09 May 2021 16:18:08
Quick thoughts on the game:
- Lindelof not good enough, at fault again, weak man defending again, his positioning with AWB seems off.
- Fred and McTominay not good enough with the ball, pretty good without it and need one very very good single pivot in the summer. I actually think Garner might be better than these two. They offer almost nothing with the ball.
- AWB not sure about him, positioning seems off with Johnny Lindelof as mentioned, not enough going forward (although the got an assist, I think he's just as liable to give the ball away when he has possession) and would welcome Trippier at the end of the season as competition.

Pogba, Shaw, Cavani and Greenwood all playing well again.

Rashford doing Walcott again today, decision making of a young Pete Doherty at times.

Sounds a bit negative after so many games and a 3-1 win but I see it as more areas we can improve on.

Overall positive but easy to see where we can improve.

1.) 09 May 2021
09 May 2021 17:07:32
What a centre back pairing we could have had if only Mike Smalling stayed to play with Johnny Lindelof 😂

Agree with everything else though!

2.) 09 May 2021
09 May 2021 18:40:05
Rashford and wan bissaka with assists today.

3.) 09 May 2021
09 May 2021 20:27:23
Wan Bissaka has looked a lot better in recent games. Until now he hasn't added a great deal, although I keep hearing the rumours about him being the best one on one defender in Europe. Who makes up this crap? People who only watch the Premier League I suspect. There are a hell of a lot of better fullbacks out there.

4.) 09 May 2021
09 May 2021 20:54:48
Spenno how many right backs are better in 1v1 situations than him?

5.) 09 May 2021
09 May 2021 21:49:49

If there are I don’t know of any.

6.) 10 May 2021
09 May 2021 22:51:03
Thought we won easily again.