04 Oct 2020 19:05:18
I think Bruno 100% had a falling out with either Maguire or the team.
No way he needs to be substituted.
Maybe he went and blasted the team for the rubbish show and Ole substituted him and he didn't come on.
Ole is a weak man. Pogba should be coming off, Matic should be made CB and Maguire should be coming off. AWB: He looks like Valencia when his legs were gone, so so bad, makes Ashley Young look a world beater.

People will slate martial, but so many bad performances all over the pitch.

Pogba, Maguire, AWB all were a disgrace to the jersey.

Shaw was bad, out of position but I don't think Maguire helps him.

Enough is enough, the staff needs to let go because the players won't and Woody won't.

Get a new manager bounce whatever, I don't really care. Ole needs to go, he should be making it a back 5 and do damage limitation. Idiotic.

1.) 04 Oct 2020
04 Oct 2020 19:21:22
Perhaps he subbed players at half time because he saw no coming back from that result with a player less on the pitch?

2.) 04 Oct 2020
04 Oct 2020 19:23:35
I agree completely I couldn’t believe Bruno was taken off, mind you I couldn’t believe a lot of what happened today😁.