05 Jan 2021 09:34:49
Absolutely loving the results at the moment - real distraction from the misery and loss in tbe real world.

To think we could be 3 points clear at the too by the time we play Liverpool.

Realistically though, still think either City or Liverpool will end up Champions. We’re still effectively in transition and at least 3 top players away from consistent results:

Centre back: Torres? Bailey too injury prone though Axel might step in.

Right Wing: still has to be Sancho, though wouldn’t mind David Brooks. Maybe Amad Diallo will surprise us earlier than expected, or even Pellistri.

Def. MF: ideally Rice but maybe Zakaria. Too soon for Garner perhaps

Plus we have some real prospects at youth level (Mengi, Shoretire, Hugill, Hannibal, etc)

So, to dream a bit is harmless so let’s enjoy it while we can - then the serious business hopefully starts next season.

1.) 05 Jan 2021
05 Jan 2021 10:23:46
I wasn’t convinced by Rice but he’s changing my mind this season. He’s the standout player in the WH side. I thought his passing was suspect but it’s actually one of his best traits. He can run with the ball too which is something we currently lack in CM.

With the English tax i’m sure WH will be asking for upwards of £60m for him but he’s got age on his side.

2.) 05 Jan 2021
05 Jan 2021 10:43:33
I mentioned earlier in a post that Pau Torres and Rice would make us genuine title contenders.

Declan Rice will be an upgrade on Fred.
He has a good passing range and is excellent in breaking up play and anticipating danger.

3.) 05 Jan 2021
05 Jan 2021 10:48:34
Rice is a good player looks the part, will cost a bob or 2 .

4.) 05 Jan 2021
05 Jan 2021 12:05:21
Wazza, when mentioning WH standouts, I have to chip in Bowen, this kid caught my eye at Hull way back during the Maguire and Robinson Days.

5.) 05 Jan 2021
05 Jan 2021 12:08:30
I’m not convinced that Sancho is the guy who transforms this side, and for the money I think we need to spend it elsewhere. 100% we need a genuine RW but I don’t see the value in spending 100m or close to on Sancho.

If you could choose between say a top class CB, a top CDM and a decent RW (say Upamecano, Ndidi and Buendia) or a decent CB and CDM and a top class RW (say Badieshilie, Moises Caicedo and Sancho) which do you think would take us to the next level?

I rate Sancho, he looks a top prospect. But he doesn’t fix the problem that costs us the most points, a top CB and CDM would provide the team with the balance it desperately needs to gain a level of consistency to challenge for top honours.

6.) 05 Jan 2021
05 Jan 2021 12:24:07
Interesting opinion Shappy, but so many of our attacks go down the left - opponents know where to focus their defences.

We’re too one-sided.

7.) 05 Jan 2021
05 Jan 2021 15:05:15
Wallace, I'm not saying to not sign a RW player, but that the focus needs to be where we lose the most points. Also if we were more defensively solid then we would have a better platform to attack.

I'm just of the opinion that a 100m RW wouldn't solve our biggest issue when it comes to winning games. Which for me is the easily prevented leaked goals. At the moment we give every opponent at least 2-3 really good easily preventable chances, and that costs us points.

8.) 05 Jan 2021
05 Jan 2021 15:52:52
Just sign virgil van dyk and have done with it 🤣.