17 Jan 2022 08:37:25
Ed 2. Would you know if the powers that be at Utd are considering Potter as a future manager. Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - I am pretty sure they are not.}

1.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 10:16:27
thank god they are not looking at potter.

2.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 10:22:15
I think Potter is a great manager, doing great things on a tiny budget.

That said I don't think now would be a good time to go for him. The club needs serious rebuilding behind the scenes. Personally I think for us to go for a manager like Potter we need to have a good platform for him to work from, and not have him have to build that platform himself.

3.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 10:41:55
Potter should h stay at Brighton a while longer. Good club, with a good infrastructure, owners and fan base. Let him build on that and see where he takes them.

4.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 11:13:10
get tan hag in, if he can't come in the summer, make a deal to come when his contract runs out the summer after, leg rr continue untill then, then let him go into his further role.

although i think poch is the number 1 target and will prob be who we go for in the summer once PSG fire him for not winning the UCL.

5.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 11:49:52
I'm in two minds about which of Pochettino and EtH would be a better fit for us right now.

EtH has won more, and looks better at developing player, while slightly better tactically.

Yet it's really hard to distinguish what his impact really is in isolation at Ajax. He looks good at developing players for example, yet Ajax are probably one of the best clubs in Europe at developing players. So how much of that comes directly from EtH.
Likewise, Overmars does most of the squad building, EtH just coaches the players he has. Would he be able to do the extra work he'd have at United? Would it distract him from coaching?

Pochettino on the other hand has developed players at Espanyol, Southampton and Spurs with success. So we know he can develop young players. He has shown ambition to be more than just a coach and actually wants to be involved in off pitch areas of management. He plays good football and his style is probably more closely associated with what RR is currently trying to get the squad playing. He is EPL proven, and has now had to handle big ego's at PSG. Something EtH has yet to have been exposed to.

Both have shown the ability to be a project manager, building something up a club that has lost its way over several years to return them back to the top (or in Spurs case get them there for the first time in living memory) .

It's not as clear cut as some might think.

Personally I think EtH would need a better structure behind the scenes to aid his adaption to our club. I think he'd be fantastic at a club like Bayern Munich, City or Liverpool that have a great behind the scenes structure. I think he needs that calmness and stability so he can focus on training the players and getting his ideas across.

He'd have been a phenomenal assistant to Sir Alex in a similar way to Carlos Queiroz. Let him coach while Sir Alex deals with the other off pitch issues.

Does he have what it takes to do that other side of the role without it impacting his coaching?

It would be a gamble by the club to find out.

6.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 11:51:11
I hope not Salford7.

7.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 12:35:36
Cant be as big a gamble as ole shappy, although i do think it will be poch.

8.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 12:54:53
Brighton are my favourite club to watch in the premier league at the moment, they play some great football, direct and create a load of chances. Potter has done a fantastic job there and is a progressive manager who could do great things, that being said as you can see from the responses above he isn’t a ‘big name’ so would already be on a hiding to nothing with our fans so would be pointless. We just need to get someone with a fancy foreign name then everyone will be happy.

9.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 13:25:04
Ive got no problem on him not being a name at all -same as I think now would be a great time for RR to show his supposed acumen in the transfer market in buying the right players for the right positions who he can develop into top level players.

My issue with Potter is i'm old enough to remember the clamour for Curbishley, Steve Clarke, Hoddle, Howe, Martinez, Keane, Coppell to be given jobs in top 6 sides and none of them ever did anything apart from Hoddle who had limited success and who hardly set the world alight at club level.

Would Potter be able to make the step up. good shout for the Everton job first maybe?

10.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 13:36:22
its not about a big name GDS, or a fancy name.

you said it yourself potter "could" do great things but so could managers with a better CV.

we need to learn from previous mistakes and taking a punt on someone whos only jobs are Östersund Swansea and Brighton is a big punt

especially when there will be much better managers available for us to go for.

11.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 14:00:28
I wouldn't be surprised if he is on the shortlist for the next City manager.

{Ed002's Note - He is not.}

12.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 14:30:06
I really like Potter, good manager and will certainly go to a bigger club than Brighton soon but I feel like appointing Potter would be the same feeling and unfortunately outcome as when we appointed Moyes. Poch is probably the best manager who has the best experience to deal with the running of United having worked at Tottenham and PSG.

{Ed0666's Note - I would take Potter over Poch. Porter with money would be irresistible

13.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 14:57:32
Potter is a good manager, Brighton play consistently as a team as opposed to a group of individuals, they're great to watch. They have a good youth set up there as well.
Dan Ashworth, technical director there, has played a big part in Brightons development. I think United enquired about him a few seasons ago. I know he's highly thought of.

14.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 14:57:55
i think city might have arteta or rodgers on there list to replace poch, maybe even eth.

{Ed077's Note - why would City have a shortlist to replace the PSG manager?

15.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 15:02:24
Depends what kind of team you want them to build, Erik would probably put more emphasis on bring through youngsters, whereas Poch would keep more established players.
Either way we are a good few years off challenging.

16.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 16:01:01
We need Harry Potter not Graham Potter.

In all honesty can you really see the likes of Fernandes, Ronaldo, Pogba, De Gea taking orders from Graham Potter? It just wouldn't happen would it.

The club needs a manager that can control this massive bunch of ego maniacs and my pick would be Conte.

I am hearing so many rumours that he's desperate for the United job.

17.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 15:46:19
ment to say pep its auto corrected to poch ed077.

{Ed077's Note - I knew you meant to say Pep, bolger. I was just trying to be a little funny..

18.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 16:39:44
Potter is the flavour of the month. Just like howe was and Sean dyas and many before him.
I like the job he is doing at Brighton but the step up is massive and it would be equally as high risk as ole imo.

{Ed077's Note - but unlike Howe and Dyche, Potter has done a good job at more than one club.

But I don't think he is ready right now for the big clubs just yet. And I don't think we are structured/ready for such appointments right now.

19.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 20:48:19
Cripes not Potter again! It's way beyond him. He is managing a club renowned for scraping draws against midtable sides. I am sure he is a lovely man and fits nicely into the clutch of managers able to make the most of limited players on limited resources etc and while we need someone with those skills we need a tactical genius who can handle egos just as much. I imagine he would die of shock when leading the team out at the Bernabeu on a wednesday night.

20.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 22:28:23
Potter is not another name, another good coach. He had education in what he does. He took a small team in Sweden, won promotions and then he played against top teams in Europa League with 20 times his budget and did fine. Larson said that he could change his system 5 times in the same game and players knew what exactly to do in any case. At Ostersund they were like family and he and his players visited local restaurants etc in order to have better relationship with local people. He trained well his players and they tried ballet (like Kavani) to improve their core strength. He knows exactly what he is doing and does it fine. Last season his "small" team Brighton was on par with is in expected points. They were just bad in front of the goal. This year they too dominate everyone. I am laughing because people wanted Ole who played like a big big underdog against say Liverpool's and don't want Potter who his small team fears none. Then give him a better squad and resources and you have nothing to fear.

21.) 17 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 23:30:20
Herrera players now are not like players 10 years ago they are mard, brats and think they have done it all once they get there 250k a week contract

Imagine rashford and maguire doing ballet

We need to get shot of the rotten eggs.

22.) 18 Jan 2022
18 Jan 2022 02:32:44
If they trust the manager they buy it. They would follow Pep instructions because of they know its for their own good. I am sure Potter would win player's trust. And i don't speak about Maguire's and Rashfords. I would like Potter along with 2-3 big homegrown players like Rice and Jude, some players from our academies and some foreigners. Total rebuild. Let him put his stamp and his dna.

23.) 18 Jan 2022
17 Jan 2022 20:39:01
? this phone ed it does it all the time, i read back through my posts and see all the mistakes in the spelling and just laugh

He only managed swansea ed. And was there for 12 months

Well he managed a team I've never heard of but i think he needs to prove himself elsewhere.

{Ed077's Note - Potter gave a decent account of him at Swansea I would say when they were struggling a little financially. And he did a really good job at Ostersunds.