02 Dec 2018 18:25:04
ED0002 dare I ask, who would you think should the club make their next manager, should Mourinho leave?

{Ed002's Note - Not one for me to deal with any longer. Sorry.}

1.) 02 Dec 2018
02 Dec 2018 18:50:06
Unspoken rules of the website, get roasted by Ed002 take it on the chin and move on.
No point arguing over crappy opinions as you won't ever win. Eds know all sorts of invaluable information, and because your ego can't let it go everyone else suffers.

Angelred apologies for yesterday xx.

2.) 02 Dec 2018
02 Dec 2018 19:31:42
A bit unfair. I invite others to read what I wrote and decide if I was in any way out of line or displayed the type of arrogance you're intimating. I've no problem with being better informed by anyone but don't think anyone should needlessly be insulted. But people have offdays and phrase things in the wrong way so I'm good with ed002. I was respectful and will remain so.

{Ed002's Note - I don't ever have an off day. I think he is no more than teasing you. A bit like a ping on the ass with a wet towel.}

3.) 02 Dec 2018
02 Dec 2018 19:42:45
Bang on Ed. I'll get into the swing of it eventually. Just have patience with me!

4.) 02 Dec 2018
02 Dec 2018 19:52:00
Btw while you're listening, do you mind me asking if you think the criticism by myself and others of Woodward us warranted. As I see it he has been caught out too often by agents, overpaid too often for players, and agreed to wages that are far above reasonable levels for the players in question. Again I don't know anything about inner workings of the club so is this reading of it fair or is the problem wider. The club looks in disarray and identifying the main sources can only help.

{Ed002's Note - No Don, it is not unwarrented. Manchester United, like most clubs use advisors to give a calming view on player, potential transfers, coaching etc., and I can say with confidence that EW has ignored what the club has been told (largely). The issue over the Director of Football/Sporting Director has been running since JM arrived and as I have previously explained there were two options agreed upon by the manager and by the club - yet nothing was done and it has been allowed to drift to the back of the pile. What I don't want to do is allow a hate campaign against individuals and there are those making decisions that are unknown to most here - and it is best it stays like that. But the blue tinge view etc that I have explained before remain - something which is sure as hell nothing to do with JM.}

5.) 02 Dec 2018
02 Dec 2018 20:00:57
Great insight, thanks Ed.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome Don and thanks for the decent questions.}

6.) 02 Dec 2018
02 Dec 2018 20:05:51
Nice insight ed. Do you believe Woodward will have learned from previous mistakes?

{Ed002's Note - Tough to see that he will. This is an "agenda" moment not a "what is best moment". Mourinho, like is or not is an astonishing coach that will piss off people around him to achieve the best for the club he is at. For that you can be assured. At Chelsea they had intelligent players who reacted well. At Manchester United, perhaps there are players who do not really understand. Mourinho is committed but will upset people - he will intimidate and annoy, but he knows what he is doing and there is little argument to say that he does not know what is best. Woodward wants a diffent solution and is being perhaps in English would be called an irritant. I know the description in another language but this is a family website.)

7.) 02 Dec 2018
02 Dec 2018 20:33:08

Thank you. I very rarely engage directly but your information that EW has ignored what the club has (largely) been told by advisors is staggering. It is no wonder the club is not just stagnating but going backwards.

{Ed002's Note - I would have thought you would have known that in the summer.}

8.) 02 Dec 2018
02 Dec 2018 21:23:30
I don't mind Jose digging out the players at all. And had no problem with him being manager.
But his tactics and selection chop and change after each match, I just don't get it. And playing Matic every game is counter productive as he loos knackered.

I've said it all along changing managers may see a change of style of play but it won't change the deeper problems in the club.

9.) 03 Dec 2018
02 Dec 2018 23:36:04
Will the club be looking at any changes regarding woodward if he carries on ignoring most people/ advisors opinions?

10.) 03 Dec 2018
03 Dec 2018 08:06:15
What members of the Glazer family are pulling the strings?

11.) 03 Dec 2018
02 Dec 2018 21:05:25
Cheers ed. Always perplexed as to those on here who think Jose is past it etc.

12.) 03 Dec 2018
02 Dec 2018 23:31:46
Ed002, obviously if a director of football came in then they would take over a lot of duties that Woodward himself does. Is he stalling to appoint someone in this position because he doesn't want to relinquish that control or should I take this to the conspiracy pages?

13.) 03 Dec 2018
02 Dec 2018 23:41:43
Ed 002 if as you say EW has largely ignored the advice of advisors then does that mean the clubs owners are aware he has and are backing him and his judgement over the advisors / Jose. If so even they must surely be worried about the financial impact it will inevitably have on the club and thus their pockets. Is there anytji g you can see in the immediate future that is going to change drastically to enable the club to move forward.

{Ed002's Note - The ownersdo not get involved with the day to day running of the club.}

14.) 04 Dec 2018
04 Dec 2018 01:39:24
Thanks as ever Ed 002 for your insights. I find it interesting that the owners of what tiny is obviously really just one more of their businesses do not take a more hands on approach when things are obviously not going well and there has been a decline for years. I am. not saying that they would be getting involved in the minutae of daily life at Man Utd but I would have thought they would be asking probing questions of all the senior people and players and drawing their own conclusions and deciding who is mainly responsible for the decline and try to take decisive positive action.

{Ed002's Note - Ok.}