01 Dec 2020 14:40:47
One of the key aspects of our success during the 90's and the 00's under Sir Alex was our ability to pick off the very best talent within England, players already playing in the EPL or even in the Championship.

Players such as Keane, Irwin, Pallister and Cantona all became key players having moved from other English sides, not to mention players like Sheringham, Yorke, Cole etc.

When Chelsea were taken over by Roman Abramovic he brought in Peter Kenyon and that ideology of bring in the best players from with the league started at Chelsea and became the springboard for their success though the 00's and 10's. Players like Lampard, Ashley Cole, Bridge, Geremi, Duff, Joe Cole, Glen Johnson, Parker, Sidwell etc. Not all made it as genuine stars at Chelsea, but a clear pattern of signing the best players already in England was the start of Chelsea's early success.

City did something similar when they came into money, signing several Arsenal players as well as players like Walker and Sterling more recently.

Now we have Liverpool reborn, a team made up of players picked up mostly from lower EPL sides, Gomez came from Charlton, VvD, Mane, Lovren and Lallana came from Southampton, Wjinuldum from Newcastle, Robertson from a relegated Hull side, Milner and Sturridge from City, Henderson from Sunderland, Shaqiri from Stoke and AOC from Arsenal.

Either way a clear pattern emerges, if you want a great side in the EPL, then its best that you recruit the best players from the EPL. This is very much the pattern used by all the top sides in every league in Europe, Real Madrid and Barcelona hoover up the best talent in La Liga, Bayern in the Bundesliga, PSG in Lique 1, Juventus in Serie A.

So, I was wondering who in this most unusual of seasons has caught your eye this season? Which bright stars have you seen in the EPL who you think could go on to become a top player at a top side.

I've seen a few Dominic Calvert-Lewin looks like he is really stepping up this season and could be ready for a top side next season. Neal Maupay is another who could be an interesting option to add depth to a forward line.
Kalvin Phillips has looked excellent at Leeds and hasn't struggled with the step up at all.
Matt Cash has quietly been excellent for Villa, able at both end of the pitch and never letting them down.
Both Harvey Barnes at Leicester and Jarrod Bowen at West Ham look more than capable of stepping up and being a part of a title challenging side.
However, the player I have most been impressed with is Pedro Neto at Wolves, only 20 years old and so well rounded as an attacker. He can play wide left, right behind the striker or deeper in midfield and be just as effective. I wondered how Wolves would cope with the loss of Diogo Jota (who has been excellent at Liverpool this season 9 goals in 14 appearances this season), yet Pedro Neto has filled the void as if Jota had never left. While Neto being only 20 and a more well-rounded player could go on to be a far better player.

I would love to see United look to take a strangle hold of the best players in the EPL, I would go as far as saying it is necessary if we want to lift the EPL title again.

So which players have you been impressed with in the EPL this season?

1.) 01 Dec 2020
01 Dec 2020 15:51:54
Would state some really obvious names, Calvert-Lewin, Grealish, Hojberg and Che Adams.

I really like Hojberg, he has given stability to that Spurs midfield and has been been instrumental in shielding that fragile defense of Spurs.

Nothing to much to say about Grealish, one of the best English players in PL. Would love to see him in Utd shirt if Pogba leaves.

DCL has been scoring some really important goals for Everton. His make is like an old school CF who will make runs and would trouble you in the box with his physicality.

Adams, had a horrible last year but this term he has been fantastic, already scoring some important goals for Southampton. Would love to see how consistent he is over the season.

Shout out to Mendy (Chelsea), Bowen, Solly March.

2.) 01 Dec 2020
01 Dec 2020 16:04:21
I hope we try for Traore and Rice in Jan window.
Adama Traore for RW. He can beat a man and put crosses in all day (would be fantastic for Cavani)

Declan Rice for CDM. Fantastic reader of the game and snuffs out danger.

Grealish, Hojberg have been superb this season.
Son-Kane partnership has been brilliant. If they continue their hot streak, Spurs will be genuine contenders for title.

Jota has added quality in depth for Liverpool. What a signing.

3.) 01 Dec 2020
01 Dec 2020 16:48:59
Although I like Traore, he tends to keep the ball too much when there is an easy pass available. This does frustrate his teammates sometimes. Plus not a fan of his goal scoring record.

Rice would be a perfect replacement for Matic.

4.) 01 Dec 2020
01 Dec 2020 16:52:51
Grealish and kalvin Phillips for me Phillips would be a great fit imo.

{Ed025's Note - i do like phillips jred but grealish would be a no for me, very talented thats for sure but lacks discipline both on and off the field, he would be another pogba mate and his diving antics are a disgrace as well..

5.) 01 Dec 2020
01 Dec 2020 18:08:53

Grealish is a disgrace. His diving theatrics last night were disgraceful.

Philips is a player I have watched off a couple of years. He woukd be a great midfield signing.

{Ed025's Note - i hate all the diving lark MH and as you say hes world champion at it, its a shame as well because he has talent but hes a loose cannon, phillips is dynamic but you already have bruno and DVB so i dont know where he would fit in mate..

6.) 01 Dec 2020
01 Dec 2020 18:24:49
Ed25 each to there own pal but I would disagree on grealish .
Lad is developing all the time imo had a ridiculous dive last night but also got kicked all other the pitch, scored a great goal and was the best player on the pitch .
Phillips looks the part and has thd type of game united are probably missing at the moment.

{Ed025's Note - grealish can be brilliant jred but spends too much time on his arse for me mate..

7.) 01 Dec 2020
01 Dec 2020 19:36:36
Philips, Traore and Jimenez of wolves, lampty of Brighton looks a great prospect,

8.) 01 Dec 2020
01 Dec 2020 20:10:40
I think pep will sign grealish. He would be a good fit there imo.
He does keep making an arse of himself but also is performing on the pitch.
At united i think a lot mite if his off field stuff would be exposed.
I'm very 50/ 50 i like the good stuff but detest some of the other stuff.
Will he mature and become as good as he can be? Its high risk imo given the sums involved.

9.) 01 Dec 2020
01 Dec 2020 21:59:22
Maupay is nowhere near good enough for a side with aspirations of winning a title. DCL would be a great addition mind.

{Ed025's Note - you can get that thought out of your head caolan.. :)

10.) 02 Dec 2020
02 Dec 2020 08:08:57
I think that we bought well previously because we bought for positions needed, to a plan knowing how we wanted to play.

In terms of players catching the eye, Podence at Wolves is someone not yet mentioned.

11.) 02 Dec 2020
02 Dec 2020 10:25:45
Still very young and currently on loan from Chelsea with West Brom but Conor Gallagher has really impressed me this season. I know he's not what we are looking for at the moment but he looks like he could be a special talent in the future. Even comparisons to Frank Lampard from some of the media outlets.

12.) 02 Dec 2020
02 Dec 2020 12:28:32
Some great names been turned up here. I’m not sure Adama Traore is what we need, for me he is Antonio Valencia 2.0, fast and strong with inconsistent end product and not clever enough to make chances when there isn’t space to run into. Valencia’s best season for us was 11/ 12 where he got 6 goals and 16 assists, Traore’s best season was least season where he got 6 goals and 12 assists.

I’ve watched a lot of Wolves games, I’m a big fan of Nuno and what he is doing there. I see Podence was mentioned by Red Man. He has had a good season so far; he had a good end to last season and was one I was intending on keeping an eye on this season. However, for me the player who has stood out most at Wolves has been Pedro Neto.

Rice is another name that I think could be a good signing for us, he has continued to improve. For me he has stood out slightly less this season, but then that might be because I expect more of him now.

Grealish was a name I expected to see come up after we were linked with him over the summer. For me the problem with Grealish isn’t his ability, its his mentality, both on and off the pitch. On the pitch his constant falling over irks me and for a top side would just disrupt the flow of attacks too often for me. While off the pitch he does make questionable decisions that at a club such as ours where you live under the microscope (just ask Cavani) could be a recipe for disaster. I also wonder whether he is one of those players who plays better as a big fish in a small pond. So, for those reason’s for me at the money quoted (£80m) he is too big a risk. I often wonder whether Pogba and Maguire would be considered flops if we paid 40m for each of them instead of 89m and 85m respectively. Neither are bad players, but far more is expected of them in part due to the price tag. I think the same thing would happen to Grealish if I’m honest, whilst he is more likely to go off the rails.

13.) 02 Dec 2020
02 Dec 2020 08:32:15
Ed025 agreed, he's also an arse. Good talent, no doubt but an eejit if the highest order, we would do better to steer away from lads like that.

{Ed025's Note - i think so too angel..