10 Dec 2019 17:31:27
Hi Ed002,

Would really like your view on this. Alex Ferguson was a fantastic manager - but did not do too much of the coaching. His great strength was man management/ motivating etc. Left the coaching to others. You have made frequent references to OGS being a second rate coach [or words to that effect? ]. However, do you think he has the potential to be a good manager.? This is a genuine question with no intention of offending or winding anyone up. Thanks in advance and keep up the excellent work.

{Ed002's Note - I don't think he does have that potential. He is not good enough and was a mistake.}

1.) 10 Dec 2019
10 Dec 2019 18:35:16
I agree with Ed.

2.) 10 Dec 2019
10 Dec 2019 19:01:10
With all respect to him, he should never have got the job in the first place.
Keane was at the training ground last week and had a talk with the players, apparently one player was thrown down slouched in the chair like a dead dog, martial. And Keane had a right go at him telling him what was expected of you as a man united player
Don't know much about oles management but I'd say too nice a bit of a yes man.

3.) 10 Dec 2019
10 Dec 2019 20:20:17
Who let Keane into the training ground?, Sounds like bull to me.

4.) 10 Dec 2019
10 Dec 2019 20:34:38
He was invited by the manager, it isn't bull.

5.) 10 Dec 2019
10 Dec 2019 20:50:15
He should be in there a lot more.

6.) 10 Dec 2019
10 Dec 2019 22:18:06
Anyone would think we lost on Saturday.

7.) 11 Dec 2019
11 Dec 2019 10:01:04
You were there for it Leahy? When did mirror and metro begun being our best sources?

I really hope ole wasn't stupid enough to invite that bully for anything.

8.) 11 Dec 2019
11 Dec 2019 11:56:49
Or CSM, may be Ole isn't capable of doing so himself so he required someone who he remembered kicked his butt few years ago :D.

9.) 11 Dec 2019
11 Dec 2019 13:09:31
So when Sir Alex brings in tactically astute assistant managers to work on new tactics and training methods he's a genius for knowing his limitations and finding a solution.

Then why isn't Ole being praised for using his connections and finding someone to come in and give the team exactly what they needed.

The issue our players have had is they've needed a kick up the backside, but have turned against whoever does it. Bringing someone from the outside to come in and be the bad cop could be a very astute move. It gives the players what they need, but doesn't give them someone to turn against.

10.) 11 Dec 2019
11 Dec 2019 15:57:41
shappy being able to motivate players is the primary job of the manager you can't outsource it to someone else.

I am not against a manager bringing in ex players/ managers for pep talks or motivation but the choice should be sensible, bringing someone else in just to criticize your team would be 1st lesson on how not to manage any group of people, not just footballers. I don't think ole or anyone else in any business is that stupid.

Keane would be the 1st name on the list of players not to bring in to provide motivation, imagine if you have to listen to someone motivate you and that person goes on tv everyweek and calls you names. Are you really going to be interested in what he/ she has to say to you?

11.) 11 Dec 2019
11 Dec 2019 18:06:45
Csm. The results in the 2 games since would suggest you are talking bolloxology.
He was there and he did call 1 player out for his demeanour on the day . He didn't name said player. as confirmed by keane's radio interview on Monday.
He is the ideal man for a one off pep talk.
Not the ideal man to have their all the time as his tolerance levels will never allow him to become a top manager again proved by his various stints and subsequent fallouts.
Vidic and fletch have been in before too to give their input in oct.
I mate of mine roomed with brian mcClair a month ago at a legends function. He said he wanted united to go for poch but that the club have no appetite for changing from ole at this time.