15 Sep 2020 18:38:52
Ornstein saying that spurs are close to signing Reguilon. that's another one off the list 🤣.

1.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 19:19:24
Yup. Romano just confirmed Spurs have lodged an official bid.
Maybe another one to scratch off the list.

2.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 19:27:35
Maybe the fact madrid wanted a buy back in the deal has made united walk away.

Plus we have shaw and williams.

3.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 19:32:25
Romano said this afternoon we were closing in on a deal. Not going to lose sleep either way over Reguilon.

4.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 19:42:47
He probably in the future wants to be Madrid's left back to. so we would be better walking away from the deal if he's just waiting for Madrid to buy him back one day. Maybe put time into developing Williams.

5.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 19:44:31
Caolan its nothing but an expensive loan by the sounds of it.

6.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 19:47:27
Problem is shaw can’t stay fit and think Williams is better as Rb cover, he got badly exposed in games near the end of last year. Also don’t think we really have a backup for AWB adding another LB would enable Williams to switch. However it is what it is.

7.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 19:54:46
AWB looked shattered post-lockdown and can't attack.
Shaw is injured half the time.
Williams is a right back playing out of position on the left.

We needed someone like Reguilon even more than a right winger IMO. Will be angry if he goes to Spurs.

8.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 20:03:10
As Ed002 said Telles was first choice, in any case not Reguilon. In my opinion maybe he is a better choice too. I would prefer Telles or Mycolenko. I think the Ucranian is one of the best crossers in the game.

9.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 20:06:51
Forgot to add I agree we shouldn’t accept the buy back so if that was a necessity for the deal then ok to say no.

10.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 20:06:54
Laird is a fantastic prospect lads. Reguillion would have been a reactionary signing with not a lot of planning and as Scott had said, nothing more than an expensive loan.

11.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 20:31:54
Reguilon was voted La Liga's best LB this year.
He can put in excellent crosses into the final third which none of our Fullbacks do regularly.

We really need an attacking fullback who can put proper crosses into the box.

12.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 20:54:54
Spurs close to Bale aswell apparently, ah well.

13.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 21:17:20
Romano saying he wants to play for United, but there's always Telles lined up, so not the biggest drama if he doesn't come to United. Glad Bale is likely going to Spurs, Grealish and Bale being scratched of the list the same day is not bad.

14.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 21:17:23
I am not sure TRD but i think crosses is not the strongest part of his game. I think that he is more of a dribller which with runs creates space for others rather a crosser of the ball. I think that Telles provide better crosses and i also think that Vitally Matyvenko is a great crosser, the closest i have seen to Robertson.

15.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 21:24:28
If Tellas was first choice and is available for a rumoured £20 million, why have we been negotiating with Real for Reguilon for so long, maybe Tellas isn't first choice.

16.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 21:32:47
I’m not sure it makes sense unless it’s a bargain.

We have Shaw and Williams and so it would be one and one out. More pressing matters in Sancho and other opportunistic bits with Thiago and maybe Telles (again creates problems) .

Would like us to pay up and get Sancho in NOW.

17.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 21:33:01
im really glad we aren't getting bale that would have been a disaster just got rid of one injury prone mercenary don't want another.
We definitely need to get a leftback and a CB if this board can manage it that is.

18.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 21:39:17
Telles was an option, Regulion wasnt but became. Ehen Madrid decided to cash the player he became an option.
But it was Telles who we scouted and we wanted in case we decided to buy a left back.

19.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 21:46:55
I feel Reguillon is playing in a stronger league and at 23 has higher potential than Telles.
He has earnt a spanish cap recently.

Most of all, he impressed against us in Europa.
Ran up and down the pitch whole game.

20.) 15 Sep 2020
15 Sep 2020 22:02:05
Or maybe we aren't after a left back, centre back and Rw are priority tbf.

21.) 16 Sep 2020
16 Sep 2020 05:20:09
It has been reported that Reguilon does not want to leave Real permanently without a buy-back clause. don't know how true it is but I think eds have stated that Spurs are more open to a buy back than us.

Who is his Vitally Matyvenko you mentioned? Even google doesn't seem to find him lol.

22.) 16 Sep 2020
16 Sep 2020 07:27:07
Vitaliy Mykolenko is a 21 year old highly rated Ukrainian left back playing for Dynamo Kiev. He looks a great player.

23.) 16 Sep 2020
16 Sep 2020 08:43:52
utd road luke shaw is one of the worst left backs in the league and always injured .
i don't think. i can go another season of watching him continually getting sucked inside leaving his side totally exposed we need a decent left back more than a right winger.

24.) 16 Sep 2020
16 Sep 2020 09:57:40
Would you rather play for Spurs playing Europa League or Manchester United playing Champions League. I don't think that we were ever serious about buying him and the same with Bale. All the money is going towards the Sancho deal, that's the transfer United want.

25.) 16 Sep 2020
16 Sep 2020 10:39:55
I've a question for all of you that want us to sign regulion, how many of you actually wanted us to sign him prior to the el latter stages? How much have you actually seen him play? I've seen him a few times this season and yeah he looks good going forward, but I don't think he's as good as people are making him out to be. Real wouldn't be open to selling him otherwise. I think a fit Shaw is better than him. Shaw and rashford seem decent when played together and we look a better side, Shaw opens up space for rashford and brings the width when rashford cuts in most of the time.

26.) 16 Sep 2020
16 Sep 2020 10:49:25
The deal for Regiulon to Spurs seems to have been agreed.

I can’t say that I’m too bothered as I don’t think signing a new LB should be anywhere near a priority, but if Ole wanted him, it doesn’t look good that another target has slipped through EWs fingers.

At this rate I can see us panic buying someone like Dembele on deadline day for an obscene fee.

27.) 16 Sep 2020
16 Sep 2020 10:54:52
Dannyc well said my man.

28.) 16 Sep 2020
16 Sep 2020 11:57:49
redseven don't know how you can possibly say LB is not a priority shaw is always injured and he cany attack or defend i'm sorry but i think he's terrible and brandon williams is a right back not a left back.
Theres at least 10 teams in the premier league that i can think. of with a better left back than luke shaw there is probably more if i was to go through them team. by team.

29.) 16 Sep 2020
16 Sep 2020 13:23:00
Scott if you think Luke Shaw is one of the worst left backs in the league I have to disagree with you there. He's probably our most improved player since the turn of the year. he's made more appearances in the last two seasons for us than he ever has. I think he is maturing and improving to become an important player for us. When he got injured in the southampton game I don't think we looked the same team without him.

30.) 16 Sep 2020
16 Sep 2020 15:23:37
Damon86 Lyke shaw has played 156 games scored 1 and 7 assists if you or even worse the club think that's acceptable then i'm afraid that were in even bigger trouble than we think.

31.) 16 Sep 2020
16 Sep 2020 15:38:30
The standard has to be raised.

Look at Robertson of Liverpool.
What an engine the guy has and how much he contributes to the attack.

32.) 16 Sep 2020
16 Sep 2020 16:19:13
I’d say we need someone in at left back, if telles is that man, then go get him. Shaw isn’t dependable from an injury and positioning point of view. And Real Madrid letting Reguilon leave is a surprise, as was selling Hakimi. I think we need to decide on a plan. If signing prospects with the determination and drive to play for Man Utd is our way forward we should commit to that. That being the case the Kiev player fits the philosophy better. As would scratching Sancho (who will only be coming for the money) . Keeping greenwood out wide, getting in an alternative to rotate. Think Edouard should be signed to bolster centre forward position. I know a lot of people feel Scotland is a weaker league. But if we had signed van dijk and tierney at some stage as our prospects, we could have been sorted for years. For me, mykolenko, upemecano and Edouard, along with Donny would be an outstanding transfer window.

33.) 16 Sep 2020
16 Sep 2020 17:53:27
“Rashford plays inside and Shaw bombs outside him? ”
Really? On what planet does that ever happen?

The problem with our left hand side is completely the opposite. Rashford plays far too wide and Shaw far too narrow.

34.) 16 Sep 2020
16 Sep 2020 19:46:01
DOWNSIE exactly I've never seen that happen i must be watching a different luke shaw from other people he's no interest in bombing forward at all.

35.) 16 Sep 2020
16 Sep 2020 20:26:53
Sorry, its Mykolenko. I don't know him very well but i think him amd Telles were the two players the team wanted and scouted. Yet i don't know very well Reguilon too.
But you can see from videos, in his best highlights, that even there you see zero good crosses. I think Reguilon is good with the ball at his feet, he dribbles a lot, but he is not a good crosser. He has a problem with the final ball. And the asist stats are not so good for a top attacking left back. On the other hand Mykolenko is clearly better at crosses and he seems stronger too. I maybe be wrong but i think yesterday played center back against Alkmaar. He seems strong, good defensively with excellent left foot and room for improvement. His price tag and reputation won't mean he is automatically a starter so i think he is the best solution for our left back position if we want someone to compete with Shaw.

36.) 17 Sep 2020
17 Sep 2020 09:57:15
Maybe we will see more of Dalot this season. He’s had a bad run of injuries - let’s not write him off just yet as he looked good.

37.) 17 Sep 2020
17 Sep 2020 17:51:12
You aren't getting Bale because Spurs have beat yous to it same as Reguillion and because your club has an inability to get a decent transfer over the line a club size of Man United who cannot deals over the line is a total shambles only Woodward could go month after month after month and still can't get top target what is this guy doing in negotiations clueless then masks it up with signing of Van De Beek absolutely terrifying.

38.) 18 Sep 2020
17 Sep 2020 23:13:40
Try taking a breath and using some punctuation.

39.) 18 Sep 2020
18 Sep 2020 11:32:34
We should just sign Borna Barisic from Rangers. One of the best crossers of a ball from full back in Europe, croatian international with interest from teams across Europe. Would be a big step-up but Tierney and Robertson have handled it no problem.