22 Feb 2021 14:52:46
Afternoon everyone, wanting to gauge opinions on Martial, he's been woeful for most of the season and genuinely looks disinterested. Should we try and sell him this summer or keep him as a backup/ rotational player only. Interested to hear what everyone thinks, for me I think I would try and sell him, he's got the talent but is consistently lacking between the ears 🤷‍♂️.

1.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 15:21:02
From martials point of view, I would look to leave and look at the examples of Lukaku and Memphis. They are both clearly enjoying their football a lot more than they were at manchester united and their performances show that. Lukaku looks like he could be the key player in breaking juventus dominance in Italy and Memphis is linked with a move to Barcelona, both done very well.

At one point leaving manchester united meant your career was only going one way and that was down but plenty of players who have left post ferguson have shown that the grass is actually greener if you can get out of the club and find a decent club. Zaha, Memphis, Lukaku, Evans, Smalling, Di Maria, Falcao, Mkhitaryan, Evra, Herrera etc.

From the clubs point of view I can see the merits in keeping him as a backup striker/ left winger as the summer market is hardly going to be full of buying clubs and we won't get the fee we want.

But one things for sure, I don't think Martial should be a starter for us going forwards after the horrid season he's had. 4 league goals this season, 2 of which came in a 9-0 against Southampton is a proper woeful return.

2.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 15:31:15
DSG the only person letting martial down is himself not the club. His lake of desire and work rate is alarming to me. We brought in some serious competition for him in cavani and he’s not risen to the challenge. I don’t see him ever fulfilling his huge potential unless he has a pretty drastic mindset change.

3.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 15:44:04
Caolan the second. that's a good point youve made but in my post i'm not excusing Martials performances.

Im just saying it might be worthwile for his own career to leave the club and play elsewhere for a fresh start. he's been here 6 years and had good moments but apart from last season never established himself as the key attacker in our team.

4.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 15:59:59
I think for himself he needs to go. I think psg could look to him to come should they lose mbappe.

5.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 16:59:30
Terrible player, what a waste of a shirt. Ugh!

This is Man Utd we are talking about and this joker thinks he should be the number 9 / main striker? He is having a laugh and if he really is on £250k a week then he really is laughing.

There is no room for players like Martial and Pogba at Man Utd. They just take up space and money which could be used for proper players instead.

6.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 18:31:15
I'm with you manc. Martial hurts my eyes.

7.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 18:40:32
Imagine replacing Mbappe with Martial. It would be like when we replaced Ronaldo with Valencia, Owen and that other wingers whose name escapes me.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but Martial has opportunities. Last night Ole had to shout at him from the touch line to move. He actually shouted ‘Anthony move! ’ The amount he earns in wages for the effort and output is nothing short of disgusting.

8.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 21:19:41
Martial reminds of Alan Shearer - doesn't want to play for United.

9.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 23:24:05
He is a very talented player but he will never fulfill his potential unless he learns to work much harder

He will never be a Cavani or Shearer type of centre forward. Right now Rashford is better on the left than Martial.

Martial should go to France or Spain which will probably suit his style of play.