06 May 2021 22:06:57
Roma had 22 shots, having 13 on target.

What tonight proves is:

1. We can't play without a defensive double pivot. We complain about McFred but simply without that defensive cover in midfield we concede far too many chances.

2. This idea that the "right" partner will make Maguire a better player is just not true. Bailly is quicker and can cover him in theory. Yet in reality when a defender has to cover for another then the area they should be covering is left undefended.

While a striker and a RW would be good additions (and we need them) surely tonight proves where our true weaknesses lie.

1.) 06 May 2021
06 May 2021 22:45:48
And yet we win a semi final comfortably and still moaning.

2.) 07 May 2021
07 May 2021 06:05:51
Someone trying to be Mr Positive in all posts.

3.) 07 May 2021
07 May 2021 06:11:14
One game in a tie that was already over doesn't prove anything.