22 Aug 2020 10:27:02
I don't know for which team played but this boy Lukaku is really special. Seriously, he was Sevillas best player, when he was with us he was our worst player against big six and had 1 goal in 20 matches against them and countless times missed a control that could guide in a clear chance.

Just like today at tet a tet, it was the control that led him down, with a better control he would had a better angle and a clearest chance. If we go back more years he was Evertons worst player at semi final against us. I hope one more time to put tgis debate to bed. He is not a smart player, he is not a class player and definitely he is not a big game player. Move on

1.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 11:07:01
Same Lukaku who has 34 goals this season for Inter? Same Lukaku who has outscored Ronaldo. How many goals do our boy wonder have this season?

2.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 11:14:36
And what a post to put it all to bed.

3.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 11:23:18
Not very classy Herrera. Lukaku is a quality player. His record is fantastic and he'd a seriously good first year here. But it didn't work out. But lambasting former players is poor form. I'm all for banter but your post isn't that either.

4.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 11:37:51
Yh very wierd angle to mock a former player who on the whole has had a very good season and has been a consistent goalscorer for nearly a decade now.

His move to inter was a rare transfer that suited all parties. We got our money back and were able to end the season with a very fluid front three that can interchange which is more suited to our way of playing. Inter got a goalscorinf target man to suit contes system.

5.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 11:49:19
I’d back martial to grab 30 goals in Italy. Lukaku didn’t suit how we want to play. That’s where the discussion on him should end. He seems a decent guy.

6.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 12:05:20
Who's our boy wonder Shan?

7.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 12:20:29
Would’t bother asking angel mate, our very young forward line is rubbish remember?

8.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 12:30:26
I am not lambasting former players. You miss the point. Every Inter game is as if we woke up the same day, delete the past and rewriting it again in the case of Lukaku. He is a professional player for 10-11 years but still fans wait for some goals to make an argument, as we haven't seen enough of him already.

9.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 13:33:42
Thanks for putting words in my mouth there Caolan. Its worthless coming on here and saying anything without someone trying to instigate and ganging up.

Angelred, i meant Rashford who these days decides when to show up and when not. Walks around the park like he owns it. Greenwood is twice the player and 4 times the striker that Rashford will ever be. Martial too is a much better player and striker than Rashford is. Rashford gets a free pass because he is a local.

10.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 13:34:33
Some players just don't work at some clubs. Lukaku joins the long list of United strikers who should've been the Second Coming but weren't. He is playing in a slightly weaker league in Italy. Very technically gifted players but not quite the cut and thrust of the premiership. Maybe that suits his game more than the Prem. I think the point that Martial would score 30 goals in Italy is spot on btw. Clearly they are very different players though and Martial (who I have been critical about myself) fits our system better than Lukaku. I wish any former player well though. Always remember they have done something that most of us would give our left testicle for - they've played for United.

11.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 13:36:35
"outscored Ronaldo". Serie A scorers Immobile 35, Ronaldo 31, Lukaku 23, Caputo 21, Muriel, Zoao Pedro and Zapata 18. So all of them outscored our boy wondes as Shan says . The point Shan? All of them are better than our boy wonder? Do we want one of them instead of our boy wonder?
Is it so difficult to score 20 goals in Serie A? And why for Ciro scoring 36 league goals is "easy" and no-one speaks about it but 23 for Lukaku in the same league are a lot and everyone speaks about how good he is? Maybe Lukakus goals counts for double :)

12.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 14:20:41
Shan, Rashford almost single handedly carried us in the first half of the season.
22 goals and 8 assists from LW is a great output.

He is just 22 years old for God's sake.
There is much more to come from him and he is not even close to his peak yet.

13.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 14:47:35
Why bring rashford into it Shan? Young kid who’s missed 3 months of football, played injured for a very long time and shown signs before the back injury of really taking the step up to the next level. Everyone knows lukaku is a very limited footballer, but can put the ball in the net if you play to him, in fact no ones ever denied that. Also mate, people aren’t “ganging up” you just have a difference of opinion with them.

14.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 15:36:58
I can see Kane off to Madrid next summer, with Lukaku replacing him at Spurs. Unless Mourinho has lost the plot by then, as per form.

15.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 15:52:17
Someone said its a lack of class . It seems that everyone has the right to come here and remind us how good striker Lukaku is, that maybe we were wrong to sell him, that he scores more than our players and making funny comparisons with our players even if they play different positions, in different roles and in a different league, every time he scores some goals. that's acceptable for you.
But when someone make a point that no question how many goals he scores he is a flat-track bully and we are better without him with goals come from everywhere across the front three who plays with more speed and interchange, its unacceptable.
Thats not me having a problem with the person Lukaku, i wish him ofcourse injury-free seasons and a lot of goals but to stay away for my team. It is you that have a problem and you feel the need to remind us the player we let leave and the player we lost. So if you feel the need to remind us that Young Lukaku Sanchez or etc is good because of some good performances or goals against lesser teams in a lesser league be ready for a reaction. I will always remind you what exactly Romelu was for us (because that's what count most) and that we are already far better without him. If you don't like that, that's a lack of class.

16.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 15:56:59
He hates Rashford and it doesn’t matter if Rashford plays well he will ignore that and tell you when he wasn’t. Shan was busy while we were winning, couldn’t write it.

17.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 17:23:45
Winning? What exactly did we win GDS? Ah you mean the top 4 trophy. Yeah my sincere apologies i was tied up drinking all night celebrating that.

How has he played since the restart GDS? I don't hate him alright GDS, although i do like you a lot less now.

Caolan buddy it was a straight comparison because Lukaku was dropped for Rashford when Ole came in. So just a straight comparison. And please stop saying he is young. He has been playing at the top level for more than 4 years now. He is a senior member of this squad now. The likes of Rooney, Ronaldo etc were miles ahead at this age. I don't see Rashford reaching that level and i would love it if i am proved wrong on this because that might mean Manchester United winning.

I bet if Lukaku was English, he would have been hyped like most other English "talents". But because he isn't people can berate him.

18.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 17:23:36
Lukaku scores the 3rd goal in a 3-1 win. Rarely does he actually get the match winning goal. I'd take Lautaro Martinez all day, everyday and twice on Sunday before I get to Lukaku. Decent player but I have seen baby seals with a better first touch.

19.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 18:00:16
The problem with most posters on this site is they have such high expectations of the club (nothing wrong with that) that when the club doesn't meet those lofty expectations they start to complain and belittle the club. Nothing wrong in wanting United to be the best again, but we have to accept the current situation and realise it's going to take time to become the force we once were. Comparing our club to other clubs or belittling our players ain't going to help. To those who can't wait, am sure the more progressive clubs wouldn't mind the extra support.

20.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 18:06:28

He’s 22 for Christ sake, he’s definitely young. Ronaldo had 37 leagues goals at the same age, he was also still young.

I know you don’t like me, it definitely doesn’t bother me, I find it funny.

You didn’t post for months when we went on the winning run, we still haven’t lost a league game since Bruno signed by the way. We were winning games, nobody said anything about trophies, and you stopped posting. Fact.

21.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 18:15:58
Shan, you conveniently go missing when we win a few games. I always know we've lost a game before I even see the result - I just pop on here and see you posting.

22.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 18:43:26
Shan pretty clear you dislike the guy, and that’s good for you. Ronaldo didn’t score 20 goals to he was 23 but there you go. Before he broke his back (yes a career threatening injury) he was the one carrying this team. Rashford symbolises a hell of a lot of the traditions of this club, his goal scoring record in big games, his temperament in big moments. Consistency will come- but let’s write him off because he’s in the team 4 years. How many of those 4 seasons did he complete 90 mins on a regular basis. Again I’ll say it pre injury he was carrying this team and was well on course for over 25 goals.

Lukaku also said he made it clear he wanted to leave in March, so why play him? Even though he played plenty under ole.

And I really wanted lukaku at United, told my mates I’d move heaven and earth for him. I will admit I didn’t watch close enough but What quickly became apparent to me was he needs to be in a team solely built to play to him and whilst he’s good a good scoring record he’s not a great footballer. His link up and hold up play was average at best, and I think it’s a shame because with his physical attributes no one should be able to handle him.

23.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 19:28:09
Thats fine GDS and Caolan. I have my opinion of Rashford and i ain't changing that. Rooney was judged for what he couldn't do, Rashford is judged for what he is yet to do.

Lukaku said in March he wants to leave so why play him. Funny. Pogba has been saying that he wants to leave for 2 years but yet Ole keeps playing him.

Stevie start watching the games then. They are a lot more interesting than the text on these pages. Watch them just for a change.
When we are winning there is already the happy gang telling us the messiah won us the game. I only come on here to vent out the frustration to keep things even.

GDS, if possible go through my posts and you will see why i wasnt here much. Was doing the same works that Rashford had been doing, although i didn't publicize that and the queen didn't give me a medal. But i made a mistake of posting on here once about it and i was told i shouldn't brag about public service, so i shut up.

24.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 19:33:44
For Shan it was a "straight comparison". A left winger 22 years old in Premier League with a striker 27 years old in Serie a. Ofcourse he will not compare Rashford this year with Lukaku last year who played for us, which is more fair, because it doesn't help him to prove his point.

25.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 19:34:31
That’s exactly what I said earlier Shan. so don’t sit there thinking people are ganging up when they don’t agree with you.

Personally I’d sell pogba but that’s not my call.

26.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 20:35:04
My point Herrera is that Lukaku is a better out and out striker than Rashford. what's wrong in that. Rashford last year played 3300 minutes and scored 13 goals, Lukaku played 3000 and scored 15 goals. Fair comparison now? that's my opinion on the two strikers. Again note the word striker. Rashford may be a better overall player but a team needs a striker. All of SAFs team had one.

27.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 21:14:44
Shan, what about Marsial then? You taking Rashford into debate only to prove that he is not good enough because you clearly don't rate him . You still continue to compare a striker with a winger forgetting that this team has a striker, he scored about 23 goals and his overall game is much much better than Lukakus, that's Marsial.
But even if Rashford was a striker i still think he is a much better out and out striker even of he scores 5 goals less. But he will score more in big games. All of this taking into account that the one player is at his peak and the other nowhere near.

28.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 21:39:24
But to finish this, i understand that maybe you misunderstood the situation. You compare them because theoritically Lukaku didn't play and left because of Rashford and that's not true. Its not an eye on eye replacement, nobody is. Lukaku left because is an average footballer overall, you can't make the triangle of Liverpool with Lukakus, i am sure in a universe that Lukaku just left Liverpool (and you support them) you would make comparisons to prove that he is better than Firmino. Or better than Benzema if the example is Real. We have a very good triangle with much potential and no wonder how many goals Lukaku or Ciro or Caputo score it doesn't matter if they can't fit in this triangle. So, its much more than goals and the very top teams seems to stay clear of super goalscorer Lukaku. Top teams play with top wingers-inside forwards and a striker to help them with good movement to make space, hold up play, link up play etc and ofcourse some goals. But the numper of goals is not the first criteria, that's why Firmino is key for Liverpool and a top top player without scoring 30 goals a season, the same goes with Karim (Lewa is maybe the only example who has it all and that's why he is the best) . Lukaku don't belong at the top level. Its as simply as that, so good luck to him. Seems that he found happiness there and maybe his level.

29.) 23 Aug 2020
23 Aug 2020 07:37:03
No shan, your original point was to bash rashford (which didn't really work) . It wasn't about the need for a better striker or comparing rashford against Lukaku as a striker because that's not Rashford is, never has and never will be.

Rashford played 31 games in PL and scored 17 goals with 7 assists. I'd say that's a pretty smart return for a LW. Even more so considering the terrible injury he came back from.

30.) 23 Aug 2020
23 Aug 2020 08:50:02
Each to his own angelred. I am not here to convince you or anyone about how good or how bad a particular Mancunian is.

Enjoy the holidays.

31.) 23 Aug 2020
23 Aug 2020 15:48:42
You don't have to convince me at all Shan. His overall performances and statistics do that.

What holidays are on anyway? I feel like I'm on a permanent one at the moment 😂.

32.) 23 Aug 2020
23 Aug 2020 17:26:24
Rooney aged 22, 2007-2008, 43 appearances, 18 goals.

Rashford aged 22, 2019-2020, 44 appearances, 22 goals.

Not sure how you draw the conclusion Rooney was miles ahead of Rashford at this age Shan.

Every promising young player is hyped up by the press etc, especially English ones. Rashford is a lot closer to living up to the hype than most of them ever are.