14 Feb 2021 23:55:09
I think Maguire's issues are lack of confidence in De Gea and the fact De Gea sticks to his line and rarely comes out.

Henderson offers vocal organisation, comes for crosses and sweeps up.

Starts at the Keeper.

{Ed047's Note - so it’s De Gea’s fault that lump is a bang average defender. Nice!

1.) 15 Feb 2021
15 Feb 2021 00:58:06
I'd say it's a factor 100% he looks like a better lump in front a Pickford and that's saying something.

2.) 15 Feb 2021
15 Feb 2021 01:48:11
Thats ridiculous. De Gea is the established world class keeper for several years who suffers from Maguire and not the opposite.

3.) 15 Feb 2021
15 Feb 2021 02:13:38
Utd road.

Maguire is an abysmal defender. At one point DDG wad world class. Maguire has never been nor will he ever be world class.

Perhaps DDG has finally succumbed to playing behind a shoddy defence after all these years.

Henderson does deserve a run in the team. To defend Maguire and place the blame the blame on DDG for his poor performances is ridiculous. He reminds of a bouncer in a nightclub the way he man handles the opposition at set pieces.

Let's face it. Leicester pulled our pants down and pushed a pineapple so far up a d then laughed all the way to the bank.

4.) 15 Feb 2021
15 Feb 2021 06:02:46
Sign a proper defender and not this oompa loompa and watch how the team does! We shouldn't we have signed Maguire. I can't believe we got rid of Smalling who was a bad defender but was still twice the player Maguire is.

Imagine ww had rhe chance to go for Dias and we thought he waa expensive and ended up wasting 100 mil on Maguire.

I want to know what they take at United.

5.) 15 Feb 2021
15 Feb 2021 06:47:11
People always point out the 2018 World Cup as the turning point in De Gea's career, and say that he has been poor from then on.
But from what I can recall, DDG has never in his entire international career looked assured, settled and top goalkeeper for Spain. However he had always recovered his form when playing for us.

Now I don't know if people remember but after the 2018 WC, there was a big change in our defence. We added Maguire for a world record fee. From then on DDG has not looked his old shelf, and our defence had a never looked calm and assured. Is it a coincidence? Did DDG bring down Maguire's game (which I personally think has very rarely been anything better than average) or has Maguire brought down DDG's game (which at one point was the best in the league/ world)?

6.) 15 Feb 2021
15 Feb 2021 08:15:32
Utd road let's hope everton buy him then pal.

7.) 15 Feb 2021
15 Feb 2021 08:27:40
Ive sair it befor3 since Maguire joined DeGea has strted to making mistakes.

When you u have a dodgy defence infront of u then you are bound to make mistakes.

8.) 15 Feb 2021
15 Feb 2021 08:56:26
Maguire plays too deep and close to the keeper.

The keeper has been a reliability.

Maguire hasn't been much better.

Ones a bigger issue than the other.

The fact Lindelof has cost us multiple goals and is weak AF is also a bigger issue.

So jump on Maguire? He's not great but the best defender we have.

9.) 15 Feb 2021
15 Feb 2021 10:50:20
Utd Road,

Bailly is the best defender we have. He changed the dynamics of the team when he plays. The problem is OGS loves the axis of lindelof and Maguire.

10.) 15 Feb 2021
15 Feb 2021 11:47:38
Our defending is just comical. None of our CB's fill me with any confidence.