29 Nov 2021 07:50:18
I've got to say Rashford was absolutely shocking yesterday, no oomph in him and his lack of tracking back gave Reece James all the space in the world.

Hopefully Rangnick revitalises him, or gives him some time on the bench and perhaps bring Shoretire into the fold or Amad.

The game itself I was shocked at the line up but in all fairness were fairly organised after a dodgy start, DDG showing his class once again.

1.) 29 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2021 08:37:43
Rashford generally tends to work hard both on and off the ball. Which leads me to think either physically he isn't full fit yet, or more likely it was a tactical decision.

If your game plan is to hit a team on the counter then you NEED your quickest and most dangerous player in behind to stay forward. Otherwise you have absolutely zero attacking threat.

That is why I think Rashford was told to not track Chelsea's wingbacks, and why we played with a flat midfield three so that one of the midfielders could pull wide and help our fullbacks.

2.) 29 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2021 08:52:24
Really shappy?
rashford's workrate has been pi**poor for 2 seasons and that is taking into consideration his playing with injurys! Against pool he was booed for continually walking, yes walking after losing the ball back to the 1/ 2 way line. He may well be not 100% fit but that doesn't mean not putting in 100% effort. He's not a youngun anymore in the scheme of things he is a seasoned pro, an england international and undoubtedly a decent fella but he needs to get his head from up his arse and start and play the game the way we all know he can.

3.) 29 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2021 09:22:21
For two seasons funky pigeon? ??.

4.) 29 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2021 10:27:18
I thought he was told to stay forward, if he had tracked James all game we would have had no outlet at all. He wasn’t great but he didn’t get the ball that much. Not worked hard for 2 years? Some bolloxology there funky I feel.

5.) 29 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2021 10:27:27
Rashford was carrying the team before his injury against Wolves and before we signed Bruno, people seem to forget that. Since then he has not been the same player. Last year he played through injuries but this year he has been shocking, and I say that as a huge fan of his.

I don’t know what is wrong but he is a far better player than we are seeing this year. Sadly he isn’t the only one. Bruno has also been shocking for the most part, I really don’t know how he keeps getting picked, he is turning into into a serial whiner on the pitch. Shaw has regressed and whilst I don’t but in to the Maguire is useless narrative, he has been shocking since his injury.

That’s 4 big players who are all over the place, I think some big names are on for a bit of a shock.

6.) 29 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2021 11:02:10
And clearly, I like the word shocking! ?.

7.) 29 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2021 11:14:43
Rashford allowed himself to be in an offside position when Sancho scored. If Sancho squares the ball to him then the goal is ruled out and we lose 1-0. That would have been unforgivable in a game where we are hanging on by our fingertips and were limited to one gifted chance, and shows a real lack of footballing intelligence.

When Rangnick comes in, the players will be given a proper footballing education and will be expected to translate that to high-energy, tactically-aware performances. Some won't be capable of taking it on board and should find themselves on the bench until they do learn. If they can't learn, then they don't fit.

8.) 29 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2021 11:15:32
GDS2- exactly how would you know he was told to stay forward? He is not the only forward player in the team and certainly not the only outlet. Forget the ology and look at his performances- as stated he played through injury but as tony states, he isn't the only one whose form and seemingly desire has dropped. The 70+k that booed him walking back to the halfway line after losing the ball against liverpool certainly didn't feel your bolloxology. He has the talent but not the desire at the moment, like as mentioned a few other senior squad members.

9.) 29 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2021 11:25:28
AJH - fully agree, I hope Ralf (can we call him ralf yet? ) shakes them up, coaches them, whatever to get them to their potential. We do have a good squad but Bruno AWB and the others you mention have either given up, lost confidence or are not fully fit.

The stats for distnace covered and tackles made and won are shockingly bad.

Theres some good kids on the fringes that could put a rocket up some of the first teamers too, if they get the chance.

10.) 29 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2021 11:28:54
FunkyPigeon I take it you didn't watch united during the Mourinho years then as we were either 19th or 20th for ground covered individually and collectively I assure you Rashford in the last 2 years has run more then the previous 2 years bit of an odd comment why don't you just say you don't like him instead of making stuff up its easier and you won't get called out as much.

11.) 29 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2021 12:29:59
Dio- I did watch united during the the jm years as i did during sexton, atkinson and various other manager years!
You either didn't read and/ or understand what was said or simply don't agree which is your choice, but get your facts right- I never stated that I didn't like rashford, simply that his work rate has slipped and he isn't tracking back as he a) used to b) should do as a top player that he can be. I certainly ain't making up the jeers he got at OT as the other 70k aren't either, but as again stated he isn't the only one. You seem to assume an awful lot without any substance. End of.

12.) 29 Nov 2021
29 Nov 2021 13:22:50
He has not covers more ground the stats are there to be seen he is covering significantly less ground than he did.

13.) 30 Nov 2021
30 Nov 2021 14:59:49

How do you know Rashford was the one being booed at the Liverpool game? We were 5-0 down to our biggest rivals, i doubt anyone was just blaming Rashford.