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02 Oct 2020 19:23:25
Romano saying that United will fold and give Dortmund the 120m.

Shan UNITED boy

1.) 02 Oct 2020 19:29:46
Romano says a lot. Seems very little is actually accurate anymore.

2.) 02 Oct 2020 19:39:26
Where have you seen this Shan? Not seen it myself. So many reports atm. One minute we are convinced Sancho is coming and the next it’s dembele. Can’t wait for Tuesday when the transfer madness is over.

3.) 02 Oct 2020 19:43:45
Wouldn't blame them if they rejected it, utd have messed them about and left them no time to find a replacement.

4.) 02 Oct 2020 19:47:06
Even I don't see it anywhere.
His last update was that price quoted for Sancho before 2 months and now are the same.
Telles deal is in balance as we cannot agree a fee.
CB will depend on players leaving.

5.) 02 Oct 2020 20:46:10
It would be almost hilarious that we stump up what they want and they say no lol, serve us right.

6.) 02 Oct 2020 22:45:28
Almost, Welsh 😁.



25 Sep 2020 13:46:19
Looks like Levy is properly backing Jose this summer. In talks with Ruben Dias now.

Shan UNITED boy

1.) 25 Sep 2020 13:59:02
i have them finishing third in the league this year and may give city some tough competition. All said and done, jose is a very good manager and the Spurs team profile suits him - not many prima donnas, mature players, good physicality, anything he achieves will be more than what they did under Poch, profile of the club is not too big to overshadow him etc.

2.) 25 Sep 2020 14:12:00
Interesting if Spurs get him in when we were unable to a couple of years ago.

It’s still Mourinho though. The novelty will wear off.

3.) 25 Sep 2020 14:13:33
True that RLF and not to forget it is Jose's second season too. So all stars aligned. I have them winning the Europa this year.

I thought Levy was the penny pinching one, Ed is outscoring him there.
Probably selling his house to gather funds for some late transfers 😂😂.

4.) 25 Sep 2020 14:32:23
I don't think Spurs will pull up trees this year. The defence looks iffy even with the additions of Doherty, Reguilon and possibly Dias. Three players who have never played together before is hardly a great start, even if all three do well it will take time for them to work well as a unit. Alderweireld is declining and suffers too many injuries, Aurier is a liability defensively as is Sanchez. Tanganga looks a good prospect, expect Jose to ruin him.

The Spurs midfield looks lightweight and lacking creativity. Ndombele hasn't succeed yet. Winks is decent, but needs a player along side him with physicality and drive. Sissoko is Sissoko, good some weeks, shocking others. Alli has been on a downward spiral for 18 months. Lo Celso looked good last season. But he is the only one.

They have an interesting mix of players going forward. Obviously Kane is top class, as is Son. Bergwijn looks a player too. Yet they also have (Lame) la and Moura who are very hit and miss. While adding Bale does add a potentially top player, however, will he be fit often enough?

When I look at this Spurs team I see a new and untested defence, a very poor midfield and a potentially blockbuster front line.

I think the best way to get the most out of this Spurs side is to outscore their opponents. However, they have a safely first manager who might well put the shackles on their best players.

They also have several key players who have in the last few seasons or so struggled with injury, no one would be surprised to see Spurs line up without Alderweireld, Bale and Kane due to injury.

I don't see Spurs challenging for the top 4 this season.

5.) 25 Sep 2020 14:39:14
Spurs furloughed their staffs and are outspending us.

Most importantly, they are improving the squad and backing their manager.

I'm just tired waiting for club to show some ambition to move us forward.

6.) 25 Sep 2020 14:52:44
Shappy, i will give you three names of United and tell me if they gelled even when they didn't play together before. Ferdinand, Vidic and Evra.

You are basing your arguments on a lot of ifs. If Kane and Bale stay fit, if the defence gels, if Sissoko isn't hit wnd miss. What if all of them hit.

7.) 25 Sep 2020 15:47:27
Shan, do you remember Vidic's and Evra's first season? They joined in January and looked a little iffy for the first few months. It wasn't until the start of their first full season that they started to play well as individuals and as a defensive unit.

After they had 6 months and a full pre-season to gel with their teammates.

Can Reguilon, Alderweireld, Doherty and Dias all speak the same language? If not how well will they communicate while trying to build up an on pitch relationship.

Defence more than any other area on the pitch requires months of training, playing and working together to build up and to be able to defend in a unit.

Very few teams get instant success when changing 3 of their back 4.

8.) 25 Sep 2020 16:08:58
Dias joining City apparently.

9.) 25 Sep 2020 15:36:15
I can't see them getting past us or Chelsea and possibly a rejuvenated Arsenal for top 4.

10.) 25 Sep 2020 15:41:18
i am with Shan on this one. I think they will do well. The spurs midfield with winks, sissokko, ndombele, lo Celso, Fernandes has good options. Hojberg is an astute signing and i expect him to do well under jose as he is very good at doing a job (herrera style) . Their defence will also be vastly improved with reguillon and doherty, not to mention if they get Ruben Dias.

You could even argue that their starting 11 with Lloris, reguillon, doherty, alderweireld, Dias (if), Winks, Sossoko, Locelso, Bale, Son, Kane is almost as good as ours. Bonus is they have less focus and pressure on them to perform, a better options frrom the bench with moura, bergwin, ndombele, a new striker maybe and alli, than we do.

11.) 25 Sep 2020 16:26:54
Tanganga looks a good prospect, expect Jose to ruin him? Shappy 😂 I would never have said Jose ruins young players.

Your analysis 🤦‍♂️ my god. I hope jose is reading this, I'm sure he could do with a few of your 'coaching' pointers 😂😂.

12.) 25 Sep 2020 16:45:30
Loll Shappy really hates Jose.

If they get Dias and with Mourinhi in charge i would forget about top 4.

City, liverpool and Spurs will be top 3 and then Arsenal or Chelsea will take the 4th position.

The only way we will make top 4 this year is if we sign a good cb along with a striker or rw.

With Ole and his coaching staff i absolutely have no faith! .

13.) 25 Sep 2020 18:43:17
Thought Dias was for city and skriniar for spurs. at least that’s what was being reported earlier 🤷‍♂️.

14.) 25 Sep 2020 16:46:58
Ed i wanted to ask you what is th3 difference between a manager and! Coach?

Is the coach responsible to teach players how to play or is it headed by directions from the manager as to how and what tactics to use? .

{Ed002's Note - In many cases it is not something that differs much - "manager" is used in the vernacular in the UK. Some "managers" actually have the title "head coach". In mainland Europe many coaches will not be part of the transfer process. In England they tend to have more of a say.}

15.) 25 Sep 2020 20:47:13
Spurs won't finish in the top 3 100%. I can see spurs struggling and mourinho leaving before the seasons finished. He will cause a fraction in their squad, bale signing will also probably hinder them, they have a strict wage bill and I'm sure other will be asking for a pay rise unsuccessfully and that will cause them problems too.

Mourinho used to be a good manager, when the players were men, they could take it, nowadays it will break a lot of them, that is his biggest downfall, the evolution and the younger generation.

16.) 25 Sep 2020 22:22:56
Lads, it’s Tottenham.

In all seriousness, I don’t care what they’re doing. We should be worrying about ourselves.

17.) 25 Sep 2020 23:22:49
Bale will tear the league up can’t believe people writing him off.

18.) 26 Sep 2020 00:30:17
Okay thanks ed.

19.) 26 Sep 2020 09:26:19
Well not all of us follow golf RobbieWood, didn't know they used a league structure now.

20.) 26 Sep 2020 09:34:38
The only thing I can see bale tearing up is the green on the 18th hole. He will most likely be injured for a large part of the season. He has had a lot of muscle injuries over the past few years and he is a pace and power player. Kinda reminds me of Owen.

21.) 26 Sep 2020 19:36:34
This original post has aged badly. Levy has no money for Dias.



31 Aug 2020 11:11:12
Heard a rumour from the second most reliable source after Ed002 that Matt Judge took a flight from Amsterdam to Cologne. Wonder what he could be doing in Germany now.

Source, twitter ofcourse. 😁😁.

Shan UNITED boy

1.) 31 Aug 2020 12:03:37
Probably picking up some German sausage for tea 🤣.

2.) 31 Aug 2020 12:33:19
Cologne is a fun city. Why not stop in for a beer 🍺.

3.) 31 Aug 2020 13:17:56
Grabbing some smellies.

4.) 31 Aug 2020 15:33:46
He is just the wurst tim, ill get me coat 🤦‍♂️.



15 Jan 2018 21:02:00
City have withdrawn their offer. Chelsea intersted.

Shan UNITED boy

1.) 15 Jan 2018 22:09:18
Cant follow the figures though although I doubt any journo knows. The Indy saying Arsenal wanted Martial PLUS cash? and now its 30 million PLUS Miki? neither of those deals look good to me.

2.) 15 Jan 2018 22:54:54
I can't see Chelsea splashing the cash when there is an unknown with the manager. Probably going public to satisfy fans that they tried.

3.) 16 Jan 2018 02:04:16
Replacement for Hazard is my guess. Hopefully just BS, but if they are in the mix it will be a problem for us I think - these foreigners seem to love London, I doubt they spend much time partying, learning the history and shops you can find anywhere - it's just convenience and the 'image'.

I genuinely don't see the draw in London for a professional footballer over other major cities in the UK.



14 Jan 2018 13:16:24
Di Marzio reporting that we have reached an agreement with Sanchez and his agents.

Shan UNITED boy

1.) 14 Jan 2018 13:50:28
Than surely we have. that guy is special at news.

2.) 14 Jan 2018 14:13:10
That guy is specially wrong everytime he opens his mouth.


3.) 14 Jan 2018 20:29:19
Yeah sure he is mikon. What planet you living on. Has always been incredibly accurate. Most have some decent sources.

4.) 15 Jan 2018 10:31:48
Incredibly accurate? that's a stretch, sure he is better than some but he is wrong about transfers all the time!




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02 Nov 2020 09:06:31
"You keep talking about the great past/ history, very soon you will become the history"

Not the words of a great scholar or anything but the words of my 10 year old nephew who gave up on Manchester United yesterday. He says he'd rather follow any other team or not watch football at all rather than this rubbish.

I tried convincing him that we were just having a bad phase and told him all about the history and that's when he uttered those words.

Makes you wonder what the current generation thinks. They really don't care about what once happened so the sentimentality isn't there. Then you think of the big clubs that once were. Forest, Leeds, Aston Villa, Sheffield Wednesday, AC Milan etc. clubs rich in history who didn't keep pace with the world.

How long do we keep living in the past? Remember your roots your culture but don't try to relive it all the time. what's gone is gone. Live in the present and prepare for the future and only learn from the past. don't try to emulate the past.

Shan UNITED boy

1.) 02 Nov 2020 10:05:38
Well shan how's things?
Wasn't great yesterday was it?

2.) 02 Nov 2020 10:25:17
Liverpool did for 30 years and are a top dogs again now, Milan also doing well in serie a this season, keep believing in your club no matter what or how bad it gets, they'll need our support. History is History but is good to know what we are about and where we came from, we will be back.

3.) 02 Nov 2020 13:20:43
10 years old Shan? Tell him it will all be okay. Much more important things going on in life. Too serious for a 10 year old.

4.) 02 Nov 2020 13:38:05
That's why am puzzled at this obsession with doing things the United Way. The United Way left with Fergie. The club needs to evolve footballing wise. Hire a manager/ coach who has a clear strategy/ plan/ pattern as to how he wants to play and let him implement it. Nothing wrong with respecting the past, but it's called the past for a reason. Unfortunately United seems to be stuck in the past.1999 to be exact.



01 Nov 2020 18:25:20
Great game. Nothing to worry about. Only 3 losses since Feb. Maybe its not as bad as some want to make it. Such an attacking threat all game. Could have scored 5 any other day. Nothing to complain anymore. Its all hunky dory at Old Trafford. Perfect line up perfect formation perfect subs perfect timings. Ole at the wheel. Genius he is. Lovely corners, always beating the first man. Even the hat trick doctor wasnt running like a headless chicken.

A good game overall. No wins at OT since when is it?

If it were up to people who had sense, Ole wouldn't make it to the bus home without the pink slip. But. but.

Shan UNITED boy

1.) 01 Nov 2020 18:28:24
Last win at OT was on Wednesday.

2.) 01 Nov 2020 18:44:14
Talk about the league grim. It really is grim. We will not doubt thrash the Turkish might midweek and it will all be heaven again.

3.) 01 Nov 2020 19:05:36

Don't you dare judge on a game basis.

4.) 01 Nov 2020 19:25:13
I know, I'm only messing. Consistency has been our issue under Ole, if he doesn't fix it he will lose his job, simple as that. Ole knows that better than anyone.



28 Oct 2020 21:53:22
RBL really put to the sword tonight. Brilliant game. Even though the scoreline was 5-0 my favorite player tonight was Fred. He was bloody everywhere.

We are going to win the CL.

Shan UNITED boy

1.) 28 Oct 2020 22:01:12
That’s the spirit! Good to have you on board mate ;)

2.) 28 Oct 2020 22:04:20
Not Rashford Shan? 😃 I agree on Fred, he was immense.

3.) 28 Oct 2020 22:09:51
There appears to be an Ed missing commenting on these posts saying that wasn’t a great result 😂 what a game.

4.) 28 Oct 2020 22:15:24
Fred defensively was a monster, covered so much ground.
Rash didn't do too badly Shan :)

5.) 28 Oct 2020 22:54:43
Yea Fred was brilliant! A dog in midfield. What I enjoyed most is that when we got the second, the players began closing down even quicker and going for the kill. Confidence began to ooze. That’s the football we should be playing. That’s utd.



27 Oct 2020 15:02:29
Not a popular opinion but wanted to put it out there only because there is a detailed thread about DvDB. Can he not play instead of Bruno for a few games? Its not like Bruno has set the world alight yet this season.

Shan UNITED boy

{Ed002's Note - He is a CM rather than an AM. If BF were to be dropped, JM would be the first choice to replace him.}

1.) 27 Oct 2020 15:34:01
He can and he will throughout the season.

Its only been 5 games lol, this is the classic mountain out of a molehill.

2.) 27 Oct 2020 15:47:26
Who is JM Ed002?

{Ed002's Note - Juan Mata.}

3.) 27 Oct 2020 15:48:42
Matic donny and Bruno for the 3.

4.) 27 Oct 2020 18:33:31
Bruno is our top scorer, has made the most key passes has most assists, made the most crosses and is only behind Maguire for accurate and long balls.

Bruno has been good, unfortunately others around him haven't been great. Poor finishing and a lack of fitness seems to be the issue.

I'd drop one of Fred or McTominay for most games and play Donny.

5.) 27 Oct 2020 18:51:38
Donny will have to wait his turn. We have played 5 league games won 2 of them so with those in front of him doing so well we may have to wait a few more weeks.

{Ed025's Note - you do make me smile ken.. :)

6.) 27 Oct 2020 19:24:51
Agreed ken, the lads ahead of him are flying it. He will just have to bide his time and wait until they dip in form.

7.) 27 Oct 2020 19:32:48
No rush at all. If we win anther 2 of our next 5 league games it might be next year before we see him regularly with that sort of awesome form.

{Ed047's Note - 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣

8.) 27 Oct 2020 19:38:00
Angel you havd actually posted something that makes sense.

9.) 27 Oct 2020 19:53:59
Jerd, hopefully you can follow suit sometime soon.

10.) 27 Oct 2020 19:54:23
Ken 😂😂😂.



25 Oct 2020 04:43:25
To any of the Eds- What did you make of VAR not checking the Maguire Sleeper hold on Azpi while wasting more than a minute on Kante's brush on Rashford.

Shan UNITED boy

{Ed001's Note - it just shows how ridiculously bad the officials are in the English game. Clueless comes to mind.}

1.) 25 Oct 2020 07:13:45
He's a complete liability.




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23 Nov 2020 12:00:09
Ah ok, understood. Thanks Ed.

Shan UNITED boy



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23 Nov 2020 11:34:44
Ed002 that is probably the second or third time you have mentioned a player being a Bruno Fernandes replacement. Is something going on with Bruno behind the scenes with him may be leaving the club soon?

Shan UNITED boy

{Ed002's Note - People keep asking about AM players who would be first choice - the only way that would work is if BF were moving on.}



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04 Oct 2020 07:45:10
Sanchez never wanted to come to United in the first place so i don't see how it could be similar.

Shan UNITED boy



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04 Oct 2020 04:11:06
Herrera, if that is how things worked, Ole wouldn't have played 1 game for United as he was also mostly used as a sub.

There should be no untouchables in the team no matter who you are as that creates complacency and your performance level drops.
Cavani will be here for short term and will create that competitive atmosphere and will keep Martial on his toes. Martial last scored in the QF against LASK and yet he plays every game.

Cavani as i read will be on lesser wages than Sancho would have been plus no 110m to Dortmund so i don't see that as too much of an issue.

I still feel we will get Telles with Dalot gone now. Sancho, i don't know but i do think a winger might come, Sarr may be.

Shan UNITED boy



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03 Oct 2020 08:34:27
The thing with TFM is that he has unable to pin down a position for himself. Is he a RB, a CB, a holding MF? None of the coaches have been able to help him out there either. I think he can be a decent backup to Matic.

Shan UNITED boy




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24 Nov 2020 18:24:02
I get you GDS. A team whose parts are playing their roles perfectly would understand that game plan. But how many times have we had an attack from the left this season? You could literally count it on your fingers. As Rohan says it has almost become a norm with Rashford. You know he will cut inside 9 times out of 10 and all the FB needs to do is cut that out and Rashford becomes null.
There is something wrong with Rashford since Feb. Either he is still injured, his head turned, being selfish or simply being poor.

Shan UNITED boy



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24 Nov 2020 15:09:32
Agreed TRD. My concern was that its not something new. Shaw too made some runs but again ball was played centrally.

Shan UNITED boy



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24 Nov 2020 12:54:47
I think Telles had a decent outing in his PL debut. He does stay out wide and makes those overlapping runs. Although, there was one thing that i want to point out. There were several occasions when Telles had made that run to put in a cross but the ball never came to him, it was recycled backwards or towards the middle of the park. Sorry to say but most of the times it was Rashford doing that.

Shan UNITED boy



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24 Nov 2020 07:07:30
Jred nothing proved here kiddo. You are still to give the other 19 reasons.

Shan UNITED boy



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23 Nov 2020 15:05:02
Jred but you have not given us the other 19 reasons. The only one you want to stick to is that we finished 3rd past season. Now no matter how loud you shout, it will not be a valid reason, it will only remain what it is, your opinion.

Shan UNITED boy