08 Nov 2019 10:23:14
Hi Eds and fellow posters.

Ole mentioned the club are looking to make up to 2 signings over January and have players in mind.

Would be really interested in who would be the 2 to sign in January. But let's be REAL and suggest somewhat attainable targets for Jan.

Someone will ask for a summary from the Ed's sometime soon. And it could be interesting to see who is the guys you would like, who the club look to and ultimately what we end up with.

1.) 08 Nov 2019
08 Nov 2019 10:57:03
i don't know who the club are looking at, could all be bluster to keep us happy. however I think that haaland/ mandzukic, would be attainable and maybe also someone like a bruno fernandes again. that's probably it although if reports are true then the like of emre can could be bought as he doesn't get a sniff at juve.

2.) 08 Nov 2019
08 Nov 2019 11:44:15
I expect I'll be in the minority here but if the club's first choice for any position isn't available in January I would rather we didn't sign anyone.

Fred wasn't Jose's first choice but he went for him because he was worried he wouldn't get anyone else. Had the club not signed Fred then it is likely that we would have pushed harder for a midfielder this summer just gone. We might even have signed a player better than Fred and now have a better midfield.

That's the problem when you panic and just buy who is available rather than who is best suited.

I would rather wait until the summer and bring in the right ones. If we can get them in January then great.

3.) 08 Nov 2019
08 Nov 2019 12:25:45
i agree that we shouldn't panic buy, problem is that if our form doesn't improve then a lot of fans will be screaming for signings. the club may well then panic just to ease the unrest.

4.) 08 Nov 2019
08 Nov 2019 12:53:44
I'm with shappy I'd rather wait for the right player. However I think we need to sign 6 which is a big ask all in one summer. So if someone's available in winter and ee can get them I'd go for it.

5.) 08 Nov 2019
08 Nov 2019 14:51:34
Mandzucic has been mooted for quite a while but I cannot see how he would fit in: croatia he plays up front but we don't whip crosses in from the flanks and at juve he has played as a second striker and on the left! Surely that doesn't fit in with the players we have, rashford, martial and james to name 3.
No doubt the media will link us with 40+ targets but can only see us asking seriously about 4/ 5 and possibly getting 1/ 2.
Personal thought is a striker and midfielder as priorty positions with mid being top.

6.) 08 Nov 2019
08 Nov 2019 15:00:29
Panic is one of the reasons the squad is so poor

7.) 08 Nov 2019
08 Nov 2019 16:59:45
Would love Bruno Fernandes. I think he is that creativity we're lacking behind the front 3. Sadly I'm not convinced he wants to sign for us as it would probably have been done in the summer just gone.

8.) 08 Nov 2019
08 Nov 2019 19:10:26
I don’t know if they are or have ever been genuine targets but Milinkovic-Savic and Bruno Fernandes would transform our team. Fred and Lingard are not good enough to start every week and we are desperately short in midfield. Pogba or no Pogba, we need more quality through the middle.

9.) 09 Nov 2019
09 Nov 2019 14:51:23
I think we can all agree that the two players should be Bale an Shhhhnyder!

10.) 09 Nov 2019
09 Nov 2019 21:31:26
Sandro Tonali at Brescia should be signed asap.

11.) 10 Nov 2019
10 Nov 2019 09:24:40
If it means we have a chance to buy our number one targets this winter we should do even it means paying slightly over the odds. At least that way we can integrate them into the team and they should be up to speed for next season.

Let's face it this season we won't get top four and if we don't get a Uefa place I won't mind if it means that we have a better chance of a title shot the year after.

12.) 10 Nov 2019
10 Nov 2019 11:04:52
CF (Haaland for me) plus a DM and a No.10 are our three biggest priorities currently.

If Dier joins I’ll cry - the worst ‘midfielder’ in the premier league.

13.) 11 Nov 2019
11 Nov 2019 10:05:18
I will be happy if we sign just squad players in January, main focus should be to get better first team players in the summer who will address certain key areas, money should be available for players like Madison, Martinez/ Haaland/ Jimenez, another CB and LB.

14.) 11 Nov 2019
11 Nov 2019 12:41:25
haaland i can't see joining us anytime soon, now that raiolas his agent the fee will be silly already reports of £86m and every top european club all showing interest.