29 Oct 2020 19:40:23
Very interesting and enjoyable game last night, I don’t remember seeing so many players do so well at the same time. The energy and focus was great but it did leave me wondering why so often it seems to be missing.

This team reminds me of the SAF team f the early 1990s. Inconsistent, sometimes average, sometimes brilliant, on their day they could beat anyone and it seems we find ourselves in the same situation. Looked poor against a Palace, dreadful against Spurs, okayish against Chelsea and then magnificent last night.

Perhaps we were undercooked and not season ready, perhaps there is another reason but right now we seem to have a strong squad all playing well. Fred has been immense in breaking up play, Pogba was a different player last night (just one game though), Rashford and Fernandes remain the class of the team, and even Martial is putting a shift in. Is it the competition for places, has the penny finally dropped, or am I getting carried away with last night?

Whatever, this season is already an odd one, results are all over the place. If we can have some form of consistency then who knows what we might achieve.

One final point. The emotional reactions we see on here to every game are understandable but we need to take a step back and see the bigger picture. We’ve played pretty well now for 4 games, 3 wins and a draw against some good teams, but if don’t play well against Arsenal then I’m sure there will be another meltdown. Let’s just enjoy the ride. 3rd last year and 2 semi finals, no reason why we can’t improve this year.

1.) 29 Oct 2020
29 Oct 2020 20:12:26
Ole has come out and said we were under-prepared at the start of the season.
Players were given extra 2 weeks off after Europa.
Some players went to countries, where they had to quarantine for 2 weeks on return.
On the first week of training, there were just 4 players.

The fitness levels now when compared to first two weeks shows miles of improvement.

2.) 29 Oct 2020
29 Oct 2020 20:43:28
I think it was pretty obvious we where undercooked, we had 1 friendly and not all the players played in it .

3.) 29 Oct 2020
29 Oct 2020 20:53:40
The biggest plus for me is that we aren’t relying on the same 11 for every game, we suddenly have depth. The subs bench last night was awesome.

4.) 29 Oct 2020
29 Oct 2020 22:38:10
Like every other team had a full pre season, excuses, we started poorly, just say it not make out we was undercooked, everybody was.

5.) 29 Oct 2020
29 Oct 2020 23:38:37
There is no doubt none of our players or very few were in March shape but as you say wrd neither was anybody else.
Imo there was a bit of a hangover from the damp squib finish of losing to semi finals and having to wait till last game of the season to secure a cl spot, plus the maguire and greenwood episodes but a negative vibe on everything Manchester United related in the press. ( aside from rashford)
Last night i was really proud of the team manager included and i can count on 1 hand the amount of times I've felt like that in the last 12 months. When they play like that i feel they represent me as a supporter and i can't ask for more than that. But as a supporter i want to feel like that every week win lose or draw.

6.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 00:28:03
Palace had already played a few games though and their season finished weeks before ours, it was quite obvious why we lost the palace game, to ignore the mitigating factors is just being ridiculous for the sake of it.

7.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 00:34:28
i will wait till sunday to see if he has turned a corner. if he sets up like the chelsea game not to loose. then fans have every right to rip him a new one after the other night. because his lame excuse they were tiered won't work as arsenal played a day later. let's see.

8.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 06:31:19

Agreed. I was delighted to see Wednesday night. You mentioned the two semi finals, that’s where managers must make a difference and winning games like Wednesday so handsomely mean little if we don’t actually win something at the end of the season. Ron Atkinson did that, lovely to watch whilst the Scouse picked up all the trophies. I guess that Chelsea semi really rankled me as it was a great opportunity totally spurned by a negative approach. That leads me on to what Daz said above. Yes we need to see a positive outlook on Sunday, impose our game on them. If we see the Chelsea don’t lose attitude again it will be disappointing to say the least.

9.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 06:47:11
Gds exactly crystal palace played 4 friendlies and had a preseason.
United played villa and didn't have a good few available.
Bug that's doesn't fit the narrative.

10.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 06:59:04
I think some people expect us to win every game 5.0. It simply doesn't work like that .
You need to win some games ugly you need to win some games when you don't play well .
Some games you just don't want to lose .
You build confidence and momentum over a period of time .
People are that desperate to find a negative they jump on every little thing and continuously move the goal post .
Thd yard stick was achieving top 4 until we finished 3rd, then it suddenly changed?

11.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 07:30:48
Who expects us to win every game jred?

12.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 08:20:36

I expect us to TRY to win every game, especially at home, unlike the Chelsea attitude.

13.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 09:19:53
We relied heavily on our starting 11 last season, we had to to be honest but so far ole has rotated his squad very well .
Strong bench last night but a tough game squeezed in-between Chelsea and arsenal on the back of psg .
Squad management has been really good, brave choice leaving rash and bruno on the bench.

14.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 09:42:55
Red Man, United did try and win the Chelsea game. Ole brought on Cavani and Pogba at 58 minutes, he brought on Greenwood for the last 10 minutes.

He set up to be defensively solid, but in context of us conceding 7 goals in our last two league games prior to the Chelsea match it was obvious where we needed to improve and that we needed to keep things tight. Ole went for the win, Lampard was happy to go for the draw.

Forget the comments made afterwards. Ole's job is to get the best out of our players. They had a tough start to the season and needed building up. Tearing into them and saying a draw isn't good enough wouldn't help. What managers say in the press is 90% bolloxology as ken would say.

Wenger never saw his team commit a foul, yet could see clear as day incidents against his side on the far side of the pitch and would discuss them at length in interviews.

15.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 10:18:00
Chelsea come for 1.0 they played a back 5 with jorghino and kante sat infront of them .
To be fair to them they played it well but it certainly made for a poor game.
We finished the game with pogba, bruno, rash cavani and greenwood on the pitch.
So of course we tried to win the game but sometimes you do have to take the other team in to account and give them some credit.

16.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 11:33:11
Jred/ Shappy

You both know teams will come to OT to do that but I don’t expect the Manager of Manchester United to set us up not to lose. You know he did that, his own comments confirmed it. We started the Chelsea game not to lose. We need to see a far more positive intent, hopefully on Sunday.

17.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 11:46:10
Redman, stop arguing please. You will not win. So be like Ole and don't try to win. Just come here after a win and post a positive feeling and then when we are poor, just skip the page and go have a nice family time. Try that, it works.

18.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 11:50:40
Of course we tried to win your just desperately trying to find a negative after a good run . Its all very bitter.

19.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 12:58:08

You just have to read Oles comments on the Chelsea game. We had a long post on it.

I don’t get this bitter nonsense, unless you think I am bitter because we won a game? No idea what you are on about

I just observe and comment without Ole tinted specs. We won well the other night, I expect a more positive attitude going forward in the same vein. That’s it.

Understand Shan, they won’t stop but I won’t stand down either.

20.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 13:33:59
Redman so we brung cavani pogba and greenwood on to protect thd 0.0?
And yes you always sound bitter when we win .

21.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 13:34:57
I think everybody acknowledges when we have played well but not everybody recognises or admits when we don't play well.
Its typical of a lot of supporters who think its wrong to criticise your team.
When we play badly and there have been lots of occasions some like to ignore that or stick their head on the sand. Sing when you're winning mentality. Its the difference beteeen a realist and someone who sees everything through red tinned glasses with clouds amounts of bias.
I laugh at the double standards.
Redman you are being classed as bitter. But jred would never have classed himself bitter when he moaned at every opportunity towards the end of jose and lvg or ibra or sanchez etc.

22.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 14:18:38

When we play well we get posts like ‘we did well and the subs were good but so they should be with £200m on the bench’, that’s exactly the same as people giving mitigating factors for when we don’t play well, people have to give a ‘but’.

There is a huge difference between not playing to win and what we did last week, the last 2 league home games we struggled first half and conceded too many so against Chelsea he made sure we were still well in the game.

After the game on Wednesday a certain person on the chat said ‘shappy and GDS will be unbearable’ that makes absolutely zero sense to me, unbearable because we won? Shouldn’t we all be happy about that, why would us being happy that we won annoy any other united fan, makes absolutely no sense to me, we should all be unbearable to opposition fans, we beat Leipzig 5-0.

23.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 15:30:23
I think the important word here is intent. I think all the "negative ones" that includes myself, agree that the subs in the Chelsea game were forwards/ attacking players but was there an intent or were there specific instructions to those subs on how to score or create chances. I didn't see the proverbial "throwing the kitchen sink". We hardly created any chances of note that day. I say if we played half as well against Chelsea as we did against RBL, we comfortably beat them.

24.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 16:31:33
He doesn't bring on attacking subs, he's too negative. He brings on attacking subs, er, yeah but were they really sent on to attack? 😂.

25.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 16:41:41
Stevie its not quite that difficult to understand, unless you are just, what's that word that i was called, yeah "trolling". You can have 10 Ronaldos and Schmiechel in goal but unless there is intent you will still see a boring 0-0.

26.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 17:09:06
Aye, ok Shan.

27.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 17:15:54
Jred only says the players that finished the game . Not the players that started against Chelsea which is most important. A back 4, double pivot with Fred and Scot Mata at right wing and the most "defensive" left winger in James.

So we had seven player with the duty to only defend (make sure they have no space) . It was clear that we tried not to lose and in the second half we made some chances to try to win it.

What Red Man says is that is unacceptable in your own ground to set up a team not to lose . Unless of course your opponent is a generation team, I don't think Chelsea is.

28.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 17:16:22
You don't get posts like that from me Gds2 ill call it as i see it good or bad.
I don't know who said that on the chat but nobody likes reading gloaters and i told you so's and yourself and shappy along with a couple of others write your i told you so's with great glee. So i can understand someone writing that. If that had been said out loud i'm sure the tone would have let you know it was a joke. But they knew that within 24hrs the gloating would be there to read 😁so it was said with accuracy but in jest i'm quite sure.
By the way every poster on here has written 'i told you so's but as you know some bathe in the opportunity for a lot longer and more exhaustingly than others on either side of the ole debate.
Jred finds redman bitter
Someone finds your attitude unbearable at times
My direct views are not liked by many nor is the way i make them.

Lots of posters write on emotion some on logic some on fantasy.
Its a nut house i wouldn't worry about or pay any much attention to much written on here as most of its a load of old bolloxology😂.

29.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 22:02:58
Let's be honest most can see the good and thd bad .
Some can see the good through gritted teeth and use any thing negative as as the managers fault.
And I mean anything.
Don't forget ole is destroying everything manchester united stands for 😂.

Yes the same players that started against Newcastle when we won 4.1 the game before .
Ole has rotated the squad well over the past 3 week when we havd been playing every 3 or 4 days.

30.) 30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020 22:49:55
Shan made a good summary . The intention to attack was clearly not there. For some posters trying on your own ground not to lose is unacceptable. What's wrong with this? what's your problem?
You can make as much excuses as you want, we haven't won in 5 league home matches in a row . For you is ok? Ok, for me its not.

31.) 31 Oct 2020
31 Oct 2020 03:52:10
Herrera we have lost 2 league games since February.
Just beat rb and psg .
Like I said above we are not going to win every game .

32.) 31 Oct 2020
31 Oct 2020 08:23:07

I forget the exact years but if we had lost against Chelsea it would have been the worst first three home games since the 1930’s, as it is it’s the worst for about 28 years.

33.) 31 Oct 2020
31 Oct 2020 13:57:25
Redman and our away form is the best ever run . what's your point?

34.) 31 Oct 2020
31 Oct 2020 15:17:57
And we lost two home games since September Jred, what about that? Its not the point anyway, we tried not to lose and for some people its unacceptable.