06 Nov 2020 14:54:46
Sir Matt Busby until Sir Alex was undisputed our best manager. While even after the exploits of Sir Alex for many it is still Busby who is considered the greatest.

Could lighting strike twice?

If Ole is to be sacked how would Manchester United fans feel about a manager coming in who was synonymous with Liverpool?

I am of course talking about Steven Gerrard.

Going one step further, how would United feel if Gerrard won United our first EPL title post Sir Alex Ferguson?

Could you cheer him on?

1.) 06 Nov 2020
06 Nov 2020 15:18:28

2.) 06 Nov 2020
06 Nov 2020 15:30:02
Would rather keep ole and get relegated.

3.) 06 Nov 2020
06 Nov 2020 15:47:50
The club comes first. I could never see Gérard taking the job but if he did I woukd support him as much as I would any manager.

4.) 06 Nov 2020
06 Nov 2020 16:08:11
Stop shappy.

5.) 06 Nov 2020
06 Nov 2020 16:59:12
I struggled with Rooney, and he was an Evertonian!

{Ed047's Note - Ole’s come out fighting today so he’ll be with you a few more years yet. So no need to panic. 😉

6.) 06 Nov 2020
06 Nov 2020 17:24:38
Lolll Shappy have you got a thing for Gerrard?

7.) 06 Nov 2020
06 Nov 2020 17:51:42
So I found the line then, Ole out, unless it means Gerrard in🤣.

8.) 06 Nov 2020
06 Nov 2020 19:39:51
Ignoring Gerrard's connection, what management credentials exactly has Liverpool's finest son got which qualifies him as United material?
Ole's been lambasted with his lack of winning silverware so clearly we'd be calling Stevie G a PTE teacher too yes?

I'm not even sure Pochettino is the man for the same reason - he hasn't won anything.

Allegri and Conte would be stronger contenders. Though whether their style suits is a different matter.

Pochettino is surely the next United manager though. More than likely by the end of the month if not the week.

9.) 06 Nov 2020
06 Nov 2020 19:59:55
So Shappy is working on project fear, if GIggs doesn’t frighten you into supporting Ole, will the shadow of Gerrard do it?

How about simplicity, Ole is the failed Cardiff manager, needs to move on, we are not going to be frightened into keeping him by the fear of GIggs, Gerrard or anyone else we don’t want.

10.) 06 Nov 2020
06 Nov 2020 20:08:40
Why is this the 3rd time i’ve read this opinion this week.

And last week somebody who phoned into Talk Sport with the same opinion won the numpty of the week award.

i’m lost for words.

11.) 06 Nov 2020
06 Nov 2020 20:13:41
Red Man, he was having a laugh. Stop being so paranoid.

12.) 06 Nov 2020
06 Nov 2020 21:00:28
🎣🎣🎣 got a bucket load🤣🤣🤣.

13.) 07 Nov 2020
07 Nov 2020 00:12:40

14.) 07 Nov 2020
07 Nov 2020 08:42:25
Fair play if you were fishing shappy but we both know you were being serious as you’ve mentioned it before.

15.) 07 Nov 2020
07 Nov 2020 09:00:18
Owen and Smudge were welcomed at United, why not Gerrard. He is Liverpool bound though when Klopp moves on.

16.) 07 Nov 2020
07 Nov 2020 10:49:08
Lol wazza, you reckon it was a serious point, backfired and now shappy says 'Got Ya! '.

I have seen him mention Gerrard a couple do times.

17.) 07 Nov 2020
07 Nov 2020 10:59:31
Shappy suggested Giggs seriously a few weeks ago, such a ridiculous suggestion that he is now trying to make out he was or is joking.