11 Apr 2021 09:50:43
Wow, interesting debate about whether we are in a false position.

My view is that we are in 2nd place currently because we have over the course of the season been the second best side in the league.

Where I think it gets tricky is when we try and compare performances and results across multiple season's.

What we achieved last season, what we achieve this season, and what we achieve next season are only partially connected to our own performances.

Every season there are 20 teams, and multiple variables that make that season unique.

Will Liverpool play the same next season as they have this, or will they play like last season?

Just because next season might be very different to this one that doesn't mean we are currently in a false position.

{Ed0666's Note - you deserve to be second and you’ve earned it. Fair play.

1.) 11 Apr 2021
11 Apr 2021 10:15:55

The league table never lies so we are not in a false position either now or at the end of the season. That sort of stuff came out of Wenger when we won a league and he thought they played prettier football. However it must also be said the season has not finished.

Part of the issue is that some are using our current second position as justification for a really good performance by Ole. This wasn’t the case under Mourinho, when second wasn’t acceptable.

When the season finishes let’s see where we are. I don’t see even if we finish second, that means a true title challenge next season. Liverpool will be stronger, Chelsea too, I expect will be looking for top four again and actually trying win one of the two cups.

2.) 11 Apr 2021
11 Apr 2021 10:30:47
We are where we are because Spurs Liverpool and Chelsea in particular have underperformed. We deserve to be where we are but that doesn't mean we should not look realistically at things.

We cannot rely on others shortcomings next season. We are way short of where we need to be. This transfer windows dealings will be critical to our progress.

3.) 11 Apr 2021
11 Apr 2021 11:03:07
Red Man, on paper we aren't the second best team in the league. Not even close in my opinion.

But that's the way the league has panned out this year. Liverpool have had horrendous luck with injuries, and seem to be struggling to maintain the intensity that that have played with for the past couple of years.

Chelsea chucked money at the squad but in hindsight maybe changed too much too quickly. The side became disjointed and exposed Lampard's lack of experience. He didn't know whether to stick with the players who did well for him last season or play with the shiny new toys. Ultimately he eroded the squads confidence and then the new players had an unstable squad to try and settle in.

Leicester have a great first 11, but they lack squad depth, injuries to key players this season have probably cost them 10-15 points. Make no mistake their first 11 is a match for everyone bar maybe City and Liverpool. I feel Leicester are often discounted because they are a traditional big side.

Spurs have been caught in a weird place. They have some great players in their prime, but the whole defence needs rebuilding. While their inability to find an adequate back up to Kane leaves them horribly exposed any time he picks up an injury. They're team needs a rebuild, it's a 2-3 year project as Spurs don't have the sort of money to go out and buy 5 new first teamers in one window. Which makes the appointment of Mourinho all the more baffling. His defence first, cynical style is at total odds to what Spurs typically try and play. While the length nod time the rebuild was going to take and Jose's third season meltdown history always looked like it was a relationship that would end before the job was close to being finished.

It's a season where for multiple reason many of our rivals have either struggled or found themselves in a period of transition.

All that said all you can do is best what is in front of you, and on the whole we have done that and are currently second because of it.

Has Ole been lucky and benefited from all of that, absolutely.

Yet all we can do is judge him on this season once it's finished. We could end up second with a EL title, or forth and another Semi final defeat. Ultimately football is a results based business and Ole will be judged on his results. Let's wait and see what they are.

4.) 11 Apr 2021
11 Apr 2021 11:06:26
Redman - saying Liverpool and Chelsea may be stronger is irrelevant. That’s assumption on your part. Spurs may be title challengers? Leicester look improved so why not them? Based on current facts though ie the table then one would assume United will be challenging. I appreciate we are second now and judge at season end. We are on target for a 76pts finish. Not title winning but an improvement. I’m less sure Liverpool ‘will be back’ next season too. Chelsea will be stronger though. Better manager and Roman throwing the chequebook around again.