13 Apr 2021 22:42:46
Was discussed a fair bit post match on tv but not sure Ed if you can do a poll but who would people like to come in?

Calvert Lewin.

{Ed033's Note -

Man Utd Ins poll

1.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 07:20:17
Just out of curiosity, the 8 people (at the time of posting) who picked dominic calvert-lewin.

Apart from the logic that he would be easier to obtain than kane and haaland (although getting him out of everton will be tougher now with their financial backing)

What is the logic for picking DCL over kane or haaland?

{Ed077's Note - without taking the cost into the debate, there's no point in that poll to draw much conclusion. For example DCL is a better choice for 65m then Kane for 120m or Haaland for 150m. And with change in price, the value and sensibility of the deal changes and so does the choice IMO.}

2.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 08:24:04
Something to consider is that both Kane and DCL have proven they can score in the EPL.

Haaland could do a Werner. Although it is unlikely.

3.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 09:26:15
Haaland has no interest in joining united. Personally I'd have zero interest in him and the circus that surrounds him
Kane will have better options imo. Dealing with spurs will not be easy.
I think ed002 says we have no interest in DCL.
Any of the 3 would be huge money.
I'd rather stick with greenwood and cavani as our striking options. Bin off martial.

4.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 10:03:45
I approached it solely based on their ability and how I think they would do in a United shirt.

While Haaland is clearly going to be a top player, currently I think he is over hyped. Phenomenal finisher, but poor hold up play, his team play needs work, and nowhere near as good in the air as someone his size should be. For the fees being touted you would expect a far more complete player. No doubt he will develop and his hold play and aerial success will improve. However, at his age I would expect him to be on the move again before he fully reaches his potential. I feel it would be similar to Ronaldo where we spend 3-4 years developing him into a world class player, only for him to leave and for someone else to benefit from that. The big difference is that we got Ronaldo relatively cheaply, whereas Haaland would cost a monstrous amount.

DCL has been great this season and if I'm honest has a better all round game compared to Haaland, but is nowhere near as good a finisher.

Kane would be my pick of the three, great hold up and link up play, deadly finisher, EPL proven and at his peak. He'd be great for 3-5 season by which point we would have Greenwood approaching 24-25 and ready to take over. The only concerns with Kane is his injury history, but that could actually be seen as an advantage with us as it would guarantee Greenwood game time. Also I wonder how many of Kane's injuries come about through fatigue due to Spurs not having anyone to play to rest Kane.

When looking at our team we need a more well rounded striker who can make goals for themselves and create goals for others. For that reason a pure finisher like Haaland is actually the worst option as he would be feeding off of scraps in this United side and wouldn't be able to make chances for others.

DCL would fit the profile well, but is massively under proven, with just one good season under his belt.

Kane must be the obvious choice, EPL proven, top player, and more than capable of creating as much as he is at scoring goals.

5.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 10:14:53
It's clear they'll need someone Ken. All of them have had injury problems - Rashford increasingly so. Cavani looks likely to leave. I'd love a galactico striker, but either way even if it's a curveball like Ing *shudders* they'll need a natural no.9 from somewhere. Maybe another journeyman, ala Higuin or Giroud.

6.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 10:42:16
Similar to what Ken says, Haaland would be on the move after a couple of years .

If Kane moved he would have 4-5 good years in him plus he could potentially play as a 10 as he got older.

By the way, did anyone see the David Squires strip on Haaland's European sales tour in the Guardian? Very funny, especially the Mansour panel.

7.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 11:45:02
I wouldn't have had DCL in a top 10 of potential Utd strikers. Just not even on my radar. Is it just because he's English? Not an inspiring choice for me to lead the Manchester United attack for years to come.

8.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 13:01:34
Andre Silva, mentioned by the Ed, scoring goals in Germany and available for circa £40m ish if I remember. Not seen him personally.

9.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 13:12:25
I wouldn't be surprised if we went for Ollie Watkins to be honest. No idea if we would be interested, I can just see one of the big sides taking a punt on him.

10.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 13:51:48
Is Ollie Watkins any better than Greenwood?

11.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 13:54:35
Red Man, I'm just not convinced by Andre Silva if I'm honest.

Good at several things but not great at anyone thing in particular. He's not particularly quick or strong, he's decent in the air but isn't great. He has good movement but not special. Solid technique, but lacking flair. His link up play is okay, but not particularly creative.

Like I said good at most things but not a standout at anything. Kind of a jack of all trades master of none sort of striker.

I'm also skeptical of all players scoring records in Germany. The Bundesliga isn't known for having many great defenders. With many forwards scoring for fun in Germany but struggling when they move to other leagues. We have had our fingers burnt with Kagawa and Mkhitaryan, both players who would score for fun in Germany but struggled in England. While both Haller and Werner also scored hat-fulls of goals in the Bundesliga but have struggled in the EPL.
Then you have Jovic who pushed Lewandowski for top scorer before moving to Real Madrid where he has scored 2 in 21 games.

I'm just not convinced that the scoring records seen in Germany necessarily translate to other top leagues.

It's one of the reasons I was a little skeptical about spending big money on Sancho. If you spend over 100m on a forward you expect them to be contributing at least 25-30 goals a season in goals and assist. Sancho is doing that in the Bundesliga but if his drop off is similar to what we have seen from other players then that could drop down to 10-12 goals a season. While seeing how he plays for the England national team has done nothing to dispel that concern for me.

12.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 13:58:47
Caolan, I'd actually really like to see Watkins at a top club. Really good well rounded player, presses well, very quick, takes chances well, makes unselfish runs to create space for others and links well with those around him.

The draw back is seeing as Villa bought him for around 30m last summer, he is on a long contact and is now proven in the EPL. I would expect they'd want at least 50m if not more considering the "English premium". Especially if someone comes in and pays big money for Grealish, they won't need to sell and won't want to lose both in the same summer. Which could push the price up further.

13.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 14:07:31
I love Ings, especially if we want a short term option.

14.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 14:32:18
Blind won't be happy you moved on so quickly Tony. So fickle 🤣🤣.

15.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 14:45:46

Haland has his sights elsewhere and so should we.

Recently read somewhere DCL needs ten chances to score one goal. He had a good 1st half of a season, is that enough to come and lead the line at utd? Would bring in Mitrovic before DCL.

{Ed004's Note - Not convinced by DCL now the purple patch is over and as much as I would love Haaland - how long before he pushes for a move. Currently I would probably edge towards Kane but can't see Levy dealing with us}

16.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 15:51:59
Given that there have been discussions for and against the listed strikers, my shortlist/ wishlist of strikers that I would choose apart from them are:

Proven strikers:

Lautaro Martinez

Raul Jimenez (PL proven - remains to see how his comeback looks like)

Punts on younger strikers:

Patson Daka (He might be more of a rotational option to start with and would involve Cavani staying on or a Cavani like signing for next season)

Darwin Nunez.

17.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 18:15:05
DSG my reason is that Levy is going to charge a monster fee for Kane who appears a bit injury prone and we shouldn’t ever have dealings with Haaland because of his agent.

18.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 18:47:30
Has to he Kane. He’s a class act.

19.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 21:32:53
Thanks Ed for the poll, neck and neck haaland and kane, had a feeling it might be. I added DCL because I heard Rio bang the drum for him, tbf I could have added option D, someone else. Andre Silva I've read we may be offered, not sure he's what any of us would want or seen much of to determine. I could have added option E keep Cavani but I am presuming he will likely be leaving. Andrea Belotti in an above post is a good shout, I wanted him when we was linked but again not seen much since that time of him, glad the poll attracted such traffic, cheers guys and Eds.

20.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 22:15:13
I'd have a look at Ivan Toney, he could be next seasons Watkins. scoring goals for fun in the championship, big, strong and quick. thoughts?

21.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 22:33:11
Kane for me.
DCL is ok but not seeing the consistency.
Haaland yes but I hate his Dad and wouldn't want us to line his pockets.
Andre Silva a maybe
Ollie Watkins or Ivan Toney. No.

Parson Daka as a wild card.

I'd like Ronaldo back for a year or two then Greenwood taking over.

22.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 22:39:31
Spenno, that's a little harsh in my opinion. I think he looks very similar to Kane when he when he broke through as a slightly "older" player who wasn't thought of as a future top striker.

He had Will Keane whose a similar age to Kane, but was considered by most to be far more talented at the time.

I'm not saying DCL will go on to be as good as Kane, but he is EPL proven to an extent.

I also think there are a lack of genuinely top class options out there who we could realistically sign. That probably bumps DCL up the pecking order in most peoples eyes.

In a world where Kane will cost 150m, Haaland 120m then DCL suddenly becomes a more viable option.