14 Jan 2021 08:49:04
Rashford again holding the government to account, a young lad who has spoke about going hungry himself.
And yet there are posts on here about him being a big time Charlie 🤦‍♂️.
Some things are bigger than football.

1.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 11:47:15
Jred I don’t think anyone is saying that what he has done off the field isn’t short of outstanding and we are all very proud of the fact that he is from our club. But saying that his off field work can excuse his poor form is nonsense. They are both separate. He is an amazing kid doing amazing work for the kids, but as a footballer, his form has been poor for 2 months. Nothing more to it.

2.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 11:28:45
jred, I must admit I was quite shocked to read some of the posts on here a couple of weeks ago. You expect a bit of it from rival fans who are just trying to get a rise, but for our own fans to say he's selfish is beyond belief. I think it was Andy Robertson who said he might be the first United player to get a standing ovation at Anfield.

23 years old, Wythenshawe boy (as myself) with a direct line to the Prime Minister. What he's achieved in the past 10 months is incredible.

Did you watch his interview with Tubes on Soccer AM? It all started after he got his back injury last March. He and his family were reflecting on their experiences and how lucky they've been due to football. So they decided to do something to help kids in Manchester, which quickly spread to the rest of the UK.

{Ed007's Note - Yeah because most revolutionaries take the knee and accept meaningless baubles and titles from the people they're fighting against.}

3.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 11:59:45
007 what would Rashford achieve if he took a stand against the Government. He's working with them and achieving great things.

Conflict achieves very little these days.

{Ed007's Note - Well he certainly achieved his MBE from the people he's "working with" 🤮 How can he be fighting against Government policies but not making a stand?}

4.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 12:34:40
I am the one saying he is selfish. Ozil give half his wages as per Ed001, so if i see he is selfish in matches i must not admit it? There are stories Ronaldo gives a lot of money too, so he can't be selfish because of that?
Off field actions helped the image of Rashford a lot and some people are confused because they see him always in tabloids for good reasons . For whatever reason he does what he does of the field, i congratulate him. But i only junge him based on his performances, and they are not top class.

5.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 12:39:13
Ed I'm not really sure what you are getting at. He accepted some recognition for good work. Are you saying he should have refused?

If so, what does that achieve?

{Ed007's Note - Yes he should have refused it, said he wasn't doing what he was doing for meaningless plaudits and baubles from a) the people who have caused the problems he is fighting against and b) a family that have enough money to end world hunger/poverty and still be billionaires.}

6.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 12:55:55

I really don't see what that would achieve Ed. Rashford has the Government on side, and publicly.

What happens if he refuses the honour? The public think he's a hero, but the Government cut him off. It makes no sense at all to do that.

{Ed007's Note - That wouldn't have happened though, not with the wave of public support he has. What does having an MBE mean except that you are actually part of The Establishment, the same people Rashford is making a stand against?
If you're fighting against child poverty you shouldn't be accepting a worthless - pat on the head like a good wee boy - medal from the head of a family worth over £7 billion - you can't see the hypocrisy in that?}

7.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 13:26:10
Ed, no I don't. Rashford isn't financially responsible for solving child poverty. He gives a great deal but the root of the problem is with the Government and privatisation.

On a personal level Rashford has come from the biggest council estate in Europe. No doubt he has great pride in what he and his family have achieved. As a kid he couldn't have ever dreamt about getting an MBE. It's a huge achievement for him.

If that's a personal gain from all the good he has done for others, how is that a problem? Why shouldn't he receive a pat on his head as you put it?

I just don't see what he would have achieved by fighting against the Government. He has them on-side. They will achieve a hell of a lot more by working together, compared to if he was just another mouthy celebrity robbing off on social media. There's no better way to approach the fight than he has done so far imo. The proof is in the conversations which have been made available to the public. Marcus and Boris spoke just this week and good has come from that conversation. By fighting against the establishment, that conversation does not take place and nothing is done.

{Ed007's Note - Charitable work is supposed to be selfless, if you're doing it for personal gain, reward or kudos then you're doing it wrong. Accepting an MBE because of your charitable work is very, very far from selfless.}

8.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 13:36:30
I wish people would keep politics off here but if you are going to talk about about how Rashford went hungry himself. There are two points
1) He would have gone hungry during circa 13 years of a Blair/ Brown Government and not the present one
2) If he was on our books why were the club not helping him

I think we should applaud the influence for good and the fact that there was a decisive change of direction on the back of his flagging an issue. Unusual for a Government of any make up to listen and act so quickly. He has the opportunity to be a good influence and therefore he should accept honours for it, work with people not against them. It seems to be working.

9.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 13:40:09
So Ed007 you are saying that he is hypocrite and he does that to build his profile?

{Ed007's Note - No, I'm saying he's a hypocrite for accepting the MBE. As for it all helping build his profile - you might think that but I couldn't possibly comment.}

10.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 14:09:09
Thanks Ed007. I don't know if its only for his profile but something doesn't sit right for me, i don't know exactly. I see some hypocrisy there and in the last two years i see organised movements for him to be well spoken both on and of the field.
I agree that charity work must be selfness and not for personal reasons and when Ed001 said that Ozil gives half his wages i was over the moon because always liked Mesut. I don't think a lot of people knew about charities of Ozil and that's true charities. Rashford reminds me a little bit of Salah who takes a professional photographer with him trying to build his profile and become the poster boy.

{Ed007's Note - And it distracts everyone from the fact he's $hite at football 😂

11.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 14:22:42
Ed, I don't think for one second that Rashford is doing this for his own benefit. He's come from a humbling area to say the least.

I hope he continues to do what he's doing so those in need get more help, and if he rightly gets recognition for what he does, while many others stand by, then good for him. At least he's not like Bono, sending out a press release for every pound he gives to charity 😂

Red Man.
1) Have you seen the 10 day food boxes dished out earlier this week? People are still going hungry because these private companies sending out packages are making a lot of profit from it.
2) The club helped him a lot. Just watch some of his interviews. The club helped feed him and took him to/ from training. He says he owes the club everything.

{Ed007's Note - Do you know why Bono wears those daft glasses? It's so he can't see how much of an evil **** he is when he looks in the mirror. Don't get me started on him 🤬🤬👊💦

12.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 14:23:36
And that's the reason he is selfish in the pitch 007. No matter how rubbish is or not, scoring goals means he will always be in tabloids and the fans will give us useless statistics with reasons why he is a very good player and he is better than Ronaldo in his first 100 matches etc.
I don't say he is not talented, he is. But his head has turned and he is trying to become something else from what he really is. He is like Pogba, when he is not so obsessed for moments of magic spectacular goals and Hollywood passes and play for his team, he is a very good player.

13.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 14:48:44
We're on common ground regards Bono, Ed 😂 😂 😂.

{Ed007's Note - 😂👍

14.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 16:08:29

Yes I saw the photos, there again so did the PM thanks to Rashford and made a change immediately.

15.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 16:13:11
Rashford the footballer needs to be judged on how he does on the football field and not what he is doing sitting on the queens lap. I think Tony and I have had countless debates on Rashford and even he now admits that Rashford has been poor for quite some time now. So yes, Rashford doesn't play for his team mates most times.

Rashford the human being is doing great things and i applaud that. Hypocrite or not, i am not judging.

16.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 16:15:44
Ed 007 chill gosh why does it matter so much to you whether Rashford accepts an MBE or not. All that really matters is what his off field work is achieving.

He has positively affected the lives of many many people and used his standing in football to do so. If his MBE helps even one percent more to open doors enabling his work to achieve more then it is worth it.

Also you may feel that he is selling out by accepting an award but I do not for one second believe he started out or ever had the intention of doing what he has done to gain an official award like an MBE.

Also just because you personally see no value in such awards does not mean you are right. You are perfectly entitled to your opinion but plenty of people disagree with your views.

Also the fact that a young man from an under privileged background has risen from obscurity to such a level may not inspire you but it might very well do others like him.

Lastly getting an MBE or other award may mean little to you but maybe to his mum and family they will derive huge pleasure from seeing their boy do so well. All the hours they devoted to his upbringing, working three jobs, doing without things. well now they have some payback.

Why can't we just celebrate an outstanding achievement.

{Ed007's Note - Have you ever thought of writing for Hallmark?}

17.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 16:47:20
Sometimes you need to work with the devil to get the best results.

18.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 16:49:25
He’s not fighting against the Government he’s campaigning to change Government Policy and highlight the issue of child hunger in one of the biggest economies in the World.

The kid is desperately trying to do some good and raise awareness of a very important issue. No child should ever go without food in a civilised society and our Government should be held to account. Surely we all want our children to be fed at school and to be educated in a safe and nurturing environment.

He’s a footballer not a politician, revolutionist or anarchist. He’s campaigning for an issue close to his heart and in the process making a difference to thousands of children throughout the country. He should be encouraged and celebrated for tackling an important issue not vilified for accepting an award which only detracts from the issue and undermines his good work.

Criticising Rashford for accepting an award and then crudely suggesting he’s only interested in raising his own profile only succeeds in changing the narrative from child hunger to attention seeking footballer which merely assists those who are opposed to this cause.

Rashford has done a brilliant job of rousing public opinion ensuring that the Government listens to its citizens and upholds their values. Well done Marcus Rashford keep up the good work!

19.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 17:10:53

No child should ever go without food but it’s not just the Government, parents should also be held to account for feeding their own children. I know people who struggled badly but admit they feel ashamed they put cigarettes before feeding their kids.

I wish we could move away from politics on here.

20.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 17:14:17
Shan - Rashford has 7 league goals and 5 assists second only to Fernandes who takes the penalties.

He scored the winner against PSG and got a hat-rick against Leipzig!

In recent weeks he’s scored a last minute winner against Wolves and provided the assists for winning goals against Southampton and Burnley. All that is just off the top of my head!

If he’s not playing well I can’t wait until he hits some form and if Rashford doesn’t play who takes his place?!

I think your barking up the wrong tree mate but your entitled your to opinion.

21.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 18:08:43
Red Man - Some parents can be selfish or cruel but that doesn’t mean a child should ever go hungry. It’s not their fault what family they were born into and having a school dinner might be the only decent meal they get each day. Should we let them suffer because their own parents don’t look after them?!

We’re not talking about sending them away on exotic Holidays but providing our most vulnerable children with a warm meal whilst they are at school. This shouldn’t even be a debate in my opinion. If we don’t want our taxes to be spent on safeguarding vulnerable children then where do we want our money to be spent?! The divorce bill for Brexit perhaps?!

I think we have a collective responsibility as a society to safeguard all our children, especially when their own parents neglect them. Children are innocent, they deserve our compassion and protection.

I’m not sure we’re even talking politics. We should be celebrating a local lad, one of our own, campaigning to raise awareness and put pressure on our government to safeguard our most vulnerable children and recognise the conscience of its people.

When his motives are challenged especially in the absence of any evidence I think we should vehemently defend him and make sure the focus remains on the issue of child hunger and not footballer seeks to raise his own profile through charitable work.

22.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 18:52:56

Children should not go hungry but nor is it the Government’s sole responsibility to feed them. When people are on here talking about holding the government to account then this looks just like other social media outlets and not a football page.

If we want to talk more about Rashford then we should talk about his skills, his strong points, his areas to improve on the pitch whilst applaud his efforts to help kids.

23.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 19:04:51
Red man - Fair enough pal I just thought he deserved to be defended after some of the comments.

I know I can go on a bit for which I apologise I didn’t want to turn it into a crusade maybe I got a bit carried away!

24.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 19:49:38
No worries DLIB, I wasn’t having a go at Rashford but I am fed up with an anti government bandwagon using what Rashford is doing as a rod to strike them with. By communicating Rashford is showing maturity, a maturity he needs to develop on the pitch. Maybe next time he will ring the PM before going to the press, it’s called being smart. We shall see.

25.) 14 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021 20:06:29
I don't think its governments full responsibility. Incomes of government is taxes. And, althought its not as simple, taxes are supposed to be reciprocal. Although i don't defend governments maybe its not as easy to feed so much childrens without cut money for example from health etc.