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Team: Manchester United

Where from: Northen Ireland, county Derry/Londonderry

Favourite player: Cristiano Ronaldo

Best team moment: Going to the stadium of light to see united vs Sunderland and witness the debut of adnan.

Interests: Rugby, Football, Tennis, Formula 1 and school work.


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31 May 2019 11:10:23
Currently out in Portugal folks, and from what I've heard from a few sporting fans is that they reckon Bruno Fernandes is coming to united. Obviously no strong source or anything, but thought I'd pass that on anyway.

There are also a few newspapers reporting it out here as well ( saw that online) .



1.) 31 May 2019 11:50:32
Thanks for the info Caolan, looking at Ed002,s last update it did seem like he could be one of the likely signings this summer so fingers crossed.

2.) 31 May 2019 11:53:38
If United were to sign him, I believe he will play behind the striker as a no 10.
Or as the most advanced midfielder in a 4-3-3 system.
Perhaps a Pogba replacement?

The major challenge if we sign him will be his adaptation to English football.
He may probably need time to settle in as we saw in the case with Bernardo at City.

3.) 31 May 2019 13:28:35
Did bernardo need time to settle in to england? Or could he just not get in ahead of sterling, sane, kdb and david silva who were all playing amazingly well.

If bruno fernandes comes in as a pogba replacement he will have to hit the ground running as our team isn't good enough to afford him the luxury of time bernardo had at city.

4.) 31 May 2019 13:45:46
I believe Bruno played the most games for city last season, but has really become one of their most consistent players this year.

5.) 31 May 2019 13:47:12
Also Bernardo came from Monaco not the Portuguese league.

6.) 31 May 2019 18:53:59
Caolan where abouts in portugal are you? I've been living in lisbon for the past few months, and whilst i agree a lot of people say that. It seems to be there's nothing concrete yet. The majority of lisbon here are benfica and they seem to think atletico will get Joao felix.

7.) 01 Jun 2019 01:19:19
Would be a fantastic signing. Would take some of the creative burden off Pogba. Imagine both of them in free 8 roles in front of a Partey let's say. Now that's a Partey.

8.) 01 Jun 2019 06:38:19
RW we’ve been on a family break near albuferia and got chatting to a few folks staying near us. Unfortunately heading back this morning.



25 Apr 2019 14:45:39
Di Marzio said there's a possibility for a swap between icardi and lukaku. Doubt there's anything in this, but thought I'd share.


1.) 25 Apr 2019 15:36:49
Icardi has the right qualities on the pitch. Yet is at least as big a problem off the pitch if not bigger than any of our "bad egg" players.

I wouldn't go near him. His attitude stinks and his wife makes the characters on "footballers wives" look like a tame imitation.

She is makes Mino Look like a thoroughly decent and up standing bloke. This is a women who cheated on her husband with Icardi who was her husband's best mate, then weedled her way into being his agent. We need to give them two a wide birth.

2.) 25 Apr 2019 16:35:02
I'd steer well clear. Wasn't there rumours of her cheating on Icardi with another teammate?

3.) 25 Apr 2019 16:42:43
agree shappy stay well clear.

if lukaku wants to go then sell like anyone else wanting to go but do not get more baggage.

4.) 25 Apr 2019 17:07:16
If Lukaku goes the only player i'd sign qould be Jovic or Piatek. They are the next two big strikers about.

Icardi has all the talent but he might turn out to be another Pogba.

5.) 25 Apr 2019 17:23:32
Singh, I agree that these 2 strikers would improve us but unfortunately 1 has only just signed for Milan and the other will be chased by at least 3 or 4 top European sides this summer. These are the type of players we should be scouting and snapping up before their prices inflate.
We’ll end up paying over the top for ‘big names’ again.

6.) 25 Apr 2019 18:27:18
Well said 2toms but i think the biggest problem we are going to have this year is selling thr players we don't want.

7.) 25 Apr 2019 19:26:51
Icardi banged his teammate's Mrs then married her. Utd material right there!

But can you imagine Woodworm and Wanda's negotiation, Icardi will get £1m per week and a stand named after him 😂😂.

8.) 25 Apr 2019 19:45:09
If people on the site think pogba is virus/ bad influence/ trouble i can not wait for icardi and his wife to be associated with the club.

Alternatively we could choose not to replace lukaku and promote greenwood as a back up to rashford and then put all our resources into getting a right winger.

9.) 26 Apr 2019 06:23:53
Ideally I would gor for Robert Lewandowski for 2-3 years.
One of the best strikers for the past few years. He would take pressure off the youngsters and they can all learn from him.

10.) 26 Apr 2019 07:42:12
DSG, i don't see the use of a winger of you are playing with Rashford as a striker. He isn't someone who thrives on crosses. Better of if we could get a right forward for a 433 system. Winger would be useful if we play with Lukaku.

11.) 26 Apr 2019 10:22:35
We have three good strikers in the club even without Rom. Martial, Rash and Sanchez can all play there very effectively. I’d sell him and use the funds to buy Sancho or an equivalent for the right hand side.

12.) 26 Apr 2019 14:38:51
Was thinking about who we should be going for last night after reading about Lukaku wanting to leave and it occurred to me that in the PL era, our best signings have mainly been domestic signings. More often than not, the big name signings from Europe have failed us.

I’d be looking no further than Jamie Vardy. He has a proven track record banging in goals in the premier league, wouldn’t cost too much and wouldn’t stand in the way of rash and Marshall due to his age. I also can’t see him demanding anywhere near as much as a player coming in from Europe might.

For me, a summer of Wan-Bissaka, Alderveireld, Vardy, Kante and Neves would be exceptional business. I think we might still need an additional CB and CM though depending on departures and the distinct lack of decent wingers in the EPL means we’d have to look elsewhere. I’d break the bank for Mbappe or Sancho if it’s at all possible although I think we’d have to sell Pogba and DDG and get Sanchez off the books to have the finances to make this happen even if PSG or Dortmund could be persuaded to sell and the player persuaded to join (Perhaps the idea of coming home to Manchester and being closer to his family May appeal to Sancho? ) .

It sounds like football manager, but we’re not far from needing to buy a whole new squad and I don’t see any of the domestic players I mentioned being truly unobtainable. The latter are probably pipe dreams.

13.) 26 Apr 2019 15:32:59
I rather give Greenwood a chance then waste money on Vardy.

14.) 26 Apr 2019 16:14:21
You’d take a player that has done absolutely nothing to prove himself at the highest level over one who has outscored Lukaku in the Premier League over the past four seasons and would likely cost us very little? Considering how inconsistent Rashford and Martial are, the idea of starting next season with just Rashford, Martial and Greenwood doesn’t exactly strike me as a good one. I suppose if his name was Vardinho and he was going to cost us £150m you’d think otherwise.

15.) 26 Apr 2019 16:19:07
Icardi banged his mates Mrs, was gomez team mate and married her. now his Mrs has banged brozovic😂. I'd stay well away from Mr and Mrs icardi.

16.) 26 Apr 2019 18:13:11
If Di Marzio is saying. than there has to be some base in the story.

17.) 26 Apr 2019 21:22:14
Not really Redseven,

Vardy isn't exactly going to fire us into glory so why jot give Greenwood a chance to see if he is good enough.

We shouldn't be scraping for leftovers at other clubs.

Vardy a few years ago qouldve been a option for us but right now there isn't any point in bringing Vardy over.

18.) 26 Apr 2019 21:24:58
If you really eant a striker from the bottom half of the team then i'd rather go for the striker at Wolves.

{Ed025's Note - wolves are top half mate..

19.) 26 Apr 2019 22:16:45
I knew that was going to come back to me. 😂😂😂.

20.) 26 Apr 2019 23:52:51
As are Leicester.

21.) 27 Apr 2019 12:57:33
I get the logic. An experienced premier league proven striker would make a difference. One old enough not to block the development of younger prospects. But is that player Vardy? I think he's starting to slow down. I also don't think he'd be as cheap as people think. I'm not saying we'd be paying £50 million for him but Leicester don't need to sell.

22.) 27 Apr 2019 13:46:46
Over the last 4 seasons, the only players who have outscored him are Kane and Aguero. Age may be catching up to him, but he’s still looked sharp whenever I’ve watched him play this season (admittedly that hasn’t been often) . Given his age and the fact that he stayed with them a few years back when Arsenal wanted him, I don’t think the club would stand in his way or try to block it because this summer really would be his last chance to go to a top club (assuming you can still call us that and that that ship hasn’t already sailed) . They also need to free up wages and bring in a bit of cash if they want to make Tielemans’ deal permanent.

I’m not sure there are many experienced quality strikers in the League that aren’t playing for our top 6 rivals. Vardy is the only one, who for me, really fits the bill. Maybe Chicarito, but he hasn’t looked great since leaving us. Wilson, King and Jimenez haven’t looked bad this season, but none of them have scored more than Vardy nor have they demonstrated their ability to score in the top flight consistently.



11 Dec 2018 12:06:42
Garner and greenwood trained with first team today.


1.) 11 Dec 2018 16:28:18
They have also travelled with the first team. The under 19s are playing but maybe this is a sign they will be with the first team? Be interesting. Mason looks one hell of a talent.

2.) 11 Dec 2018 23:54:46
Jose has said Garner will be on the bench and Greenwood will be 19th man in case someone gets injured. Shame for him as I think he deserves a game based on his form this season even if he’s not quite ready.

3.) 12 Dec 2018 16:14:31
Its promising they're getting into the squad. Might be too soon but worth a look.

4.) 12 Dec 2018 19:00:54
Both on the bench, regardless of score/ result I’d love to see these kids get a chance.



29 Jul 2018 17:00:32
#WonderDogSparky has made a reference about a move to Manchester. My guess is Willian.


1.) 29 Jul 2018 21:08:15
Just what we need. Old and busted.

2.) 29 Jul 2018 21:34:52
Far from old and busted Mort. If he can play with more consistency we'll have one hell of a player mate.

3.) 29 Jul 2018 21:43:54
True but he’s 29 so would have hoped he’d have that mastered by now.

4.) 29 Jul 2018 21:49:44
Great player. Would be a great addition if it happened.

5.) 29 Jul 2018 21:55:22
Fair side but some people will point out Willian's inconsistencies as the reason not to sign him but would want Perisic, who has the same issue and is arguably not needed as much.

6.) 29 Jul 2018 22:00:03
There are reports that Madrid have put in a joint bid for him and Courtois.

Ed002 if you are around do you happen to know if there is any truth on this?

Thank you.

{Ed002's Note - Chelsea will want a lot more than a few joints.}

7.) 29 Jul 2018 22:38:16
If he can play with more consistency. Which is why Chelsea fans are happy to see him go.

8.) 29 Jul 2018 23:50:54
worst winger at the world cup subbed most games hope we stay well clear.

9.) 30 Jul 2018 07:39:34
Raheem Sterling might have a claim on that title.

10.) 30 Jul 2018 09:28:07
He turns 30 on the 9th of August. His game is heavily based around pace, which he will likely start to lose in the next couple of years. He also struggles to play with consistency, which as many have pointed out if he hasn't learned that by 30 then he probably won't.

Is he better than what we have? Yeah, when he's on form. However, he clearly isn't worth what we would have to pay for him. And if we sign him he will be viewed as a poor signing when reflected on.

11.) 30 Jul 2018 07:04:35
That was really funny Ed!

12.) 30 Jul 2018 14:27:42
Willian will provide much needed balance on the right side. Mata, Lingard aren’t right wingers, Sanchez obvs isn’t going to play over there so I’d say it improves us as a team.

13.) 30 Jul 2018 19:26:25
Of course you are spot in WRD.
He will provide balance will go outside his man and cross. Great deadball delivery too.
60m is well more than his market value but when was the last time we paid market value for anybody.
As per ed002 we paid miles more than any club were prepared to pay for shaw for martial for pogba for lukaku for lindelof for ibra for sanchez both in wages. Us overpaying is nothing new which is why we can't get rid of players when we need to.
Willian will make us better imo. If we win trophies with him it will be money well spent if we don't i'm sure shappy will let us know😁.

14.) 30 Jul 2018 20:56:40
Yes Ken. The negativity on this site is frankly ridiculous. I paddle in their general direction.

15.) 30 Jul 2018 23:37:00
Most importantly, tho. Will he be a big enough signing for Red Man?

16.) 31 Jul 2018 00:16:09
Luke shaw is pretty big but we already have him on our books.

17.) 31 Jul 2018 17:52:30
All that cash but the board don't back the manager?



02 Jul 2018 16:44:09
Sam Johnstone to West Brom for £6.5 million rising to £10million if all add ons are met according to Simon Stone.
Great deal for all parties if true.


1.) 02 Jul 2018 21:50:58
Good luck to the lad. Good club and a good move.

2.) 03 Jul 2018 01:22:23
He’s a good keeper too imo, just needs a chance.

3.) 03 Jul 2018 09:29:18
The Villa fans seem gutted about this, he had a great season for them and is now going to a rival, good luck to the lad.

4.) 03 Jul 2018 12:37:42
Very good deal. Makes a change to get good money for selling someone especially young player with potential. Good keeper, hope we got a sell on clause too as I don't see him being at west brom long term.




Caolan_2's banter posts with other poster's replies to Caolan_2's banter posts


27 Sep 2019 10:50:31
I'd love to meet the coach who told Rojo he has a decent shot on him. he's played the last two games thinking he's Roberto Carlos lol.


1.) 27 Sep 2019 12:42:58
I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. He doesn't have a good shot, agreed.
But if the players are backing off then taking shot from distances isn't a bad idea, considering we have games where we don't have 5 shots a game.

2.) 27 Sep 2019 13:16:45
He does that every game he plays. I have never seen a game where Rojo isn't trying from 30 yards out and never comes close (on target) .

Why someone hasn't told him to stop shooting since he's been here is anyones guess.

3.) 27 Sep 2019 15:50:03
Don’t mind players having a go Rohan, it’s just between Astana and Rochdale he must have had 10 or 12 attempts 😂.

4.) 27 Sep 2019 15:55:35
Rohan, apart from the 31 we had on Wednesday.

5.) 27 Sep 2019 16:40:11
Every one told kompany not to shoot if u don't shoot u don't score.

6.) 27 Sep 2019 18:39:24
Rojo takes his 40th shot of the game from inside his own half, the crowd boos as it trickles towards the corner flag, Steve shouts ‘what about Kompany’s goal? ’.

7.) 27 Sep 2019 21:43:28
Haha comparing Kompany to Rojo.

8.) 28 Sep 2019 07:14:40
fitness record is same in rojo and kompany.

Can you place bets on who gets injured after this game for Man United?
Can really be a good bet.

I'm getting on Rojo and Mata.



23 Sep 2019 16:58:04
Ed001 have you seen or heard anything about Hannibal Mejbri the kid we signed from Monaco? Supposedly he's with our 23s tonight. Now granted a few will likely be involved against Rochdale. Just wondering if you have any info on him?



{Ed001's Note - I have only seen pictures of him. I was told, a year or so ago (I think) when he was at Monaco that this was the best French youngster since Mbappe. It might have even been longer than that thinking about it, a lot longer. Apparently he is a special talent though I have not seen anything of him playing. Funnily enough one of the people who raved about him now works in United's scouting dept, so it is probably no surprise you signed him. One of the things clubs like about him is his family are apparently a very good influence on him. A bit like Pulisic, they are seen as a plus and will help him keep his feet on the ground and working even if he hits the big time early.}

1.) 23 Sep 2019 17:37:03
That sounds very positive Ed, it’s good to know there’s potentially been a lot of effort going in to finding out about the player, as I know at that age a lot of parents can be disruptive to young players careers.

Thanks for the info.

{Ed001's Note - very welcome mate. You look to have a good one on your hands there.}

2.) 23 Sep 2019 17:57:51
Hope so Ed, need some positives for sure!

{Ed001's Note - he is certainly one of them. He did reject Liverpool in the past as well, so there is something else for you.}

3.) 23 Sep 2019 18:35:22
Let’s hope he can stay away from injury and develop nicely then Ed! Obviously there’s been a lot of talk over an overhaul of the academy, I think that talk started when Van Gaal was here. Has that finally started to take place? Because I do think in 3/ 4 years time we could have a very good squad if the likes of garner, greenwood, Gomes, mejbri develop into the players we hope?

{Ed001's Note - it has begun but it seemed to have stalled. Though it did go a long way towards fixing a lot of the problems, there are still some things left to do. No idea why it was not finished, it might simply be the club assessing the situation and looking around at other examples to decide on the next step.}

4.) 23 Sep 2019 19:02:28
I could see us try the Ajax method, in the sense of every year try and make say 2-3 additions to the first team via the market and adding in another couple of youngsters to the squad. Genuinely think we have quite a few talents coming through, which could be a sign of why for example we didn’t replace Lukaku or Sanchez due to the faith in greenwood etc.

5.) 24 Sep 2019 09:19:52
Enjoyed reading your views on the lad, Ed001. Didn't know much about him at all. Cheers for asking the question, Caolan.

{Ed001's Note - it is difficult to keep track of all these kids, no wonder you don't know much about him. I am quite sure we will all know all about him within about 3 years or so though.}

6.) 24 Sep 2019 11:10:20
Since I stopped playing Football Manager a few years ago, my finger is no longer on the pulse of the world's wonderkids 😁 Though I did see a glowing report on the young lad at Barca, Fati. What's your views on him? Hype or has he got something?

{Ed001's Note - defo got something, I wonder if he is in the new version of FM? Their record on wonderkids is not the best, they don't seem to spot them at 14 or 15, just jump on the hype train. Fati is very good but he has a long way to go. I don't think he would be playing if Barca weren't so bad though.}

7.) 24 Sep 2019 14:20:08
Yeah, he's got a few decent ones ahead of him, but I suppose all he could do was take his chance when he got it. This has got me thinking of getting back on the FM wagon again. You're an enabler, Ed001! 😁.



03 Sep 2019 12:47:16
Good luck to Lee O'connor at Celtic. They've a cracking talent on their hands with him. He must've been considered behind laird and Williams for the full back positions, so a very good move for him up north. Hope he does well.




01 Sep 2019 15:53:26
Hope everyone's in a bit better form today.

Seeing plenty of disagreements etc, but I just wanted to throw my thoughts in. I'm not looking to have a go at anyone, but I'm trying to give what I think is fair and balanced view of where we are at the moment.

Looking at the squad we all know about the lack of depth, nothing further needs to be said. The issue we have is that we have not necessarily replaced the players who have departed from the starting team, ie Lukaku and Herrera. Which again is something we can debate.

Now there are two ways we can look at it, one being it's truly horrific management from the board in the sense of either a lack of backing, poor recruitment or whatever. Or we can look at it from a different angle, as ed001 says Louis Van Gaal (regardless of anyone's opinion on him he's just the example here) would have a squad of maybe 15/ 16 senior players and rest supplemented by youth. Long term, this could well be a benefit for us. We know off the talented youngsters we have in Gomes, Garner, Levitt, Williams, Chong and of course Mason. Given time those lads could end up being starters, and having that platform to develop playing first team games would be great, and in the long term could be the making of a great side, but they need a chance.

Personally I think the balance is somewhere in the middle, I think we needed one or two more players this summer but I like that we didn't seem to buy for the sake of it and haven't stood in the way of some of the younger lads potentially getting a chance. However, in saying that I would have loved to have seen Bruno Fernandes here, but if there's a plan for someone like Angel Gomes to get his chance then I'm happy to wait. I genuinely think there has to be some understanding between ole and the board with regards to his position this season and how this club moves forward. We will likely know come Christmas whether this is a plan or Ole just wasn't backed.

Now onto Ole, many on here know I back him. Reason being, he's not an arrogant man who cares about himself. He cares about this club, which is refreshing. However it's a results business, and off late they've not been good enough. Tactically we've had some great days under him, away at spurs, arsenal and Chelsea in the cup for example. We've also had some shockers, ie the wolves games last season and the palace game at home.

Yesterday I was happy with the changes, I felt they were the right ones. Matic freed Pogba to get further forward, shame he was rubbish. However, at the moment he likely hasn't got the tools he wants at his disposal, which is a shame because I think the way he wants to play would be quite exciting. Time will tell with Ole, but I don't know if he will be good enough. I don't think anyone will, because I don't think his vision for what the team will be, is anywhere near complete. I can't think of any manager working with this squad of players who would produce top results week in week out, and that's down to failure in recruitment of players and former managers.

I guess to conclude, I think this is going to be another long season. Another season of patchy results, and some good ones too. I feel we are at a stage where Liverpool were when klopp took over. It hurts to say it but they got it spot on over there, they've waited for the right players for his style, bought players to specifically play a role in his style and look at them now. I think we will find out we are doing something similar and waiting for the players ole wants to play his way. Regardless, it's all going to take time, and in that time we need to be prepared for the good and the bad.

I hope this post makes a bit of sense, I've tried to be balanced and look at it from all points of view. I just hope there's a plan, and if Ole is given the boot around Christmas for poor form it will show there isn't one.

Just to end on a positive, Dan James looks a cracking little player. Reminded me a lot of mane when he was a bit rawer yesterday. Lots of movement, good attitude to working and a cracking goal. More of the same please.

Have a good one folks,



1.) 01 Sep 2019 16:15:07
I reckon we are more a stage when liverpool had dalglish as manager and spurs had Sherwood as manager. Both temporary stop gaps who slightly reset the culture of the club before a top quality manager came in to take the reigns.

We need a klopp, pep or pochetino level of manager, i realise they don't grow on trees and also that doesn't mean i want ole sacked this instance but if say for example pochettino was suddenly to become available at the end of this season, i would bite the bullet and offer him the most attractive offer to entice him to the club and thank ole for all his efforts.

2.) 01 Sep 2019 16:21:37
The problem is that Ole isn’t resetting the culture. His appointment has allowed the deferral of hiring a DOF/ Sporting Director, and he is trying to recreate the culture under Fergie, a culture driven by Fergie’s personality.

3.) 01 Sep 2019 16:22:39

If I’m honest with you I agree on Poch. I said to my mate who’s a Liverpool fan when Jose left we should move heaven and earth for him. I get the impression Ole could be the one we look at who hit the reset button, and will appreciate his work in a few years. I’d rather him succeed and manage us for the next 30 years winning trophies etc, but I’m not naive. Just hope we are patient and give him a fair crack at it.

4.) 01 Sep 2019 16:28:12

Off course he’s trying to bring back the culture from sir Alex, because that’s the biggest influence on his career, and that culture brought us the most success. We’ve moved from that and started going after global stars, who are here for a pay check.
I liked the business ole did in the summer, I like that there may be a chance for the youth. I think in time his own stamp will go on it (if he gets the time) but I feel it can only be a positive if he gets the club back to getting players in who want to be there, and understand the importance of being at a club like united?

5.) 01 Sep 2019 16:35:05
I don't like to say this out loud Coalan but we should have gone all out for Klopp when we had the chance. Lots of United fans will shout me down for saying that now that he is in charge of the arch enemy and doing well.
I think the fans on here who doubt him are just blinkered because of whom he is managing. But at the time lots of us would have chosen Klopp, and personally I think he would have been the perfect fit for us - more so than Pep. Attacking, exciting football, gives young players a chance and tactically very astute, but also with experience of managing at the highest level and winning trophies.
But alas, that is all history now, and here we are on our 4th manager and still struggling 😕.

6.) 01 Sep 2019 16:45:59
The structure of the club under Fergie is completely incompatible with the modern era.

Fergie was overseeing almost every aspect of the club, and this eventually resulted in the stagnation of our academy and recruitment. This is with Fergie, and all the authority he brought to the fold.

The club has needed massive restructuring since he retired. Moyes, LVG, and Jose have all said that the club needs to modernise. The desire to get back to Fergie’s culture is driven by nostalgia and a lack of understanding in regard to how modern successful football clubs are run.

Plus, you don’t give young players the best chance to develop and succeed if they are dropped into a struggling side, lacking in quality, experience and leadership to guide them. We have lost 5 senior players since Ole took over, and only replaced one. It’s a paper thin, young squad propped up by youth players with limited top level experience.

7.) 01 Sep 2019 16:53:47
Danny that is all off field issues that ain’t Ole’s doing though? Like I said he can only work with what he has, and the structure he has.

If we got the footballing structure right off the pitch who knows what he could achieve. Ultimately no one will achieve anything without that imo.

8.) 01 Sep 2019 17:11:43
Ole is a symptom of the club’s refusal to spend the time, energy and resources necessary to compete at the top level of English and European football.

We were told last year that pressure was being put on the club to bring in a DOF or Sporting Director to overhaul our recruitment structures. After Jose was sacked the club promised to spend the rest of the season identifying the right manager and DOF to get the club back on track.

They used the good run in Dec/ Jan to give Ole the permanent job. DOF went on the back burner, Ole said that there was nothing wrong with our recruitment structures and strategy, and by the summer we were trying to bring in Rio or Fletcher for some Micky mouse role to fob supporters off.

The summer was business as usual, with us failing to bring in players needed in both midfield and attack. Ole applauded this, even stating that we didn’t need to replace our highest scoring attacker because we had a youth player with no experience who could take his place.

The last three manager’s have complained about our recruitment. The only reason Ole is in post is because he won’t.

9.) 01 Sep 2019 17:38:56
The only solution is the sale of the club and the removal of Woodward.

10.) 01 Sep 2019 17:43:16
Danny that’s complete speculation though? Just because he’s not throwing a strop in public doesn’t mean he’s not happy? Everyone criticised Jose for it.

11.) 01 Sep 2019 18:27:08
We did talk to Klopp and he was less than impressed with the vision Woody outlined. Tells us a lot doesn’t it.

12.) 01 Sep 2019 18:44:26

I agree.

We have won a lot under the Glazers and they have backed successive managers in the transfer window, but their time is up, as is Woodward's time as being in charge.

Move Woodwars to commercial and sponsorship dealings only, get in a DoF and sell the club. They will make a fortune.

But we mustn't forget that the grass isn't always greener and as much as we would like a decent owner, we could end up with a Mike Ashley. shudder.

13.) 01 Sep 2019 19:00:02
AJH, I think I am right in saying that on separate occasions there were people high up in the club that were not convinced by either Klopp or Pep when interest was shown, hence interest never went any further.

I may we a little off the mark, but I think that was the case. If correct, how silly do those people feel now?

Actually they probably don't care. The corporate side is OK.

14.) 01 Sep 2019 20:24:45
Why do people think the we build the club looking backwards. You learn about history to ensure you understand how you got somewhere so you can build a better future. However, trying to recreate the past never works well

Great point Danny, the SAF years were built on his leadership and personality, the strength of that to drive success. Creating or trying to create an image is just a copy of the real thing, a cheap copy because the real heart, i.e SAF himself isn’t there. This is a massive flaw in what OGS is trying to do, replicate the past. Wilf McGuinness, lovely man btw, tried to recreate the Busby years and you can’t. If those sitting there think recreating the SAF years is a good move forward it tells you a lot and will only end in failure.

15.) 01 Sep 2019 23:37:28
I think Ed001 mentioned earlier Klopp wanted to manage Liverpool one day. So moving to Manu won't be a option I think so.

16.) 01 Sep 2019 23:52:25
That's right stg. He's always had an ambition to manage Liverpool and has never entered into any negotiations with Man Utd. I don't know where these rumours about him being rejected or rejecting Man Utd are coming from.

17.) 02 Sep 2019 07:27:30
Klopp himself has said that Man Utd showed interest in him - even contacted him- a year before he joined Liverpool.

I never suggested we turned him down. Klopp has made it clear he wasn't interested and has ambitions to manage Liverpool.

Certainly there were people at United not convinced by Pep, and I think/ thought that was also the case with Klopp. I just wander how hard we tried or how persuasive we were.

Doesn't matter now anyway. It's history.



07 Aug 2019 09:19:01
Looks like no Eriksen fellas. It would be nice to get another creative player in before the window closes, but not sure their is enough time to do so.

Let's get behind what we have, Gomes and greenwood could add a lot to this team. You also never know with Sanchez. Still a player in him. So who knows what the season holds but let's give it a good go.

Hope I'm wrong and we get someone good in!



1.) 07 Aug 2019 11:23:44
Sanchez as the no 10 playing to the full level of his ability from a few season ago, with rashford, martial and James as the front 3, and pogba and mctom behind him, could potentially be enough to get top 4 now we have a reasonable defence. Just don't quite see it happening unfortunately. That means pgoba effectively moves forward replacing Sanchez, and then who comes into midfield?

I'm less concerned about our forward line than the midfield. If we keep pogba and he performs, we still need at least one new quality player in there. The likes of pool and city will steamroller us with our current midfield.




Caolan_2's rumour replies


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26 Sep 2019 11:15:01
Red man

I don’t think anyone can say definitively unless we are on the training pitch. Do you think Rojo is instructed to shoot on sight once he crosses halfway?




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25 Sep 2019 12:06:39
Red man I’d pay no attention to those rumours. Always an attempt to find a problem wrong with everything. As ed001 said when results are good training is fine, when bad it’s rubbish. It’s the same with any job, it things aren’t going well in the office or wherever you work it’s not great but a good week or few days and it’s a different outlook.




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24 Sep 2019 13:18:39
Where are these leaks red man? I’ve not seen them (not saying what you’re saying is false btw would like to read them) but then surely they’d be saying the same of Carrick. Then again we heard these rumours in pre season and they soon disappeared.




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07 Aug 2019 20:54:47
Inaki Williams? Seems very fast and can play across front 3. I think ed001 may have done a profile on him.




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07 Aug 2019 15:18:21
If he comes then great, if not then we will cope. Let’s give Angel Gomes a chance. Some of his touches last night were brilliant.





Caolan_2's banter replies


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15 Oct 2019 11:01:12
Red man,

I know Shaw is a larger fella but no need to name him twice! 😉.




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09 Oct 2019 13:15:57
The 7-1 against Roma will be very hard to beat. It was just wave after wave of attacks. Relentless. We’ve not played like that in years.




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07 Oct 2019 15:08:36
fred’s Not even in the same class as Anderson and that’s saying something. He can’t perform the basic’s of the sport. Dreadful. At least Anderson showed us glimpses, I don’t think Fred has had a good game in the league yet. I like the idea of the player he wants to be, but he just doesn’t do the basics well enough.




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01 Oct 2019 15:00:18
Perhaps a very hard question to answer ed- but out of those two options what do you personally think they may do?


{Ed002's Note - Firstly, the owners are not responsible for making such decisions. I expect they will ride it out - at least for a while.}



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01 Oct 2019 11:48:28
Shappy I’m afraid young is brutal mate. He lost the ball 26 times, and that’s not something rare for him. Either way, him still having to be relied on comes from the recruitment over the years.