19 Aug 2020 21:05:56
Ed02 - a quick one if you wouldn't mind;

Is Brooks a genuine target? And if so, is he an alternative to Grealish or Sancho?

Secondly, the last update I saw from you in regards to a CB is that we weren't looking to add one, but since then we're being regularly linked with various. Has anything changed that you are aware of, and if so, who is our primary target (s) for that position?


{Ed002's Note - Yes, he is an option to Sancho. I can’t see it as a priority given those already at the club.}

1.) 20 Aug 2020
20 Aug 2020 07:24:59
Are utd scouts and decision makers stupid? We have gone from trying to sign a player who scored 20 goals and nearly 20 assists to trying to sign a player who has yet to score 20 goals in his entire career and as an added bonus he doesn't even play as a rw. His best performances for Bournemouth have been as a AM.

2.) 20 Aug 2020
20 Aug 2020 08:07:22
Why do you think are stupid? Do you mean Chelsea and Madrid not seeing the value on Sancho are stupid too?
Sancho is very good but statistics don't tell everthing about players.

3.) 20 Aug 2020
20 Aug 2020 08:10:32
csm, i think we just flirt with the idea of wanting sancho.

just so the club can say we tried.

4.) 20 Aug 2020
20 Aug 2020 09:15:18
Kenedyandy its not about the money its about the gulf in quality of the targets.

The likes of coman and dembele are the level we should be looking at if not sancho not David Brooks!

5.) 20 Aug 2020
20 Aug 2020 10:21:58
Kenedyandy a logical, not stupid person would try to sign chiesa or dembele or koman, they won't jump straight to brooks. This is the same philosophy that saw us target kroos and end up with fellaini and we know how that worked out.

6.) 20 Aug 2020
20 Aug 2020 11:15:45
CSM, Brooks hasn't signed yet and we have been told Dembele, Coman, Chiesa and costa are an options plus Brooks. And we don't know for sure if those players would opt for utd.

7.) 20 Aug 2020
20 Aug 2020 13:18:41

That’s not how it works mate, we believe every player we don’t want as 100% true and definitely signing and every player we do want is never going to happen. Welcome to man united fans page.

8.) 20 Aug 2020
20 Aug 2020 13:49:12
Kenedyandy there has been no credible report linking us to chiesa or coman, Barcelona president just came out and shutdown any dembele talk, costa is just experienced and brazilian brooks, the guy has never scored more than 4 goals in a season since 12-13 and gets double digit assists just once every 2 years.

9.) 20 Aug 2020
20 Aug 2020 14:29:33
Brooks has played only 39 Epl games with 8 goals and 5 assists, and was unlucky with injury which kept him out for long time, before that i think everyone wanted him. Statistics sometimes judges players unfairly, by using statistics Divid Silva, can't be put among the best. Players can influence the game without assisting or scoring.

10.) 20 Aug 2020
20 Aug 2020 16:21:07
Kenedyandy is he better than any of the names you suggested as sancho alternatives? I don't think he is any better than greenwood. He's basically another daniel james type signing what we need is a quality player who improves our first 11 not a hopefully decent squad player.

11.) 20 Aug 2020
20 Aug 2020 16:36:10
Brooks is a quality player on my opinion, my worries is about the injury he had and it effects long term.

12.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 10:23:02
While I agree we need to bring in the right quality of players. We also need to bring in players who want to play for us and are physically robust enough is also important.

Coman and Dembele look to have the talent, yet both are available because they are unable to get out on the pitch regularly enough to make an impact for their club's.

While Chiesa doesn't want to leave Italy, and many Italians have struggled outside of Serie A. Immobile is a prime example, struggled for Dortmund and in Russia, yet golden boot winner when playing in Italy.
So do we spend 50m+ on a player who has never played in England and has no desire to?

Brooks looked a great player for Bournemouth and last season while he was out injured they went from comfortable mid table team to being relegated.

Liverpool signed VvD and Mane from Southampton, they weren't considered "big names" when they signed, just players who had done well for a "smaller" club.

Brooks could be a very shrewd signing.