06 Jan 2021 22:37:01
Ole said this was a better united than last seasons semi final.
We lost this year by 2 goals.
We lost last year by 1 goal.
Against a much worse city team.
The man is completely delusional.

1.) 07 Jan 2021
07 Jan 2021 00:13:54
What's worrying to me is the performances against the better teams. When Ole joined it was his results against them that kept him in a job. We were fearless against them, played some great football and Oles record against the big 6 Was fantastic. I recall a woeful run of 2 wins in 14 games and we had Jose's Spurs and City. We beat both of them and kicked on.

Now something has changed. We play with fear when it matters. 4 semi finals and the two games in the Champions league to get a point. If you purely look at performances, not a good one amongst them and the worst United performance iv ever seen in the FA Cup against Chelsea.

Has Ole getting results against the weaker teams meant he's happy to play for a draw in these games in the league? In the cups we have been well beaten each time.

Is the Fred and McTominay partnership like rubber sheets for him just In case he wets bed?

The structure of this team needs to change if we want to win trophies. Ole and the team have done well to climb up the league. Now is the time to ditch the rubber sheets and start trying to beat our rivals.

2.) 07 Jan 2021
07 Jan 2021 01:16:08
You all know i am not Oles biggest fan but yes this year we were better against them. Last year (you can rewatch the game) they must have scored 5 goals in first half alone.
Mumbles i disagree, we weren't well beaten. Against Chelsea althought we weren't decent we had control of the match and neither team had many chances. Then Maguire injured our player, referee didn't give us a penalty and we conceded a goal at the end of halftime (i think) . Against Sevilla we were the best team . Today althought we weren't perfect we conceded two set pieces and saying that this is the chance to say again how useless is Maguire for me.
They say that the differences at semi finals, finals etc are fine margins. At the first one against City i say nothing, because we must have conceded 5 goals at first match. Then its Chelsea in which he injured our own player and then in their first goal is again out of position. Then its Sevilla with the "no look defend" at their first goal and then bad positioning at the second, really why is always Lindelof at the heart of our defence althought he is short and Maguire is always far away trying to stop crosses etc? Then todays match, he is clearly at fault for the first goal but he is so stupid that he doent know what is around him and instead of clearing the ball he does nothing.
Althought i am not Oles biggest fan and this team is far from my dream team we could have won two of four semi finals with the same performances. This fine margins will go our way when we will buy a top center back in the place of our own "top" center back Maguire.

3.) 07 Jan 2021
07 Jan 2021 06:23:41

Why call out the defensive players all the time when it is clear that neither Ole or the coaching staff seem to have done anything to cut out the mistakes at the back - happening all season long.

Even if Maguire/ Lindelof are at fault for everything you say then why keep selecting them when you have Bailly/ Tuanzebe on the bench. Why play zonal when you cannot coach any organisation at the back?

Both Maguire and Wan Bissaka were pretty good for their former clubs and now both seem to have gone backwards. Lindelof was really looking like a solid player improving all the time towards the end of 2018-19 (if i am right) season and now seems to be struggling most often than not.

With the current players and squad depth we should be winning most games. I simply don't think the defensive players are even the problem or that they are that bad, it is the coaching staff and Ole that don't seem to do much defensively at all in training.

4.) 07 Jan 2021
07 Jan 2021 11:29:47
I agree let's play but with 80+ millions we paid it is difficult not to play him. But no matter how well Maguire is coached he will never be a top center back, for me he is useless.

5.) 07 Jan 2021
07 Jan 2021 12:30:17
Fair enough Herrera but without proper coaching even a top CB could look bad. I am not suggesting Maguire is a top CB but with proper coaching and with a better organized and well communicated defense we would look a lot better at the back.