08 Nov 2020 13:24:08
The other team are always poor, or we got lucky.

{Ed047's Note - I know you’re joking Nou and any win is a win.

I just think the reality is, fans want you to win at your swashbuckling best as you did under Fergie.

When that doesn’t happen fans are never as excited, so winning ugly doesn’t satisfy some, if you know what I mean.

1.) 08 Nov 2020
08 Nov 2020 13:43:17
Winning ugly was a hallmark of some of our best teams. For every swashbuckling 3 or 4 goal triumph there was a scrappy 1-0 that ultimately won us lots. Winning ugly is actually a sign of champions.

2.) 08 Nov 2020
08 Nov 2020 16:29:41
This is the myth under Fergie. We were never always swashbuckling. We just won.

Genuinely torn on OGS - obviously I love him, and one week he gets us playing brilliantly, the next it is utter dross. Genuinely think a change in assistant manager/ coaching set up would help him.

Trying not to get into the match to match mindset of being up and down. He’s done a great job of moving on players that shouldn’t be there - and brought in some good players. As I say - just desperately want him to do well. My fear is he can’t take the team any further though.

3.) 08 Nov 2020
08 Nov 2020 17:51:36
Agree, Eric. I messed up a reply to Ed, so you've saved me a bit of time. It was a tongue in cheek post, but with a serious point.

As regards to your comment, Ed, We haven't been swashbuckling for nearly ten years, now, and that included the last few years under Fergie. We all want that, I agree. Honestly though, I do prefer, in general, watching us now compared to under the last three incumbents.

{Ed047's Note - I was really referring to your best years under Fergie Nou.

It was just a feeling that like us with Wenger in his pomp, no matter what we do, it doesn’t seem good enough.

I think we put to much expectation on managers to reproduce stuff that we once took for granted.

4.) 08 Nov 2020
08 Nov 2020 19:02:55
The league is so tight this season, Liverpool have dropped as many points after 8 games than they did in 28 last season, its a mad season, everton would have gone too with a win yesterday but people are saying how poor they were and we beat a poor Everton. We need to go on a run of form like we did last season, I’m not saying it’s going to happen but if it did we aren’t that far behind with a long way to go. I think it’s a very interesting season.

5.) 09 Nov 2020
09 Nov 2020 00:57:34
City are 2 points and 3 goal difference above us. Are they in turmoil?

Very early in season yet. Need to keep level headed when we win and lose. Need to stick together as a club, more difficult when the fans aren't in the ground.

Could easily see an unusual team win the league this year.

6.) 09 Nov 2020
09 Nov 2020 05:00:16
Hypothetically City finish the season in 15th position with 45 points and we finish 16th with 43 points, is that a good season for you Dodgy?

I prefer to look at the team at the top of the table rather than fix my eyes for one team. Couldn't care less where Liverpool or City finish, its the team at the top that we need to look at in order to compete. let's not be Arsenal. Look at it this way, if Liverpool or City are not at the top, why aren't we there. We have a settled squad, a wordclass manager incharge for 2 years, a definite set style of play so why aren't we at the top?