13 Jan 2021 17:05:41
Hi guys. What was I saying back in December about you guys. I could tell you weren't going to be as bad as some thought you might be. Scrapping wins is what is needed and you are in a good habit at the moment. Hopefully that ends this weekend. Any way, makes for an exciting season. It's good to be a close season, makes every game mean that little bit more. My predictions for the league are.
Man city
Liverpool in either order
Man Utd

Carling cup or whatever name is on it now, spurs.

Fa cup city

Champions League psg

Not sure on the Europa however you have a very good chance.

Hopefully this weekend's game is exciting and not the dull affair it has been recently. May the best team win.

1.) 13 Jan 2021
13 Jan 2021 17:52:49
I think, if we are still in with a chance of winning the league when the EL starts, then it might be better to allow our squad players to participate in the EL and focus on the EPL.

We've all seen hiw disruptive the EL can be. Even Klopp has played youngsters in the league Cup and FA Cup to. focus on the CL and the league.

It is hard to predict. Certainly consistency will be key, as will any team that is majorly effected by C.V.

I think City might just pip Liverpool to the league. Although, they need Aguero fit and on form aswell.

2.) 13 Jan 2021
13 Jan 2021 21:15:08
City or Pool league, City League Cup, United Fa Cup, Bayern CL, Spuds Europe.