29 Nov 2020 22:07:44
On Cavani, totally agree on his movement and abilities, we just need to get the right players on the ball to read his runs now, credit to Rash today for spotting it and delivering. Might need to watch him now with two games each week, and not over play him at his age. But could be a great signing. Even last week with Rash and Martial either side it worked very well.

1.) 30 Nov 2020
29 Nov 2020 22:59:42
Might not have to worry about him playing premier league games for a few weeks now anyway.

2.) 30 Nov 2020
30 Nov 2020 03:05:32
Shame he’ll probably be suspended for the next three messages. Idiot. I understand there are cultural differences, but given the incident between Suarez and Evra he really should have known better. No sympathy whatsoever for him.

3.) 30 Nov 2020
30 Nov 2020 07:03:30

What a dufus!

First I've heard of it and it's really annoyed me.

Although for the first time I can sympathise with the scousers who backed suarez. Not because I think they were right, or that I think Cavani is right to have said it, but I did, just for a momemnt, get that twinge of a desire to be understanding that it wasn't meant to be insulting, before reality sunk in about what an utterly stupid thing it is to post and how he quite simply should have known better.

Disappointed in him.

{Ed0666's Note - It doesn’t look good for Cavani as the precedent has been set from the Suarez incident. Also players officials etc are taking a knee before the start of every game and so cavani can’t use ignorance as an excuse. I’d be amazed if he didn’t get a ban.

4.) 30 Nov 2020
30 Nov 2020 08:16:51
Honestly Ed, I'd ban him myself. It's bordering on farcical given the current climate.

5.) 30 Nov 2020
30 Nov 2020 09:31:07
Not good but it is different. He took it down immediately he was told, the problem with the Suarez incident was the continual denying and refusal to apologise.

6.) 30 Nov 2020
30 Nov 2020 10:32:23
There’s a huge difference between the words they used, one is affectionate, one is an insult. And when you consider the context, it is even more clear that there is a gaping chasm between what Cavani said and what Suarez said. With that said, I suspect he’ll be banned nonetheless, and whilst Cavani is new to the Premier League, and probably English as a language, it was a bit daft.

7.) 30 Nov 2020
30 Nov 2020 12:00:58
Agree that I don't think it was intended in a negative way whatsoever. But in the current climate especially, a senior player should no better.

8.) 30 Nov 2020
30 Nov 2020 15:23:22
I think it shows how much further clubs need to go with players and either their growth when young or cultural understanding when players join.
Ultimately though the player needs to take responsibility and I would love for Cavani to put something out to say he understands now why this has caused a problem. Willing to learn and take whatever punishment is given.
The club can then work with him over the remainder of his time with us.

9.) 30 Nov 2020
30 Nov 2020 16:31:55
While I'm fairly sure he didn't say it to offend or upset, and it may well have been used in an affectionate way (I've known a few people who have an affectionate nickname within their family/ friends which references their darker skin tone in reference to their families/ friends) .

That said, sadly when you play for a top English club you have a responsibility to act and behave in a certain way. That extends to having a responsibility to make sure that what you say doesn't upset across cultural boundaries.

10.) 01 Dec 2020
01 Dec 2020 15:38:46
Problem is the rules are against discrimination, Cavani did not discriminate. It's nothing like with Evra/ Suarez as in that situation Suarez was addressing an adversary and used a different word, not the word used by Cavani. Surely there's something colonialist about imposing British views on foreign cultures, but then again there's probably something colonialist in the term used by Cavani, even though it is used in an endearing way. That being said, it was a silly mistake, but one that could have been avoided with better communication, surely the club should have a responsibility to check or proof social media message, if not the club, then a person allocated to the player. Context is everything, and in the context used by Cavani, it was not discriminatory, albeit somewhat ignorant of British culture (although the message was not addressed to someone in Britain I believe) and a little silly.

11.) 01 Dec 2020
01 Dec 2020 16:54:34
Not sure it can be compared directly with Suarez as Suarez was using the term to racially abuse somebody rather than it being misguidedly used as a term of affection. It’s more in line with the Bernardo Silva / Mendy incident. Given the current climate though, I do expect the length of the ban to be closer to Suarez’ thanks Silva’s.

12.) 01 Dec 2020
01 Dec 2020 16:57:05
Question: was it a post from him, i.e his own words or did he share a post from someone else and what was the context?

Either way he should have known better. We will likely miss him for over 5 games possibly more. But he gets no sympathy from me. He simply should have known better.

13.) 01 Dec 2020
01 Dec 2020 16:58:25
How are people comparing the 2 incidents? Read the Suarez report by the FA, they admitted the word Cavani used is not racist and that Suarez admitted using a different word which is. They are also very different in context. He will get a ban because of the ridiculous witch hunt and lack of understanding but it’s a joke.