03 Dec 2019 10:56:44
So it has started, the media applying the pressure.

Ole loses the next 2 and he will be sacked.

The board will bottle it and not see through their plan, when will the club learn.

Really hope he wins the next 2 and the club back him with the reset.

1.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 11:46:01
I for one hope he is sacked. His record since being appointed is disgraceful. His club legend status isn’t relevant and we are in a relegation dog fight at the moment.

2.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 11:52:12
The media don't need to apply pressure. The man is struggling. The team is struggling. We all hope we can win the next two games but if we don't, we are coming up on his one year anniversary in charge of the club and there is nothing to be positive about!

It's in Ole's hands and has been since he took over. His win record is appaling and we consistently look average. Yes there's blame to be aimed at every area of the club, but the man got his dream job and he's ballsing it up.

Lose the next 2 and we'll be in the bottom 3rd. How is that even remotely acceptable?

3.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 11:53:05
It's the media though. According to ed02 the club aren't looking at a change, unless there's a massive shift then I can't see ole going. It's up to everyone to decide if that's a good or bad thing. Side note for tomorrow, watch how the media kiss Jose's butt now he's not united boss 😂.

4.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 13:35:14
What do you mean by massive shift? In what? The results aren’t getting any better!

5.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 13:52:27
So if you hope he gets sacked, then you're hoping we lose the next two games to facilitate that? Am I reading this right?

6.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 15:02:03
He needs sacking end of. his excuses are becoming more and more desperate. The football is awful, his win percentage is terrible and we are going backwards rapidly.
I was never in favour of him getting the job, just because he won the first 10 games he gets the job, absolutely crazy. The club should of evaluated his position at the end of the season like they said they were going to and in my opinion I think he has lost some of the players in the dressing room.

7.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 15:31:48
I’m really not sure whether he should go now or not.

Can’t see any other manager doing any better with the weak midfield we have and players seem to be trying for him.

However. He’s not a long term answer and still looks very naive with tactics etc.

So do we stay patient while he rebuilds or get someone else to do it?

Though more I think about it, more coming down on side of bringing in more proven manager to oversee it all.

8.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 15:50:34
Wallace, you can't see any manager doing better with that squad? There 91 managers in the football league who would fancy themselves to do a better job. There are some very good coaches available. This argument that no one could do better than Ole is quite frankly ridiculous.

9.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 15:49:52
I meant a massive shift in the clubs thinking. They say they are backing ole and have no intention to sack him, that needs to change dramatically and I'm not sure it will.

10.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 16:21:48
Gotcha norn iron red.

11.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 16:35:20
Big V, the club didn’t have a plan for him that’s the thing. Knee jerk reaction to a few wins against poor sides.

12.) 03 Dec 2019
03 Dec 2019 20:09:00
Who thought that OLE was the right person to manage United? He was rubbish at Cardiff and OK at Molde. We ha e had LVG and Mourinho who are massive managers in their own right, how was OLE going to be better It was a knee jerk reaction and he should have had until the end of the season as acting, while those in charge actually used the time to get the right person. Now we will probably sack him and make another mistake. Time now is to keep him until the summer and tell whoever (Poch), to tell us his vision and make moves to get the players he might want?

13.) 04 Dec 2019
04 Dec 2019 09:26:36
In his first five seasons, check Fergie's final league positions. Apart from the second we always finished 10th or eleventh.

14.) 04 Dec 2019
04 Dec 2019 10:38:08
Relegation dog fight?
What planet are you on?
If we win tonight we will go above Spurs in to 5th place, how is that a relegation dog fight?

15.) 04 Dec 2019
04 Dec 2019 11:26:30
There is no way i think we will be relegated but loose tonight wee are within 4 points of drop zone so and dropping fast so while its hardly a dog fight we are showing relegation form over our last 25 games or so.
Results need to imorove.
Tonight would be a great time to start.

16.) 04 Dec 2019
04 Dec 2019 11:33:16
Holy mother of yellow bellied cowards is this rubbishzen?

Ole has a very difficult job of rebuilding pretty much an entire team against the backdrop of a useless player acquisition manager a. k. a Woodward. A bunch of "we want it now, spit my dummy out whiny bugger" Fans.

You need Youth players brought through to keep the heart of the club, you need experienced players to coach and guide these young players whilst out on the pitch.

You need stable Manager and coaching staff to create consistency.

We have not been right since SAF retired. We have tried pretty much everything but what OLE is trying to do. All else has failed.

We were told this plan will take time to implement and to come to fruition. 1 year is not enough. 2 - 3 years should be when you start seeing some solid success. Success breeds success. Youth players seeing a club that supports their youth will be more happy to join our ranks, experienced players seeing a club that prides themselves on their experienced players molding their youth so aren't just their for a quick fix.

A truly stable team rarely needs to panic buy, rarely needs to pay well over the odds just to encourage a player to come to them.

Patience people. Honestly people have Zero staying power these days. Yes the club is "privately owned" and they want a return however sometimes you just have to wait for it like everyone else.

The glaziers already make millions on our identity and existing fan base. Allowing the actual club to rebuild is just good business since it will create a stable business.

bah so annoyed at the lack of faith out there at the minute.