16 Mar 2021 13:55:56
I'm going to copy what I saw on the Liverpool page to see if I have the same luck to get an answer. So here goes. Ed02 if you were Ole, (my apologies for the degradation) who would be your realistic targets for CB, CDM, RW, and FW this summer.

{Ed002's Note - Assuming money can be raised through sales and considering the players Manchester United have been looking at, Ben White (CB), Konrad Laimer (DM) - but there may not be space in midfield - more versatile than a RW would be Leon Bailey and then it would be down to departures but Manchester United will be offered Andre Silva or could go down their well-trodden path of bring someone in at the tail end of their career like Benzema.

1.) 16 Mar 2021
16 Mar 2021 14:46:34
Thanks very much for your insight Ed02.

2.) 16 Mar 2021
16 Mar 2021 20:25:49
Very interesting - is there any chance of another INS and OUTS update?

{Ed002's Note - At some point.}

3.) 17 Mar 2021
17 Mar 2021 07:35:09
Thanks very much for this informed opinion Ed002 - just had a look at Konrad Laimer and he looks perfect for us if we can make room for him. Much better one of him than two of McFred. Glad to see that we’re interested in him, thank you.

Looking forward to the update when you have time!

4.) 17 Mar 2021
17 Mar 2021 01:56:28
Love_United, I reckon Ed002 would love to be in Ole's position rather than be Ole.

Ed002, has anything changed with respect to VDB as there are rumours of him wanting out.

{Ed002's Note - It is as I have explained previously as far as I know. Donny van de Beek (CM) has been offered to Real Madrid and Juventus, and will be offered to Barcelona due to a lack of a plan or direction at MU. But both Spanish clubs have moved on and unless Manchester United would accept a long-term payment plan or loan to buy there would not be the spare money to buy him. If Pogba leaves there will be space in the team - but MU seem intent on holding him hostage. Juventus has a preferred CM target but might be open to a loan to buy deal. Inter may provide an option if he is to leave.}

5.) 17 Mar 2021
17 Mar 2021 11:51:25
Thanks Ed - I haven't seen enough of Laimer or Leon Bailey to play, can anyone shed some light? I've seen plenty of Ben White and I'm not a huge fan, he's ok but there are better options for (I imagine) cheaper. Andre Silva seems to have come good over in Germany and has a physical presence so could be a sensible move as Haaland is impossible.

{Ed002's Note - Laimer is very well thought of and RBL are aware that there are clubs looking at Konrad Laimer for next summer and some of the interest is driven by the price of Zakaria which has put interested sides off. Bayern Munich have considered Laimer, as have Borussia Dortmund (as a Weigl replacement) and Manchester United (but not until they have sorted out their midfield problems).

Leon Bailey (LW/RW) A player who has had his mojo drifting away and Bayer Leverkusen are open to him moving on. Spurs are keen but want the price to drop further. Prior interest of Everton and Leeds has drifted away - Everton already being over loaded with players who are predominently LW and Leeds have preferred options. Arsenal or Manchester United may offer an option but Arsenal really need to make some decisions on their squad.}

6.) 17 Mar 2021
17 Mar 2021 12:07:09
Thanks Ed002 but do you rate VDB?

{Ed002's Note - He was a very good player in the old days when he got a game.}

7.) 17 Mar 2021
17 Mar 2021 12:49:28

It is very strange that VDB has been bought and not played.

I actually feel sorry for the player.

{Ed002's Note - Clubs have to have plans for players.}

8.) 17 Mar 2021
17 Mar 2021 14:11:07
Certainly sounds like VDB was bought and wasn't really what OGS wanted.

9.) 17 Mar 2021
17 Mar 2021 17:52:36
Re:Pogba. According to italian media, Raiola had promised that Juventus would make a good offer for Pogba last summer. Then C.V. came, Juventus suffered big losses and the offer was never made.
So Juventus has to share part of the blame too.
Unless Raiola is pretending that United accept part exchange with Juventus players no one wants due to their high salary (eg Ramsey) .

10.) 18 Mar 2021
17 Mar 2021 23:35:19
Is it the case Van De Beek was bought as a Pogba replacement though? Or is the 'not fitting with Ole's plans' bit as Ole actually wanted Grealish? Agree there has to be a plan for players when bought - we would say that for the likes of Pellestri let alone more senior experienced pros.

I actually think Van De Beek is a good player. Very highly regarded at Ajax and some stellar performances in Champs League. It does seem a little off that we have such a technically gifted player as VDB who can't even make the bench but Fred (guaranteed to spoon one over the bar from 30 yards every game / gift possession away with half his forward passes) starts every match!

11.) 18 Mar 2021
18 Mar 2021 13:09:58
Honestly I'd find that window so uninspiring and underwhelming.

For me it's all out for:
Varane or Pau Torres, Sancho and Haaland (DCL or Silva as back up)

Sell: Ddg, Martial and one of Axel, Lindelof or Bailly, plus Jones and Mata going,

{Ed077's Note - NO to Sancho and Haaland from me, unless the price drops significantly. And also they need to start maturing a bit and stop being divas.}

12.) 18 Mar 2021
18 Mar 2021 14:25:56
I think Sancho should no longer be a priority we the ridiculous overall fee .
We have Greenwood who can play on the right and Diallo for whom we paid 35m million odd.
And there is Pellistri too.

A top class striker has to be a priority over a Right Winger.

{Ed077's Note - with the younger players you've mentioned TRD Sancho's youth almost plays against him, IMO. I would rather a little more experienced player for the RW role. Someone around 24_27, ideally.

13.) 18 Mar 2021
18 Mar 2021 16:55:25
I hear you 77 and to your point perhaps Bailey is an option.

I just think we should target based available no more Lindelof and Fred types.

Eyes will be on the new team.

14.) 18 Mar 2021
18 Mar 2021 17:21:36
Haaland should be the number one target along with a creative central midfielder and a centre back.
Get a few quid in by flogging Martial, Dalot, Lingard and Pogba if he still wants to leave.
Just try and give Jones away as a freebie.

15.) 19 Mar 2021
19 Mar 2021 14:57:08
If haaland and sancho can't drag dortmund in to the top 4 in Germany I don't fancy their chances of bringing us a title.

16.) 20 Mar 2021
20 Mar 2021 07:36:41
If we weren't able to sign Haaland when we were only up against BVB, what chance do we have when the world and his mother are now trying to sign him.

17.) 21 Mar 2021
21 Mar 2021 13:09:20
Haaland will look at Real and City before us. Chelsea no doubt be in for him too and I actually think they may be the dark horse for his signature as expect them to go very close in the Champs League this year. Tuchel has got that defence sorted for sure.

Agree our opportunity to sign Haaland was surely last season. The 'not signing due to Raiola's sell on clause' will really come back to bite us. I recall the Eds saying at the time though that Haaland more likely chose Dortmund as they had a defined plan for him including working on his weaknesses etc.

Think one of our problems trying to get the right players for us is we approach it as though players will automatically lust after signing for us irrespective of where we have been the last few years.