05 Jan 2020 22:57:43
Hey team, I've been reading this website for what seems like a million years but I've never posted! Its really sad to see so much infighting amongst our fan base and what makes it worse as I can see both sides of the argument! It just seems were are floating towards mediocrity and possibly even worse towards obscurity!
I have been thinking about transfers and what we need and I feel maybe we are thinking too highly of our current state going after players like Sancho, ilwhklst I could be wrong I feel that these are the players we should go after who I think are actually attainable;
CB - White from Leeds
DM - Soumare from Lile or Phillips from Leeds
AM - Grealish and Cantwell (if and when Norwich are relegated)
LW/ RW - Bailey from Leverkusen and Bowen from Hull
F - Hwang from Salzburg
SMS being possibly the hardest to get and maybe Hwang as he might have offers in the summer. Of course this would mean selling off a lot of unwanted players or players that wants out; Pogba, Matic, Smalling, Jones, Rojo, Lingard etc and others even the likes of Andreas erc
Thoughts, feelings on this?

1.) 06 Jan 2020
05 Jan 2020 23:58:58
Good first post, you should post more!

That is a lot of changes, don't necessarily disagree with any of the ones I've seen, and a few I've not watched enough to comment.

I think Andreas has improved with all the game time he has had. Given the sheer volume of changes needed, I would certainly keep him in the squad.

He can fill in at a pinch in CM and on the wing. As a 10, he is very good at finding space between the lines and receiving the ball, recycling to other forward players in space.

Where he has fallen short is in goal threat and in playing that killer pass. But that could still come. He can shoot, but more recently favours rolling the ball gently into the keepers arms. He is also capable of a good pass assist, but he has struggled to get on the same wavelength or to see the runs.

I would sign a first choice 10 (Maddison please! ) And then sell Jesse and keep Andreas.

Jones has to go. I actually like Rojo, love his commitment, he can play lb, lcb in a three and LCB in a 2. His problem is his injury record. But if he is happy playing a supporting role and deep backup then I would rather keep him than Jones.

Smalling seems to have a value. Looks like he will be sold. He was a better player than many give home credit for, but I have high Hope's for Tuanzebe, so he should go for game time.

We certainly need depth in midfield, more movement, energy, creativity and goals. Scholes and Keane scored goals. Viera, Gerrard, Lampard scored goals from a midfield role. We need to add that piece. I assume Pogba goes. So someone who can add goals and assists is a must. SMS is a possible to do that.

2.) 06 Jan 2020
06 Jan 2020 04:56:50
DM - Ruben Neves or Denis Zakaria
CM - SMS or Saul Niguez
AM - Bruno Fernandes or Maddison or Kai Havertz
RW - Sancho
S - Raul Jiminez or Lautaro Martinez.

3.) 06 Jan 2020
06 Jan 2020 05:34:01
That's got to be the worse list of players I've ever seen.

4.) 06 Jan 2020
06 Jan 2020 11:02:39
I know I'm a fan of the big essay but is this football lark really that complicated.

Appoint the very best manager available and then back him with loads of money. Simples.

5.) 06 Jan 2020
06 Jan 2020 12:05:38
TRD, decent list that. Would love Saul.

6.) 06 Jan 2020
06 Jan 2020 16:28:22
DLIB - changed your tune on Ole?

7.) 06 Jan 2020
06 Jan 2020 18:13:09
Did White not sign for Spurs and been loaned back to Leeds?

8.) 06 Jan 2020
06 Jan 2020 18:21:16
I think Brighton own White? Could be wrong.

9.) 06 Jan 2020
06 Jan 2020 18:26:56
Olber, I mean a) we need goals and creativity from midfield, Grealish and Cantwell have 13 goals and 7 assists between them. Bowen is tearing up the championship, and plays off the right hand side (the last winger we got from the championship is going alright? ), Hwang has goals and assists this season and can also play off the right so has versatility, it's a shame if White did sign for Spurs, as it would be good to get in another young talented CB to go with Maguire, Lindelof and Bailly, with Axel on his way through. Kalvin Phillips is a beast, he would be great for us allowing the more attacking cms together forward and support the front three. Sure I'd love Saul, Sancho, Neves, Maddison etc but b) we need to find players who want to play for this club, not just for the money, and we need to find players that aren't going to break the bank as we have so many fires to put out and or would top player even want to come to United?