25 Jun 2022 13:31:53
Ed, is Eriksen to United done?

{Ed002's Note - Not at this time.}

1.) 25 Jun 2022
25 Jun 2022 13:46:12
It appears to be a straight shootout between United and Brentford.

On one hand Brentford means staying in London, staying at a club he is settled and guaranteed playing time (something I'd imagine is very important to a player who thought his career was over a year ago) .

Moving to United probably means a bigger wage, Europa league football this season and the chance of UCL football next season. However, he will play less football.

2.) 25 Jun 2022
25 Jun 2022 14:02:52
I think he will stsy at brentford, makes more sense for him, family settled, has danish team mates, danish manager and he's going to play more given the world cup is in december aswell.

Dont think he's the type of plsyer to choose money.

3.) 25 Jun 2022
25 Jun 2022 15:10:58
Hope he signs, he will get plenty of game time and adds serious quality in games that we should be going all out to win and dominate.

4.) 25 Jun 2022
25 Jun 2022 15:35:11
Choosing United over Brentford isn't just about choosing money. I obviously understand the pessimism that exists but even then, you have to assume that he will have other reasons to choose United if he did.

5.) 25 Jun 2022
25 Jun 2022 15:55:20
I think Erikson more than most players will make a choice based on what is best for himself and family after what he went through. That may be to have one final push for trophy's but is equally as likely to be to stay at a club in London so to not up root his family.
Either way we should not get down hearted and don't throw in the . he chose them over us if it happens.
Hope he comes, understand if he does not.

6.) 25 Jun 2022
25 Jun 2022 15:57:28
We have Bruno and Donny who play 10, great player, we just don’t really need him.

7.) 25 Jun 2022
25 Jun 2022 16:58:01
Would instantly become our best midfielder. Played as a no.8 more than a no.10 at Brentford.

4-3-3 with him on the left of the three would be great. If Eriksen does sign, I think Bruno will be playing a lot of football off the right this season, like he does regularly for Portugal.

8.) 25 Jun 2022
25 Jun 2022 17:38:15
We could play a 4-4-2 diamond with FdJ, van de beek, eriksen and bruno. with ronaldo and sancho up top. Mouth watering.

9.) 25 Jun 2022
25 Jun 2022 18:19:33
Would be a quality addition for where we are right now. Have a nagging feeling he’ll stay in London for personal reasons.

10.) 25 Jun 2022
25 Jun 2022 18:50:27
I can't see any reason not to want him. Forget the nonsense about signing only players below at certain age, this side can't be picky at the moment when a quality player with a ton of Prem experience comes along on a free. As for already having Bruno and Donny in the same position, please, have you seen their stats for last season? Different planet. I think he'd be an instant fan favourite.

11.) 25 Jun 2022
25 Jun 2022 20:16:18
Why the love in with dvb all of a sudden. He's shocking.

12.) 25 Jun 2022
25 Jun 2022 20:42:25
who will be he actual ball winner as none of thos players can do that, all very well having all these silky ball palying artists but they have to have the ball first.

13.) 25 Jun 2022
25 Jun 2022 20:44:23
I think many are expecting an instant re-booted version of Donny to majestically appear when the band gets back together Whiskey.
I can see the appeal and hope this happens - he was the unstated gem in that Ajax side when all the plaudits were going to de Ligt and de Jong, who got their big moves.

Of course ten Hag wasn't the only reason for his form back then, he was playing in a different system with 10 other players who all complimented eachother perfectly. I don't personally we'll see the old Donny any time soon - the Prem is a harsh mistress and some adapt, some don't. Falcao was probably the most disappointing for me. Even di Maria made some contribution.

14.) 26 Jun 2022
26 Jun 2022 10:01:40
Has anyone seen Donny play? He’s got a lot to do to make the 16 let alone the team ?.

15.) 26 Jun 2022
26 Jun 2022 11:59:51
I saw a lot of Donny prior to his move to United and I was always impressed. A very smart player and thought he would be a great addition.

I don't think he really got any decent sniff in the first team, bit part here and there. But when I saw him, I always thought our tempo picked up and he has the ability to make the right kind of passes/ movements.

I think he will get a decent chance with ETH in his more comfortable position and could be a very decent player IF ETH gets the other players he needs.

IMO he is a far better midfielder than Fred or McT.

16.) 26 Jun 2022
26 Jun 2022 14:57:34
Its really the same love in that Rashford gets. Rashford was playing in a toxic dressing room, so was vdb. Rashford was playing under different managers, so was vdb. Only difference is that Rashford actually got minutes to play while vdb only got a couple of hours worth of actual football time. If you want you could watch a few Ajax games of vdb and then come back with questions.