01 Aug 2020 10:57:00
Ed02 - you mentioned that we've been quoted a price for Grealish that we won't meet - could you share the alternative options that we're looking at as I can't seem to find the list looking back through posts.


{Ed002's Note - I said James Rodriguez.}

1.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 11:06:26
Ed are Real Madrid looking at a straight sell or would they be happy with a loan or loan to buy? I know you don't like discussing money as such but what sort of figure do RM want for James for a straight sale?

{Ed002's Note - I really don't want to discuss the money but Real Madrid would prefer to sell him.}

2.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 11:14:14
Thanks ed2.

3.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 12:52:26
A few are seriously against united getting grealish, would they be happier with James?

4.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 12:59:11
Personally not sure on either Grealish or James, Grealish is good and offers something different, I can't say I've seen much of James, has he struggled to make it at several clubs tho?

{Ed002's Note - He is a talented versatile player but doesn't fit in at RM so has been played on the right. He doesn't get on with the coach there.}

5.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 13:24:26
Id take james before grealish any day jred.
Quality player imo with good pedigree.
Cost comes into it. 23m for james v 50 or 60 for grealish is a no brainer for me. It could enable us to strengthen another position as well which has been an argument put forward by shappy and mumbles among others.
James had a decent season for madrid this year.
I think he is a better and more experienced player than grealish but its not my choice.

6.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 13:25:38
Id take Rodriguez over Grealish everyday!

7.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 14:28:08
While James Rodriguez wouldn't be my first choice I would 100% take him over Grealish.

Much better player, with a better attitude. While he would cost less. No brainer really.

8.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 16:10:53
James above Grealish is a no brainer considering quoted price.

9.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 16:13:02
James would be a no from me, struggled at madrid, in and out the first team at Munich. 29 years old with no EPL experience lacked pace in his prime.
Best days behind him, never lived up to the hype of the world Cup imo.
Personally I would have grealish all day long .
He will be on a good whack as well.

10.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 16:22:26
Vanda beek over either of them for me.

11.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 17:10:43
Neither will mar is weaker and neither will be starters but would add quality to the squid. Happy with both.

12.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 17:26:20
Who else would people recommend for the am lw role we are looking at?
Van de beek would be my choice but don't think he could play as a wide player so could probably discount him.
David brooks from Bournemouth always impresses, yet plays from the right.
Maddison would be my choice but that ship has sailed.

13.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 17:47:38
Tom neither maddison or van de beek can play that wide left position in our system imo .
Thd ed says we are looking for versatile player to play more than 1 position, which is probably why there is interest in grealish . Can play the lw, ACM or in a mdfield 3.

14.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 18:31:02
Jred, I can play both full back positions and CDM, versatility is pointless unless you're good enough. And ken will account for this having watched me play, I fall a shade short of what is needed to play for United😂.

15.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 18:43:11
I like grealish but Rodriguez is already a better player and very importantly a much better person and professional.

If it is between the two, Rodriguez would get the nod for me.

16.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 18:46:17
Maddison and dvdb can't play lw in 9ur system imo, Ed reckons we are looking for a versatile player to play cm acm lw.

17.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 19:27:14
Id love vdb. Lovely player great box to box player super distribution. If pogba were to go then yes i see him being an option. i'd like to see him arrive even if pogba stays.
But the club are interested in grealish for a different position as jred says.
Maddison is not an option anymore.
I disagree jred i think he can cover the left cm cam just as well as grealish could, ok, left being his weakest i agree, but he is better in the other 2 than grealish imo.
That's why sancho makes so much sense due to his versatility. He can play 10 left or right.
Ole obviously wants grealish.
He would not be my choice.
But i think he would do ok. I'm not sure he will excel but i wouldn't be shocked if he did. He has been a dipstick no doubt on several occasions that's a worry but if he knuckles down he could do well.
It will come down to cost i'd imagine and what sort of deal they can do with villa. I think there will have to be some creativity to make this deal happen. Perhaps a player makeweight jones lingard maybe or a loan of a couple of players in rtn to help reduce the cost.
Villa could do worse than get tuanzebe or henderson on loan, 2 weak areas in their team. Grealish will take a lot of replacing for them he is their only creative spark to be fair.

18.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 19:31:48
Shappy mate you are just short of the required level but at least your not short of the required level AND too old. 😭.

19.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 19:36:58
I disagree on maddison, I like him as a player but he doesn't travel well with the ball, I don't think he would be a good fit as cover for rash on the lw in our system .
Null point tho, he is stopping at Leicester.

20.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 20:33:50
Jred, do we really need cover for the LW?

Rashford is first choice, James back up, Martial and Greenwood can play their comfortably enough. If we sign Sancho then that's a 5th player who can play LW.

How important is a 6th option?

Whereas, I'd argue that creative central midfielders have Pogba and Bruno but beyond that we have no one who can be creative from deep.

With Grealish I'd argue that his weakest position is central midfield, and his best LW. Which is kind of the opposite to what we need.

21.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 20:35:16
How that kid Angel Gomes? Free transfer could be good cover.

22.) 01 Aug 2020
01 Aug 2020 20:53:48
Shappy the ed has said that's what we are looking for I've explained before why I agree .
And remember it wasnt a player to play just lw.

23.) 02 Aug 2020
02 Aug 2020 07:24:44
Looks like “wonder kid” Gomes is making the step up to Lille. grass isn’t always greener kid.

24.) 02 Aug 2020
02 Aug 2020 10:43:14
Id rather play for lille gain a new experience get some games under my belt than be here and not even making the bench.
Best of luck to him i admire him for taking the risk. I really hope it works out for him and he flourishes.
Lets be honest he is not going to play here to often and 30k a week is not worth sacrificing your development for.

25.) 02 Aug 2020
02 Aug 2020 11:37:43
Not sure that’s true ken. He’s no guarantees starting at Lille either. The step up to any top level adult professional first team is steep which he will now start realising. I can’t imagine he’d hoped to leave Utd to sign for Lille either.

26.) 02 Aug 2020
02 Aug 2020 15:53:47
Nobody forcing him to go to France i assume so they have convinced him somehow. I think its fair to say you have no idea what guarantees he has eric no more than i do.

27.) 03 Aug 2020
03 Aug 2020 12:37:12
Took my info from Ed2 on the European pages Ken - which I think is fair to say is right most of the time.