28 Apr 2021 21:39:54
Not united related and It might just be me, but I honestly don't get the love-in with Neymar. he's yet to convince me that's he's up there with the very best. All flash and no substance sums him up and it's telling that PSG look to mbappe more than him. Feel free to correct me but I honestly can't remember the last big game that he dominated.

{Ed014's Note - just chatting with Ed01 as to what a plank he is, for me he’s hugely over rated.

1.) 28 Apr 2021
28 Apr 2021 21:48:27
Totally agree Ed. one of the most over hyped players of this generation for me! his constant need to beat the same man 2/ 3 times is incredibly annoying 🤣.

{Ed014's Note - totally Tim, he’s more embarrassing than talented!🤣

2.) 28 Apr 2021
28 Apr 2021 21:54:29
I'd take Foden over Neymar and I was never a great fan of Pocchetino, who strikes me as a bit of a David Moyes - not a winner.

{Ed014's Note - every day of the week for me too mate. Foden is genuine quality!

3.) 28 Apr 2021
28 Apr 2021 21:56:33
He's a player blessed with more natural ability than pretty much every other player currently playing. Yet, he doesn't have the drive or focus to make the best of it. He's happy to be a party animal, be Billy big boots, and live the life style.

His diving and feigning injury is pathetic, and it's just as well he doesn't play in a league like the EPL where he'd actually be booted up in the air for that sort of behaviour.

What makes it worse is that if he worked hard he has the ability to beat teams without trying to get players sent off.

He is by far the player I like the least. Bad attitude, and a flake.

{Ed014's Note - 100%

4.) 29 Apr 2021
29 Apr 2021 00:06:22
Neymar is usually perceived as the third best player behind Messi/ CR7. Personally I think De Bruyn is a much better player.

{Ed077's Note - I dont know anyone who thinks Neymar is the best player at PSG let alone the best in the world outside of CR7 and Messi. He would struggle to make top 10 for me let alone top 3.}

5.) 29 Apr 2021
29 Apr 2021 06:55:35
Neymar is what some accused Ronaldo of being at the start of his career, a show pony. Nice tricks, brittle, falls down easily, fancy when the going is good, but little end product.

Foden on the other hand looks like the worlds next superstar, I said that Foden was special years ago.