06 Nov 2020 20:50:40
So what's the feeling for tomorrow.
The Everton train came to a slow down losing to Liverpool and Newcastle in their last 2 games. They will be looking for a good reaction to get back to winning ways.
United find ourselves in the same position needing a win to go into the intl break in better shape.
Im hoping for a win obviously. But what team starts?
What shape or formation will we see?
It seems like every time there is personelle change the whole shape formation and tactics change. it seems really strange that we chop and change so much.
Im sure lindelof will play midfield I've no idea.
Perhaps matic vdb and pogba will be subs and he will look to the trio of fred mctom and bruno and get his 3 forwards rash martial and greenwood on. that's the players that delivered for him when he needed them lady season. I expect him to turn to them tomorrow.
But that means moving away from the recent diamond which accommodates vdb or pogba or mata. And the 2 up front.
If he sticks to that formation that means only 2 of the front 3 play and 1 of vdb pogba or mata play.
I hope ole goes to his go to guys.

{Ed025's Note - we never actually lost to liverpool ken it was southampton and the barcodes, but the fact is we are poor when we have our better players out and richarlison will be a big loss for us tomorrow, i see 2 teams with not much confidence yet with the squad united have it should really be a 1 horse race, but im expecting a bore draw myself unless there is an early goal for united, i would love it to be a footballing spectacle but what with our tepid squad and your insipid manager maybe a draw will suit both of us mate..

1.) 06 Nov 2020
06 Nov 2020 21:19:12
Im afraid the Poch deal is already done and the international break gives the club more time get things in place . See ya OGS but you should never of been given a long term deal #stayalegend 😁😁.

2.) 06 Nov 2020
06 Nov 2020 21:52:26
Ole will always be a playing legend no matter what. Shame history won't show him as a managerial one too. The knives will be out if we lose to Everton but if we have made a deal with Pochettino it makes sense to change manager in the international break regardless.

3.) 06 Nov 2020
06 Nov 2020 22:02:29
Sorry ed025. My bad.
Yeah i see a draw because i think both will look not to lose.
Its a funny situation that ed.
You are poor when your best players are out.
United are poor when the 'best' players playπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

{Ed025's Note - united certainly have the quality ken and man for man are miles above everton, the problem for me is that you have 11 individuals rather than a team and a manager who doesn,t know how to set up a side, so yeah mate a draw seems very likely..

4.) 06 Nov 2020
06 Nov 2020 22:03:03
Sorry to break it to you guys, but Ole is not going anywhere for a while yet.

5.) 06 Nov 2020
06 Nov 2020 23:10:39
You're right remi, that tree is only starting to grow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

{Ed025's Note - but if you lose tomorrow angel the board will do to ollie what jack done to the beanstalk mate.. :)

6.) 07 Nov 2020
07 Nov 2020 07:11:41
Is Ole the giant in this story ed?

{Ed025's Note - very much so angel, marcus rashford is the goose thet laid the golden egg, and i expect the rest of the pantomime that is manchester united to be played out over the next couple of weeks mate..

7.) 07 Nov 2020
07 Nov 2020 07:57:30
We will lose 3-0.

{Ed025's Note - that wont happen welsh, without richarlison the threat everton pose is very little attacking wise, it will be more a war of attrition i think with both teams being a bit low on confidence so im going for a draw mate..

8.) 07 Nov 2020
07 Nov 2020 10:47:56
Good man ed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. How are you feeling about the game? Everton need to get back to winning ways and considering how we have been playing, could be a great time. I'm sure Ancelotti will know not to give us space at the back.

{Ed025's Note - it could be anyting today angel, 3-0, 0-3, or a 0-0 draw mate, 2 very inconsistent sides and if there is a result it will probable hinge on a mistake from either mina or maguire mate..

9.) 07 Nov 2020
07 Nov 2020 15:58:00
Having watched Ole's presser yesterday he looked like a lost soul. Depressing to watch and really made me feel sorry for a United legend. But he really has to be replaced. Sad to see.