10 Apr 2021 14:34:53
Very frustrating looking at that table thinking what could have been. I'm not for one second saying we should be winning the league, but we should have been in touching distance to City. Putting some sort of pressure on them.

1.) 10 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021 14:41:57
City made changes they are crusing to the title they have a qf 2nd leg midweek and most likley had there minds in that game.

2.) 10 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021 14:41:59
The City collapse has begun, tighten your belts its going to be an exciting run in.

3.) 10 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021 14:48:22
Nope. It won't happen. And even if there was some glimmer of hope of a collapse, Ole would find a way to muck it up.

4.) 10 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021 15:32:22
City are sitting top without their top scorer and talisman Kun Aguero for most part of the season.

5.) 10 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021 16:50:34
TRD, you are right. But don't forget we have been all season without Phil Jones, Just imagine where we might be if he had been fit.

6.) 10 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021 18:00:03
I think the opposite. Where we are flattering us. Looking at table i only think what if we hadn't a big amount of luck in the first half of the season, some referee desicions going our way and (or) Chelsea changing manager earlier.
I think all things went out way and we are second. Unless something change i see us being the fourth or fifth favourites next season.

7.) 10 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021 18:17:04
Aaarrrggghhhh. Fourth or fifth favourites? Over a long season we are currently second, that isn’t luck, that’s because there is only currently one team better than us. Seriously, the amount of rampant negativity on here is ridiculous. I’m not defending a Ole, I’m not saying we are great t watch, I am not saying everything is great, but I am saying that currently we are the second best team and we deserve to be where we are. Jesus, some people.

8.) 10 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021 18:30:17
Tony, have a snickers, you're not you when you're hungry.

9.) 10 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021 18:52:53
I don't really find it frustrating, I think we will finish second and deservedly so . Which is probably more than I was expecting at the start of the season.

10.) 10 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021 19:14:41
It's been a poor season for all. City were bad and took awhile to get going.

We let them walk away with the league. Hopefully we can win our two games in hand.

We still managed to batter Leeds and Southampton. Results like that have not been seen for years.

11.) 10 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021 20:04:43
Agree Tony. It is like every single snippet of information just gets twisted into negativity. It's draining. Imagine if we were 6th.

It's okay to be okay with the season. It doesn't mean were settling for mediocrity. Everyone has different views about how we should improve, but surely people can see 2nd place as a reasonably solid season?

We had a fair few lost points from late goals in injury time aswell, so the luck has balanced out over the season.

And we haven't secured 2nd yet by the way. Need a strong finish to the season.

12.) 10 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021 20:06:21
Whats the problem with some people? This year i think we are lucky and all things went out way and we are second. For me that doesn't mean we are ready and ready to compete and build from our second position (if we are second in the end) .

I think next year at least City Liverpool and Chelsea will be in front of us and we will be fourth or fifth favourites. Is it negativity or truth? Am i negative or are the others wear red glasses? let's wait and see.

For the record i said the very same thing on Mourinhos second finish on differences place but not here. At the time i didn't write too much here but as far as you know me you understanding that I wasn't convinced from the low block and misery football i was seeing? Do you?

13.) 10 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021 20:25:53
I don't think we are "deservedly" second. This year City is first in a one horse race for first place and we are second in one horse race for second place.
We have 51 expected points, 11 less than Chelsea, 3 less than Liverpool, 4 more than West Ham and 2 more than Brighton. I keep said from the first half of the season that we get more than we deserve and (we were first then) we could compete only if we improve dramatically and they (City mainly) keep being in such a bad form. From then we went from being first to second place 14 points behind with two games in hand. But some people don't like the truth and that's fine by me.
But for me what's really negative is get used to mediocrity and some fans doing exactly this. Keep going.

14.) 10 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021 20:26:38
Personally think we are doing ok. 2-3 new faces needed as always each summer though to keep improving - and I mean starters not promising youth players.

15.) 10 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021 20:48:41
Expected points 🤦🏼‍♂️ I prefer to judge on actual points.

16.) 10 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021 20:54:58
GDS2 even better i prefer to judge on what i am seeing. And what i am seeing is not good. So if you are ok being second because others are bad or unlucky etc fair enough. I fully expect next year with "normal" Liverpool and a better Chelsea from the start to be fourth of fifth favourites. let's wait and see who is wrong and who is wright.

17.) 10 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021 21:28:01
Expected points and luck .
Some of the views I have read baffle me.

{Ed014's Note - 🤔👀👉🏻

18.) 10 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021 22:52:40
We are 2nd because we deserve to be. A couple of dodgy patches early on and a few weeks ago. Apart from this 2 spells the league results have been good.
The football ino is dire to watch and I don't think it makes any suffered who we sign i still think our football will continue to be dire to watch.
I don't think we are lucky to be where we are but I'm also with herrera in thinking that we will start next season as possibly 4th favs behind liverpool City and Chelsea.

19.) 10 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021 22:56:19
The truth baffles you, i see. We can stop watching football and see only the league table if you want. Then there is no point for sites to exist or debating for anything because "the table never lies".
Sometimes expected points table is a better review of the season. As 001 have said the season have not enough games to sometimes produce a fair result (a fair league table) so there are anomalies.
You went there again in the past with Mourinho which you think we are a good team because we finished second only to understand that it was an anomaly. And that didn't make you wiser.

20.) 11 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021 23:21:33
I personally have no idea what the expected points table is or why it woukd be a better review of the season.
I am baffled.

21.) 11 Apr 2021
10 Apr 2021 23:55:28
We are starting to be scared of ghosts and demons. Next year is a new year. Everyone has the chance to be better. Let's not concede the first three places to city, liverpool and chelsea quite yet hey?

We win we're lucky. We lose or draw we got what we deserved. Maybe we just had a fairly solid season with a couple of bad spells. If we win our games in hand we are a within 3 wins of city. A city team that everyone is saying is the best assembled squad in the history of the EPL. So are we having a solid season? Or is it a disaster.

22.) 11 Apr 2021
11 Apr 2021 00:23:44
Ken the results are good. The results are better than others teams results and that's what the Premier League table show: the results. So we have the second best results in the league. that's a fact.
What i am saying is that we are not automatically the second best team, i wish we were. If next season all teams starts with the same squad and same coaches then i would expect us to finish 4 or 5. This season is an anomaly and i can clearly see 3 teams who convince me more, three teams that play or can play better football.
"Table never lies" is the biggest lie. Back at 2018 we finished second and Liverpool were 4 (? ) . It was Liverpool that i put my money on next year to win the League. It was clear and obvious which is the better team despite the fact that we finished higher than them.

23.) 11 Apr 2021
11 Apr 2021 00:47:38
You misunderstood the situation and try to seem the "positives guys". In the OP Mumbles says that he is frustrated looking at table thinking what could have being.
I simply disagree because it's not like we are second and could make better because we were unlucky or we are better than that. Its not like we have a higher cell and we are underachieving.
We are second overachieving in terms of results and having a big amount of luck. So i disagree with the OP and i am not frustrated looking at the table thinking what could have been because we couldn't be any higher and we don't deserve to be higher.
Then i think we could see this the other way. We can see the table and see where we should be if Brighton didn't hit the bar 5 times, if the diflection with Wolves didn't go in, if the first goal at West Ham disallowed, if referees had seen Maguires penalty against Chelsea etc.
So how can we be frustrated? With some decent performances, some referring decisions and a some luck we are overachieving and we are at our points celling.

24.) 11 Apr 2021
11 Apr 2021 01:32:26
Give it up Herrera,

We have had a couple of crazy disallowed goals. A couple of late goals against.

The luck swings both ways in football. I know you think the sky is falling and we are a league one level team. Somehow cheating everyone out of our league position. But that is simply not true. We deserve to be where we are. No matter how many times you bring up this strange view that we do not.

Next year is a new year year. And everyone gets the chance to be a but better. Except city, who are no allowed, the epl have just decided.

25.) 11 Apr 2021
11 Apr 2021 07:43:41
We haven’t finished second yet. However, I understand Herrera’s point. Next season when City have Pep, Liverpool will be better under Klopp, Chelsea have a top manager in Tuchel then expectation is 4th. I think Herrera is expressing the point that he/ she has no confidence in Ole to do better given the football seen.

I am with Ken, the football has been as bad as Sextons and Ole sets up to be solid and not lose first and foremost. Ole has not yet displayed he can take any team at this level to win a significant prize (and I don’t include the Europa League) . I think he didn’t win the Norwegian league or even a Norwegian cup in his last couple of years with Molde, yet he is our saviour.

Some excuse the football on offer yet were very vociferous about Mourinho’s.

Unless we upgrade the manager I can’t see is winning the league next season either.

26.) 11 Apr 2021
11 Apr 2021 08:00:39
Herrera, when you’re in a hole, stop digging. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but frankly this one is pants. The fact you keep posting trying to justify it is isn’t helping mate. Let’s all ignore we are currently second and worry about next year.

I have no idea what next year looks like yet but we are second on merit.

27.) 11 Apr 2021
11 Apr 2021 08:47:03
Expected points, expected goals. all a load of rubbish. The table at the end of the season never lies.

28.) 11 Apr 2021
11 Apr 2021 09:26:24
Why are people telling Herrera to stop posting his opinion? Ok, disagree with him and say why but telling him to stop making his point, give it up and that his opinion is rubbish is wrong.

29.) 11 Apr 2021
11 Apr 2021 09:54:52
Red Man, Herrera is a good lad but he’s made a pretty silly point and is now digging in to justify it. I don’t think anyone is saying the football is good or that Ole is the man to win us things, but the league table doesn’t lie after 30 games. To talk about expected points and decide we are lucky may be his opinion, but it doesn’t hold water. Unbeaten away for over a year, come from behind more than any other team, second highest goals scored.

Ole has become very negative lately, the team is hard to watch at times, we still have some positions to address, some players are not playing well, we haven’t sought to win games but settles for trying to grab a winner. All that is true, but that doesn’t mean we are lucky to be second or that we are the fourth or fifth best team in the league,

30.) 11 Apr 2021
11 Apr 2021 10:41:28

I don’t look at expected points or whatever that is, is it silly? I don’t know but it is his opinion so is entitled to express it . Still there is no reason to try to cancel Herrera’s opinion on here. Disagree is fine but cancel him? If people can’t get someone to change their opinion they try to cancel it, and that’s what it felt like with Herrera.

Hard to watch, yes very, we are playing to ensure we don’t lose, yet only away at Grenada, whose team cost £8m to assemble. We were frightened to lose, awful.

The league table doesn’t lie, but second this season doesn’t mean progression given how we get those points especially as we can’t see a new improved structure of play that will be consistent or more importantly that we will mount a serious title challenge next season.

31.) 11 Apr 2021
11 Apr 2021 11:05:26
People will attack you saying you are negative Red Man because that suits them. The only negative i see in out case is our football which makes me sleep sometimes and even more people that continue to support this misery football because of the league table.
But it was my fault anyway because we got there a lot of times . People lowered the bar and get used at mediocrity. What they see, it seems good for them because of the league table. People (and i) had problem with the "we have no football heritage" of Jose but have no problem with "trophies are for egos" and try to find excuses that its not as bad as it seems to be.
Time will tell if we are in a false position (and that's my point) or not. If we are the second best team, and with a low age average, then we will only get better and next season we will be even better. And that's what i wish too. If we are in a false position because others underachieving etc then we will fight for the 4th spot next season. So time will tell. But it was my mistake anyway because we get there many times and there is no point trying to debate with people not want to. Because we are second after all, table never lies and we are fine.

32.) 11 Apr 2021
11 Apr 2021 11:19:03
Redman - if we finish with more points than last season that’s progression. Simple as. Everything else re style etc is just your subjective opinion.

Herrera - were you as negative when we used to top the league and win it? Surely when we won titles it was because we were the best team having amassed the most points. Why are not currently the second best team? Baffling logic on here sometimes.

33.) 11 Apr 2021
11 Apr 2021 11:30:05
If we finish 2nd this year that will be after 3rd the season before.
If it is luck it's sustained luck.

34.) 11 Apr 2021
11 Apr 2021 14:12:27
Halesini that's the beloved old debate, who is the negative and who is the positive. The one that attacks and says the other poster negative, thinks that automatically is the positive one and that he is a better fan who understand the ethos etc. Congratulations you are a positive fan 😄
How well it gone last time you were so positive about finishing second with Mourinho and the table didn't lie etc etc? You can ask yourself.
AJH you make a big mistake believing that i made a silly comment and i am trying to justify it. You did it again in the past. You came here again and said the same thing about "when you are in a hole" etc. What i am doing is making my point clear and making some comments to answer the "attacks". As simple as that.
You overestimate yourself if you believe that i made a silly comment and then i am trying to justify it. I simply have nothing to prove to you and ofcourse you have nothing to prove to me.