12 Jan 2021 22:24:28
Roll on the Liverpool match, 3 points clear at the top .

1.) 13 Jan 2021
12 Jan 2021 23:36:39
Great win tonight.
We ground them down. they hardly threatened. I thought maguire was excellent. Couple of chances missed by cavani and martial. Good strike from pogba got a bit lucky.
Personally i thought maguire goal was 50/ 50 you would be looking for a free out if it were reversed. In todays game its 50/ 50 imo.
I thought Brady got lucky as he'd of seen red but i thought shaw's was a foul and ciuld have been red but yellow was fair imo.
Only negatives were a couple of injuries.
Chance to go 6 clear at the weekend and dump Liverpool into 5th. It may only be a fleeting moment so we should all enjoy it to see ourselves top and them 5th
If we can cement it with a win or draw at the weekend it would be perfect.