02 Jan 2021 15:52:38
There is going from villa and their supporters about the penalty. Do they realise that they are in this league over one of the biggest mistakes in recent history of technology
And don't get me started on grealish diving.

1.) 02 Jan 2021
02 Jan 2021 16:12:43
There was actually contact, although not a great deal its still enough to go down and be a penalty. Any team in the league would of been awarded that as it wasn't clear and obvious it was the wrong decision. Douglas Luiz himself posted about it. actually embarrassing, maybe it'll teach him not to get so tight because anywhere on the pitch it's a foul.

2.) 02 Jan 2021
02 Jan 2021 16:24:29
Also I'm surprised mings elbow on pogba didn't get looked at.

3.) 02 Jan 2021
02 Jan 2021 16:26:53
I thought it was a soft penalty but my impression was a slight contact from the defender on Pogba’s left leg that then meant his left foot went out of line into his right leg to cause a fall. Every time we get a penalty there is a right old stamping of feet from every other club, pictures of refs in United shirts.

Your point about the luck they had is valid!

4.) 02 Jan 2021
02 Jan 2021 16:40:09
Not just utd or villa related but the amount of screams you hear from players with no fans in the stadiums i'm sure its giving refs something else to think about weather its a foul or not. There was a couple last night that were laughable. Its just another way players have found to cheat/ bend the rules to there own advantage. I didn't hear smith saying that traores one on the edge of the area in the first half wasnt a free kick he managed to end up well in the area with the dive.

5.) 02 Jan 2021
02 Jan 2021 17:49:34
I think VAR are now going down the path of sticking to the referees call if it was not a clear and obvious error. Had the referee not called it I don’t think vAR would have overruled. Guessing they have a time limit now to make a call else stick to the referees verdict.

6.) 02 Jan 2021
02 Jan 2021 18:07:36
You see players going down clutching their face when there was no contact at all with their face, there should be retrospective bans for that nonsense.

7.) 02 Jan 2021
02 Jan 2021 18:33:35
The ref was in a great position, it was a pen. VAR is meant to take away a clear error by the ref. This was not that, move on.