25 Sep 2020 18:50:58
All the talk is about buying players, i'm more worried about the form of our current players. Rash hasn't play good game since coming back from his injury, Bruno has faded a lot since Pogba came back, Pogba still can't be arsed, Maguire and Lindelof have been poor, AWB doesn't want pass the half way line. Everyone seem to think if we sign Sancho everything will be fine, I'm not so sure. Hopefully they all can get their form back otherwise it's going to a long season even with Sancho.

1.) 25 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020 19:17:43

2.) 25 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020 20:32:15
We’ve played 2 AJH. We won the 2nd. But we don’t discuss wins on here 😂.

3.) 25 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020 20:47:57
So what AJH. We are discussing the current state of the Man Utd squad and the potential transfers. The amount of games we have played is irrelevant.

4.) 25 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020 20:55:22
It’s not irrelevant unless you are a plant pot. We were one of the best teams post lockdown but after losing our first league game we are now doomed to endless failure, we need to buy 20 players, our existing squad is crap.

This site is doing my head in, irrational views based on I don’t know what. Constant negativity with little fact do back it up.

5.) 25 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020 22:02:51
"we need to buy 20 players, our existing squad is crap", yeah well since you mention it that's pretty much the case if we have any ambition of winning the league and dare I say it the Champions League.

In addition we have about a dozen rubbish players we can't get rid of so its actually worse than what you're saying.

6.) 25 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020 22:41:29
We may not be in the same cycle as the City/ Liverpool one which is dominating currently. However, we've a cracking squad full of young talent who seem to have a good mentality and are relatively grounded. A few additions here and there - perhaps a top RW and a new top level DM next year - and I think when the youngsters are hitting their prime in 2-3 years, we'll have a team capable of honours across the board.

Yes there's a lot of bloating to the squad, and it needs trimming. And yes, Ole may not be the top level coach that will get us said honours. But if you can't see there is a core of quality young players in this squad with the potential to play some cracking attacking football, then I don't know what you've been watching. The hyperbole and lack of patience amongst some fans leads me to despair - I don't know if this is a modern culture of needing instant results or what, but it is exhausting and I feel like some people need to step back and have a look at the wider picture.

7.) 25 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020 22:55:23
Ajh you posted this a few days ago 😂😂 i think most of us you included have posted negative posts about the squad or manager or whatever so who is the plant pot? Maybe we all are😂
I think its proves what all of us are feeling which is poor frustration and a flip flop of emotions.
Sep 2020 20:12:15
It’s pretty mad on here at the moment, sadly there is a mood that is prevailing and if you don’t agree with the group view then it appear you are clearly insane or deluded. Hey ho.

I’ve been posting less lately as it feel like hard work but for what it’s worth here’s what I think we should do right now (I have no confidence any of this will happen) .

1. Make Henderson number 1, sell DDG to anyone who will take him. DDG has been erratic for a while and his time has passed. Harsh possibly but Henderson is ready and DDG is the highest paid player. Get whatever fee we can, lose the salary, have a more commanding GK. What’s not to like?

2. Sell Pogba to anyone who will take him for whatever fee we can (see above) . Donny is the creative replacement and will contribute more and be injured less. No brainier.

3. Sign a LB and a CB urgently. Step Lindelof down, take whatever money we can get for Smalling, Jones, and Rojo. Stop fannying about, lose the wages, secure some funds, whatever they are. With a new LB, CB, and Hendo, we will have much more confident back four.

4. Find a right winger that isn’t Sancho. The fee being talked about is obscene, tell Dortmund to f£&* off, find an alternative, crack on, get them signed and move on.

5. Find a DM who can replace Matic, whether it be Rice or ANO, just get it done.

6. Sell Lingard, even if it’s for a bag of minstrels and 2 balloons.

That’s the players sorted, sadly even that level of decisiveness will be a short term fix as there are endemic problems with the structure in the club it we can only hope.


8.) 25 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020 23:07:48

As pointed out at the time that was a well written piece by Tony without silly overreactions, sensible points that many agreed with. You had a go at me for being the ‘police of the site’ recently, yet maybe you were just worried I was stepping on your toes?

9.) 25 Sep 2020
25 Sep 2020 23:19:31
Yh pogba was one of our better performers post lockdown yet ajh wants him sold at any price. Seems like an overreaction to me as well as van de beek being a shiny new toy that people haven't had enough of yet.

10.) 26 Sep 2020
26 Sep 2020 00:01:41
Funny, I've found the mood to be quite the opposite. It seems anyone who shows any belief or hope that this team, and this manager might do ok, gets sneered at by the cool kids and their friendly Ed.

I'm just happy to see a proper Utd fan like GDS, and a good contributor to the page like Shappy, manage a few posts without the inevitable red type after them.

I would just add, and I know it's easy to forget as this drags on and loses it's earlier shock value, but there really are more important things than a football match just now, and sometimes a little bit of perspective wouldn't go amiss.

No doubt, I'll get told to get off my high horse, now.

11.) 26 Sep 2020
26 Sep 2020 00:08:00
gds and yet when you come on with your sarcastic remakes to pople we are supposed to take what you say as gospel. it is a good job people are different or the world would become quiet boring.

12.) 26 Sep 2020
26 Sep 2020 00:19:08
Gds you miss the irony and the fact i said most of us are the same.
But i'd sort of expect that.
Noucamp i agree there are so many more important things going on in the world i don't think anyone could disagree with that.

13.) 26 Sep 2020
26 Sep 2020 00:40:51
Maybe define what's good and what's not so good before we start . There are clearly two teams with better players and better managers than us, we are in a bunch of other teams decent but behind those two .
Does that mean finishing third is a success, yes and no .
Yes if we put up a good show fight, entertain and push them hard, no if come the end of november it's obvious we are pretty much out of it and haven't really challenged them at all again .
Accepting there are teams better who are likely to finish above isn't the same as accepting they are ahead by a landslide and not laying a glove on them.

14.) 26 Sep 2020
26 Sep 2020 01:05:30
Ajh you had a different tune the other day. Will you get off the fence.

15.) 26 Sep 2020
26 Sep 2020 06:38:42
I didn't have a different tune, I outlined what I felt needed to happen and why.

I also posted that I thought we have a good team who will be competitive but not at Liverpool or City's level.

People seem to want to make things black or white when sometimes there needs to be nuance.

My beef is with the one liners saying we're crap with no explanation, basically a whinge that adds little.

The OP is worried about players form after 1 game, seems like an unnecessary overreaction to me.

Ken, if you can't see the difference between my post that you've pasted in and the one liners I'm talking about, then there's no point in even trying to discuss it.

16.) 26 Sep 2020
26 Sep 2020 07:56:30
We are 1 league game into the season after finishing 3rd last season .
You would think we had come of a season finishing mid table .
People set ole the target of top 3 until he got 3rd .
But 1 league defeat has justified all the negativity so its all come rolling back out from all the same people .

17.) 26 Sep 2020
26 Sep 2020 09:09:56

You’d sort of expect that? 😂 careful, you’re turning into Ed43 again, spooky.

Daz, I’ve never once said you have to take anything I say as gospel mate, thanks for thinking you do though, it’s appreciated.

{Ed047's Note - bless you fella, I feel yours, Nou’s and AJH’s pain, it must be a living hell not being in this fantasy “Cool Gang” 🤦‍♂️

18.) 26 Sep 2020
26 Sep 2020 09:18:17
So you can moan but it has to articulate ajh? And well reasoned in your opinion?
Nah you just like everybody else you moaning and negativity is no more special than anybody else's.
Swap lingard for a bag of minstrels?
Sell ddg if anyone would want him?
Get rid of pogba to anyone who will take him.
Mighty respectful and articulate and well reasoned.
😂 defiantly not moaning.

{Ed047's Note - I’ll do my best to follow the correct procedure from now on Ken. My bad.

19.) 26 Sep 2020
26 Sep 2020 09:41:55
But your a cool kid ed047😂😂 honestly more faces than big ben some people have.

{Ed047's Note - I’m saying nothing! 🤣

20.) 26 Sep 2020
26 Sep 2020 11:52:24
Some people are such brown noses as well.

{Ed047's Note - I don’t think of you like that Nou

21.) 26 Sep 2020
26 Sep 2020 11:53:51
Sorry, forgot to put a 😂 at the end of that last post. Just joshing after all 😂.

{Ed047's Note - it’s a banter site Nou, we all are 🤣

22.) 26 Sep 2020
26 Sep 2020 11:52:24
Some people are such brown noses as well.

{Ed047's Note - I don’t think of you like that Nou

23.) 26 Sep 2020
26 Sep 2020 11:53:51
Sorry, forgot to put a 😂 at the end of that last post. Just joshing after all 😂.

{Ed047's Note - it’s a banter site Nou, we all are 🤣

24.) 26 Sep 2020
26 Sep 2020 13:05:20
Everyone's a bit tetchy, Ed047. Same every window, mate.

{Ed047's Note - they are Nou and especially for United as you all want to get back on top.

As a gooner I’m frustrated at our transfer windows for what seems like forever.

25.) 26 Sep 2020
26 Sep 2020 13:05:45

{Ed047's Note - 😉👍🏼