17 Apr 2021 09:41:52
To the editors, who are the club looking at as options for the positions of RB and RW?
Thank you!

{Ed002's Note - It may well depend on whether or not the club can sell Diogo Dalot, but ideally they would like Max Aarons at RB - but I suspect he would not be keen and would prefer a move to Everton or Arsenal if Bellerin leaves or Spurs if Aurier can be sold. For RW it is unclear if Manchester United will follow up on the huge embarrassment of last year with Jadon Sancho or if they will look to the likes of Leon Bailey, Dembele, Sarr or others they have looked at. They are not one of the clubs actively pushing for early transfer agreements right now and may have decided the two youngsters added last year may just be OK for them.}

1.) 17 Apr 2021
17 Apr 2021 12:24:21
Ed, is it looking like Dortmund may struggle to move Sancho on again this summer? Between C.V. strangling finances, agents fees and a supposed lack of interest from the top clubs could he run into his final year?

{Ed002's Note - Jadon Sancho (RW) Manchester United messed everybody around last year and he has again been offered elsewhere to those who had previously enquired, but they are still not interested. If Manchester United want him they are going to have to agree a deal before the summer. I would not be surprised to see interest from Liverpool but they have financial issues which could impact any offer.

His contract is not up in 2022.}

2.) 17 Apr 2021
17 Apr 2021 13:03:21
Thanks Ed002! Max Aarons - still a Norwich departure even if promoted this season?

{Ed002's Note - There are a number of interested sides so perhaps.}

3.) 17 Apr 2021
17 Apr 2021 13:59:40
Thanks again.

4.) 17 Apr 2021
17 Apr 2021 17:20:07
Max Aarons is a good player and being so young he should still improve quite considerably. If he has any sense he shouldn't join us though.

AWB is first choice and you'd think he would end up a lot like Telles, playing in the odd league game but mostly relegated to playing in cup competitions or weaker opponents. If he moves to Everton or Arsenal he'd be first choice and would likely end up a better player in the long run.

5.) 18 Apr 2021
17 Apr 2021 23:39:45
Because if he’s that good and if he thinks he’s that good himself, he’ll join and win that position as his own and leave less talented players to join clubs not as big as Man Utd.

6.) 18 Apr 2021
18 Apr 2021 00:03:41
Trippier makes a lot of sense as cover and someone to bridge time while laird develops or not.

7.) 18 Apr 2021
18 Apr 2021 13:34:23
At the time when we signed AWB I said on here that I thought Max Aarons would be a better fit for us.

He suits a side that will have the majority of possession and needs their full backs to get involved in the attacks.

I think AWB is a great player with huge potential. Just always felt his biggest strengths come when defending, which isn't something a full back should be doing too much of at a top club.

I genuinely wouldn't be surprised if we signed Aarons that within 18 months he would be first choice and AWB would be reduced to a back up role.

8.) 19 Apr 2021
19 Apr 2021 13:54:23
I cannot see us buying a right winger this summer. First choice Greenwood and have plenty of back-up Rashford, Amad, James.
3 signings RB, CD, CF.

9.) 19 Apr 2021
19 Apr 2021 15:07:17
We MAY just have dodged a sancho bullet by messing them around last season, so not every mess is necessarily bad news :P.