didn't even play for 88 minutes in that game.

United Addict



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18 May 2019 14:17:43
Or Stevie, he must be the second coming because he is home grown.

United Addict



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16 May 2019 14:17:30
The OP compared Rashford to Joshua King and Rashford failed that too. Lukaku was used because he is the only striker in our team who knows how to score a goal and actually gives a rubbish about it too. Who else do you want him compared with GDS2? What if he is 21. hasn't he been playing for the "biggest club" in the world since he was what 17-18.Thats 4 years at the top level. Remember what Rooney was at 21? Age is just a number. If you are good enough you are old enough. Lingard is 26? Did he mature to be a great player from what he was at 21?

United Addict



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16 May 2019 12:38:09
if he is being misused, that doesn't make him poor. Its the team and the management of the striker that is poor. Given equal chances, Lukaku will outscore Rashford by a 100 goals to say the least. Bring in proper wingers to help him score goals rather than show him the door and use Rashford upfront. We as such don't create many chances, Rashford needs so many chances to score a goal that the creators will get bored creating for him. And, can anyone explain what is so good about Rashford's first touch?

United Addict



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16 May 2019 08:56:57
Wait, what! that's a scandal. Wait for the next season. With a full pre-season under his belt and Ole at the wheel, he will be outscored for the 5th season running. Unless ofcourse you give him 500 chances and then he will miss-hit a few into the back of the net. But hey, he is one of our own, right? I can't for the life of me understand how people want to sell Lukaku and keep him.

United Addict