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20 Jan 2022 17:28:49
Newcastle apparently offering 12 million to sign Lingard.
I say take it and run :)


1.) 20 Jan 2022 17:40:17
Go home Newcastle, you're drunk ?.

2.) 20 Jan 2022 17:48:45
He was the most in form player for the months he went to West Ham and should have stayed there. I know he has 6 months left on his contract but 12m is still a bargain for a very good player.

3.) 21 Jan 2022 10:31:48
apparently lingard ok with loan deal but worried about relegation? newcastle still pursuing but we want a sale- seems simple sell with a clause by some fancy lawyer that if they go down he can leave no issues with a min bid. we sell a player and wages off the books, nufc get a decent player for nominal fee and jesse gets minutes to shine before world cup win win win.

4.) 21 Jan 2022 10:44:50
This is not believable. If NU offered $12m cash for JL the board would sanction in a heartbeat, in fact it wouldn’t even go to the board as it is a common sense low risk transaction. If it does not materialise (assuming the offer above is correct) it is JL holding out.

5.) 21 Jan 2022 13:32:38
Surely most players nowadays get a relegation clause written in their contracts. I imagine Newcastle will struggle to sign any elite players atm without offering them which is why they are grabbing waifs and strays.



09 Jan 2022 20:06:29
Rumours circulating that we have put in a 5 million bid for Denis Zakaria.

Would be a massive addition to our midfield at a very low cost.


1.) 09 Jan 2022 20:21:12
£5m? No chance.

2.) 09 Jan 2022 20:35:54
Spenno, he is on a free in the summer so is available for a low fee in January.

3.) 09 Jan 2022 20:47:53
Shappy, I know, but I imagine it would take more to tempt them to part early.

4.) 09 Jan 2022 22:52:04
Ed usually doesn’t do play by plays but if we were making an offer I’m sure he’d have had him on our list recently.

5.) 10 Jan 2022 06:58:16
Spenno, the figure quoted in the press is €6m.

He isn't yet a huge name player, and he isn't at a top club.

Gladbach won't be able to ask for a massive fee.

6.) 10 Jan 2022 12:43:49
Now injury prone, won’t be getting him.



15 Dec 2021 14:00:30
Hi Ed002,

Are United interested in Rudiger?
Also, is any club interested in Eric Bailly.
Thanks in advance.


{Ed002's Note - (a) There is no declared interest from MU but six other sides have declared an interest. (b) Not that I am aware.}

1.) 16 Dec 2021 20:26:46
He’s been fab this season but IMO doesn’t seem the right fit for us. Could definitely see him in the PSG / Real setups.

2.) 16 Dec 2021 21:29:44
Wonder if we could do a swap. Chuck in Jones as a sweetener.

3.) 16 Dec 2021 23:07:48
No swaps needed Key, his contract is up.

4.) 17 Dec 2021 09:04:46
Jones's contract expires 2023.

5.) 17 Dec 2021 09:19:59
Including him wouldn’t be a sweetener, more of a deterrant!
Honestly, when did this guy last play?

6.) 18 Dec 2021 01:39:09

I meant Rudiger.



25 Nov 2021 15:18:44
Interim till end of the season and then new role as a senior technical consultant for 2 years.

Great news.
Finally someone with great footballing ideology.


1.) 25 Nov 2021 15:28:23
Quite annoyed that we are appointing someone who says “football and politics” shouldn’t mix - this was in reference to racism and taking stands against racism. Forget him being a good manager, if he’s not willing to help combat racism then We are appointing the wrong person. People above football. Not the other way round.

2.) 25 Nov 2021 15:30:25
Would suggest ETH is more likely in the summer too.

3.) 25 Nov 2021 15:44:42
Swyw, while the fight against racism is vitally important and obviously a bigger issue than any in football. The reality is that the moment you bring politics into football you create divides that cannot be easily bridged.

Football is supposed to be friendly rivalry, something fans from either side can banter eachother without any real malice. The moment politics enters the fray then harsh lines are drawn in the sand and matches are no longer about bragging rights but about placing one political idea above another. That's when football matches get nasty, that's when people get hurt.

Football can lead the fight against racism without taking on board political ideologies or movements.

4.) 25 Nov 2021 15:39:59
GDS, I'm not sure about that. I think PSG just aren't prepared to let him go early.

However, if Rangnick will have a role within the club beyond his interim manager stay then I'd rather wait for someone like Pochettino or EtH than get them in now and not have a real footballing person have a say in the running of the club.

5.) 25 Nov 2021 16:43:53
You have to say this is a hugely positive move by the club.

6.) 25 Nov 2021 16:48:52
I know a lot of you lads don't like M. E. N. and Samuel Luckhurst but he said on yesterdays podcast its a matter of when not if Poch comes-UTD really are all in for Poch and he really wants it too. In meantime an interim has to come in and Rangnick was one of 3 we shortlisted. also one candidate arrived in Manchester this week for talks.

7.) 25 Nov 2021 17:03:23
Luckhurst did a poll of who people wanted as the next manager, 34% wanted Poch, 59% wanted Ten Hag.

8.) 25 Nov 2021 17:40:55
Great move by the club. Almost suggests we have a plan in place……….

9.) 25 Nov 2021 18:45:23
Not really a plan, they sacked a guy and interviewed candidates interested in an interim position. Then hired who they think is the best of the available options. It just so happens that most fans agree with them this time.

No plan in place, but with Rangnick coming in that might be the start of one.

10.) 25 Nov 2021 19:53:43
I like this if by consultant's means he consults Murtagh and Fletcher into doing what he thinks needs to be done to rebuild Utd and consults the board into appointing the correct manager.

11.) 25 Nov 2021 21:34:21
This appointment might actually suggest EtH. He’d need the structure above him to be a success as a coach for us.

12.) 26 Nov 2021 00:18:56
Keep politics out of football. You don't have to bring racism into every single thing.

Azeem rafiq brings a case if racism against English cricket. It's then proven that azeem rafiq has engaged in some of the racist practice he is accusing his former team mates among others of.

Throws and allegation at Michael Vaughan and then the BBC essentially cancels him, over an allegation of racism from a person proven to themselves be a racist. You honestly could not make this crap up. In the case of racism it's guilty until proven innocent these days.

This is why you keep politics out of football

People should be allowed to have different opinions than yours without the threat of being labelled.

13.) 26 Nov 2021 03:31:40

Keep politics out of football then you go on to tell a biased interpretation of azeem and the ongoing issues with the racist culture of British cricket. Someone having a racist or anti semitic tweet come to light doesn't just completely abolish the countless racist remarks and acts he's faced in his whole time as a pro cricketer. Specialy when the ex Eng cap Vaughan has been caught out more then once being a xenophobe racist in the past. Ppl like you are the real problem, will look for anything to brush passed racist slurs as just "banter". Get a grip and furthermore an EDUCATION.

Sorry to others on here for this statement but it has to be said. Yoy have to call a spade a spade when you see it.

14.) 26 Nov 2021 05:25:03
We are finally trying to do something right.

15.) 26 Nov 2021 06:55:11
Can’t wait to see Ralph take charge of these lazy big time Charlie’s! From what I’ve seen, remember, read the way he’ll want to play will have some players very worried! The likes of Fred and Lingard who have work ethic and will run all day will be made up with his appointment!

16.) 26 Nov 2021 09:18:54
Great Post CR92.

17.) 26 Nov 2021 09:40:30
Cr92, very well said.

Back to the original topic, this is an exciting appointment and hopefully signals a new direction for the club, being receptive to a new way of thinking led by football technicians. Here’s hoping.

I’m almost thinking it’s better this way round rather than say a Poch coming in partway on a permanent deal, less pressure when he comes in with some momentum (hopefully) and a pre season to build and plan.

A run to the champs league semis would be nice for some excitement, but once again the absolute aim has become top 4 finish, which will now be very hard with the top 3 basically guaranteed.

18.) 26 Nov 2021 09:52:10
Cr92 firstly you know nothing about me, my colour or my creed so please don't be making assumptions about me, what I represent or my EDUCATION (does it make one more educated when one types it in caps or something.

Secondly would you mind explaining how my post and opinion is biased. By you saying 'ppl like you are the real problem' you've literally proven my point in the last line of previous post, ie people if anyone has a different opinion they are labelled. People like me, what exactly do you mean by that?

Thirdly you accuse me of brushing past racist slurs as just 'banter' yet you seem to dismiss Rafiqs racist slurs because he has had racist slurs used against him. How does that one work?

At no point did I say his racist tweet abolished the countless racist remarks that he may have faced his whole life. However have you ever heard that old saying, 'those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones'

I want to try an exercise, replace 1 letter in racist, change it to rapist. If someone is in court accusing someone of rape and during proceedings it emerges that that person has raped someone, that does not dismiss the crime that has been committed, namely rape, however it does bring into question the character of the person making the accusation.
Now imagine that both the accusing party and the defendant are celebrities/ sports people, Is it fair that the defendant would be cancelled while the accusing party doesn't at least have their version of events queried.
In my view accusations of institutional racism are very different to accusations of casual racism used by an individual.
I don't see the justice in either circumstance but hey you continue to label 'people like me' and question my EDUCATION.
I prefer the world I live in than the one you do.
It is for precisely this reason that I think Politics should be kept out if football. That's my opinion, you're as entitled to yours as I am mine thank the lord.

Sorry to others on here for this statement but it has to be said. You have to call a spade a spade when you see it.

19.) 26 Nov 2021 10:24:02
Rosspique, when you say "keep politics out of football" you're basically telling players to shut up and not talk about the racism they personally receive, or that they witness their friends and teammates receiving.

They have every right to bring attention to it, and try to change it. If you don't like it, stop watching it.

20.) 26 Nov 2021 10:38:17
Thorne I'm basically not saying that at all. But of course it's your right to put words in my mouth.

Look back at swyws post which predates mine. I'm not the one calling the ethics and character of ragnik into question who says if he won't combat racism to swyws standards then he isn't fit to be manager.

What utter tosh!

Again this in my opinion is why politics should be kept out of football.

21.) 26 Nov 2021 10:49:31
I think there is some confusion between politics and social issues that are both present in society and football.

Politics are merely policies based on ideologies around solving a perceived issue within our society. How valid that issue may be or the political view point held by people creating these policies is what everyone debates.

Politics and football should never cross paths. One is vitally important to the running and direction of society the other is a hugely popular sport. The idea of aligning political ideologies with sport and particularly sport clubs is dangerous as sports clubs and those connected with sports clubs tend to get unquestioned support.

Political thought and ideologies by their very nature need to be constantly challenged and questioned, without it you get people supporting a corrupt politician simply because they are on "your side" of the political divide.

It's like defending a former player whose convicted of a crime because he played for your side, when you would never support someone else who committed the same crime.

The power of sport and the kind of loyalty it demands makes people move their moral compass inorder to fit the current narrative.

That's why connecting sports and politics is dangerous as it brings an unwavering support for something that you may not actually support at all.

That doesn't mean that things like racism that exist in football shouldn't be tackled by football. Of course the social issues that exist in our game should be addressed. But they need to be done by the people within our game in a way that fits the structure of our game. Football should not be adopting a political movement even one tied to what is considered a positive movement.

If you want a perfect example of why sport and politics should never mix have a read into the 1936 Berlin Olympic games. A perfect example of the dangers of normalising political ideologies through sport.

22.) 26 Nov 2021 12:34:36

Well said mate, the number of white privileged people complaining that others should shut up about being racially abused is horrendous.

23.) 26 Nov 2021 14:53:08
Great Post cr92.

24.) 26 Nov 2021 15:00:13
??? white privileged people ?? if only you knew but again thanks for labelling 'people like me'

Steve Bruce seems to get some amount of abuse, Ogs got a lot online towards the end. You don't hear political points regarding this. Frank lampard and Wayne Rooney were called fat most of their professional lives.

What's the point in anyone not being racist if you're going to infer they are just because they think differently.

Anyways keep making everything about race, see how well it ends.

25.) 26 Nov 2021 15:07:05
It's a strange world.
Funny it's the same people who were slandering Ole, calling him every name in the book and what any reasonable person would call bullying who seem to disagree with my point.
I'm terribly ok with not being in that company I have to say.
Is it just cause Ole is white you're allowed to do that.

26.) 27 Nov 2021 02:20:41
Ideally, they shouldn't mix. But you could argue Apartheid would have lasted a lot longer without a ban on them playing against other countries.

27.) 27 Nov 2021 02:55:37
Rosspique, I apologise, I should have checked the context of Rangnicks "politics and football should not mix" comment. It was NOT about racism, it was about Ozil's support for the Turkish president.

If it had been about racism I believe my comment would have been accurate. We've seen a lot of people criticising players taking the knee recently by saying politics should be kept out of football, and that IS basically saying players shouldn't protest racism as I said.

However, as that was not the case here, I was wrong.



25 Aug 2021 15:21:29
Hi Ed002,
Are United pricing out Lingard to WestHam or is he considered important squad player this season?
And Donny VDB being continually ignored, is there any chance the player and the club would part ways?
Thank you in advance.


{Ed002's Note - (a) West Ham value him less. (b) If a buyer could be found but the interest so far has been unacceptable to the club.}

1.) 26 Aug 2021 12:22:13

A little info that may or may not be useful. Saul wants to play in an attacking midfield role yet we are seeking to strengthen ideally as a DM or CM. Background info sought by the club suggest that Saul is not great in the dressing room when he is playing out of his preferred position. Discussions held were around how satisfied he would be with the role we are looking for. Part of those discussions were that it is intended to allow Pogba to accept the new deal offered but that the club did not know if he would choose to renew dependent on his options in January or next summer. Hence the club could offer no assurances on either signing another midfielder in Jan or the summer.

Thats one issue. Atletico are being cute with Saul to force him out and off their books. They are currently playing him at left wing back, it is thought by some to be so that it focuses Saul on leaving and that beggars cannot be choosers, better to be somewhere in midfield elsewhere and with an opportunity to rotate the different roles and stake his claim as Ole has proven he will do from time to time.

Chelsea are in the mix because they can offer Saul a little more reassurance that he won't end up deep lying or in the CM role as they have players like Kante and Jorginho already for example, though he would still have to attempt to displace players like Havertz. Chelsea too need to move put a player if they were to recruit Saul.

There is strong harmony in the United dressing room which has taken 2 and a half seasons to achieve so Saul is a risk in that respect and the club first need to move another player and be sure Saul is up for the role we acknowledge we need.

Ole is not going to undermine the known weakness in midfield publicly, it would be bad management and very poor club politics to appear to be unhappy. He has said actually that he has had a few times when he asked for something and was told no, and that's business. This is true.

There is every chance Lingard may still go to West Ham or even Everton and Leicester if they continue poor form this weekend.

A lot of weird things can happen in early season form with owners.

Still on balance though I do not see it as likely we will do more business. Simply because there are so many dependencies relating to outgoings and negotiations that the time and pressure to do deals presents risk and a little bit of a gamble as opposed to holding firm and targeting your number one signing.

This has worked for United this summer where they could have signed Sarr Traore Rafinha or Richarlison last summer but held firm for Sancho. Same for Varane who has been hugely admired but genuinely seen as unattainable.

All clubs have struggled this summer in recruitment and sales, except the 3 sugar daddy clubs.

C.V. hasn't disappeared from the radar as yet and no one knows what winter will bring, with lower efficacy even for double vaccinated and also the issue over increasing daily deaths again continuing to rise. That is firmly in the mind of clubs who in normal circumstances may have bitten the bullet that it may be a risk too far as the trends have shown reasons to be more cautious than optimistic. New lockdowns are unlikely but fan safety and corporate responsibility remain a part of the thought process.

All in all, we have signed 2 top quality players and improved the squad, our younger players are a year older and it is also thought that it is possible players like Garner may do a job come January depending on how their loan moves progress.

All these considerations and careful balance mean that unless there is a no brainer opportunity where we have practically a nil net cost of parting with a player or two and getting the right signing with the right position and commercials then it simply isn't worth rolling the dice. Once the money is spent, it is gone. Next summer will see the push to overcome what some are calling the polo at United. We are mint in practically every area yet with a great hole in the middle.

2.) 26 Aug 2021 23:08:07
Brilliant read, fella. Even if this is all made up, and absolutely none of it is true, you've convinced me 😁 Thanks for taking the time to put it on the page.

3.) 27 Aug 2021 09:41:15
The polo! I love it.




TrueRedDevil's banter posts with other poster's replies to TrueRedDevil's banter posts


11 Dec 2021 12:39:39
Ragnick's comments on Phelan was commendable.
I think Phelan has now no option but to resign.


1.) 11 Dec 2021 13:59:30
Why can't he be sacked like Ole was?

9/ 10 of any posters here would not walk away from our jobs and leave significant money on the table, don't see why phelan ormckenna should either.

2.) 11 Dec 2021 14:02:31
They didn't seem to clear much up at all, only highlight the confusion over what Phelan actually did/ does. By all accounts neither of the new pair are replacing him. Hopefully they're a bit more animated than what we've been used to.

3.) 12 Dec 2021 20:04:19
Phelan should have been the first to go. The guy is useless.

4.) 13 Dec 2021 09:19:24
Can anyone explain what Rangnick said about Phelan? I can't seem to find it anywhere.



21 Nov 2021 05:53:22
Only positive in the match was Donny.

Has to start in the midfield every week till the end of the season.
His passing, retaining possession and spatial awareness was top notch considering he hardly plays.

How the heck was McFred being picked ahead week in week out despite being awful?


1.) 21 Nov 2021 06:24:37
To be honest a good slap in the face to ole that van de beek goal and his captain maguire red card.

2.) 21 Nov 2021 06:36:27

Pleased for Donny.

He had some good touches, held up the ball under pressure at times, played some lovely passes forward, made those runs in behind the defense and put in a few tackles as well.

For me he is a United player and exactly what we need and I do wonder why some people don't rate him at all.

Even with the limited opportunities he's always impressed me on how good he is on the ball.

He just needs more minutes on the pitch and he would be excellent for us.

3.) 21 Nov 2021 08:15:58
Donny is a great player who up until the Wolves game at the end of last season seemed to be struggling to adapt and show what he could do when given opportunities.

However, based on his form when played this season combined with the god awful performances by our other midfielders it's clear that Donny should be starting most games. He should certainly be given a run of games to see what he can do.

He has all the right skills, has a great footballing education so will have the intelligence, showed the right attitude by not kicking off or throwing his toys out the pram, went away over the summer and worked hard to make improvements in his physical conditioning to make him stronger for the EPL.

Hopefully whoever comes in next can see that and give Donny the chances he deserves.



20 Nov 2021 21:20:50
Hi Ed002,
Any update on Ole's position after the embarassing defeat to Watford?

Have United made any contact to potential managers during the International break?
Thank you in advance.


{Ed002's Note - The club have considered a number of options as I have previously explained. The problem is the timing. With Pochetino and Southgate not available it leaves the likes of Zidane (who wants a different job) or the likes of Brendon Rodger’s who knows he is not first choice as potential options.}

1.) 20 Nov 2021 21:36:41
Surely the sensible option would be an interim manager for the remainder of the season, then get a external ceo and new director of football to fix the way the club is being run and allow them to pick their own manager? The people in the club currently have shown they don't know how to fix the issues.

{Ed014's Note - hence why it will continue the same way

2.) 20 Nov 2021 21:37:57
That doesn’t sound good.

1. Don’t want a manager who does not want to be here and just coming due to the desperation of Utd to throw extra money.

2. Rodgers, whilst an improvement, I don’t feel he has the presence to rattle these ‘big players’. He also just got destroyed by tuchels Chelsea.

My gut sadly tells me we’ll go for Rodgers but I wish somehow we get Rangnick or Ten Haag.

3.) 20 Nov 2021 21:44:15
If only there was a short term manager with a proven track record of winning . who just accepted a 18 month contract who was available recently ?.

4.) 20 Nov 2021 21:45:14
Of course they’ll go for Rodgers he’s the easiest one to get. Leicester probably want to sack him anyway but not before we give them a load of money!

5.) 20 Nov 2021 21:52:04
Best solution is to bring in Roy Keane on a short term contract until the end of the season.

Keane spends the next 6 months taking the pee out of Maguire and telling Fred why he’s such a pathetically awful player. Ronaldo is happy to be working with his friend. Training is about raw aggression to be harnessed at the opposition. The team lives in fear of his daily beratings and is so glad when Poch takes over in the summer that they perform at the top of their game under the threat that Keane will be brought back if they don’t.

6.) 20 Nov 2021 22:19:54
Absolutely love this site but it’s my first even post to be gentle!

If the club was run properly they’d bring in an interim manager until the end of the season then for next year bring someone in who can build the next legacy team. Not this quick fix approach brining in a big name and let them spend money like they’ve won the lottery.

Being someone in their vision and style of play and build on that! Stop buying players with the big names and big salaries and build a team around a style of play bringing in players in that suit that style!

7.) 21 Nov 2021 00:24:07
Where is Laurent Blanc in a parachute?



25 Oct 2021 07:57:27
Hi Ed002,
With United's league form plummeting and a humiliating defeat against arch rivals, have the decision makers sounded out possible manager replacements?

And with United fans vacating the stadium in large numbers after 60 minutes, would this have any immediate effect on Ole and the coaching staffs?


{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any approaches to other coaches/managers but no dout it has been discussed. The Manchester United fans not supporting the team would have no impact.}



20 Oct 2021 07:11:10
Ten Hag's team impressing yet again.
What a well drilled team.
Would love to see his philosophy implemented at United and that too with players of higher quality.


1.) 20 Oct 2021 10:00:00
He built a great Ajax side that included Frenkie De Jong, De Ligt, DvdB, Ziyech ect that got ripped apart. He then just calmly got on with rebuilding, and now he has a team that while might not have quite as much natural talent is playing every bit as well.

It's that ability to get a team to play greater than the sum of its parts. Haller for instance looked a world class forward last night, at West Ham he looked like he belonged in the Championship not the Champions League.

Personally I think he should be the clear favourite to replace Ole, there are other good options of course. But I think in 2-3 years time Erik Ten Hag will be talked about in the same breath as Klopp, Pep, etc.

2.) 20 Oct 2021 12:24:24
Dont forget that Ajax team you mention there and dozens before it over the last 40 years at least are populated with players that from the age of 10 are expected to be able to control the ball from any angle and have near perfect pass completion.

At 16 they are expected to be able to play in several positions and formations and be tactically aware.

So the manager has a very good framework to begin with.

Anyone around Amsterdam area for a short break or whatever its well worth a trip to Ajax museum, its a really informative tour.

3.) 20 Oct 2021 13:12:54
Ajax are a great watch and his philosophy is brilliant. But let’s not get carried away. There are sunday league teams in England that could be in the Dutch league.

4.) 20 Oct 2021 13:46:52
Spenno, while the Eredivisie is a much weaker league, you only have to look at what Ten Hag has achieved in Europe with Ajax to appreciate that they can mix it with the best sides.

They completely outplayed and dismantled a very good Dortmund side 4-0 last night. While he has also managed to take them to the semifinals of the UCL in his first full season in charge. Losing on away goals. Beating Juventus and Real Madrid on their way to the semifinal.

They have equipped themselves very well in the UCL against far stronger opposition, and not just shutting up shop and hitting them on the break but playing football, attacking them and causing them as many problems as they are posed themselves.

5.) 20 Oct 2021 16:15:13
Think Ten Hag has a plan which doesn't involve a stop at Old Trafford.




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13 Jan 2022 15:30:25
Zakaria often plays as DM and at times covers at CB.




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05 Jan 2022 18:03:11
Neves has a good range of passing and vision to open up defenses from deep.
Although he is not very mobile, his attributes are what we need in our midfield.




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03 Jan 2022 13:29:08
Dembele is horribly injury prone. Stay well clear imo and not what we need.




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03 Jan 2022 13:26:18
We actually can get Zakaria and Kamara combined for probably less than 20 million.
But need to move on Matic, Lingard, Martial, Mata and few others.




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03 Jan 2022 06:53:26
Denis Zakaria will soon be out of contract.
I feel he is perfect for the EPL.





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21 Jan 2022 04:13:28
I think the op is a troll.
Gerrard has lost 5 times the matches than Ralf has.
Tuchel is starting to struggle at Chelsea.

Ole was the one who caused problems in the dressing room. False Promising players on game time, poor coaching, terrible set-piece coach appointment and blocking youth.




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20 Jan 2022 15:53:19
Who is making these atrocious decisions at the club?
As Ed said, amateurs.




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20 Jan 2022 06:02:48
Nobody can get close to De Gea's shot stopping.
He has easily been United's player of the year.




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20 Jan 2022 06:01:41
Thats the sort of passion we need.
Ronaldo never hides. After we scored the 2nd goal, Ronny had the players in a hurdle for a stern talk.

Also well done to Rangnick for showing balls and changing system mid game.
He said he didn't want to make the mistake he did against Villa.




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19 Jan 2022 06:01:05
English players are usually over hyped.
Maguire especially has set the club back.
The one who scouted him and gave sign off for 80 million should be sacked.