11 May 2021 02:19:45
Rumours in north London that levy will let kane move to manchester for martial, lingard and 80m.

{Ed0666's Note - I think that’s fair business

1.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 07:24:13
Can we throw in Jones?

{Ed014's Note - absolutely not mate, he wants to finish his career at United and wants that statue in the sickbay after he finally goes.

2.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 07:49:07
Sounds too good to be true.

{Ed014's Note - and there was me thinking Levy was a switched on kind of a guy.

You’d be mugging him right off which would make a change 🤣

3.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 08:37:40
I’d do that, not only does it work in terms of the fee but also martial and lingard are on high wages so those would be freed up to pay kane also. 🤣.

4.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 09:06:24
Levy willing to trade his best player for half the reported cash fee and two United squad members? I think Levy is known for driving a harder bargain than that.
If we were really in the market for Kane, I don't think we would have pushed to extend Cavani's contract.

5.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 10:29:43
Was this straight out of Arsenal Fan TV! Send them Jones as a freebie extra and even give them an extra £5m for taking him.

6.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 13:23:24
Cavani has signed up. Sadly this sounds like fiction. Would be one hell of a deal if so!

7.) 11 May 2021
11 May 2021 13:40:50
Whenever you see a cash plus players deal you know its never going to happen. I think £120 million is a fair price and we should offer it now.