19 Apr 2021 22:09:50
So as it stands the teams 1st 2nd 5th 6 th 7 th and 9 th would be in an elite team league, the teams in 3rd 4th and 8th nah hardlines
The club want highest level opposition but agree to a seeding system where when possible big clubs dodge eachother .
There would be zero incentive in the league there would just be winners or relegated and hundreds of dead fixtures, and pretty much no incentive to win a superleague as you make lots of money however bad you are .

1.) 19 Apr 2021
19 Apr 2021 23:05:14
Sky and all the pundits talking about greed when sky will be the first to bid for TV rights if it goes ahead.

2.) 20 Apr 2021
20 Apr 2021 07:09:36
There is no relegation in the NFL and it doesn't detract from the level of competition between the teams.

{Ed001's Note - you can't compare the two. The whole set up is different and it is even more corrupt and about money than anything regarding the ESL, particularly for the college teams etc that feed the NFL. It is not a model to follow other than maybe the draft and openness about salaries etc.}

3.) 20 Apr 2021
20 Apr 2021 08:32:35
remi you really think sky will get the rights

the major american networks will get the rights to show this. money talks

these 6 clubs want to go and play in this sham just throw them out and let them play in it.

4.) 20 Apr 2021
20 Apr 2021 08:41:43
While I don't know quite what to make of it all at the moment, and I'm just waiting for the dust to settle to try and get a fair grasp on everything.

What really doesn't help currently is the media bias against. Fully understandable, Rupert Murdoch has spent a considerable amount through Sky for the rights to air Europe's "premier" club competition. So you can see why he and his organisations would be dead set against a new "elite" European club competition.

He would be tied into a huge and expensive contact with UEFA for the UCL/ EL rights for however many years are left on the deal. While the biggest clubs in Europe play in a different competition. Which he in all likelihood he would then need to pay an even larger amount to gain the TV rights for.

So any media outlet attached to Murdoch is likely to be bias against any potential ESL. Which is going to make it very difficult to get any fair and unbiased information currently. Which is why I'm taking a wait and see approach.

5.) 20 Apr 2021
20 Apr 2021 09:35:33
For once the media are reporting exactly what the vast majority of fans think about it.

6.) 20 Apr 2021
20 Apr 2021 10:27:40
I'm not sure most fans have read or understand the proposal or its ramifications.
Lots of hyperbole at the moment.

7.) 20 Apr 2021
20 Apr 2021 13:03:15
If this thing or any personised format of it goes through you can forget SKY as a provider - its a new world order especially with American owners involved - Disney, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon all want in on streaming top level sports - 3 years ago a French clubs chairman said Facebook would be streaming CL football within less than a decade in his opinion. Amazon were also looking at it. I see Disney mentioned last night on CNN as rumoured provider for the new super duper Bankers league.